Toe Sucking For Beginners

sucking toes

Would you like to have more fun with your partner? In that case, you should consider introducing toe sucking into your relationship. Yes, I know, it may sound “ick”. But, there is more to toe sucking than meets the eye. In fact, sucking your partner’s toes is often a deeply sensual experience when done in the right way.

Basic Facts About Toe Sucking

If you have never sucked your partner’s toes before, you should carry on reading. When it comes to toe sucking, there are one or two things you want to know before you get started.

Is Toe Sucking A Fetish?

Of course, there are those who would argue that two sucking is a fetish. For some sucking toes is a fetish. They get turned on by having their toes sucked or played with by someone else. There is a good reason why having your toes sucked or played with is such a turn on.

Our toes are packed with the most fantastic network of nerves. Did you know that our toes are as sensitive as our fingertips? When stimulated in the right way, the nerves in our toes send signals to the brain. As a result, feel-good neurotransmitters called endomorphins are activated. An endomorphin is a natural opioid that gives you a high.

This is probably how the pleasure of toe sucking was discovered in the first place.

Clean Feet And Toes

You should always inspect your partner’s toes before you suck them. If he or she has any warts or ulcers , you certainly should not suck their toes. Any virus or bacteria present is easily transferred into your mouth. In a worst case scenario, they can cause oral and throat infections.

If you don’t find any warts or ulcers on the toes, it is a good idea to clean the toes. Make it into a pleasurable experience by using a pleasant smelling wipe or scented cotton cloth. It can easily be made part of the experience.

Set Yourself Up For Some Good Toe Sucking

Before you start, make sure your partner is comfortable. Laying on a bed works for some while others prefer sitting in a chair. The foot quickly becomes heavy when you have to hold it. Consider resting it on a pillow or a foot rest.

Start by inspecting the toes and then clean the area. Perhaps you can turn the entire thing into a bit of a game. Pretend your a toe specialist and you need to treat the toes to make them feel better.

A Truly Sensual Toe Sucking Experience

To make the experience even more enjoyable, you should consider adding other fun things to your toe sucking experience. For instance, you could kiss the toes and lick them. However, the first thing you should do is to massage the toes.

Massaging the toes will stimulate blood flow and start to stimulate delicate nerve endings. That will cause the nervous system to trigger the release of endomorphins. As you carry on playing with the entire toe area, the nervous system will carry on stimulating the brain.

Kissing, massaging and licking are all fun ideas to add to your toe sucking session with your partner. Remember that the toes are delicate. It is best not to get too heavy handed with the toes.

Should You Bite The Toes?

The jury is out on this one. A little bit of a nibble may not hurt, but biting the toes is not such a good idea. It can break the skin and cause problems with your partner’s toes.

Believe it or not, toes bruise easily. This is not going to look nice.

Also, the skin around the nail can break. Should this happen, infections can enter the bloodstream. That could put a stop to your toe sucking pleasure for a while. Broken skin can lead to infections such as Athlete’s foot. That is the last thing you want when you plan to carry on enjoying your toe sucking sessions.

Don’t forget to ask your partner to return the favor. Once you have tried toe sucking, you will find that it is an activity that you can both enjoy. Add a little bit of role play, and you will soon be having a great time playing and sucking each other’s toes.

Find Your Partner’s Sexual Fetish

Couple Playing Xbox

When we struggle to answer our daily lifestyle questions:

“Should I eat some ice-cream for breakfast?”


“Should I wear a jumper out during spring?”

other topic’s can be quite hard to talk about. The topic of sex is not spoken in conversation as often as it should be. For example, a foot fetish which is one of the most prominent fetishes in society may be difficult to talk about with your friends or acquaintances. How often do you talk about foot fetishes or see feet being sexually objectified or portrayed through your favourite dramatic TV show like Home and Away or The Bold and the Beautiful? This is surprising when you compare it to the first prominent fetish which is “breasts”. Another double standard we have in society is that women can use a vibrator without a second thought but when a man buys a life size, expertly molded, high-end, hand painted, waterproof, heated, vibrating, 6 speed, fully customisable, phatalette free, CyberSkin, Reality Doll that has full breasts, ribbed vagina, butt and mouth, he can be labeled numerous negative thing’s even though both sexes use sexual toys to relieve built up sexual tension.

The very first question you have to ask yourself is:

“Why is it important to know someone’s fetish?”.

A fetish is something which arouses you but it deviates from normal sexual expectations, it is a personal eccentricity that I personally believe a lot of people have or may develop over time. But why is it important to understand your partner’s fetish? It is important to understand your partner’s deepest secrets and desires so you both will build a stronger relationship together. By taking your time to understand someone’s interests, views, emotions, and intentions it will bring them feelings of empathy, acceptance, love and trustworthiness. These feelings will help build their self-acceptance by giving them a place to belong to. Even if we take the time to understand different views we can accept multiple beliefs which can build stronger relationships. For example, someone can have a loving relationship and watch tentacle porn in their spare time.

Funny Fetish
Cartoon: Find Your Partner’s Sexual Fetish – Pokemon Oddish Fetish

Finding out someone else’s sexual desires or fetishes is very difficult task indeed. People can take years to divulge their secret passions because people are scared of being the butt of a joke or being humiliated by other people’s thoughts of their interests. If people respond negatively in this situation, it can alienate and polarize the person’s feelings. Especially when the person you have told is important to you and is not meant to hurt you. Feeling humiliation from that person can end up feeling quite painful. Due to this pain people would rather keep these fetishes to themselves.

When watching someone’s face we tend to mimic her or his facial expression, smiling when they does, frowning in agreement. Such mimicry may not be obvious to the casual observer, but minute muscle activation can be detected very shortly after being exposed to an emotional expression. Even our eyes dilate in tune to the ones we’re looking at.

To find out someone most private personal details or sexual desires, you really need to establish trust. The trust has to be ethically honest and not forged or misguided by any other motives. After all, trust in a long term relationship is founded by commitment, love and understanding. A loving environment is what people need to feel like they can talk to you but that’s how the environment should be anyway especially if your in a long term relationship.

The very first step is gaining their interest by introducing what a sexual desire is. You can begin by talking about different fetish topics, some fetishes that everyone talks about commonly include foot fetish, bondage and hentai. Everyone begins looking at these fetishes first so they will probably have some basic information they can talk to you about. Talking about other people’s fetishes will make the person naturally think about their own interests.

The next step is to be honest without expecting anything in return. I personally believe it is important that you are honest with yourself, as how can you expect someone else to be honest you with, if you can’t be honest to them. Maybe tell them what your interested in if you have a fetish. Maybe it is introducing them to the world of BDSM or showing them how you like it when they are in control. Sometimes you might be doing something during sex and it correlates with your interest. For example, your partner might enjoy being spanked. So let them know that spanking can be a lot more sexual with the use of leather whips, costumes or role playing.

If you are totally honest with your partner it will only improve the bond that is in your relationship and there are no ‘dark hidden secrets’ that can rear their ugly head and cause problems.


Sexual Perversion or Satisfaction?

BDSM and Fetish Community

I recently read an article about a young lad who was most confused. He had discovered that his slightly older and more experienced girlfriend enjoyed tying him up to a chair, and using various tools and toys to either torture him, tease or tantalise. He was confused because he enjoyed it, but also because he wasn’t sure if it counted as sex. He was also confused because he was conflicted, he enjoyed the play, but he felt that it was perverted, dirty, weird and that in some way it was going to change him and how he experienced pleasure.

The idea of sex is something that confuses a lot of people. If you cross-interview sections of the population and ask them what they consider to be sex, you’ll get a myriad of different answers and opinions. These could range from penetrative sex, PiV sex, oral stimulation, Over the Sweater action, Bondage play and scenes and everything in between. Some people rationalize their sex life by insisting that anal intercourse is not sex, likewise there are many people that don’t necessarily view a BDSM scene as a form of sex. This article is not necessarily designed to settle that debate, to do so would be limiting, and would be detrimental to how some people view the idea of sex.

Regardless of whether you view the lads question as sex or sexual play, It is concerning to hear him suggest that he was worried that the enjoyment of this type of play was going to change him and that he saw it as perverted. We could assume that he has had a sheltered upbringing, and since his girlfriend was slightly older than him that she was trying to broaden his horizons, and introduce forms of play that she enjoyed. Firstly, let’s consider the idea of perversion; which a quick google search reveals that the definition is;

‘A sexual behaviour that is considered abnormal and unacceptable.

Woma and Man in BDSM
Photo: BDSM Mistress

It is therefore safe to assume that perversion is an individual opinion. Why? Because people, as demonstrated above, have varying degrees of sexual practices, experiences, likes and dislikes. An individual who thinks that anything other than Penis In Vagina play is abnormal is certainly going to have a mini heart attack if they were to witness a BDSM Tit torture scene with no sexual penetration. The thing is that sexual behaviour is so broad and whilst I personally believe that sexual behaviour should not be considered abnormal unless it deliberately and without thought places someone in danger, involves animals or children, or does not involve consent as in rape, many others will not see it as that. In other words, perversion is generally going to be considered when the sexual play is deemed as outside the personal comfort boundaries of the person considering it. The reason why our young lad is confused is because it is clear that it is outside his normal boundaries, however, he enjoys it.

It could be argued that he enjoys the relinquishing of control, that he enjoys the focus being on him and that his girlfriend enjoys that shift in focus, or it could be that he enjoys the challenge. Regardless of what specifically it is about this type of play that he enjoys, it is his journey and whilst he seems conflicted now. I can guarantee that his sexual pleasure will diminish his conflict and he will chase what he enjoys. It is a pivotal moment in his sexual development.  

So what’s the point? My point is that it is can be potentially dangerous and limiting to consider forms of sexual play as perverse. It is limiting in the way that if you view perverse as anything outside your normal boundaries then you in all probability won’t challenge them. Engaging in play that pushes your boundaries is not perverse, it’s not damaging, and the only thing it’ll change is your sexual play as you seek new forms of pleasure. In a way it’s broadening, you’ll find greater satisfaction both within sexual pleasure but also within life as it will balance things out. It’ll help you gain an understanding of what makes you, you, and it will exemplify both your individuality and cause you to be more in tune with yourself and your desires. Sexual play is an outlet of ourselves, and denying what gives you pleasure out of fear of having others think it is perverse will cause more disruption to your individuality than you think.


I Am A Sub To My Marine Corps Man!

Woman Submissive on Chair

My husband now spanks me when I’m bad and I love it. However that was not always the case and it took some time for me to trust him enough to tell him that I had a sexual fantasy in that I had the fetish to be a submissive during intimacy with him.  People assume that marriage is the death of fun. That may be true if you have to hide a sexual fetish, but my love life hasn’t been the same since

I Revealed My Sexual Fantasies To My Spouse

Being a petite woman, I’ve always desired to have the arms of a strong man hold me. My husband and I had a long courtship before we married, but I fell in love with him quickly. He is a US Marine, muscular and tall. His hands always make me think of how they’d feel touching me; cupping my breast from behind, or slipping between my legs as he drives me in his car. He has the skill of a dominant man, to guide me both physically and emotionally.  In the beginning of our marriage, sex was wonderful. It had all the excitement a shiny new relationship. It quickly dulled however, after our escapades became routine. I always had fantasies, but never the guts to share them. I would often fantasize during sex about him touching my butt. Asking him to spank me seemed silly. I didn’t realize it was a legitimate sexual fetish. It was weird actually, when I thought about it during sex, it helped me orgasm. If I thought about it when I was not aroused, I felt stupid.

When he picked our sexual positions, he usually chose doggy style. Sometimes he would spread my cheeks apart unexpectedly, touching my anus. I would feel such excitement and desire for him to keep going a little further. I felt embarrassed as my butt would pucker from the sudden cold air. I was sure he was looking, but I loved it.

Marine Soldier Fetish

The first time I told him about my sexual fetish, I was in the bath. We had a habit of playing chess in the evening and on this occasion I wanted to play while I lay in the tub. He lit candles for me and brought me my favorite fluffy towel. Soon the deep red wine had me light headed. I would lay back, waiting for him to make his move. My body was keenly aware of the cool air in the bathroom and my breasts were perky. I stood up and stepped out of the tub. I gently kissed him and slowly bent over his lap. I think he was stunned for a moment, but he quickly came around when I quietly asked him to spank me. The water was cooling on my skin and when he smacked me, it stung.

That night, we ended up having the best sexual encounter I have ever experienced. Upon bringing me to orgasm, I spilled more words of my desire. He encouraged my sexual fetish by making me call him “Sir” when I addressed him. He fulfilled my lust several times, and I happily reciprocated.  It was opening a whole new area of our love making my being a submissive.  Soon, I realized that I was a (lucky) fool to have admitted so much to this man. He quickly grasped my desire for submission, and took full advantage of his new power. Every night he would demand me to present myself to him for an inspection. If I was a good girl that day, he would spend time endlessly kissing my body until I would succumb to the pleasure. If I was a bad girl, he would stimulate my body in a more aggressive way.

The exchange of power has helped our relationship in so many ways. I feel so feminine giving in to his requests. Allowing my body to be used by him gives me the freedom to relinquish power. I love putting aside our daily roles to fulfill my husband’s needs. He loves the porno style sex. We purchased fetish sex toys on the internet together. He makes a few choices and I have to decide from them what he’ll use on me. No matter what he does, he is always sure to make me happy. Switching pleasure with pain, he keeps me enticed. I always wonder what he will want from me next.

We both love having our dirty secrets, like our common sexual fetish. He’ll text me while I’m at work and tell me to take a naughty picture in the bathroom. I send it to him and he quickly tells me that I’ll be punished when I get home. I am so excited by the time I’m home, my panties are usually soaked. He looks at me between my legs and I know I’m busted. He spanks me, and stimulates my anus until he can roughly take it. He ignores my pleading, but will kindly rub me as he has his way. It makes me cry with pleasure and it never takes long for me to finish. The begging only makes him bigger and he takes his time to drag it out. He can make me say or do anything at this point and he knows it.

In our endeavors, we have discovered another sexual fetish. We love bondage roleplaying when he ties me up, spreads my legs far apart and explores my most sensitive areas. I try not to show I enjoy it so much, or else he stops and leaves me to suffer naked and exposed. He never leaves me long, but is sure to punish me upon his return. He enjoys embarrassing me by making me masturbate in front of him. He records me touching myself and watches it later while I’m pleasuring him. I get red with humiliation, and crave his attention between my legs. I know if I’m good he will give it to me.

I’m so happy I shared my sexual submissive masochist fetish with my husband. We have connected in ways I never thought possible. I feel like he is in my mind sometimes. He grabs at my deepest thoughts and desires and turns them into a reality. We continue to nurture our sex life every day; and when he has control of my butt, I am more than willing to do what he want.


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