My Charity Granny Sex! Act One.

This is my My Charity Granny Sex story – I hope you like it!

It was a few years back now.  I was just 19 years of age, brought up in a strong Christian family that attended the local Church weekly.  My dad used to do a lot of volunteer work, helping the elderly and needy. I often thought he spent more time helping others than with us.  In some way I was jealous of those he helped as he gave without thought and unconditionally.

My Dad Did A Lot Of Church Volunteer Work

Around that time he started to feel a bit the worse for wear but being the person he was did not want to disappoint anybody and so he came to me and said, “Son, I am not feeling the best.  Do you mind over the next few weeks if we share the workload with my volunteer work?”

Being the dutiful son I said, “Of Course’.

He nodded thankfully and handed me a paper that gave me the details of an elderly lady named Ethyl.  She was in her 70’s and needed someone to help her around the garden, she has all the tools.

Dad said, ‘If you could get around there about 9am tomorrow that would be perfect.”

Tomorrow was Sunday so it looked like it was going to be evening mass for me which I disliked because of the larger crowd.  I went to bed early and woke up refreshed at 8am the next morning.

Ehtyl Lived 15 Minutes Away

Ethyl’s house was a fifteen minute walk from our house so I had some breakfast and left at half 8.  Enjoying the sunshine, birds and trees on the way there I arrived at her house 10 minutes early and knocked on the front door.

A short time later Ethyl opened the door.  She stood about 5’4” tall, grey hair but with purple rinse, slim build wearing a see through white sleepwear.  I could see her bossom’s that sagged with elongated nipples and the noticeable V of pubic hair.


Charity Granny Sex
Gorgeous Granny

She said, ‘You must be Jim.  How’s your dad?  I have been a bit worried about him lately!’

I said, ‘He is fine Mrs Atkinson.  Think he just needs a bit of time.’

She said, “Call me Ethyl dear.  No-none ever calls me Mrs. Atkinson anymore.”

I said, ‘Sure Ethyl.  Where would you like me to start?”

She looked at me with a mischievous grin and said, “If I was 10 years younger I would be sure telling you where to start.  You are a handsome lad”

I must have blushed and she continued “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.  There’s a shovel over there by the garage and some mulch over there.  If you can just mulch up the garden you would be a darling.’

With that she turned around and walked back into the house.  I cannot lie and say I didn’t look at her bony ass as she walked away.   I could swear that she did a little sashay to emphasize.  There was movement down below that I found strange as I had never fantasized before about fucking a granny.

So up to it I went and with 90 minutes of hard work and sweat had mulched up her garden a treat.  I called out to her to come outside and inspect it which she did.  She looked at me all dirty and sweaty and said, ‘Oh Jim, I cannot send you home like that.  We better run you a nice hot shower!”

Granny Fucking Fantasies

I said, “No Ethyl.  I’m fine.  I can have a shower when I get home.’

She said, ‘Nonsense. I will have none of that.  I am not sending you home like a dirty homeless person.  Come inside I will run you a shower and whilst you have a shower give you clothes a quick wash and then in the dryer.  You will be off within the hour.  Think about your poor mum looking after your dad.  She has enough on her plate without me sending you home looking like that.’

She had a point so I went inside to her bathroom – took off my clothes and as requested threw them out the door so dear Ethyl could wash them.  I had a steaming hot shower and after about 10 minutes felt fresh and a clean as a daisy.  I wrapped a towel around me and I could hear Ethyl singing in the kitchen.  As I entered she turned around – she now had a pink dressing gown on.

She smiled and said, ‘My, my.  You look just delectable, good enough to eat with all those young rippling muscles.  Sit down, I have made you a cup of coffee.’

That was just what I felt like and I helped myself to the fresh coffee on the table.  It was delicious.

Ethyl said, ‘You look very much like your father, god bless him.  He knows how to help the elderly out.”

I said, ‘Yes, he sure is a giving man.”

She said,  ”Indeed, in more ways than you know.” As she chuckled. “If you don’t mind me asking – I am a naughty old bird – have you had much experience with the ladies?”

My Dad Sure Is A Giving Man

I could feel myself blushing but thought what the hey and replied, “I have had a couple of girlfriends, and I am definitely not a virgin.”

She said, “Good, I want to show you something so you can tell me what you think.”

I said, “Okay.”

With that she dropped her dressing gown to the ground and she was standing in front of me start naked.  My jaw dropped and I think bounced back off the floor but I could do nothing but stare at her and I could feel movement down below again, and wearing a towel there was nowhere for it to hide.

The things I noticed about her were how tiny her feet were.  They were a size four if that and her massively protruding brown areolas that looked to be an inch if not more.  Although she had hanging skin you could see that in her day she would have been a very fit and pretty woman.  The prettiness was long gone but she still held herself well and you could see that she had known she had power over men in her earlier years.

She was a Dirty Granny.

I looked down and could see that her pubic hairs were mostly grey and had thinned out with age.  Her prepuce was massive and gave the impression that her clitoris was too, but they were not the fresh pink I was used to with my teen conquests but more grey.  She watched me looking down there and I saw her move her hand down there and swipe her vaginal opening.  She then brought her hand up so I could see that it was wet from her cunt juices.

She said, “Ahh, that down there is all I needed to know.”

And without further ado she parted my towel and my erect cock sprung up like a rooster crowing dawn.

She said, “Now that is one hell of a cock for a young fella.  You mind if I take a closer look.”

I had no words, but indicated by nodding no.  The shock I felt when I saw her pull out her false teeth and kneel in front of my cock was second to none.   She then eagerly swallowed my cock in her mouth and started to deep throat me.  I had only been with younger women before and the feeling was different – especially the drier lips – but regardless it felt really good.

My Charity Granny Sex

I looked down and saw her getting more and more into eating my meat.  I grabbed her purple rinse hair and began to force it back and forth, forcing my cock deeper and deeper until I felt the back of her throat.  From past experience this is where all the women have gagged and stopped giving me head.  They either abused me for making them gag, or letting me know that it was too uncomfortable, but not this time.

I felt my cock go past the tonsils and back of her throat and into the windpipe.  This granny did not have any gag reflex and I was able to put the whole length of my cock down her throat and fuck it.  What an unbelievable sensation this was.

I fucked her aging throat harder and harder and could hear her moan underneath me until finally I started to explode.  Wave of cum after another – it was like the dam had burst.  I think I spurted semen down her throat and into her gut 10 or 11 times until finally I fell into the chair behind me totally spent.

I Fucked Her Aging Throat Harder And Harder

She looked up at me with some cum dribbling by the side of her face whilst she put back in her false teeth and said ,’Bet you never felt anything like that before?’

Again I could not reply and simply nodded no.

She said, “Well that was Act One.  On this day I am going to teach you a thing or two about loving, and the next Act starts in five minutes.  Just enough time for you to recharge.’

With that she stood up, about faced and walked to her bedroom with her bony ass sashaying down the hallway.

I didn’t know what to think.  I didn’t know what to do.  But one thing I did know I was sticking around to see what the hell Act 2 entailed.

Act 2 at 73 Year Old Granny Femdom Sex



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