Why We Love The NU Sensuelle G Massager

I am very grateful to have been provided with an NU Sensuelle G Massager to test. You know those moments in life when something crosses your path and you feel like you’ve been changed for the better?

This Sensuelle G Massager by NU Sensuelle could do that for you. I’m OK to admit that some of my old faithful vibrating friends have been cast aside in favour of this wonder of technology.

Will this be the only vibrator I turn to in the future?

No, but it is a very welcome addition to my sex toy box and one that I’ve been favouring lately because it just FEELS SO GOOD!

NU Sensuelle G Massager Feels Good

The NU Sensuelle G Massager is a USB rechargeable vibrator designed to place its bulbous head directly onto your g-spot and stroke it.

Stroke?? From a vibrator?? Impossible!! Not anymore. Its feeling is described as a “unique rolling ball massager”. Magic happens up top on the curved head underneath the rows of studs.

Sensuelle G imitates the motion of a finger stroking back and forth for “intense g-spot stimulation”. Don’t know where your G spot is? Check out this finding the G spot guide and then go to town.

Would I normally have picked this vibrator for myself?

Absolutely not.

I’ve been completely let down by vibrators in the past claiming to provide amazing g-spot orgasms. Only to find that I struggle to hit the right spot consistently. And provide the right amount of stimulation that will make my toes curl.

Its rolling ball seemed gimmicky, the shape seemed too curvy and the bumps too…bumpy.  I typically don’t like a lot of texture on my insertable toys and the thought of having something moving in there had me aghast.  In the interests of furthering my sexual education, I decided to put the G through its paces.

A wonderful surprise awaited me.

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NU Sensuelle G Features 

  • G is made from silky, smooth, velvety, medical grade silicone and feels plush in the hand.  Application of a small amount of water-based lube is all that is needed. As the silicone has very little drag, allowing the toy to slide and move easily without becoming grippy.
  • Its shaft is firm and has no flexibility.  Exactly what you want from a sex toy aiming for your g-spot.
  • A striking feature is a thoughtfully designed curve. So that not only did it hit my g-spot with ease. But allowed my hand, wrist and arm to remain comfortably relaxed during use.  There can be no worse fate for orgasms than using a toy that quickly gives you fatigue. From overstretching yourself to continue to stay connected to the right spot.
  • Its curve contours beautifully with the body. I’m confident in saying I’ve never had a vibrator previously work so well for me in that regard.  Whether I was holding the vibe reasonably still and rocking. Or using it in a thrusting motion I never felt like I was angled awkwardly to achieve this.  NU Sensuelle G felt comfortable to use at all times.

One word of warning

You shouldn’t turn this vibrator on within a few metres of a cat.

My feline friend stared at me wide-eyed with horror and suspicion and a hint of “I need to kill this thing quickly”. And then ran away with a terribly offended slink.

As much as I love this vibrator, it has a squeaky mechanical groan when it operates.  I’ve come to terms with the fact it makes an interesting noise because it’s all about the pleasure. This toy delivers pleasure by the tonne.

An Upside

For the moment I no longer have creepy cat eyes watching me pleasure myself. In spite of the noise made when being held in the hand, it’s actually no louder than any other vibrator I’ve used once inserted. That includes when the vibrator is operating at the same time as the massage ball.

So how does it feel?


  • Press the buttons at the bottom of the ABS plastic handle and you’re good to go.
  • You are able to independently control the vibrating and massaging functions,
  • Three vibrating speeds.
  • Seven vibrating functions.
  • Three massager speeds you’ve got plenty of options to play with.
  • Vibrations are typically NU powerful and buzzy.  They are felt more from the mid-section of the shaft where there is the textural addition of bulbous shapes, akin to anal beads.
  • Placement of the vibrations help to stimulate the vaginal entrance.
  • To operate you press the ‘M’ button for the massager ball.  ‘V’ button for vibrations. With the buttons so close together I did find that sometimes I reached for the wrong button.  And inadvertently turned the speeds up or off.
Nu Sensuelle G Massager Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Nu Sensuelle G Massager

Ways to use the NU Sensuelle G Massager

I’ve used the NU Sensuelle G Massager as a straight up dildo. Letting the bumps on the head and the shallow ridges on the back provide texture.   Took the gamble that I had enough play time from the previous charge and lost. But turning that into a positive. I can say that whilst not as good when it is powered I was still able to hit my g-spot and orgasm.

I’ve also used it with only vibrations, just the massaging ball and both at the same time.  My preference is for the massager only as it allows me to really feel the sensations it’s providing.

When using the massager with the vibrations on

Think of it as the bass line to your awesome vibing. Vibrations dominate but the rolling of the ball adds that extra depth of sensation that I often feel is missing from internal vibrations alone.

Mostly I haven’t been able to orgasm from the internal sensations alone though that isn’t unusual.  What I did discover was that the clitoral stimulation I required to build me to orgasm was a lot less than with any other toy I’ve used.

I think part of the issue is that this toy hits the spot so quickly for me that there isn’t enough build up time to allow the full internal sensations to push me over the edge.   Few times when I have had a full internal orgasm with no clitoral stimulation with the G they’ve been squirting orgasms of great intensity and satisfaction.

I was concerned the rolling ball wouldn’t hold up to rough use

But I was pleased to again be proven wrong.

Occasionally, at least on mine, the ball did seem to move out of its range and get stuck. But with a quick push or internal squeeze, it gets right back to work. I’ve been quite firm and fast with the G. But at times it felt as if the ball clicked across my pubic bone. Still, that faithful little ball continued to squeak whilst it rolled back and forth.

NU Sensuelle builds quality adult toys.

If you want a toy made of materials that are tactilely pleasing and are body safe – check.  Or if you’re looking for a lot of power, NU have you covered. If you’re looking for a company that stands behind their product – NU has your back there too.

And if there should be a problem there is a limited one year warranty available. As with other NU toys, the packaging is well constructed. Although it’s something simple it means it makes for a nice gift.

One thing I love is when a company includes a toy bag for storage. It helps to keep your electrical lover from collecting dust, fluff and lint. Is also useful for storing the charging cable. Every sexual diva knows there is nothing worse than untangling a gangly octopus of cords. Looking for the right cable to restore life to your favourite toy.

Recharge Time

NU claims the recharge time from flat to fully charged is 4 hours. With that, you’ll get 60-75 minutes of working time from the lithium battery. In my experience, they were right on the money with these figures. And that makes me and my g-spot very happy.

Are the sensations absolutely mindblowing or like a finger doing the same thing?

No and no. Sensations whilst fantastic and utterly enjoyable, are firm but subtle. I wouldn’t want someone to have expectations go unmet and be disappointed as the G has a lot to offer.

Smaller surface area and range of movement of the massager ball mean it cannot come close to a finger.  Yet this is more of a positive than a negative. Unlike a finger that tires or changes speed or simply just doesn’t hit the spot, the Sensuelle G nudges right in there and strokes away.

I cannot recommend the NU Sensuelle G Massager enough.

especially as my initial expectations weren’t high and I’ve since been blown away with just how much pleasure I’m having with this toy.

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