Become A Hardcore Leather Jock Today!

I would love to thank the leather manufacturer Kailash G. Exports for providing a Leather Jock Strap for this review. I’ve spoken about my love of underwear before and how much that I enjoy wearing it, as well as the confidence that they provide. One of my favorite styles of underwear is without a doubt, the jock strap.  What I haven’t done, is speak about types of underwear and how it can affect the aesthetic in the bedroom with the simplicity of flipping a switch. Become a hardcore leather jock today.

Despite its simplicity, there’s just something about it which gets my blood pumping and my cock twitching.  It doesn’t matter if I’m the one wearing it, or my sexual partner.  If there’s a jock strap involved there’s definitely going to be a very positive reaction.

So when I was given a new leather jock strap to review you can only imagine the joy in my reaction.

BDSM Jockstrap
Image: Front View Of The BDSM Jockstrap

What Is A Jock Strap?

A jock strap is actually a lot older than what I thought it was. The word has been in use since the late 1800’s and it’s defined as underwear which supports male genitals during athletic sports. It usually has a waistband, with a pouch for the cock and balls and leaving everything else free and bare.

Its most commonly used and worn in American sports, and it’s probably because of this that it has slowly become a fashionable icon for men to wear. It shows off the body, especially the ass, and highlights the male genitals. I can tell you now that I’ve had several fantasies involving sports teams and jock straps, and it’s just one of those things that really look good on a man.

Hardcore Leather Jock 

The jock strap that I received was a soft leather design with a front zipper and a bare ass.

There is a red stripe on the front which go on either side of the zipper.  This is accentuated by red piping on the edge of the pouch, which helps the jock stand out in the crowd. When it comes to bondage gear and toys, most people have a particular colour that they like.

For example, the majority of my leather bdsm gear is red or blue, whilst my partner is generally green or yellow.

hardcore leather jock

Colours don’t really mean much in normal situations

There are sometimes colour coded parties which people can attend and the colour will show off your sexual fetish. Whilst the colours for my partner and I, aren’t fetish related, it means that we can separate our gear and colour coordinate ourselves for events, scenes. Or when having other people over, or if we are switching.

Red is my dominant colour and blue is my more submissive colour.  Though I do have other colours that I like to use depending on the type of fetish play that we are doing that day. Whilst it does mean that I then need more gear, it also means that my gear is then specifically tailored towards a particular fetish.

Useful in the event that something happens during a  bdsm scene, and especially useful for getting my head in the right space.

hardcore leather jok
Image: Back View Of The BDSM Jockstrap

I Love The Zipper

Loved the addition of the zipper in this jock strap. The zipper is great because it meant that I could pull my cock out without having to take off the jock strap. Meaning, that I could easily sex, jerk off, or be stimulated without complete removal of the jock.

Sure, I’m usually nervous as hell when doing the zipper back up.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be caught having to do it up in a hurry.  But I like not having to take it off.  What I really like about this jock strap, is not only is the inside of the jock – super soft and supple.

But there’s actually a small flap of leather that sits OVER the fly from the inside.

What this does, is prevent any unfortunate accidents involving your dick and a fly.

A surprisingly handy feature that I think should have been added to all jock straps before this point. The smell of leather whilst sucking cock, or having sex can be just as much of a turn on as the sex itself.

Personally, there’s few things that I find to be hotter than having sex with a guy whilst he’s still wearing his jock strap – they’re super easy to either pull to the side, or unzip allowing easy access to all the important bits. I did find the thickness of the straps on this jock strap to be a little thicker than what I usually get. They’re not exactly my usual style.

But when wearing them they did seem pretty comfortable.

Mens Designer Jockstrap hardcore leather jock
Hardcore Leather Jock

Leather is About the Look

That’s the thing with leather, bondage, kink and fetish gear. It’s not just about the gear, but it’s about the look of the gear. Bondage toys heavily lean towards providing a certain aesthetic.

I mentioned earlier that I have different colours depending on the role, and the fetish that I am engaging with that day. It helps get into the ‘head space’ necessary to fully engage with fetish and bondage play.  For example, if I’m wearing red which is usually the colour that I use for ‘domming’ then it would be harder for me to switch into ‘sub mode’ when wearing red. I feel more confident and in control wearing red – and as such I use the colours to help my head space.

Colours and materials are very important when it comes to fetish gear.

So when I put on this leather jock strap with its red line, and had my cock hanging out – you knew exactly who was in charge and control of the situation.

Not to mention the way that it hugged my cheeks and highlighted my ass. Sure, I could wear a similar jock strap made of white mesh fabric, but it’s not going to convey the same kind of message that a leather jock strap will. All in all, I enjoyed this jock strap – though it wasn’t the perfect fit. I’m not a small dude, but I did need a cock ring to achieve the ‘full’ look, without which – it wasn’t entirely flattering.

But then I do acknowledge that it is difficult to get a perfect shaped pouch for a jock strap that fits snug and lifts in all the right ways (especially in leather) – and wearing a cock ring underneath these days is pretty expected for most scenes.

So it wasn’t a big deal – but if you’re not used to wearing cock rings under your jock straps then you might have a little more of an issue with it.

It’s All About The Sport Fucker Jock Lock

Jock Lock is a silicone cock ring and an anal sex toy made by the adult company from Los Angeles called Sport Fucker.

Sport Fucker company motto is “If sex is your sport, we got the gear”. Their sex toys have been made with a specific purpose with a very masculine feel. Sport Fucker takes regular sex toys and enhances it to a whole new level of sexual pleasure which helps people to broaden their horizons to explore new things.

The Sports Fucker Jock Lock takes a regular cock ring and attaches a prostate ball stimulator or anal plug on the end. This cock ring will help to keep the blood flow within the penis, making the penis harder, stronger and last longer so your lover will feel the joy of your erect penis to it’s fullest.

Then there is the Sport Fucker Jock Lock prostate stimulator

Designed to reward you with every thrust as the small 45mm round ball rubs against the prostate.  You will also be able to feel the vibrations when you penetrate with your penis.

Need to prepare yourself for stimulation overload.  The Sport Fucker Jock Lock comes in three colours including blue, green and black.

hardcore leather jock

Unlike the steel version of Sport Fucker Jock Lock, the silicone version will match any body shape and usually hide discreetly between the legs.  Whereas the steel version is hard and will not bend for individual body shape. The silicone material also means that this product will be easily cleaned and sterilised.

Sport Fucker Jock Lock is perfect for boys that want to fuck

And receive hands-free anal stimulation, without having the need to lay down or interrupt the rhythm. This moves with you, it plays with you and it is discreet. Just be aware that the cock ring is a 50mm silicone cock ring, so it’s not overly tight and nor should it be overly loose.

Very much like the Goldilocks of cock rings

Be aware that if you use the tighter fit condoms, that this may be a little too loose for you.

It is important to mention that anal stimulation does not indicate your sexuality.

To reduce homosexuality to the pleasurable experience of anal play is pointless and limiting to people.

There are indeed, a lot of gay men that do not like anal play or stimulation and are exclusive tops.  Exclusive tops mean they only enjoy penetrating their penis into someone.  There are a lot of heterosexual men that like to be fucked by their missus with strapless dildos and harnessed dildos.

If a heterosexual man liked anal sex this is not an indication of homosexuality.

Instead, anal play can be about power, control, and sexual pleasure.

Your prostate is the most intense part of the male sexual pleasure erogenous zone.  This can be seen with each thrust.  Nearly every guy thrusts, or ejaculates, with his dick first. This slight bending of the body places pressure on the prostate, thereby stimulating it every time you have sex.

You can also stimulate the prostate from externally by placing your finger on the perineum which is situated between the anus and the penis which I find a lot of straight couples do to increase the level of a man’s orgasm

Still think anal play makes you gay? 

Despite you unconsciously playing with your ass every time you fuck?

For many years, the taboo nature of butt play is slowly receding and it is becoming more ‘accepted’ in all forms and types of sexual play. Yes, it requires an open mind to participate and experiment with.

Yes, it requires sexual liberation and a comfort with your sexual identity.

But for those that engage in it, it opens up new worlds and the majority of the Store in terms of what boys can use for play.  A lot of men center their sexual experience around the cock.  You can increase your sexual experience by stimulating the ass at the same time, Sport Fucker Jock Lock is a perfect example of this.

By Stephen Smith a consultant from Adultsmart and also a youth counsellor.




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  1. Nice blog, I like this leather jockstrap. It is best for foreplay. Recently, I bought a pair of sexy jockstrap from But, I definitely buy this one too. I like the zipper one too.

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