RIANNE S Xena Always Warms My G-Spot

Rianne S Xena Heating Vibrator in Purple Image

Who needs a hot cocoa and snuggling to keep warm this winter? Not me! I have the RIANNE S Xena, a vibrator that keeps me warm from the inside out.

This stunning vibrator not only has the look, the power and perfect design but it’s also heating! What more could you want from a vibrator? Especially if you don’t have a man to go halves with you on the heating bill this winter how can you look past a self-heating bunny vibe that’s not only going to satisfy you, but keep you warm on those chilly nights.

Let’s Start With The Packaging

This vibrator definitely scores brownie points for its luxe look. Firstly you get the choice of three stunning two toned colours: Peach with an almost watermelon colour base, light pink with a hot pink base and my personal favourite lavender with a dark purple base. Each box also corresponds with the colour of the vibrator inside. It’s presented in a sleek box with an almost Vincent Van Gogh style paint drip and gold metallic swirl through the beautiful design displayed over luxury box. Now to accommodate the beautiful background design in the centre of the box is a simple and elegant picture of the vibrator itself with the name RIANNE S live love, dig love logo is printed in gold metallic.  Now if that has got you desperate to know what’s inside, then keep reading.

Rianne S Xena Heating Vibrator in Pink Image
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When You Open The Box

Opening the box, you are greeted with a full sized vibrator in the colour of your choice and a special surprise. Just another edition that makes this packaging a bit extra, you are gifted a gold bracelet in scripted with a sweet verse.

Now the vibrator itself is lying in a bed of velvet covered foam, nestled nicely in place with a plastic case protecting it. Underneath the vibrator and pretty little gift you will find a USB charging cable, instruction manual and a note from the team at RIANNE S.


RIANNE S Vibrator Bracelet Accessory Image
Sex Toy: RIANNE S Xena Bracelet

The Features Of The RIANNE S Xena

After some careful research I have come to find that the RIANNE S primary focus is on women and their sexual well-being. So as any women should, I was expecting a great vibrator and I must say they delivered.

The vibrator is made from medical grade silicone which makes for a smooth feel and paired with your favourite lube it’s so easy and comfortable to insert. It’s accompanied by two strong motors, one in the head of the vibe and one located in the clitoral stimulator. Now in terms of power theses motors give a very decent amount of power to both the clitoris and the head of the vibrator giving you great stimulation from the inside. The Xena has 10 unique vibration modes, 1 speed and 9 pulsing frequencies, allowing you to choose your perfect motion and intensity.

It is completely submergible which means you are limitless with where you choose to take the Xena. What makes this possible is the magnetic charging cable you are provided to keep your vibrator going long and strong for as long as you need.

One feature about this vibrator that I was not expecting but am very pleased with was that the shaft and clitoral stimulator are both really flexible enabling the vibrator to mould to your body rather then you moulding to the vibrator. It also allows for ideal movement to reach the elusive G-spot, stimulating it with the vibrations from the strong motor in the head.

Now for the most interesting selling point, this vibration is actually heats up to 40 degrees making any women who love hot and heavy sexy weak at the knees, because now you can get that hot and heavy orgasm all by yourself with the simple touch of a button.

When it comes to buttons, operation is very simple. You are given 5 buttons to control the vibrator. One button hold down to turn on, one press of the motion button to choose your favourite vibration mode, then you are able to adjust the intensity via the plus and minus button and of course the last button is to activate the heating mode.

What More Is There To Say?

Beautifully designed and presented, amazing features and strong motors. This really is your new best friend and I wouldn’t think twice about investing in it.

Author: Nikki is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle CentresSave




My Smart Rabbit Gives Pretty Love!

Pretty Love Smart Rabbit Vibrator Image

First things first, can we all just take a moment to appreciate the stunning colour of this beautiful vibrator. For me personally colour is the first thing I notice when picking out the perfect vibrator, impractical and maybe a little vein? Absolutely, but I’m a women who likes pretty things and the first thing I noticed straight off the bat was that the Pretty Love Smart Rabbit Vibrator is a stunning shade of purplely pink unlike anything I’ve seen before. Of course my next thought was “Oh yes! It’s a rabbit”, my personal favourite and I’m sure for many other women it is there’s too. For any women who love insertion and clitoral stimulation at the same time, working harmoniously together as those little bunny ears tickle just the right spot and the shaft and head give you rumbles and vibrations on the inside you just don’t get from a man, how can you say no?


Pretty Love Smart Rabbit Vibrator Package Contents Image
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Now, for the really important parts, the design and functionality of this beautiful toy. Let’s start with the exterior, the vibrator is made of 100% silicone which makes for easy and comfortable insertion, its overall length is 24cm with an insertable length of 14cm. Now for some women when it comes to insertion long vibrators can be a bit daunting but I assure any woman out there  looking to convert to a rabbit vibrator or even just something that’s really going to hit the G-spot don’t be scared of length, it will become your best friend and so will this vibrator.

It is specially designed with the head being thicker and curved to really compliment the natural angles of the vagina enabling it to easily stimulate the G- spot. As well as that perfectly situated bunny with long and flexible ears ideal for tickling the clitoris. Or for women, who love more firm and direct stimulation, insert the toy a little further inside and you will be able to rest the nose of the rabbit directly on your clitoris giving you a harder and more intense vibration. Another small detail that this vibrator showcases is three sets of wave like textures that run along either side of the shaft, they range in size and thickness, which adds some lifelike feeling and additional sensation as you use this toy. Along with all the great textures and features, it is also accompanied by two strong motors located in the head and clitoral stimulating rabbit to give you the maximum vibration in the G-spot and clitoris. It has 10 settings of vibration and 3 intensity levels. This allows you to pick and choose your ideal vibration function, whether it be constant vibration or pulsing vibrations and pair that with the level of intensity you desire makes for the perfect vibrator and orgasm every time.

It is also advertised as being a waterproof sex toy, which is pretty common now days with all the new technology, but it is definitely something to take note of if you love to get hot and heavy in the shower. Now one of the best features about this vibrator, apart from what’s been listed above, is the cutting edge LED display control panel. Located at the base of the toy, this is by far the best display of control buttons I have seen on a vibrator so far. It is very straight forward and makes this extremely user friendly. There is no holding buttons down for 3 to 5 seconds or fumbling in the dark to try and turn the toy on, none of that.


Pretty Love Smart Rabbit Vibrator LED Display Control Panel
Sex Toy: Pretty Love Smart Rabbit Vibrator


You get four buttons, ON/OFF, +, – and a button for vibration functions.  The ON/OFF button requires just one push to turn on and off, the + button is used to increase the speed of vibrations and the – button does the opposite, decreasing speed. Once you have turned it on the LED display lights up the buttons clearly so there is no fumbling around in the dark when all you want to do is get right into playing.

When it comes to charging this toy, you are advised to put it on charge when the LED lights are flickering on and off when using the toy or if it will not turn on at all due to low battery. A full charge should get you 120 minutes of fun.

Now after all that being said I do have one quarrel, not with the vibrator itself but with the packaging and instruction manual. The Pretty Love Smart Rabbit Vibrator comes packaged in a solid black box with a picture of the vibrator on the front, which I believe does not do it justice, and the label “Pretty Love – Smart”. Once you open the box you are greeted with a light mesh toy bag and a small manual, under this you will find the toy itself and charging cord with adapter located in the bottom of the box.

Now my quarrel is this, being a luxury vibrator I would have expected the toy manual to be dedicated to the product I have actually purchased with detailed information on how to use it. Unfortunately you are given a manual with every vibrator the brand makes and instructions for each of those, including several language translations as their products are manufactured in and shipped from China. I know it’s a small negative, but in saying that the LED function display is so straight forward it almost means you don’t need a manual. But the more information the better I say, so yes I would have liked a better manual but I’m still over the moon with the toy itself and would recommend it to any women looking for a vibe that can really hit the spot. This is definitely how i get my pretty love every day of the week.

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Waves of Ecstasy With Lelo Mona

Lelo Mona Wave Photo

When I saw the g-spot sex toy the LELO Mona Wave, I can say it was love at first sight. But when I see a nice looking sex toy, I ask myself two questions:

”What is the brand of this toy?” and “Is this toy as good as it looks?”.

Thankfully in this case, I can say YES, Mona wave meets my expectations! It’s one of those toys that looks good but when I turned it on, I found out that it wasn’t just a good looking toy.  Mona Wave comes in nice packaging and is stored in a simple black case that preserves this jewel of pleasure. Mona Wave is elegant and fully made of silicone. Like many modern sex toys, the brand LELO offers a girly color range and obviously doesn’t try to make them look like a real penis. I chose the colors white and electric blue that I find so fierce. There are two other colors available in the store, pink and black.

The first sensation I have when I take the Mona Wave out of its case, is that it’s very soft and pleasant to the touch with its amazing silicone material. Lelo is definitely one of the few brands that I must say always provide really good quality when it comes to silicone. By activating the sex toy and changing the mode, I can finally see it performing an inward movement (30 degree wave motion), and as soon as I see it, I understand why this Mona Wave might be so effective at reaching the G-spot. Not only does the motors power reach your g-spot, but you’ll be able to increase/decrease the intensity any time you desire… It’s the perfect way for me to reach a vaginal orgasm otherwise if movements and intensity are always the same, I do not personally receive any pleasure.

Lelo Mona Wave Photo
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The use of this toy is easy and it has a better interface design than the original Mona. There are 5 buttons, – and + for the intensity, up and down symbols for the modes and on/off button in the middle of the interface. Like I said previously, even the interface is silicone which is a way better feeling when holding the toy or when playing with in water (plus, it makes it look classier).This toy has 10 vibrations modes that goes from weak  to strong. There are a mix of waving movements and massaging vibrations. You have the choice, and you won’t get bored easily!

I really appreciate its light weight, length, and thickness. We are not in the excess of length or breadth. It could suit a great number of people, the size is convenient for the most of us; not too small, not too big. When it comes to its shape, that curved motor is a killer! Mona Wave is rechargeable (like all Lelo vibrators) and is waterproof! You’ll be able to use it for 2 hours when fully charged. The care of this product is simple:  Like all silicone toys, only use water based lubricant during use. To clean, wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap before and after each use. If you don’t mind spending a little, buy yourself antibacterial spray, it’s definitely worth it!

My only issue with this toy would be the noise. It’s not something that I notice straight away but when using it for a while, it is the only thing that could annoy me. Mona Wave is for sure, a worthy sex toy to try when you are bored by simple vibrators and for women that have issues with reaching the g-spot! The curved and finger-like motions are honestly great and powerful enough to give you amazing pleasure! Lelo offers a year warranty and a ten year guarantee, just remember to register on their website after purchase!

Author: Aissata is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Brand: Lelo was established in 2003 and has become one of the world’s best selling award winning brands. They have won awards from XBIZ and AVN. They are well known for providing high quality, body safe silicone sex toys for both men and women. They aim to design sex toys which feature high end designs that work just as well as they look. Their Lelo products have a sensation warranty that you can read here.Save






So How Does It Feel? AH-MAY-ZING!

I am very grateful to have been provided with an NU Sensuelle G Massager to test. You know those moments in life when something crosses your path and you feel like you’ve been changed for the better? The Sensuelle G Massager by NU Sensuelle could do that for you. I’m OK to admit that some of my old faithful vibrating friends have been cast aside in favour of this wonder of technology. Will this be the only vibrator I turn to in the future? No, but it is a very welcome addition to my sex toy box and one that I’ve been favouring lately because it just FEELS SO GOOD!

The NU Sensuelle G Massager is a USB rechargeable vibrator designed to place its bulbous head directly onto your g-spot and stroke it. Stroke?? From a vibrator?? Impossible!! Not anymore. The feeling is described as a “unique rolling ball massager” the magic happens up top on the curved head underneath the rows of studs. Sensuelle G imitates the motion of a finger stroking back and forth for “intense g-spot stimulation”.

Would I normally have picked this vibrator for myself? Absolutely not. I’ve been completely let down by vibrators in the past claiming to provide amazing g-spot orgasms only to find that I struggle to hit the right spot consistently and provide the right amount of stimulation that will make my toes curl. The rolling ball seemed gimmicky, the shape seemed too curvy and the bumps too…bumpy. I typically don’t like a lot of texture on my insert-able toys and the thought of having something moving in there had me aghast. In the interests of furthering my sexual education, I decided to put the G through its paces. A wonderful surprise awaited me.

The G is made from silky, smooth, velvety, medical grade silicone and feels plush in the hand. Application of a small amount of water-based lube is all that is needed as the silicone has very little drag, allowing the toy to slide and move easily without becoming grippy. The shaft is firm and has no flexibility. Exactly what you want from a sex toy aiming for your g-spot. A striking feature is a thoughtfully designed curve so that not only did it hit my g-spot with ease but allowed my hand, wrist and arm to remain comfortably relaxed during use. There can be no worse fate for orgasms than using a toy that quickly gives you fatigue from overstretching yourself to continue to stay connected to the right spot. The curve contours beautifully with the body and I’m confident in saying I’ve never had a vibrator previously work so well for me in that regard. Whether I was holding the vibe reasonably still and rocking or using it in a thrusting motion I never felt like I was angled awkwardly to achieve this. The G felt comfortable to use at all times.

One word of warning – you shouldn’t turn this vibrator on within a few metres of a cat. My feline friend stared at me wide-eyed with horror and suspicion and a hint of “I need to kill this thing quickly” and then ran away with a terribly offended slink. As much as I love this vibrator, it has a squeaky mechanical groan when it operates. I’ve come to terms with the fact it makes an interesting noise because it’s all about the pleasure, and this toy delivers pleasure by the tonne. The upside is for the moment I no longer have creepy cat eyes watching me pleasure myself. In spite of the noise made when being held in the hand, it’s actually no louder than any other vibrator I’ve used once inserted, and that includes when the vibrator is operating at the same time as the massage ball.

So how does it feel? AH-MAY-ZING! Press the buttons at the bottom of the ABS plastic handle and you’re good to go. You are able to independently control the vibrating and massaging functions and with three vibrating speeds, seven vibrating functions and three massager speeds you’ve got plenty of options to play with. The vibrations are typically NU powerful and buzzy. They are felt more from the mid-section of the shaft where there is the textural addition of bulbous shapes, akin to anal beads. The placement of the vibrations help to stimulate the vaginal entrance. To operate you press the ‘M’ button for the massager ball and the ‘V’ button for vibrations. With the buttons so close together I did find that sometimes I reached for the wrong button and inadvertently turned the speeds up or off.


Nu Sensuelle G Massager Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Nu Sensuelle G Massager


I’ve used the NU Sensuelle G Massager as a straight up dildo, letting the bumps on the head and the shallow ridges on the back provide texture. I took the gamble that I had enough play time from the previous charge and lost, but turning that into a positive I can say that whilst not as good when it is powered I was still able to hit my g-spot and orgasm. I’ve also used it with only vibrations, just the massaging ball and both at the same time. My preference is for the massager only as it allows me to really feel the sensations it’s providing.

When using the massager with the vibrations on think of it as the bass line to your awesome vibing. The vibrations dominate but the rolling of the ball adds that extra depth of sensation that I often feel is missing from internal vibrations alone. Mostly I haven’t been able to orgasm from the internal sensations alone though that isn’t unusual. What I did discover was that the clitoral stimulation I required to build me to orgasm was a lot less than with any other toy I’ve used. I think part of the issue is that this toy hits the spot so quickly for me that there isn’t enough build up time to allow the full internal sensations to push me over the edge. The few times when I have had a full internal orgasm with no clitoral stimulation with the G they’ve been squirting orgasms of great intensity and satisfaction.

I was concerned the rolling ball wouldn’t hold up to rough use but I was pleased to again be proven wrong. Occasionally, at least on mine, the ball did seem to move out of its range and get stuck but with a quick push or internal squeeze, it gets right back to work. I’ve been quite firm and fast with the G but at times it felt as if the ball clicked across my pubic bone. Still, that faithful little ball continued to squeak whilst it rolled back and forth.

NU Sensuelle builds quality adult toys. If you want a toy made of materials that are tactilely pleasing and are body safe – check. If you’re looking for a lot of power – NU have you covered. If you’re looking for a company that stands behind their product – NU has your back there too. If there should be a problem there is a limited one year warranty available. As with other NU toys, the packaging is well constructed and although it’s something simple it means it makes for a nice gift. One thing I love is when a company includes a toy bag for storage. It helps to keep your electrical lover from collecting dust, fluff and lint. It is also useful for storing the charging cable. Every sexual diva knows there is nothing worse than untangling a gangly octopus of cords looking for the right cable to restore life to your favourite toy.

NU claims the recharge time from flat to fully charged is 4 hours and with that, you’ll get 60-75 minutes of working time from the lithium battery. In my experience, they were right on the money with these figures and that makes me and my g-spot very happy.

Are the sensations absolutely mindblowing or like a finger doing the same thing? No and no. The sensations whilst fantastic and utterly enjoyable, are firm but subtle. I wouldn’t want someone to have expectations go unmet and be disappointed as the G has a lot to offer. The smaller surface area and range of movement of the massager ball mean it cannot come close to a finger. Yet this is more of a positive than a negative. Unlike a finger that tires or changes speed or simply just doesn’t hit the spot, the Sensuelle G nudges right in there and strokes away.

I cannot recommend the NU Sensuelle G Massager enough, especially as my initial expectations weren’t high and I’ve since been blown away with just how much pleasure I’m having with this toy.


About the Author: Alicia is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres