5 Ways To Breast Play

Breast bondage and nipple torture are ways to breast play which are recognised in a variety of fetishes that include the following types.

  • Algolagnia. Sexual pleasure from pain.
  • Breast Fetishism. Sexual interest in the female breasts, their shape, movement, and size.
  • Sexual Sadism.  Arousal from giving pain.
  • Sexual Masochism. Arousal from wanting to be humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise made to suffer.
  • Vincilagnia. Arousal by bondage.

History Of Breast Bondage & Nipple Torture

The history of Breast bondage and nipple torture stems from the as early as the Kama Sutra which described the idea of pinching and flogging body parts on both sexes. It was also used during Spanish histories and medieval times to force confessions from their victims. A common origin for most of the activities is in BDSM.

Nipple Torturing

There are numerous methods to nipple torturing. A first step to learning nipple torture is beginning with breast bondage.

Breast Bondage is considered to be an important element for a submissive female.  The breasts and nipples can be considered sensitive due to the abundance of nerve endings.  Whilst still being comfortably able to take punishment.

Breast bondage makes use of rope, leather, tape or some form of material in making intricate designs and patterns in a bondage form.  Breasts can be restrained by themselves, or in conjunction with hands, arms, feet and the back.

This can be done lightly, for artistic purposes, to be more intricate, be painful designs or even used for breast suspension.

What are You Trying to Accomplish?

An important thing to consider with breast bondage is what you are trying to accomplish.  For most, this is likened to three things.

  • Stimulation or pain in the form of sensory feedback.
  • The effect for the submissive whether that be mental or visual.
  • Effect for the dominant and the aesthetically pleasing look of the work done and the restraint which are used to for physical and mental pleasure that heightens the orgasm.
ways to breast play
Breast Rope Bondage

5 Ways to Breast Play

After binding the breasts you can engage in any of the following nipple torture activities.

1. Flagellation

This involves physically beating the breasts with either hands, or some other form of implement such as a whip, cane, paddle, crops. It can be anything from light and sensual whipping, to medium whipping resulting in welts, bruises, to intense whipping involving lacerations, cuts, etc.

Breasts should be struck with care – not forgetting the delicate small veins in the breast can burst causing bruising.

2. Clamping

Nipple clamps are probably the most basic of nipple restraints. But the key to nipple restraints is using them in conjunction with other things. For boys you can nipple to cock, nipple to ball, nipple to neck, nipple to ass restraints.

For girls you can get similar things but matching to the female genitalia – clit, labia, vagina etc. The interesting thing about clamping is that it is often more painful after the clamps have been removed. This is due to the rush of blood reactivating the nerve endings in the area.

Care should be taken both during the scene and after the scene when involving tit clamps. Remember, that especially with nipples, and indeed many forms of pain, is that reception varies at various times. Always proceed cautiously as what worked in the last scene, may not work in the next.

ways to breast play and nipple torture
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3. Piercing

Is consider to be an extreme form of nipple torture and should not be practiced lightly. It can be done with either temporary piercings such as acupuncture needles or hypodermic needles, or permanent forms of piercing as used by piercests for the insertion of nipple jewelry.

This could also be extended to blade play which involves the use of blades and is considered an extreme form of torture often resulting in scarification. The risks in this are fairly obvious and some form of medical knowledge would be beneficial.

Make sure to sterilize the needles before use, and above all do not use hollow needles due to the difficulty of complete sterilization. Your concern should be around infection.

4. Wax

Wax like Wildfire Massage Wax is incredibly playful and it’s messiness can be delightfully erotic. Make sure you use candles specifically for body wax such as pure paraffin as it burns at a much lower temperature than other candles. But of course it depends on where the wax is going as well as the physical and mental tolerance.

Wax can cause scars on the skin with severe burns. Whilst on the topic of wax, which can be considered a form of temperature play you can also use flames, ice, curling irons and dry ice.

5. Suction Devices

Just like the cock both nipples and breasts can be used with suction devices. Firstly, they can be used to help with the issue of inverted nipples.

They can be used as a form of pain inducing devices to suck the nipple to the extreme, or they can be used to apply pressure on the breasts. I might do an entire chapter on suction devices as it deserves more of a mention than a small little paragraph. Like the dick, too much suction too fast can rupture blood vessels and cause bruising.

Care should also be taken with lactating breasts, open wounds, and fresh piercings. Suction devices should not be used on the nipples for more than 15 minutes, as beyond that the sensation becomes non existent due to the pressure.

ways to breast play
happy couple

Breastfeeding Your Husband, Boyfriend, or Partner

Thinking about breastfeeding your partner? Here you will find out everything you need to know!

When thinking about breastfeeding, we have an image of a mother feeding her baby.  Mother’s milk is the best and healthiest food for little ones. It is rich in all the necessary nutrients baby needs to thrive, and it keeps the baby healthy and protected.  We all know this, right?

What is the situation with breastfeeding adult men?

“Breastfeeding…Come again, now?!”

Yes, it is shocking, but we assure you that you heard it right! The question is about breastfeeding your husband, partner, or boyfriend.  You might think it is super bizarre and some kind of crazy idea of postmodernism

But, the truth is that historical traces of this practice take us back to ancient Rome, where it was seen as something amazing. Interestingly, people often search for information online, although no one wants to talk openly about it. 

Is it because breastfeeding your husband is wrong?

Well, the topic brings some shame to some people, but it is necessary to know that there isn’t anything wrong with this practice. Some of our readers expressed interest to know more about it, so we researched to figure out more about the effect of breastfeeding your husband. It turned out that the experience of being intimate with your partner in this way brings satisfaction to both of you. So, it can also make your relationship stronger.

But let’s see where this desire comes from and the advantages of breastfeeding your husband, etc.

Why Does Your Partner want to Drink Breast Milk?

So, before we go on, it is necessary to say that not all men want to try it.  Some are not even curious about it.   In some parts of the world, the idea so popular that there are bars for it. One of these places is in Japan. 

Why are some men attracted to breast milk?

Well, generally, men are attracted to women’s breasts when they are filled with milk.  Then, there is a thing that they are curious about the taste or the breastfeeding process. 

Are there some health benefits of breastfeeding your husband that they want to enjoy?

Yes, breast milk might improve their immune system and provide them with some nutrients.  Other than that, they may feel excited by the sight of lactating breasts or the concept of breastfeeding. 

Finally, many men feel, sort of, neglected during the first year of a baby’s life because breastfeeding is something that the only mother shares with a child. Having the opportunity to suck on breasts can change that and provide them with the sensation that they are also participating in the process. Sometimes, it can be about breastfeeding your husband to sleep.

What If You Have the Desire to Breastfeed Your Partner?

The fact is that some women also have the desire to breastfeed their partners. Reasons for that can vary, but in general, we can say that some women like the feeling when the partner is sucking their nipples regardless of the presence of breast milk.

Some want it because they are curious to know how breastfeeding your husband after baby feels like.  Others feel that it can be a good way to figure out how to make your husband understand breastfeeding.   There are some other practical reasons too. Babies, for example, sometimes eat more from one breast.  That is perfectly fine, but it can make your breasts uneven, and your husband can help in this situation.

Apart from that, they can prevent milk ducts from plugging because they suck stronger than babies.  In case your breasts are engorged, letting your partner or husband suck the milk will help alleviate the symptoms.

Main Concerns

Even when you know that it is perfectly normal for you or your partner to want it, you can still have some concerns about breastfeeding your husband.

For example, many women are asking is it safe for my husband to drink my breast milk?! There is no doubt about it – it is perfectly safe to breastfeed your partner, boyfriend, or husband. Then, some wonder is it healthy to breastfeed your husband?

Indeed, it is not unhealthy. We already mentioned several ways it can be beneficial for you and him.  Besides that, the fact that your partner is sucking your breasts will stimulate lactation. You will have more milk for the baby too.

When You Shouldn’t Breast Feed Your Husband

If both of you have a desire to do it, then, by all means, go for it.

But, if the idea makes you uncomfortable or you tried and realized that it is not pleasant for you,  no one can force you to breastfeed your husband. Also, if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort at any point, you shouldn’t do it.

Apart from that, if any of you are HIV positive or either of you has any kind of infection it is advised to avoid breastfeeding them.  Overstimulation should be avoided if your pregnancy is considered as high risk or you miscarried before.

Final Word

As you could see, there are various reasons for breastfeeding your husband.  Maybe it is something either one of you is simply curious about it, or it makes you more excited, etc. Whatever is the reason, it is essential to know that you are not alone in this desire.

As long as it is comfortable for both of you, it is perfectly fine! 

Have you ever had this idea? Have you tried it?

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  2. Nice post to see which is one the most part of the female part for a submissive female which plays their important role nerve endings, and tries to nourishing all sorts of shape and sizes . Thanks Pleasureplayz for keeping breast stimulation can further increase their arousal.

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