CockBall Torture – Let’s Stretch The Imagination!

CockBall Torture is commonly know by the BDSM Community as CBT. Chastity devices can be considered Cock & Ball Torture.  Rather than go through the abundance of types of CBT out there, I’m going to limit this chapter to CBT with restraints.

CockBall Torture With Restraints

Ball Stretching

Ball stretching involves using a form of restraints in either cuffs, or a parachute. These can be attached to a belt, handcuffs, or even the nipple clamps.

Why do people want their balls stretched?

There are generally considered to be three reasons.

1. Physical sensation

Just before climax the balls will rise up to be snugged against the body.  Many men like to have their balls tugged during this stage as it makes the muscles pump harder for ejaculation. Some guys like their balls pounding against thighs during walking, or against the body during sex.

cockball torture

2. Pain

For sadomasochistic reasons, some people like their balls painfully stretched, kicked, pinched, clamped etc. This is probably the most extreme CBT and can involve the use of ball crushers and humblers as well.

Humblers are designed to keep a sub in a particular position, any movement on the part of his legs will see him in intense pain.  Device is used to prevent a sub from standing up thereby forcing them to crawl. Custom humblers can be made with rope or other items to keep a sub in a variety of positions.

3. Aesthetic

It looks hot.  Many people find low hanging balls to be hot. Jarod Johansen writes that the most aesthetically pleasing of male genitals includes a  as it symbolises manhood, virility, sexuality and potency.

cockball torture device
Ball Stretcher for Attaching WeightsWeights

Types of Ball Stretchers 

There are several types of ball stretchers that can be found on Hells Couture.

  • Split Collar

A split collar cock ring splits in half. This makes in incredibly easy to seperate the two halves and to put it above the balls without expending too much effort.

Only issues with these types is that they can potentially pinch the skin and you need to have them in the correct size. Otherwise, they come in a variety of weights, and you can attach more weights to them.  They are the slowest to put on and off as they require a hex key to undo the halves.

HCS-SBC-001 by Hells Couture is a split collar.  The two arms, which you can attach extra weights to, are optional. You can twist them off so they can become separated from the main piece.

  • Weighted Leather

Easy to use. More comfortable than steel.  Leather needs considerable care and maintenance as it absorbs sweat and lubricant.

Hells Couture weighted leather cock ring contain small metal balls compared to the sand that a lot of other rings have.  It is the benefit over steel of being both firm and flexible.

  • Parachute

This one is generally considered to be one of the more effective ways to stretch balls, however it cannot be worn under clothing. Therefore it’s primarily used during a BDSM scene. This is perhaps the most versatile.  You can attach virtually anything to it to achieve a variety of weights and aesthetic values.

  • Cuff Style/Stretcher

A cuff style stretcher simply pulls down on the balls to keep them hanging low. They are the most popular style of stretchers and they can come in the form of cock rings, three way cock rings, cock and ball cock rings.They can come in fabric style such as leather or neoprene, or they could be in the form of silaskin (perfect fit) or tpr rubber or even silicone.

cockball torture
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How to Ball Stretch

Ball stretching needs to be done slowly and carefully. They’re still balls and they’re still sensitive. If you’re using a cuff you need to ensure that it’s not too long and that it’s firmly pulling on your balls without pain. If pain is your aim you still need to take it slowly.

ou need to occasionally check on them to ensure that the cuff hasn’t cut of the blood supply either, else you will cause permanent damage.

Firstly, work out what type of ball stretcher you want to use.

  • Then work out how it’s used.
  • Put it on, and carefully move around to work out what you can and can’t do with it on.
  • Don’t expect to be able to run a marathon on your first time wearing it.
  • When you’re comfortable with it on, slowly add weights to it.
  • Add a weight, or get a heavier over time. Spend two or more weeks with a particular set up, and then increase the weight. Very similar to going to the gym.
  • Make sure that you trim or shave until you’re used to the sensation and can call yourself experienced.  There’s nothing worse than getting something stuck at the most inconvenient of times.

Top 7 Sexual Fantasies – From BDSM to Threesomes

Fantasies are a natural and healthy part of sexuality needed to explore desires every human has.  They allow connection with partners in new and exciting ways. Some keep their fantasies hidden away, but exploring them can bring excitement, pleasure, and intimacy.

1. What Is The Attraction to BDSM?

BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism) is erotic role-playing that involves consensual power plays between two or more partners. BDSM is often associated with physical restraints, but it also involves psychological or emotional games.

The power dynamic it creates where one partner takes control and the other submits.

The psychology behind BDSM is complex and is a way to explore deepest desires and fantasies in a safe and consensual environment. BDSM is also a way to relinquish control and surrender, which can be a liberating and cathartic experience. It allows one to explore dominance or submission, that is not accepted in ordinary life situations..

BDSM Role Play can be a healthy and fulfilling and is proven to strengthen bonds and trust between partners.

2. Why Are Threesomes so popular?

A common sexual fantasy that involves three people engaging in sexual activity is known as a threesome. They can take different forms, such as a threesome between three people in a committed relationship, a threesome between three strangers, or threesomes and more  involving two people and a sex worker and more!! Can be a variation of Mx2F, Fx2M, 3M or 3F.

Threesomes are exciting as a novelty in exploring sex with multiple partners. Allowing unique positions or multiple entries that are not possible with just one partner.

They can cause friction in long-term relationship – especially if a partner shows more interest in the Unicorn (3rd person brought into a 3some), jealousy may occur.

Top 7 Sexual Fantasies
Pexels Royalty Free – Barbara Galeane

4. Why are People Into Exhibitionism and Voyeurism?

Exhibitionism and voyeurism are common sexual fantasies that involve the act of watching or being watched. Exhibitionism involves the desire to be seen or watched while engaging in sexual activity or nudity. The voyeur desires to watch.

The turn on of exhibitionism and voyeurism lies in the thrill of being seen or watching others engage in sexual activity and being ‘caught out’. It is the risk factor that is often the major motivation. They can be illegal  if not practiced in a safe and consensual environment.

5. How To Explore Role-playing safely?

Role-playing is a common sexual fantasies that involves acting out different scenarios or characters during sexual activity. Role-playing can take different forms, such as a teacher/student scenario, a doctor/patient scenario, or a dominant/submissive scenario.

It is the excitement and novelty of exploring distinct characters and mixing that with different scenarios – whether that involves sex or not. Role-playing allows the exploration of aspects of one’s sexuality.

6. What is Group Sex And Orgies?

Group sex involves three or more partners engaging in sexual activities. It can take different forms, such as a threesome, a foursome, or an orgy. An orgy is generally seen as an organised event where mulitple participants including partners will switch, and/or swing.

7. Fetishism – The most common fetishes and how to explore them with a partner

Fetishism involves the use of objects or body parts for sexual arousal. Fetishes can take different forms, such as a foot fetish, a latex fetish, or a leather fetish. The allure of fetishism is the excitement and novelty of exploring different objects or body parts during sexual activity.

Sexual Fantasies and Relationships – How to communicate and explore fantasies with a partner

Exploring sexual fantasies can be a healthy and fulfilling aspect of a person’s sexuality. But needs open, honest communication with one’s partner before engaging in any type of sexual activity.

Consent is key in exploring sexual fantasies, clear boundaries and safewords need to be set before engaging in any type of play.

cockball torture
Fetishistic disorder

Fetishistic disorder

This is a type of sexual disorder where a person experiences strong sexual excitement or recurrent sexual thoughts about non-human objects like body parts, shoes, or undergarments. They may need the presence of the object or fantasy to achieve sexual arousal and satisfaction.

Fetishistic disorder

Having a sexual fetish is not always considered a disorder. If it starts to cause significant distress or harm to oneself or others, it can be diagnosed as a fetishistic disorder. If you are worried about your sexual behaviors or experiences, seeking help from a mental health professional might be beneficial.

Fetishistic disorder is treatable, and there are several approaches to treatment.  A goal of treatment is to reduce or eliminate the individual’s reliance on the fetishistic behavior to achieve sexual arousal and satisfaction and to improve overall functioning and well-being.


Here are some of the common treatments for fetishistic disorder.

  • Psychotherapy

Therapy is a helpful approach in recognizing and resolving emotional concerns that may be causing fetishistic behavior.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a common type of therapy that can be used to treat fetishistic disorder. This therapy can aid individuals in developing alternative sexual behaviors and decreasing anxiety associated with the fetish.

  • Medication

Doctors may prescribe antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications to manage the symptoms of fetishistic disorder.

  • Group therapy

Individuals with fetishistic disorder can benefit from attending support groups or group therapy sessions where they can find a supportive community to share their experiences with and receive encouragement from others.

  • Education

Education on healthy sexuality and sexual behavior can be beneficial for individuals struggling with fetishistic disorder. It can aid in comprehending their behaviors and discovering healthy alternatives for sexual arousal.

Treatment approaches may vary depending on the individual’s specific needs and circumstances.


A fetish is a normal aspect of human sexuality that can be either good or bad depending on how it affects the individual or others. It refers to a particular object or behavior that creates sexual desire. If the fetish causes distress, impairs the individual, or involves non-consensual or harmful behavior, then it becomes problematic and may require treatment.

On the other hand, consensual and safe sexual activities associated with fetishes are not inherently unhealthy or problematic.


Tentacle fetishism is a type of sexual fetish that involves a fascination or arousal towards tentacle-like creatures or appendages, often depicted in hentai, anime, or other forms of media. This fetish is not very common, but it does exist.

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