This Island Beauty Lyla Is Version 2 From Lelo!

The definition of Lyla is a feminine name that means ‘Island Girl’, ‘Island Beauty’ and ‘From The Island’.  There are many derivatives of this name but it is the one chosen by the Lelo Company make the Lyla 2 a part of its luxury sex toy Insignia range and is an upgraded version of the Lelo Lyla. The Lelo Lyla 2 was released as there were some issues with the original Lyla that have been addressed and rectified by the manufacturer. Lelo Sex Toys are the premium range of sex toys in the world, multi awards for design and operation and they constantly strive for newer and better products.

The problems often experienced with the original were in the original the remote was not able to be switched off whilst the bullet was switched on which made it difficult for those wanting to use this discretely in public whilst the Lyla 2 remote has the option to vibrate or not. Second wireless operation was very limited to roughly about 3 meters and often would not work through clothing or any type of barrier. Both these have been addressed successfully.

So when my Lelo Lyla 2 arrived courtesy of for me to review I was already happy. I opened the discrete package and found it came in a very nice box that had a cover with the picture of the Lyla 2 vibrator on it. Though if you are giving this as a present to someone make sure it is not with the family at the Christmas table as it is obvious what is inside due to the pictures and the company name. In saying that like all Lelo artwork it is done tastefully and with vavoom.

When I opened the box I found the Lyla 2 bullet, remote control, 2 x AAA batteries for the remote control, a charger, a small lubricant and a silk storage pouch. The Lyla has three color options purple, black and pink. I was sent the purple one which to my naked eye looked more like a dark rose. Also in the box were a set of instructions. If you have not owned the original Lyla it is a good idea to have a thorough read of them as there are some unique setting and features. Lelo does not hold back with providing a quality sex toy.


Lelo Lyla 2 Womens Massager
Sex Toy: Lelo Lyla 2


I first took the bullet out of the box which can be used either internally or externally. It is made from medical grade silicone and is soft and smooth to touch. Like all insignia toys it is a delight to look at aesthetically. The bulled is about 7.5cm long and about 2.5cm wide and has a retrieval cord. It has a bit of a curve on one end, the base is made of a chrome plastic type of material that can be removed. On the bottom of the silicone part of the bullet there is small button that can turn the device on. You turn it on by holding this button down for about 3 seconds. You can then change the 6 different functions by quickly pressing this button which allows you to use it without the remote control. To turn it off you simply hold the button down for about 3 seconds and it switches itself off.

When you charge the bullet the button lights up and will go between bright and dark. When it is fully charge the button will be a consistent bright light. It takes under 2 hours to fully charge and you will have over 3 hours of continuous use once charged. The third button in that has an infinity like sign goes through the three Sense Motion modes.

What is SenseMotion Technology? SenseMotion is trademarked by Lelo and allows you to control the intensity of the vibrator by moving the remote. If you have your remote flat it will give you the lowest vibration intensity however it will give you the strongest when vertical. It will also work by shaking it slowly for slow vibrations or shaking it quickly for intense vibration.   It really does make sex toy play a totally interactive experience.

Being silicone the Lyla 2 is easy to clean and you can do so by simply using some luke warm water with very week liquid detergent or a toy cleaner. I loved the Lyla 2 as I do love most Lelo sex toys especially the Lelo Gigi 2. If you like bullets and remote controls you will love the Lelo Lyla 2.




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