Hands On – A Finger Sucking Expose

Hand fetishism or hand partialism or also cheirophilia is the sexual fetish for hands.  So before you go off on a finger sucking expose, lets get down to the nitty gritty and find out what it is all about.

What is a Hand Fetish

Hand partialism is a sexual preference or fetishism where an individual is sexually aroused or gratified by a specific aspect of the hand, such as the fingers, nails, palms, or wrists. This fetish may involve the use of the hands in sexual acts, or the appreciation and admiration of the physical characteristics of the hand.

Hand partialism is considered to be a subcategory of partialism, which is a sexual attraction to a specific body part. Partialism may involve any body part, such as feet, breasts, buttocks, or hair.

Like other fetishes, hand partialism is not necessarily harmful unless it involves non-consensual behavior or causes distress to the individual or others. It is important to note that fetishes are a normal part of human sexuality and can be explored safely and consensually.

Whether it’s giving a massage, typing a love text, or moving your nails boldly under the waistband of your partner’s pants, hands are essential for many hot sex activities. But for some people, it is the hands themselves that turn them on. And that, my friends, is called a fetish.

Just as foot fetishes, voyeurism, or exposure can make some cheaters, using or looking at fingers, palms, wrists, or the whole hand can make the water flow for others. . So, if you find yourself paying close attention to people’s hands, feel like you’re shaking during a haircut, like to suck your fingers, but If you just want to know what it’s like to have a hand fetish, we have what you need.

You have a fetish

People are attracted to each other for many reasons. For some it’s the look, for others it’s the feeling, and for others it’s watching their hands do things, says the expert dominatrix and the founder of The Dom House Mistress Rogue.

It is important to note that although you may find the hand sexy, fetish is not only an attraction to the hand. Adam & Eve sex therapist Jenni Skyler, PhD, previously told Cosmopolitan that “when someone has a clinical fetish, they need that thing [in this case, hands] to stimulate and reach orgasm”.

So unless you can see or interact with the hand (or finger, palm, etc.) to come down, you don’t have a fetus. You are probably a fan of hand worship or hand misery. This is still very interesting, and the advice below is definitely for you.

How can I do something with my fetish

“Start by doing something with your loved one’s hands, such as a well-oiled hand job after grooming or finger sucking as part of your prediction game,” Sparks says. You can also try massaging your partner or watching them touch themselves. Whatever you do, pay close attention to how your body feels and reacts. In addition, Rogue recommends taking the time to analyze body language and behavior with your own hands. “The hand is very powerful in seducing the other,” he explains. “Sometimes, something as simple as stroking your partner’s skin can cause the temperature to rise quickly.”

Sometimes people who have fetishes or are interested in hands also find the feet exciting. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone with a hand fetish will also have a foot fetish, but Rogue says there’s a real overlap. “It has a lot to do with how they are properly groomed: the color of the nails or lack thereof, the length of the fingernails, fingers, toes, etc.,” he says.

So if you get into it, consider adding some footwork to your sexy time to see if you like anything. It’s good

Being in the hand is very good because of defects and fetishes. Of course, you want to practice good general hygiene such as keeping your hands clean and your nails at a reasonable length to avoid soap (unless it’s something you and your partner do) required). It’s also a good idea to wash under your nails often because bacteria, dirt and “other nasty things” often live under there, Hoffman says.

And even if the hand game doesn’t seem as strong as, say, the summer game, the belief is still very important. “Be sure to set clear boundaries of where to touch and where not to touch,” Rogue advises.

Fun ways to play

The best thing about being on hand is the number of different game options. The art! Check your partner yourself! Give a massage! Wash your hands! Just ask your partner to trace your body with their fingers!

If you’re looking to change things up even more, Sparks suggests rubbing the Slow Sex Finger Play gel on your partner or adding a finger vibe, like Hot Octopuss DiGit, inside combination.

It’s also the perfect excuse to get regular manis. “I personally think that everyone should get manicures and pedicures, regardless of gender,” Rogue says. “Good clean hands are very attractive. Honestly, they don’t deserve it. A firm hold or a soft touch can drive your partner crazy—only you have to figure out their style.

Finger Sucking

So you may or may not want to experience of give your partner a finger sucking experience – its entirely up to you.  Or maybe you just want to find out about some toe sucking?

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