Toe Sucking For Beginners

sucking toes

Would you like to have more fun with your partner? In that case, you should consider introducing toe sucking into your relationship. Yes, I know, it may sound “ick”. But, there is more to toe sucking than meets the eye. In fact, sucking your partner’s toes is often a deeply sensual experience when done in the right way.

Basic Facts About Toe Sucking

If you have never sucked your partner’s toes before, you should carry on reading. When it comes to toe sucking, there are one or two things you want to know before you get started.

Is Toe Sucking A Fetish?

Of course, there are those who would argue that two sucking is a fetish. For some sucking toes is a fetish. They get turned on by having their toes sucked or played with by someone else. There is a good reason why having your toes sucked or played with is such a turn on.

Our toes are packed with the most fantastic network of nerves. Did you know that our toes are as sensitive as our fingertips? When stimulated in the right way, the nerves in our toes send signals to the brain. As a result, feel-good neurotransmitters called endomorphins are activated. An endomorphin is a natural opioid that gives you a high.

This is probably how the pleasure of toe sucking was discovered in the first place.

Clean Feet And Toes

You should always inspect your partner’s toes before you suck them. If he or she has any warts or ulcers , you certainly should not suck their toes. Any virus or bacteria present is easily transferred into your mouth. In a worst case scenario, they can cause oral and throat infections.

If you don’t find any warts or ulcers on the toes, it is a good idea to clean the toes. Make it into a pleasurable experience by using a pleasant smelling wipe or scented cotton cloth. It can easily be made part of the experience.

Set Yourself Up For Some Good Toe Sucking

Before you start, make sure your partner is comfortable. Laying on a bed works for some while others prefer sitting in a chair. The foot quickly becomes heavy when you have to hold it. Consider resting it on a pillow or a foot rest.

Start by inspecting the toes and then clean the area. Perhaps you can turn the entire thing into a bit of a game. Pretend your a toe specialist and you need to treat the toes to make them feel better.

A Truly Sensual Toe Sucking Experience

To make the experience even more enjoyable, you should consider adding other fun things to your toe sucking experience. For instance, you could kiss the toes and lick them. However, the first thing you should do is to massage the toes.

Massaging the toes will stimulate blood flow and start to stimulate delicate nerve endings. That will cause the nervous system to trigger the release of endomorphins. As you carry on playing with the entire toe area, the nervous system will carry on stimulating the brain.

Kissing, massaging and licking are all fun ideas to add to your toe sucking session with your partner. Remember that the toes are delicate. It is best not to get too heavy handed with the toes.

Should You Bite The Toes?

The jury is out on this one. A little bit of a nibble may not hurt, but biting the toes is not such a good idea. It can break the skin and cause problems with your partner’s toes.

Believe it or not, toes bruise easily. This is not going to look nice.

Also, the skin around the nail can break. Should this happen, infections can enter the bloodstream. That could put a stop to your toe sucking pleasure for a while. Broken skin can lead to infections such as Athlete’s foot. That is the last thing you want when you plan to carry on enjoying your toe sucking sessions.

Don’t forget to ask your partner to return the favor. Once you have tried toe sucking, you will find that it is an activity that you can both enjoy. Add a little bit of role play, and you will soon be having a great time playing and sucking each other’s toes.

BIZARRE Sex Stories!

I am amazed at the popularity of these true sex stories so which to include a new category of some of the bizarre sexual activities I have experienced.


In my life, I have been lucky enough to meet some liberated women that are not afraid to explore what they want sexually, nor to partake in some of my fantasies.   Some of the women have been what is contentiously known as ‘squirters’.  Some experts say that this is just a woman in the throes of ecstasy releasing her bladder (peeing).  In my experience, it is definitely not and there are many experts as well as studies to confirm that this is a real female phenomenon – female ejaculation.

So most of the women I have had the pleasure to be with that have been squirters have varied in the amount of ejaculation fluid they release as well as how far they gush.  The fluid generally has no smell and or color.  I have been gushed on, gushed at, been inside whilst a woman is gushing and it is amazing knowing that a woman is completely relaxed and comfortable with you to ejaculate with or in front of you.  It is certainly a real turn on as well as compliment.

One night I had been out and met a special little lady.  We had drinks and were comfortable enough to go back to my place where we became amorous and go butt naked together.  Being a bit in a kinky and voyeuristic mood I lay down flat with my back on the bed and lay her on top of me, her back to my stomach side with her vajajay facing my face.  From here I instructed her to play with herself, talking dirty to her.  I encouraged her to tease herself until she came and the more she got turned on, rubbing her clit, putting her fingers on and in her vagina the more I talked dirty to her.

She was squirming and writhing in delight on top of me.   She started rubbing her G-Spot and I asked her with her other hand to place a finger gently inside her ass and curve it upwards – like she was doing with her G-Spot.  Many men and even women do not know that there is a gland called ‘skene’ that is very similar to the male prostate which also can be ‘milked’ and cause female ejaculation.

This woman had obviously never done this before and when she hit the skene gland and started massaging it whilst rubbing her G she began to yell and scream in ecstasy and began to ejaculate.  But this ejaculation was unlike any I had or have ever witnessed before or after.  She began ‘shooting’ loads of cum from her pussy towards my face.  These ejaculations were projectiles of cum delivered with such a force I put my hands up to protect being hitten in the face by them.  This ejaculation lasted for at least a minute and probably closer to two.  My hands and the pillow on each side of my head were covered in her cum.

This was not the usual gushing of liquid  with different levels of waves I had experienced before but full on shots like a nerf gun.   When it was over she lay on top of me quivering, shaking  and moaning.  She was totally spent and lay there for some time as I slipped out from under her and cleaned up….


I get the foot fetish, shoe fetish and leg fetish thing.  A ladies slender foot can be a sensual thing and Japanese geisha girls have bound their feed from an early age to have dainty small feet.  The sight of a stiletto evokes images of sexuality and for me domination.  A pair of pins slender, muscular on a woman in a short skirt is always going to make me take a second look.  Generally I tend to think of these fetishes being a man’s desire for a woman.

I started ‘dating’ a girl quite a few years back and obviously we had consummated our relationship a number of times.  The old saying when sex is bad it is still pretty good does not quite apply, but certainly it was sparklers rather than fireworks in bed.  That is until…..

One night we had been out and on our return I jumped in the shower and then lay on the bed naked.  I was just chilling whilst she also had a shower.  She came out looking pretty sexy all wet with a towel around her but instead of laying beside me she went to the foot of the bed.  This is new I thought, maybe I was going to get a massage or a nice head job before we got into some of the serious action.  But she stopped gazing, looking at me feet.

Tentatively she kissed my feet, and then started to lick between the toes.  I could see that she was getting more and more into it as she began to suck my toes, putting most of her energies into the big one.  Whilst she was doing this her body began to sway sensually with her ass up in the air – giving me a great view because of the mirror behind her.  But then she began to moan and her sucking became more vigorous.  I was amazed at my self control as generally I get ticklish on my feet.

This continued on for about five minutes as her moans became louder, then grabbing my feet hard she yells out, ‘I’m cumming’ and I watch as her body convulsed with her orgasm.  She was hot and wet and jumped on top of me and those sparklers became fireworks and it was some of the best sex I had ever had.

Obviously this became part of ‘our’ foreplay ritual for the remaining time I saw her and each and every time she went off, sucking ‘this little piggy’s’ toes

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