What Do You Need to Know About Toe Sucking?

Toe sucking is a type of sexual fetishism in which a person experiences intense sexual arousal or desire from feet and toes. This can include a fixation on the appearance, smell, texture, or feel of toes. As well as the act of touching, kissing, licking, or sucking toes.

Toe or foot fetishism is a relatively common fetish. It can manifest in many different ways, ranging from a mild interest to an intense preoccupation with toes.


Often it is encased within the podophillia fetish category and although toes are part of the feet – the fetish can be altogether different.

Podophillia is a foot fetishism. A type of sexual fetish in which a person experiences intense sexual arousal or desire from feet or footwear.  Individuals with podophilia may have a particular fixation on the appearance, shape, size, smell, or texture of feet as a whole.  Whereas the toe fetish is more specific.

For the recipient, your toes can be very exciting. Your toes and feet are very sensitive, due to the tone of the muscles there.  Think foot tickling.

This makes a great addition to foreplay.

Let’s not forget the brain, which can connect the feeling of sex to any part of the body if it is connected to the memory of sex.  Kryss Shane, MS, MSW, LSW, LMSW, a specialist in the field of sex and relationship.T

herefore, if your first sexual experience involved touching your feet or toes during play or sex. Then you may be motivated by this practice in the future.

toe sucking
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Toe Sucking Consent 

If your partner rejects the idea, don’t get upset about the rejection.  Take the opportunity to ask him why he doesn’t want his toes wet or for you to do it.

If there’s anything like a dry run, Ghose suggests giving them your feet to play with first.  She explains: “Applying good, firm massaging pressure to other feet can help reduce itching.”

If it’s a mental barrier about hygiene

You can suggest a mouth wash and a lick. But in the end, you should respect your partner’s feelings and boundaries. That being said, if it’s something you like, try to come back to it in the future.

“If you approach it slowly, you’re more likely to get what you want. And get what you need when you and your partner explore something positive, exciting and new,” Ghose says.

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Fulfil Your Fantasies

Toe Sucking Options

So, toe sucking doesn’t just mean putting a toe in your mouth and sucking. That’s obviously the main thing. But there’s so much more you can do.

To find out your partner’s response and emotional level, start slowly by kissing, kissing or gently touching their feet. If they are inside, go a little deeper, adding pressure to the tongue and breathing.  A key here is to read your body language bae. Which – added bonus! — can also get you out of your head if you’re nervous, Ghose said.

Try “putting the big toe in your mouth, then lick the other toe,” Hirschman and Harel suggest.  You can lick one toe at a time or lick the top or bottom of all the toes.  Also you can drink each toe individually or try a few at a time. many things. Add some tasty lube to make it even better.

Obviously, with 10 toes, the options are endless.

women kissing sugar lips
Sweet sugar lips

YouTube Finds Gay Kiss is Offensive

In this day and age homosexuality is being accepted by more and more people.

Gay Marriage is at the forefront of discussions and protests with many major Governments as a Human Rights Issue.  Equal rights for gay, lesbian and transgendered people is accepted by most now as a human right. So why would you tube terminate one of their account for a lesbian kiss?

YouTube policy is that sexually explicit content like pornography is not allowed. Videos containing fetish content will be removed or age-restricted depending on the severity of the act in question.

In most cases, violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes are not allowed to be shown on YouTube.

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Gay Men in Love

Passionate Lesbian Kiss

Adultsmart posted a video clip of two fully clothed lesbians sharing a loving and passionate kiss.  This was deemed as offensive and breaching community standards by youtube.

There was no nudity, no sexually explicit content but YouTube found that lesbianism breaches their community standards.

Unfortunately,  YouTube offers no direct  contact options to account holder. And as the account was terminated by YouTube as being gay apparently contravenes their Community Standards no appeal against this termination can be made.

YouTube Takes Down the Video

So we have people demonstrating local and federal governments being righteous for the civil liberties of others. Yet YouTube, the most popular video sharing site in the world says being gay breaches community standards.

This sexual kiss is perceived in many societies around the globe.  Most by far of grown-ups everywhere throughout the globe have encountered the clumsiness, energy, perplexity and delight of it.

One must concede that all over the act of kissing is more than somewhat regular. Why might the trading of salivation and supper serving of mixed greens leftovers be viewed as an alluring occasion, a custom of enthusiasm?

What’s Wrong With Just a Kiss?

Given that the suggestive kiss is so regular, it must assume an imperative part in the move of human sexuality. In any case, what precisely is that part?

Conclusions among researchers contrast with regards to the capacity and starting points of kissing.  One theory is that the kiss has advanced as an instrument for social occasion data about potential sexual accomplices.

A kiss carries us into close physical closeness with the other.

Sufficiently close to smell and taste them. The face territory is rich with organs emitting chemicals that convey hereditary and immunological data. Our spit conveys hormonal messages.

A man’s breath, and in addition the essence of their lips and the vibe of their teeth, signals things about their well being and cleanliness. And in this manner their procreative appropriateness.

mature gay
Challenges of Coming Out

A kiss permits us to welcome the faculties of taste and smell to share in the festival of closeness and make the occasion better.  When we kiss somebody, we bring that individual into our helpless individual space. And consent to go out on a limb of coming down with a contamination or ailment.

A kiss is in this way a sign of openness and trust.

It demonstrates that you don’t withdraw from the other’s natural liquids. Research has proposed that sexual excitement, particularly among ladies, capacities to stifle sentiments of repugnance.

In this setting, the kiss may serve as confirmation and articulation of sexual excitement. This hypothesis predicts that kissing won’t be a necessary piece of sexual exercises where honest to goodness longing and closeness are truant.

Without a doubt, the kiss is not normal among sex specialists and their customers, or attackers and their prey.

Kiss for Sexual Arousal

Ladies’ lips, it is hard to deny, look like the labia. Act of ladies around the globe of shading their lips red which is a shading connected to sexual excitement proposes the part the lips play in enticement.

Research has recommended that men lean toward wetter kisses, with more contribution of the tongue than do ladies. A tongue, it is hard to deny, is a phallic organ. Blend of a clammy open mouth and an entering tongue mimic intercourse particularly. And give simple ascent to sexual envisioning and, maybe, sexual energy.

What’s more, a few specialists guess that the male inclination for wet kisses is identified with the way that male salivation contains testosterone. A hormone connected to sexual excitement in both sexes.

A wet kiss may store testosterone into the lady’s mouth, along these lines acting to expand her sexual excitement.

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