Find Your Way Out of Male Sexual Depression

It’s a shame we live in a society where no one likes to talk about sex. When it comes to talking about sex and male sexuality there’s an enormous amount of pressure. Like when it comes to notions and discourses surrounding male sexual depression, performance, libido, penis size. And the ability to induce orgasms in others.

That’s not to say that there’s not pressures on female sexuality, but that male sexuality is something not spoken of often. It is little wonder then that few doctors like to talk about sex and sexuality especially in regards to illnesses such as cancer and depression.

Three major events that cause loss of libido are as follows. 

  • Sexual Depression.
  • Prostate Surgery.
  • Chemotherapy.

What I often find in working in the sex industry is that we fill this need especially as stores move towards a sex positive attitude. Indeed our Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah store regularly provides vacuum pumps to local urologists for post prostate surgery treatment.

Male Sexual Depression and Prostate Cancer

Can lead to a dramatic decrease in sexual libido which can cause friction in the bedroom between partners. On top of that, many of the medications and treatments used to help with these two issues can actually further decrease sexual libido.

Chemotherapy and anti-depressants have, in most men, been a major contributing factor to reducing sex drive even further.

Maintaining Intimacy

Aside from discussing it with your doctor and switching medications. One of the most important things is to ensure that you are maintaining intimacy within the relationship.

You can hardly be expected to go through such an event like prostate cancer without the emotional support of their partner.  Is your partner depressed after?  Possibly, so maintaining that relationship is essential.  Inability to provide sex can cause many emotional problems.

male sexual depression
Blog: A Guide to Intimacy and Connection

Reducing the stress on both of you will assist in rebuilding that sex drive.

 Whether this is through continual communication or whether it is through touching, cuddling and exercising together. It’s primarily about maintaining that intimacy.

During these times, it does not even have to be about sexual intimacy. Many men going through prostate surgery reported that simply spending time with their partner through regular date nights with no external interruptions (leave the phones at home) increased their levels of happiness.

male sexual depression
Man Looking Down with Hand on Head

Prostate surgery is another serious issue that affects bedroom life

What many doctors don’t discuss is the potential to have a short-term or long term inability to have erections. I’ll go through some of the treatments and ideas surrounding this in a later post. This post is about supporting each other through the rough times.

Those undergoing chemotherapy sometimes report a decrease in sexual libido and this can lead to a vicious cycle of disappointment when it comes to sex.

Depression develops, and the idea that being a man ties in with getting an erection can cause serious emotional trauma and dysfunction between couples.

Sex after prostate cancer

s not going to be the same as it once was – that is an unfortunate reality. But that does not stop you from having fun together and still maintaining intimacy  even after

Sexual Depression and Prostate Surgery

Nothing aggravates dejection’s sexual reactions like falling for myths about people’s sexual lifestyles.

Sometimes the movies, tv dramas and romantic comedies tell of fanciful stories about sex that indent up the weight and make it difficult to perform. Here’s a rude awakening about sex:

Everyone you know is not having amazing sex constantly.

What’s more, a genuine sexual coexistence doesn’t mean you need to have a climax each and every time you have intercourse.

If you are unable to orgasm each time your have sex, it may be best to take your time enjoying the sexual process rather than focusing on the outcome.

Sometimes the outcome is not always possible

So if you change your personal perspective, you can be happier in the long run. At long last, recollect that for a great many people, sadness is brief and can be dealt with.

It is also noted that to achieve a level of  mental and physical health general practitioners recommended 20 to 30 minuted level of cardiovascular exercise 3 times a week to make sure your body is being kept active.

Actually, practice can support both your passionate well being and your sex drive. Practice gets your blood moving, discharges a portion of chemicals that help to support the body. You will always improve your physical shape which will help your self-esteem.



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