That Kiss

kiss on beach
As my kiss lingered on your neck and you felt my hot breath along your throat. Your areolars tingled with excitement and Nipples protruded erect in anticipation as I slowly continued kissing down your bossoms.  Slowly, deliberately undoing each button until your breasts were exposed and I gently took those teats in my mouth one at a time…..
As you took my nipple into your hot mouth, electric sparks filled my body and coursed through the core of me. My hands found your shirt and pulled the ends out of your pants so that I could feel the skin of your back and torso with my palms and my finger tips. Arching my back towards you, needingly, I found your pelvis with mine and pressed myself against your hardness, my hands against your taut bottom. I gasp as you flick my nipples with your tongue…
She gasps as I take my mouth from her nipples and she places her hands on the top of my head… gently pushing me downwards I kiss her stomach and belly button releasing the button to her pants and slowly opening the zipper.  She lifts her hips as I slide down her pants and remove them from her body leg by leg.  She has black nylon panties on – that do nothing to hide the beginnings of her vulva.
I place my lips on her belly but she again forces my head downward.  Resisting I move my head to the side and kiss her inner thighs, and lick each side of her groin.  She moans and I rest my mouth on her clit and breathe deeply through her nylons – the wetness and womanly taste and scent of her intoxicating my mouth and nose….
Completely overcome by instinct, he tears off my panties with his teeth in one motion, exposing the deep pink of me, swollen and glistening with moisture. My heart pounds with excitement and my yearning intensifies as I watch him taking me in with his eyes.
He covers my labia with his mouth and flicks his tongue over my clitoris over and over again, building my arousal and taking me to the brink of climax, my whole body shuddering in ecstasy. With one more suckle of his tongue and lips, my core spasms wildly in orgasm and shock waves course through my entire being.
I cry out “More!” as my orgasmic convulsions continue. Looking down into his eyes, I see his delight as he sees my rapture. His lips are swollen and wet and I kiss him deeply, rolling his tongue in mine, tasting him, tasting me. I then push him backwards and he falls on the sand.
I can see the length of his penis straining against his jeans. I take off his belt, then his jeans, quickly and his boxer shorts. Completely naked, I take him in with my eyes, the colour of his erection and the hard smoothness of him I enjoy with my hands. He groans and gasps as I squeeze his hardness in my hand and I delight in his arousal.
There is precum capping the top of his penis and I devour it, placing my mouth over his penis and savouring the taste and smell of him. I breathe in the scent of him and release him. He lifts his hips off the sand, thrusting and groaning. My tongue, hot and wet, I lick up his entire length and feel him throbbing. I flick my tongue across his penis, flicking and sucking, all the way up to the top and then I envelop his penis again with my mouth. 
He is watching me and I hold his gaze as I Lolly-pop and suck him, filling up my whole mouth. Hungrily I devour his juices.
Watching her go down on me my lustful urges over take me and I force her further down on me feeling the head of my cock hit the back of her throat.  Her throat muscles spasm as her gag reflex kicks in sending shockwaves of ecstasy throughout my body as my dick becomes a solid rod off steel.
I rise and as one we rise in unison, she still hungrily devouring my erect penis.  I grab hold of her wrists and place them in my hand pushing her backwards.  She lay with me on top of her, her hands held tightly above her head.  Trying to move them I could see in her eyes she knew that there was no contest in strength and that she was mine in that moment to do with as I pleased.
Slowly, delicately I rubbed the tip of my rock hard cock up and down her wetness as she moaned.  Pushing her hips forward in what appeared to be an attempt for my cock to penetrate her dripping cunt I backed away just allowing the head to enter her velvety warmth.
Slowly and rhythmically I allowed the head to go in and out of her as she writhed her body in anticipation.  As the speed increased I allowed my dick to penetrate deeper and deeper within her.  She felt so good, hot, moist and began breathing heavier and heavier calling out to her god.
I began exploring her inside by changing my thrusting motions from side to side, going deep within her filling her and trying to touch all her inner boundaries.  Her heavy breathing turned to screams and curses as I felt her pelvic walls begin to contract….
There was no freeing my wrists from his firm grasp and surrendering completely to his desire only intensified my excitement. 
I wanted to be his, in that moment, to do with me as he pleased and more. To succumb to his every desire. To be his every living fantasy!
Filling me up with his solid rod of steel, stretching me further than ever before, pounding his way deeper and deeper inside me. And with every thrust I cry out in wild abandon. His strong hard body moving over me is glistening with sweat and I inhale the fragrance of our unison, my ears fill with his moans and grunts and I feel his body quaking over mine.
Our bodies move as one, pounding and slapping together, faster and faster, his groans getting louder and deeper. I scream in ecstasy as my vagina contracts and convulses, just as he  pounds inside me in the pinnacle of orgasm, kicking his head back and straining every fibre in his body as he releases hot jets of cum inside me. My orgasm milking his and we ride the waves of climax together. Both our bodies quivering with release.
My body quivered in spasms, in jolts after my orgasm.  Uncontrollable yet somehow satisfying.  I remained inside her feeling our fluids mix together the wetness like home.  We smelt of sex and what an aphrodisiac that scent was.
We lay together, our sweet sweat cooling our bodies and kissed.  Passionately, deeply.  Our tongues exploring each other.  I lick her lips and she smiles.
I can’t help but be aroused as we continue to kiss whilst she turns her back to me in the spoon position.  I hold her tight as I entered her again.  Slowly, deeply…
Rubbing my bum against his still wet and hard penis, he grabs hold of my hips from behind me and enters me, slowly and deeply. He fills my deliciously tender core and I breathe in deeply, becoming intoxicated by the smell of our sex.

That First Night

That first night
As she drove a smile came across her face.  It was quite surreal thinking about this man she had only met a couple of times – she was now driving towards.
There was no denying the butterflies 🦋 she felt in her stomach and the mind chatter in her head, but her gut told her this was going to be something special.  She caught herself in the mirror and began to chuckle looking at the goofy grin that spread across her face.  Shit who would have believed that the thought of a broom closet would make her feel happy and desired.
She thought back to the first time they met, it was a paradox really.  This big muscular guy touting new age and spiritual stuff – more than that it really felt like he believed in it.  She blushed thinking about the thoughts when looking at his beefy arms.
They had shared some stories and those stories had evolved into word porn, and oh how she wished those words will become a reality.  It was not long now and she would find out.  The time for acting like giggling teens was over.
That silly mind of hers was chattering again.  What if? Should I? As the kilometres clicked by and anticipation brought fear…
There was no way to return now.  The things she had felt just by them creating their own written erotic fantasies had made her wanton with a craving that could only be satiated by this union, this connection.  He made her feel things without even being there. Omg the thought of it becoming made her wet again…..
Everything was ready for tonight. Dinner was prepared and laid out, the candles lit, the incense burning and the soft sensuous music playing. A smile played upon his lips as he closed his eyes and inhaled, capturing the memory of her scent. Mmmmm God she smelt good then.
But then it had been at least 6 months since he had last seen her….. That hair, that smile and those eyes!! Ohhhh the effect they had on him!!  He began to wonder what she looked like naked, and not for the first time either. In fact, in the erotica they created together, she was always unclothed.
The thought of her standing naked in front of him made him hard. ‘Patience’ he told himself. But his staff had a mind of its own. He chuckled hoarsely to himself.
Turning to walk up the stairs, he still had to check the bedroom. Looking around the room he was overcome by nerves. What was it going to be like? Well! If there erotica was anything to go by it was going to be fucking amazing!
And then he remembered the last time she was in his room. God knows he wanted to possess her then. Just to carry her onto the bed, restrain her arms and have his way with her. But they both behaved like silly giggling teenagers and then he had to walk off his arousal after she had left.
He checked the time again for the tenth time! Right on 7. Any minute now she would be arriving and for him there was no turning back. This is what he wanted and with all his instincts he knew she wanted this too.
This connection they have, it’s definitely sexual, carnal, erotic and pure desire all rolled into one. It was also a spiritual connection that somehow intensified his yearning for her.
Tonight her thought, it’s on!! , smiling with satisfaction.
She pulled up.  It was warm and safe in the car.  It was cold and dark on the street.  Those butterflies were turning and churning.  She put on the interior light and checked herself one more time.  Silly really as she knew it would not be long before makeup and clothes would be irrelevant.
Bracing herself she got out of the car and the coldness hit her – right to the bone.  She could feel the wetness between her legs turn to ice and did a quick check to make sure there was no embarrassing stain.  My god, she had not been so horny since…. never she thought.
Walking towards the front gate she wondered what he was doing inside at this particular moment.  Pressing the bell at the gate she could not help shiver- unable to tell the difference between cold or excitement.  She waited for what seemed an eternity until the huge door slowly opened.
There he stood.  An imposing figure – she had forgotten how tall he really was.  As he ambled towards the front gate the trepidation she felt was quickly disarmed as he smiled warmly and said, ‘well hello there my sexy librarian.’
As he opened the gate she was lost in what to do, but then became lost as he embraced her.  He was so warm, and solid, the coldness immediately leaving her.  She raised her head and pursed her lips towards him.  He moved them so slowly just out of reach.  Why was he teasing her when all she wanted was to put her tongue in his mouth, taste him and he taste her.
She moved her lips closer and he gently kissed hers and moved them away.  This time she grabbed him on the back of the head and thrust her tongue in his mouth.  She was having none of this teasing – she was insatiable with lust and did not come here to get teased……
She probed her tongue into his mouth and he tastes the sweet nectar. He picks her up off the ground as he embraces her and she giggles, squeezing him harder. He sets her back down on the ground and she purses her lips towards him again but he playfully plants kisses underneath her ear, on her neck and she gasps.
The wetness from his kisses chill on her skin from the cold air. Bright lights from an approaching car distracts them momentarily and before he knows it, she has sidestepped him and run for the front door. An invitation to a chase!!
Very cool and very collected, he closes the gate, smiling at her. She is inside the house at the front door, jumping up and down and giggling wildly saying “C’mon already!!” She makes him laugh. Tonight she would be his and he was going to take his time with her.
Her playful lust was sizzling in the air around her and it was tangible in the air around him. He continued towards her slowly, purposefully. He feels her watching his body as he moves, caressing his arms and legs and chest with her eyes. He feels a heat rising underneath his skin, which is reflected in the blush on her face.
“I want you so much” she whispers with a huge grin on her face. Just before he gets to the door, she turns and runs again to the stairs. He could have caught her easily, but he was enjoying her excitement and her growing insatiable hunger for him so much.
As he walks up the stairs to his room, his heart skips a beat as it dawns on him that finally this fantasy, this erotic tale of theirs was unfolding out of the ether of their minds and shared desire. This reality of their sexual desire was drawing closer with every step he took.
At his room now, she is across the way. He can hear her heavy breathing as she stands there. Her breasts rising and falling with every breath. She was so turned on and he felt his body respond to the call of hers. He could smell her strong desire and his desire rose with intensity.
Before he takes a step towards her, she raises her hand and says “stop”. Never taking her eyes off his, she begins to unbutton her blouse, slowly revealing the peaks of her heaving breasts. She is not wearing a bra….
Her nerves dissipated with that first passionate kiss.  God he tastes and felt so good.  The butterflies had turned to euphoria as her natural love 💓 drugs kicked in.  She felt a longing in the pit of her stomach.
The only way to describe it was like her first crush, that innocent and all consuming desire to be with someone.  But this was different, she was not trying to steal her first kiss.  She was a woman, a mother and had experienced life.  The feeling now was instinctual, raw, a primal desire that she felt in her gut and the tingling, wetness of her pussy.  She wanted to be filled by Rick, be consumed gently and then ferociously.  She wanted him to fuck her with all her being.
She broke the kiss and ran to the front door.  She could sense him watching her, taking her in, she could not help but glance down and see the bulge in his pants so knew he wanted her too.
Oh so casually he approached her and she blurts out, ‘I want you so much’.  Where the hell did that come from she thinks as she turns and runs up the stairs.
She is sucked into a vortex.  Time is distorted as she runs up the stairs and into his room.  Her body is overcome with desire as she hears him approaching and she starts to undress even before he has entered the room.  She has never done it like this before and there will be no denying the wetness and hunger that continues to grow between her legs.
As he walks in she has unbuttoned her blouse and her breasts are exposed.  He looks at her and takes her in and says, ‘well you are full of surprises missy’.
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