Partner Depressed? It’s A Worry!

Is your partner depressed? According to the statistics by Beyond Blue 1 in 6 people (1 in 5 women and 1 in 8 men) will experience depression during their life.

Depression can affect people in a myriad of ways. But it can have serious consequences to an individual’s sex drive. Intimacy is an important part of any relationship. A lowered/non-existent libido can place enormous pressure on a relationship.

Therein lies the catch, depression affects libido. But sex can provide enormous boosts to one’s mood. This cycle is often hard to break. There are a few important tips to take some pressure off the relationship, and work through it as a team.

partner depressed
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Ways to Help if Partner Depressed

Seek Treatment 

Seeking treatment for depression breaks the first barrier. Admitting that there’s something going on and asking for help. Your doctor can refer you to a specialist, counselor and administer some form of treatment to get the ball rolling. But regaining your sex life isn’t necessarily going to happen unless you start treating the depression first.

Speak to your partner

It’s important that you’re honest with your partner. Let them know what’s going on. It’s important that you’re both working with each other and supporting each other throughout.

Depression can be extremely rough for the individual battling it and those immediately around. It is essential that this part be about some give and take. Depression takes away the motivation of things that they once enjoyed. Reintroducing these things in small steps, can be extraordinarily beneficial.

Just keep in mind that energy levels may be lower than normal. A brisk walk around the park may be more realistic than the 2k jogging laps they were used to.

Find Other Forms of Intimacy

Even without intercourse, you can still try and keep up the physical and emotional intimacy.

Snuggling on the couch, massages, touching and kissing is still enough to keep up the intimacy. Let each other know that you’re still desirable and desired.

Visiting your local store for a sensual handheld massager and massage oils is also a great way to induce intimacy by spoiling your loved one. Remember that although their sex drive and libido is down. That doesn’t mean they won’t become interested with some playful foreplay and intimate acts.

Who knows! It might become a sexy stepping stone to something more.

These simple acts are enough to provide elevations to mood. It can be a supportive measure towards helping your partner beat depression without it driving a lasting ridge within the relationship.

partner depressed?
Massage Oils for Intimacy

Depression is a serious illness for everyone involved

It affects a large amount of people within the Australian community. Beyond Blue shares the statistics that 1 in 6 people will either have depression or anxiety mental health issues.

It’s important to remember to be there for your partner. Communicate with them. Don’t blame your partner for having depression. Depression can cause various confusing effects, sometimes people can lash out and push loved ones away. Even though at the times when they have depression, they need people to be there for them the most.

Remember to be strong and supportive.

You can help each other through the difficult times. Sometimes if you ask the person “Is there anything that I can do for you?” This may just be one of the questions they need to hear because them knowing that you are there will help them greatly.

There’s no 100% effective way for dealing with depression in a relationship. But the above tips are a sure fire way to get the ball rolling.

It is with optimism that we find people more accepting of sex and sexual preferences. Adult stores now evolving to becoming sex-positive outlets that not only sell product but advise clients what may be best suited for them.

One of the most progressive of adult shops in Australia are the sex positive Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres that offer a non-judgmental and safe place. For those that may be seeking some relief of depression by using sexual health aids and sex toys.

Come in or call any time and speak with our highly trained and motivated consultants.

Author: Stephen Smith – BA Of Social Sciences, M.Ed

Ways Hypnosis Treats Erectile Dysfunction


If you or your partner has ever experienced erectile dysfunction, then you’ll know what a frustrating and difficult condition it can be. It can also be embarrassing and isolating for those who suffer from it. Which is why finding alternative treatments for ED is so important.

Hypnosis is a proven tool to treat erectile dysfunctions. It is one of the many benefits that can be achieved with the aid of an expert. Other than overcoming this issue, it can also help one experience stamina as well as successful ejaculations.

Ways Hypnosis Treats Erectile Dysfunction

1. Let the Body Help You

Hypnotherapy uses the power of the mind to overcome various physical and emotional issues. With many patients, they will be reminded of the times when they did not have problems having erections and furthermore, when they last had an erection.

This is an excellent way to retrain muscle memory in order for one to achieve erections on demand. In addition, it will also help one gain control over his or her emotional arousal levels so that he or she can respond accordingly.

2. Heart to Heart

One of the biggest factors in the development of erectile dysfunction is a person’s inability to relax, as well as their fear and/or anticipation of pain. While not all men will experience painful erection, some will experience sharp or dull pains, which can be very uncomfortable and distracting.

This is why hypnosis works so well because it helps one to work through their emotions in order to eliminate any negative associations.

3. Clearing the Headspace

The way a person thinks, their emotions and feelings can have a very significant impact on the quality of their life. If one is constantly worried about past or future events, then it will be difficult for them to achieve peace of mind and focus on the present.

Hypnosis helps to clear out the clutter in one’s head and allows them to live in the moment instead of worrying about what was or what could happen. This is a very natural state for people to be in and is the key to achieving mental and physical bliss.

partner depressed?
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4. Their State of Mind

One of the biggest misconceptions associated with hypnosis is that one will fall asleep and enter a trance-like state where they are completely vulnerable. This could not be further from the truth, as hypnosis is simply a heightened state of concentration whereby one will focus on positive mental imagery with their eyes open while being fully alert.

This is the reason why hypnosis works so well, as it allows one to be mentally present while physically relaxed. Since most of our everyday activities require both mental and physical stimulation, hypnosis will help one to reach higher levels of concentration and awareness.

5. Roll with the Changes

The way we react to a certain situation can often depend on the way that we perceive our surroundings, which is something that hypnosis helps with.

With hypnosis, to one can reframe their experiences and think in more positive and empowering ways. This is because through the process of hypnosis, one begins to gain a better understanding of their unconscious thoughts, desires and emotions.

This is when they start to change their thoughts and beliefs so that one can become more open-minded and accepting of all that happens in life. This helps with the development of patience as well as positive behaviors, which are both important for men suffering from erectile difficulties.

6. The Whole Package

When men seek out the aid of hypnotherapy for erectile dysfunction, they will discover that there is so much more to gain from it. Not only will they have control over their emotions and well-being, but they will also be able to reach higher levels of energy and stamina.

This is because hypnotherapy works with the glandular systems in our bodies to create the right balance of hormones and neurotransmitters, which in turn leads to a quick recovery process. It is also very important to note that hypnosis can help with all areas of life, not just the emotional needs associated with sexual dysfunction.

Hypnosis is a natural way to deal with the various challenges

This is not only beneficial for treating erectile dysfunction, but also for other conditions such as stress, low energy and anxiety.

In addition to this, it is also a safe and holistic way to get over symptoms of depression, chronic fatigue as well as substance abuse problems. Most importantly though, hypnosis will help one develop more positive approaches towards life in general.

Author Valerie Davis – Zen Hypnotherapist.




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