Top 5 Bestselling Whisper Quiet Vibrators – Shhhh!

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to enjoy some discreet fun but can’t because your vibrator is too loud?  We’ve all been there. That’s where whisper quiet vibrators come in.  With these little toys, you can have all the pleasure without the noise.

Trust me, it’s a game-changer. So why not try out one of these whisper quiet vibrators for women today? Your secret is safe with us!

Let’s be honest, some products available will have the other people in the house wondering if you’re mixing a cake, left your electric toothbrush on, or have dragged the edge trimmer in to your room and turned it on for shits and giggles.

So, with that said, here are my top 5 vibrators for discreet use in a house full of people


i really need whisper quiet vibrators or sex toys
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#1 Nu Sensuelle Bentlii by Novel Creations – Whisper Quiet Vibrators

This beautiful product from a company that was founded by a husband and wife team, Barry Brinberg and Thao Luu-Brinberg after their move from Canada to Australia.

With extensive collaborative work that goes in to each new product and to quote Thao, from a 2015 LOTL interview:

“There is just no point in creating another rechargeable toy that has the same design as another product.”

Defining features that set the Bentlii apart from other USB rechargeable vibrators, is that she is whisper quiet, velvety smooth, flexible and powerful.  Bentlii’s powerful, 15 function dual motors are covered in phthalate free silicone.  It is also waterproof and 100% submersible.

With an hours usage time on a full charge, the convenience of USB charging and a 1 year warranty, I’m sure that this well designed vibrator will be top of your list too.

whisper quiet vibrators for women
Image: Nu Sensuelle Bentlii by Novel Creations

#2 Lola Li by Lady Bonnd – Whisper Quiet Vibrators

Lady Bonnd took a good look out in to the world of:

“Pink bunnies, purple jelly things and scented vibes and thought – why can’t we see a collection that is fun, simple and sexy?”

So, the collective minds of designers and sex toy experts with over 40 years combined experience, developed a range of sex toys that are safe and sexy without needing a university degree to operate them.

I love that this whimsical looking sex toy has not put form over function.

With her sleek curved silicone ears delivering seven intense vibe modes from the dual motors, with just a push of a button, she’ll have you driving headlong down the rabbit hole!

As an added bonus, she is also waterproof and USB rechargeable.

whisper quiet vibrators and clitoral stimulators
Image: Lola Li by Lady Bonnd

#3 Miss Bi by Fun Factory – Whisper Quiet Vibrators

Fun Factory, the little ‘two men at one kitchen table’ company started by two university graduates, Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl in 1996. Fun Factory is one of the largest manufacturers of silicone sex toys in Europe.

But in the face of such growth, the German company’s original philosophy which was to:

“develop sex toys which fulfilled high standards by providing quality and functionality combined with fun and sensuality, and thereby entice women and men to passionately use pulsators, dildos, vibrators and other toys without any misplaced shame”

hasn’t changed.

This little powerhouse is a shining example of German innovation and quality.

With all the products from this company still being produced in Germany, it’s no wonder that the dual clitoral and G-spot stimulator ticks all the right boxes.

With a looped handle, 2 individual motors in the curved shaft and extension, as well as being thicker at the lower end this little powerhouse is fulfilling in all the right ways.

i want a whisper quiet vibrator
Image: Fun Factory Miss Bi

#4 We-Vibe Rave by Standard Innovation – Whisper Quiet Vibrators

Since 2008 We-Vibe by Canadian company Standard Innovation, have been designing and producing world-leading couples and solo vibrators.

Setting new industry standards for ergonomic design and high performance while remaining eco-friendly and body safe.

Not content with following trends, their in-house design team are constantly exploring new technology as well as consulting sexuality experts and consumers from all over the world.

We-Vibe Rave is a G-spot stimulator with a difference.

Its asymmetrical shape helps you effortlessly find your G-spot and its ergonomic handle allows you to apply the perfect amount of pressure.

She also is, like all We-Vibe products, made from body-safe silicone, is USB rechargeable and splash proof, making cleaning her a breeze.

So, take a firm hold of Rave and let her use her pleasure edges to tip you over yours.

G-spot vibrator with mobile whisper quiet vibrators
Image: We-Vibe Rave

#5 Sasha by Jil – Whisper Quiet Vibrators

Parent company, Shots American LLC, supply a multitude of other marvellous quality products ranges like Ouch!

This line is focused on stylish, yet durable fetish equipment like cuffs and collars.

Mjuze who have an extensive range of velvety touch couples and solo toys; and Hiky whose products combine the vibration and vacuum stimulation.

But the newest jewel in the Shots crown is Jil, a range that is as flexible as it is impressively powerful. The stand-out for those who love the power of a wand massager is the Sasha.

This seamless beauty is perfect for solo or partner play, with the two 10-speed motors providing satisfying vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Yes, you heard that right! A wand with an insertable end!

Her ergonomic controls allow you control her with one hand… even in the bath, since she is also fully submersible!

my vibrator is too noisy, whisper quiet vibrators
Image: Sasha by Jil Body wand


whisper quiet vibrators
Cupid Signature Vibrator Sex Toy Image

I Got A Signature From Cupid

If you need a vibrator there are many stores online and offline where you can go to get yourself a vibrator.  These vibrators come in many shape and sizes. Care should be taken while choosing the shape as a wrong choice may give you pain rather than pleasure.

The length is also a factor while choosing as it is what gives you the maximum pleasure so choose the length wisely.

At last you can get that orgasm you’ve been craving and all thanks to this fantastic vibrator.

Manufactured with a soft and smooth touch.  It has the perfect shape to facilitate anatomical massage the exact area of the G spot and stimulate the clitoris while the upper is also affected positively.

A vibrator is most pleasurable for women because the vagina contains a staggeringly high number of nerve endings.

Nerve ending are properly stimulated by causing continuous levels of friction like from a partner or sex toy massaging the clitoris or g spot.  The women can build a very high climax till they reach orgasm.

With many models of vibrators available in the market choosing a perfect vibrator may become a complicated task.


Cupid signature vibrator which matches almost anything, is a very happy and bubbly yellow colour.  This mini vibrator will provide pleasure to everyone and one doesn’t even have to worry about the shape and size.

Inside, you will feel a powerful engine with different rhythms that are activated from one convenient button located in a strategic area for ease of use.  Will do all the necessary work for you only have to worry about enjoying the best orgasm of your life.

Uses AAA batteries but they are not included in the product, you will have to buy them from your local shop.

So, this soft and sensuous model will get you started.  It is basically a fantastic mini vibrator with waterproof capabilities.

This mini vibrator is water proof so you can even have the pleasure of using it underwater like your bath tub, swimming pool or a nearby lake.  Thanks to its waterproof capabilities, you can use it anywhere.

Take advantage of this option that is linked to health benefits, too.

Stress will be gone for good! It will drive you crazy and will help you satisfy all your sexual needs.

And if you’re the adventurous, without any taboo, you will find spicy harnesses and other games that can be combined with this mini vibrator.  It is time to venture onto a spiral of pleasure to which only you set the limits.

The size of the vibrator makes it comfortable to be carried everywhere without any problem.

Surface of the vibrator is soft and provides a sensuous feeling while using it.  This vibrator will fulfill all your sexual urges and give you complete satisfaction wherever you use them.

Using it will release you of your stress and will help you carry on with your day without any problem.

Vibration Power

This model can be adjusted according to the requirement and also provides variable adjustment modes to ensure complete sexual satisfaction.

Buying this cupid signature pink vibrator will ensure you don’t waste time thinking about shape and length and get the utmost satisfaction you need.

It comes with a speed controller with which you can choose from different vibration levels.

Best of all, it comes with different rotation options.

To enjoy more comfort and hygiene, the controls are properly designed, and you can choose the way you like.

Of course as it is completely waterproof you can use it in the bathtub or in a Jacuzzi.  How exciting!  It has some provocative measures and even if you like playing alone, this is perfect. Look onto specs and take it on the go.

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