That First Night

That first night
As she drove a smile came across her face.  It was quite surreal thinking about this man she had only met a couple of times – she was now driving towards.
There was no denying the butterflies 🦋 she felt in her stomach and the mind chatter in her head, but her gut told her this was going to be something special.  She caught herself in the mirror and began to chuckle looking at the goofy grin that spread across her face.  Shit who would have believed that the thought of a broom closet would make her feel happy and desired.
She thought back to the first time they met, it was a paradox really.  This big muscular guy touting new age and spiritual stuff – more than that it really felt like he believed in it.  She blushed thinking about the thoughts when looking at his beefy arms.
They had shared some stories and those stories had evolved into word porn, and oh how she wished those words will become a reality.  It was not long now and she would find out.  The time for acting like giggling teens was over.
That silly mind of hers was chattering again.  What if? Should I? As the kilometres clicked by and anticipation brought fear…
There was no way to return now.  The things she had felt just by them creating their own written erotic fantasies had made her wanton with a craving that could only be satiated by this union, this connection.  He made her feel things without even being there. Omg the thought of it becoming made her wet again…..
Everything was ready for tonight. Dinner was prepared and laid out, the candles lit, the incense burning and the soft sensuous music playing. A smile played upon his lips as he closed his eyes and inhaled, capturing the memory of her scent. Mmmmm God she smelt good then.
But then it had been at least 6 months since he had last seen her….. That hair, that smile and those eyes!! Ohhhh the effect they had on him!!  He began to wonder what she looked like naked, and not for the first time either. In fact, in the erotica they created together, she was always unclothed.
The thought of her standing naked in front of him made him hard. ‘Patience’ he told himself. But his staff had a mind of its own. He chuckled hoarsely to himself.
Turning to walk up the stairs, he still had to check the bedroom. Looking around the room he was overcome by nerves. What was it going to be like? Well! If there erotica was anything to go by it was going to be fucking amazing!
And then he remembered the last time she was in his room. God knows he wanted to possess her then. Just to carry her onto the bed, restrain her arms and have his way with her. But they both behaved like silly giggling teenagers and then he had to walk off his arousal after she had left.
He checked the time again for the tenth time! Right on 7. Any minute now she would be arriving and for him there was no turning back. This is what he wanted and with all his instincts he knew she wanted this too.
This connection they have, it’s definitely sexual, carnal, erotic and pure desire all rolled into one. It was also a spiritual connection that somehow intensified his yearning for her.
Tonight her thought, it’s on!! , smiling with satisfaction.
She pulled up.  It was warm and safe in the car.  It was cold and dark on the street.  Those butterflies were turning and churning.  She put on the interior light and checked herself one more time.  Silly really as she knew it would not be long before makeup and clothes would be irrelevant.
Bracing herself she got out of the car and the coldness hit her – right to the bone.  She could feel the wetness between her legs turn to ice and did a quick check to make sure there was no embarrassing stain.  My god, she had not been so horny since…. never she thought.
Walking towards the front gate she wondered what he was doing inside at this particular moment.  Pressing the bell at the gate she could not help shiver- unable to tell the difference between cold or excitement.  She waited for what seemed an eternity until the huge door slowly opened.
There he stood.  An imposing figure – she had forgotten how tall he really was.  As he ambled towards the front gate the trepidation she felt was quickly disarmed as he smiled warmly and said, ‘well hello there my sexy librarian.’
As he opened the gate she was lost in what to do, but then became lost as he embraced her.  He was so warm, and solid, the coldness immediately leaving her.  She raised her head and pursed her lips towards him.  He moved them so slowly just out of reach.  Why was he teasing her when all she wanted was to put her tongue in his mouth, taste him and he taste her.
She moved her lips closer and he gently kissed hers and moved them away.  This time she grabbed him on the back of the head and thrust her tongue in his mouth.  She was having none of this teasing – she was insatiable with lust and did not come here to get teased……
She probed her tongue into his mouth and he tastes the sweet nectar. He picks her up off the ground as he embraces her and she giggles, squeezing him harder. He sets her back down on the ground and she purses her lips towards him again but he playfully plants kisses underneath her ear, on her neck and she gasps.
The wetness from his kisses chill on her skin from the cold air. Bright lights from an approaching car distracts them momentarily and before he knows it, she has sidestepped him and run for the front door. An invitation to a chase!!
Very cool and very collected, he closes the gate, smiling at her. She is inside the house at the front door, jumping up and down and giggling wildly saying “C’mon already!!” She makes him laugh. Tonight she would be his and he was going to take his time with her.
Her playful lust was sizzling in the air around her and it was tangible in the air around him. He continued towards her slowly, purposefully. He feels her watching his body as he moves, caressing his arms and legs and chest with her eyes. He feels a heat rising underneath his skin, which is reflected in the blush on her face.
“I want you so much” she whispers with a huge grin on her face. Just before he gets to the door, she turns and runs again to the stairs. He could have caught her easily, but he was enjoying her excitement and her growing insatiable hunger for him so much.
As he walks up the stairs to his room, his heart skips a beat as it dawns on him that finally this fantasy, this erotic tale of theirs was unfolding out of the ether of their minds and shared desire. This reality of their sexual desire was drawing closer with every step he took.
At his room now, she is across the way. He can hear her heavy breathing as she stands there. Her breasts rising and falling with every breath. She was so turned on and he felt his body respond to the call of hers. He could smell her strong desire and his desire rose with intensity.
Before he takes a step towards her, she raises her hand and says “stop”. Never taking her eyes off his, she begins to unbutton her blouse, slowly revealing the peaks of her heaving breasts. She is not wearing a bra….
Her nerves dissipated with that first passionate kiss.  God he tastes and felt so good.  The butterflies had turned to euphoria as her natural love 💓 drugs kicked in.  She felt a longing in the pit of her stomach.
The only way to describe it was like her first crush, that innocent and all consuming desire to be with someone.  But this was different, she was not trying to steal her first kiss.  She was a woman, a mother and had experienced life.  The feeling now was instinctual, raw, a primal desire that she felt in her gut and the tingling, wetness of her pussy.  She wanted to be filled by Rick, be consumed gently and then ferociously.  She wanted him to fuck her with all her being.
She broke the kiss and ran to the front door.  She could sense him watching her, taking her in, she could not help but glance down and see the bulge in his pants so knew he wanted her too.
Oh so casually he approached her and she blurts out, ‘I want you so much’.  Where the hell did that come from she thinks as she turns and runs up the stairs.
She is sucked into a vortex.  Time is distorted as she runs up the stairs and into his room.  Her body is overcome with desire as she hears him approaching and she starts to undress even before he has entered the room.  She has never done it like this before and there will be no denying the wetness and hunger that continues to grow between her legs.
As he walks in she has unbuttoned her blouse and her breasts are exposed.  He looks at her and takes her in and says, ‘well you are full of surprises missy’.
Link live on June 13, 2020
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Angel was lost in the Shanlinxi Nature Reserve not so far from Taichung high in the forest and clouds.  It was approaching dusk and she was afraid, she seemed to be surrounded by massive Cypress Trees and could not find a path back.  In less than an hour it would be dark and she did not really want to spend the night in the cold and dark place as she cried out for help.

Finally a voice from behind the Cyprus trees responded but she could see nobody – finally she saw him perched up in the branches of one of these massive trees.  She was filled with hope as he came down and introduced himself as Jack Spencer. He was an african american and built – she could see that by the outline in his pants crotch area.

Jack told her he was a photographer and they walked together – she could not help but visualize her fantasy about being with a black man in her mind.  Finally, it was dark but they came across a pool of water and it was not long before she was in the pool and he was photographing her. He then came into the pool and they had hot sex together.

She fell asleep on the side of the pond when the Park Rangers found her.  When she recounted her tale they explained that Jack Spencer had died ten year earlier from falling from one of the Cypress trees whilst photographing the monkeys.  Read about this erotic supernatural tale set in near the Blue Dragon Waterfall Taiwan…..

Hell’s Couture BDSM Club!

S&M Branding

So here I was for the first time going to the Hell’s Coture BDSM club and I didn’t know what to expect but was forewarned to expect the unexpected. It was Midnight on a Saturday night, I was rested up and did not have to go to work in the morning.  Tonight there was no holding me back. Before I left home I treated myself to something medicinal to help me get rid of any jitters or nerves and can tell you was in a state of low flying.  Was sitting back chilling in the back of the uber-cab having already given the driver the address with a bit of excitement of what was going to happen tonight.  We pulled up and I handed over a cash tip to the driver.

The building was as was described to me, an older goth style building all painted in black.  There was a queue at the front door but no signs or anything advertising what it was, just an illuminated street number.  Thankfully I had secured a very rare VIP pass that allowed me immediate entry and access to the top level of the club, reserved of course for VIPs or invited guests.  I was wearing all leather, what appeared to be long leather pants but were actually chaps that showed my ass only covered by a G-String.  The long leather trench-coat allowed me to wear the chaps in the public without fear of being arrested of taunted.  I had a pair of hell’s couture leather jocks under the chaps.

As I walked straight past the wannabes waiting in the queue I received stares from most either being pissed off that I was being let straight in, envious or wondering who the hell I was.  As soon as I passed by the bouncers the heat hit me, and as I walked further in I could see.  On the dance floor were an array of beauties, and not so beautiful people dancing and cavorting half naked.  Men in leather thongs, topless women and virtual garden of gor in suburbia. As I walked to the bar and ordered my first scotch and coke from the barely dressed barmaid what I took to be the manager of the club walked over to me.  He said as I was the first VIP in the club he wondered if I would participate in one of the five floor shows of the evening.  I inquired as to what that may be and he said that it involved Hellfire Black Leather and Fur Ankle Cuffs and the rest I would find out when I participated or watched.  I eagerly accepted and he asked him to come see him at 1am to be prepped.

With two hours to kill in my first BDSM club experience before the show I was now going to be a participant in it was time to explore this club.  With my inhibitions falling away considering the state of half dress the other customers were in, and also the downed scotch and coke doing their work I headed for the hat/coat stand.  As I handed the lass my Matrix style leather trench-coat she handed me a ticket which presented a slight problem.  My leather chaps did not have pocket nor did my leather harness.  Eventually I put the stub down the front of my hell’s couture jocks in my leather money pouch.


bdsm bar room

Then I went to the bar and to order another drink from the half-naked barmaid there who now happened to be fully naked.  Jeez she had a nice ass and as she turned around I realized that she was a shim and had one of the biggest packages I had seen on another human being.  Obviously this sweet transvestite must have been doing some penis extension exercises as surely this could not be natural on another human being.

So now armed with my fresh scotch and coke I headed to the VIP Entrance where the precious badge was flashed and the chain allowing access up the stairs was opened for me to ascend.  The stair walls were covered with thick red velvet curtains and if possible was darker than the club itself. As I topped the stairs I noticed the walls again were painted black and a long corridor with rooms off to each side confronted me.  At the end of the corridor was a bar where a few people congregated.  In the walls of the corridor were torches that must have been lit with gas but still gave the hallway a goth dungeon style feel to it. As I looked into the first room off to my left I saw a man restrained by his hands and neck by wooden stocks.  I could only see him from the back and he was in a kneeling position with a bench or similar pressed up against his thighs and his stomach also supported by it.  Two women behind him were striking him in turn using sanna whips.  They loudly chastised him and yelled profanities at him.   Behind the two girls were two bench seats each capable of holding ten people but there were only 8 people occupying them intently watching this degradation.

The women were both dressed in black shiny vinyl with cat’s tails and wore cat masks.  They looked ubber sexy but the words that came out of their mouths made it clear that neither was a puss in boots and not to be treated likely.  These divine mistresses were masters at humiliation and with each strike of their whips, and each degradation the man’s body slumped further and further ensuring that no air of demeanor or pride remained and he was truly dominated. After seeing this I became excited by the prospect of discovering what were in the other rooms.. and more importantly what the show I was to appear in at 1am was all about.

So after seeing the dominating mistresses humiliate their slave and with 90 minutes still to kill I walked to the next door and had a look inside. The room was similarly fit out with two bench chairs capable of seating about 20 people and this time just about all the seats were occupied.  The walls, although painted black were also covered in fluro graffiti that the black-lights made iridescent. Seated in front of these people was a woman with her hands and arms bound by Japanese bondage Ropes.  She was sitting reverse on a chair facing her audience with her huge breasts hanging over the back portion of the chair.  In front of the chair was a bench and which here tits lay.  Her tits were compressed in narrow barred tit press clamps that forced her swollen mammaries out and discolored them a reddish purple color.

In front of her stood a large man dressed in black Edwardian clothes.  He wore a dogs mask that concealed his identity.  The woman’s face however could be seen and although making no sounds I could see the sweat glistening from her brow and a far-away meditative look in her eyes.  I could hear her chanting softly to herself some sort of Chakra I would imagine but could not make it clearly out. The man then brought a metal tray with a number of different sized syringes and before my eyes I saw him pierce the nipple with the smallest of the syringes.   To my surprise the woman did not cry out but instead seemed to exhale deeply almost sounding like a tyre deflating.  Although never having practiced breast or nipple torture on myself or another I had heard about it.

leath cat mask woman

Going back I seemed to recall that with breast torture and nipple sex some men and women actually found this pleasurable due to the large amounts of endorphins and adrenaline being released.  Contrary to what I would have thought would have been the doms pleasure in inflicting pain practicing this BDSM fetish play, subs in many cases enjoyed it too.  That certainly seemed to be the case here.  Talk about extreme nipple sex. I watched the man now bring out a larger syringe from his surgical tray and the woman actually started to smile.  Although very curious as to what would happen next I am a bit squeamish when it comes to blood and decided to move on.  With just over an hour left now before the show that I was to participate in, I adjusted my hells couture jock strap and continued on down the hallway wondering what was going to confront me in the next room.

Without knowing what would be in the next room after seeing tit torture and public humiliation and degradation in the other I peered into the third room.  The room this time had the bench seats at the rear and either side.  At the front of the room was a cauldron that was filled with hot coal embers and on top of these embers was a branding iron.  To the side of the cauldron was bucket containing ice and water. In front of this was a lady kneeling on the kneeler of a pew type device that allowed her hands to be tied in front of her on the back rest.  She was a beauty that looked a bit like a fish out of water in this place wearing Ella Bidoe black cotton panties and bra with red stiletto’s.  She had long flowing black hair, dark eyes, the most delicate pale skin and legs that went on forever. Tending the fire and the branding iron was a muscular man wearing leather pants and hat.  I noticed that the walls appeared to be marked with what appeared to be symbols that I recognized to be tags.

The man then walked over to the woman and said, ‘Simone.  I Mark, being the dominant, ask your consent to allow me to place my brand permanently on your body forever marking you as my property.  Do you consent?”

She said, ‘Yes, willingly.”

The dom said, ‘As I brand your body with my tag I promise to love and care for you.  This tag will become a permanent mark of our bond to each other.”

She said, “I love you Mark”.

He said, “I love you to Simone.  We shall proceed.’


leather mouth gag

He then placed a hell’s couture bit gag in her mouth so that she could bite down on it when the branding started.  Mark then removed her black panties revealing that she wore a G-String underneath.  He then put on a leather glove that would allow him to hold the branding iron without getting burnt which he then did.  With the other hand he brought the bucket with ice in it and placed it beside her. Slowly and carefully he then moved the red hot brand to the right cheek of her sensual bottom.  As soon as the brand touched her skin smoke began to come out and a sizzling sound like a steak on a bbq was made.  Simone moaned and after about 10 seconds that felt like 30 minutes he removed the branding iron from her rump.  After he placed the branding iron safely on the cauldron he took some ice from the bucked and started to rub it on the burn that was now on her skin.

The tag was red but clearly I could see the letter M with another letter T being superimposed on it.  Probably these were the initials of Mark.  Mark was checking to see if Simone was ok, and then tearfully but with a smile she said, “I love you more than anything else Mark’.

Mark released her hands and they both kissed passionately.

I was totally enthralled by this exchange before my eyes – it was such a bonding and personal experience that I was having the fortune to share with this couple and the 30 or so onlookers that occupied the seats.  Although not official it was like a wedding ceremony only to me rather than exchange some wedding rings that could be removed afterwards this expression of love would last forever. I looked at the watch and realized that more than 30 minutes had passed and my show time would soon commence.  I vowed not to look in any rooms and head straight to the VIP bar for a drink before going downstairs for the 1am show I was to participate in.

After just witnessing a human slave tagging I really felt I needed a drink. Regardless of how great I felt about the whole commitment thing it had taken a lot out of me. So without looking to either side I headed straight to the VIP bar so as not to be side tracked by what may be occurring in any of those other rooms. It had become apparent to me that this club had very few boundaries save that anything happening must be consensual. So at the bar I ordered my double Jack and coke when this glamour sidled up beside me. A glamour with long straight brunette hair sidled up beside me – the first thing I noticed was the smell. It was intoxicating somewhere between a ripe rose and fragrant jacaranda.

She said, ‘How you doing tiger? My name’s Cynthia. I hear you are the opening entertainment.’

I was already feeling nervous and having second thoughts about agreeing to participate in the first show of the evening – without know what part I was to play. Now my heart jumped into my throat and was beating at a hundred miles an hour.

I stammered, ‘Yeah, how did you know. What’s it all about?”

She said, ‘Relax, it will all be fine. I am in it too. I just wanted to sit down with you for a few minutes. Get to know you, you get to know me so we are comfortable with each other and the whole situation.’

I sighed, ‘That would be great’.

So we chatted for what seemed 10 seconds but in reality turned out to be close to half an hour. In that time I noticed that at the VIP bar clothing was optional and many members were in various states of dress and undress. Cynthia was as I said gorgeous. She was about 5 feet 8 inches tall, slender build, she was wearing a sequin black top but with lace see through bits and her dark nipples were upright with the areola like saucers of chocolate milk. Her thighs were silken and appeared oiled with panties of sequin at front and sheer see through nylon at back. Her ass was as tight as an accountant’s purse and had my cock strung as tight as a banjo string from her opening line. Finally I was at ease as to the show that was about to occur, luckily so as over the speaker came a voice

’10 minutes to SHOWTIME!!!’

Cynthia grabbed me by the hand as I downed my second Jack and coke and said, ‘Come this way it is time to get prepped’.

She led me down a rear stairwell and down into a room at the bottom of the stairs. The room had a long couch, a number of chairs and mirrors and a large cabinet. She opened the cabinet door and brought out a set of fur lined leather ankle and wrist restraints as she said , ‘Courtesy of hell’s couture’.

With that she knelt down in front of me and began placing the ankle restraints tightly to my ankles. As she was doing that a sexy blonde in white lingerie entered the room.

Cynthia said, ‘This is Isabella, she is my girlfriend and wants to be part of the show. Hope you don’t mind.”

Mind, hell no I thought as my banjo string just about twang. ‘Sure.’ I said,

Isabella started to tighten the wrist restraints tightly against my wrists and just as the last buckle was done out, almost on cue, I heard – ‘ITS SHOWTIME’.

So..finally the time had arrived with the calling out ‘It’s Showtime’ from Hell’s Couture. With my wrist and ankle cuffs secured I was led center stage in front of a few hundred onlookers in this BDSM club. What had I let myself in for. As I looked around I saw a device standing centre stage where I was being led.

As I tried to work out its function Isabella said to me, ‘Remember. Relax. Njoy the moment.’


bdsm wooden board club

It was then that I realized it was some form of Bondage Restraint Device. Second thoughts began to race through my mind. What the hell had I let myself in for. Isabella confidently grabbed my wrists one by one and attached them to a bar with my wrists securely tied approximately 3 feet apart. Isabella then raised this bar up causing my arms to extended upwards until they were standing vertically to the ground. She then lowered herself and moved a second bar which she then used to attach each of my ankle cuffs securely to it.

The MC then announced, ‘The moment you have all been waiting for. Lets hear if for Madame Cynthia’.

With this the crowd went wild and as I turned my head I saw the vision of beauty I had seen at the bar walking slowly towards me with a cunning smile on her face. It was the same woman but now she walked with an air of authority, of dominance, if I could I would have bowed down before her but I was in Hell’s Couture Restraints that were now attached to Metal bars attached to my wrists and ankles.

Cynthia said to me, ‘How you doing big boy? Still up for it?’

My lips moved but nothing came out. My heart was racing faster than Phar Lap and felt like it was going to come out my mouth. All I could manage was nod to the affirmative as I felt a cold sweat slowly cover my body. God, this was intense.

So without further ado she grabbed hold of a rope and as I looked up saw that it was attached to a pulley system fixed to the roof. As she pulled I felt pressure on my ankles and slowly my feet were being lifted from the ground backwards. With each pull my feet were being pulled backwards whilst my hands and upper body were being propelled forwards. Time seemed to slow down and what I know to be seconds felt like minutes until my body was perfectly horizontal to the ground. As my arms and legs were fully extended I found it difficult to move and even just trying to lift my head to the side I found difficult. I knew now that I was entirely at the mercy of Cynthia the mistress. As these thoughts came to my head Isabella appeared to my side and fitted a ball gag in my mouth secured by leather strapping to the rear of my head. It seems now I could not even speak or yell out. Having never been dominated before it really was turning out to be a night that was unexpected but would be remembered forever. Madame Cynthia came beside me and I struggled to lift my head when I heard a ‘Crack’ that I new to be from a stockman’s whip.

In a cold and calculated voice I heard her say to me, ‘Keep your head down or I will blindfold you as well.’

I took the crack of the whip to be a stern warning and knew that I was in no position to disobey so did as she willed. So with face towards the ground I saw in my peripheral vision the gorgeous legs of Cynthia beside me and then felt her gentle touch as she slowly and sensually rubbed what felt to be warm oil on my back. Gently she allowed her fingers to stroke up and down my back from the top of my G-Sting to the nape of my neck. It was delightful and sending sparkling shivers up and down my spine. A man could get used to this..

And just as I was getting totally relaxed, Whack – across my back. Lightning bolts, sparks and shivers exploded in my head like hells couture……  Is this what masochists must feel?  Suddenly the curtains drew and a sad but delightful crescendo began to sound. Its steady rhythm almost took the place of the massive surprise that had filled me. An audience sat before me waiting to see the performance Isabella, Cynthia and I would deliver. Now I was aware that I had volunteered to perform but I had been sheepish enough to assume it would be a private show. Naturally, I felt like an idiot lying on these Egyptian cotton sheets regaling in their soft sensation, restrained by my Hell’s couture cuffs. The Jack and coke from earlier kicked in, as if on cue, giving me a mighty sense of Dutch courage.


mistress handcuffs woman

Cynthia strutted her beautiful ass round the bed and the crowd applauded her. They too, no doubt were also appreciating her beauty. She was dressed in the lace top from earlier and sexy lingerie that went up to her thighs. Her ass was bare but it was clear she had worn a thong to highlight it. Isabella was dressed in a metal looking bra, a thong and sexy women’s stockings. Both of them were dressed in 6 inch Louboutin heels. Cynthia turned toward her lover and gave her a slight nod that did not mean much to me. Isabella walked casually to the bed and gave me a mighty slap across the face. I felt dazed. No woman, including the one who conceived me, had ever displayed physical aggression toward me in my life. I was in a momentary state of shock followed by a weird sensation of erotic episodes. She continued slapping me until I could not hold it any longer.

‘More!’ I screamed.

‘Stop! Like many things, pleasure is not given when it is demanded.’ Cynthia said.

I did not understand this statement and looked up at Isabella who had gone back to her prior position before the nod. I realized that Cynthia was in command here. She was the one calling the shots. Independent women are so sexy. My cock began to twang again demanding to be thrust into Cynthia. She bent over me and said ‘I make the rules. Got it?’.


‘yes what?’ she said while  slapping me. ‘

Yes, Madam!’

She proceeded to tell the audience how men in this world have the notion that they can control pleasure. Cynthia told them about how it has always been the woman’s job to control pleasure but the woman does not know this. All through her performance all I could think about was how cold I began feeling. I was naked dressed only in what Brad Pitt was wearing during Troy. I do not know if this kind of clothing has a name yet. The Hells couture cuffs felt tight. I don’t think I had ever been in handcuffs before. The suspension device cling to my body and it needed some getting used to. Bondage felt good. It felt, sexy. I heard applauding and it occurred to me that her speech was over. She opened a suitcase of some sort and took out a whip.

Cynthia ordered me to masturbate. I wondered how this was possible since I was in Hells couture cuffs. The longer I took to think about it the more I got whipped. The whips provided a sensation that was not more of pain but wanting. The more she whipped me the more I wanted and craved to whip her too. I began holding my cock and carrying on with the usual upward and downward movement. I was lost in the feeling of how good it felt to display this beautiful structure to total strangers. It felt amazing being watched. I had my eyes closed all along and opened them only when I realized someone had yanked them off my penis.

Isabella proceeded to kiss my cock and I began to cry out.

Every time I cried out Cynthia whipped me harder and I yelled ‘Yes Madam!’

Never had sexual intercourse been so intimate yet distant to me. No longer after, Cynthia came closer and began to kiss my hair. I did not know why this was necessary really because I was already building from what Isabella was doing to me.

‘I’m coming’, I said in a quiet moan.

‘Stop!’ Cynthia ordered Isabella. ‘There is no room for coming here’, she said to me in a whisper.


brunette lady whip

She whipped me and I began to cry out, ‘I am going to punish you so bad’. Cynthia stared at me. I could see her erect nipples through that lace top she was wearing. Isabella was still wiping her mouth while staring at my cock. I could tell she liked it. She wanted it too. Cynthia began to un-cuff me from the Hell’s couture cuffs leaving my legs suspended to the bed.

‘Show me what you’re made of’, she said.

I pulled Isabella closer to the bed and ordered her to kiss Cynthia – there. It was so erotic to watch both of them and I stroked my cock but I knew it wanted only one thing. I told Isabella to stop her  beautiful assault of Cynthia and told Cynthia to climb on my cock. She did so slowly and I could tell she felt wonderful having my penis thrust into her. This was my time to shine. I began to smack her ass repeatedly as pressure continued building within me. I was not going to let myself fall short from the threat I had just made to Cynthia. I looked at the crowd for a moment and could see that they were pleased. I pulled out of Cynthia and thrust my middle finger into her ass.I looked at her and could see that she was pleasantly surprised.

She moaned out ‘ Master!!’ which drove me wild.

I began to feel like I was on a mission which was to give this girl an orgasm she had never experienced in her life. I ordered her to take off my leg restraints and the suspension device. I watched her hurriedly do so. She was, by no doubt, eager to please. I could see little beads of sweat trickling from her face and slowly make their way toward her eyes. My God she had beautiful eyes. Was this woman really beautiful everywhere? I ordered Isabella to make love to Cynthia on the Egyptian sheets. I watched them while stroking my cock again. Isabella was so determined while performing this act of ‘love’ toward her girlfriend. Her face never twitched and I began to wonder if this was her first time too. Cynthia had been so confident up to this point it was difficult imagining that this had been her first time. I smacked Isabella’s ass. She had a beautiful round ass. I had wanted to smack it since I first saw it in the prepping room.

I thrust myself into Isabella’s ass and she screamed out. In that moment, I could not tell whether she was experiencing pain or pleasure but by the look on her face, she did not mind what she was feeling. I yanked myself into that round smack able ass and began moaning too. I held Cynthia’s breasts surprised that her nipples were still erect. She had such beautiful nipples. Cynthia was crying out too. I was sure she had reached her orgasm. I felt proud and I could see her trying to hide her smile. She held on to the soft Hells couture cuffs. She was rubbing them gently to feel that soft, brown cotton.

I was slowly building ‘higher…faster no more!’ as my spunk flew from my cock into her wet pussy. I collapsed on Isabella’s back and we all lay there on each other satisfied, the curtains closed and thunderous applause followed.