How to Get Sexy Inspiration from Audio Porn

Is your sex life at a standstill then Get Sexy Inspiration? Are you looking for some new and naughty sexual inspiration? Look no further than audio porn. A fairly new but equally erotic form of pornography, audio porn takes erotic storytelling to an entirely new level! 


Narrators with seductive and captivating voices read hot and steamy sex stories aloud for your listening pleasure. Without visual cues from videos or photographs, your imagination is left to run wild (along with your hands). Audio porn allows you to imagine yourself in the narrator’s shoes or watching from afar like a sexy spectator.


Whichever role you embody, audio porn can offer plenty of naughty inspiration to help bring passion to your relationship, both with your significant other and yourself. 

Listen with a Partner as Foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of any intimate relationship, especially for women who often need sexual build-up and an emotional connection to get aroused enough for sex. Heavy petting, groping, and dry humping excluded, audio porn is an intimate type of foreplay both partners will love. Guys get their pornography fix while women are treated to sexy and seductive stories that let their naughty imaginations run wild.


Slip into bed and bring your earbuds along. Dim the lights, light some candles and lay beside one another. Now, share the earbuds, use wireless AirPods, or just press play on the erotic audio sex story of your choosing. Let the narrator’s sexy voice fill your ears and travel throughout every inch of your being. You can touch, tickle, and caress their body during especially steamy portions of the story. Close your eyes and briefly get lost in your own erotic world. Audio porn lets you enjoy a shared experience as well as a completely private and personal one all at the same time.


By the time the story ends, you’ll be begging your partner to ravish you! 

Safely Experiment with Different Fantasies and Scenarios

Speaking of ravishing one another, have you been dying to try a new sex fantasy? Is it a little racy or taboo? Audio porn lets you not only explore these fantasies safely without commitment or reserve but introduce your naughtiest desires to your partner in a non-intimidating way.


Start by choosing an erotic sex story in your desired category. Audio porn is available in every niche from BDSM and cuckold to gay, fetish, and beyond. Now, lay back and listen. Imagine yourself exploring uncharted territory. Can you envision yourself acting these scenarios out in real life or is the fantasy enough to satisfy you? Either way, audio porn is a healthy way to venture outside your sexual comfort zone. 


If you decide a threesome or cuckold fantasy is something you’d like to experiment with, use an audio sex story to bring it up to your partner. Have them listen to a particularly steamy sex scene and see how they react. Are they equally turned on or do they seem appalled? Their reaction will tell you a lot about whether or not you can comfortably suggest whatever naughty fantasy you have in mind. Who knows, they might be more than willing to indulge you — all thanks to audio porn! 

Take Notes and Find Inspiration in Your Favorite Stories

Are you tired of using the same old moves in bed or are worried that your partner is getting bored? Or maybe you’re just hitting the dating scene again and want some pointers before your next sex session. Whatever the reason, audio porn is a great resource for tips, tricks, and techniques that’ll “wow” your lover.


Pay attention to how the characters speak to one another. Find inspiration in the words and phrases they use. After listening to a few erotic sex stories, you’ll be a dirty talk master! You can also get tips on how to seduce your partner. Lighting candles, blindfolding them, or surprising them in the shower are just a few sex scene scenarios to help you surprise and arouse your significant other.


You can also use audio porn to push the envelope. Have you always dreamed of getting spanked but can’t find the right words to ask for it? Take note of how the characters in the stories get their naughty needs met. Perhaps the woman comes to bed wearing a sexy leather bodysuit or handcuffs herself to the bed. If you think your partner is receptive to a more straightforward approach, bring a beautiful stranger home to live out your threesome fantasy. 


Find a character in your favorite audio porn that’s relatable and then take their lead. Just be sure to always respect your partner’s boundaries. 

Embody the Sex God (or Goddess) You’ve Always Wanted to Be and Experiment with Roleplaying 

Speaking of finding a relatable character, some of the hottest sex involves roleplaying. There’s something exciting about pretending to be someone you’re not or embodying the personality of someone who’s your complete opposite.


For those who are normally reserved or shy in the bedroom, it’s time to get aggressive! Listen to a few sex stories with strong and powerful characters that aren’t afraid to ask (or demand) what they want. Borrow some of their catchphrases and all of their confidence to recreate the sexy scene. This works best when your partner is also familiar with the character and story. Find one that you’ve enjoyed listening to together and then act it out. Become the star of your own, real-life sex story.


You can also ask for what you want and cite an audio porn story as your inspiration. Tell your significant other that you want them to tie you up and pour hot oil on you just like the two characters you listened to. Audio porn offers a safe lead-in to expressing your deepest desires. 


Explore Your Limits with Audio Porn 

Sex, foreplay, and fantasies have never been more fun or more satisfying. Audio porn offers plenty of naughty ideas and inspiration to take your sex life to the next level. 


If your relationship lacks sizzle, erotic sex stories are the perfect way to connect on a deeper level (literally). Incorporate some of the scenes and characters into your own bedroom routine. Learn to be more assertive and seductive by listening to the techniques they use.


Whether you’re experimenting on your own or with someone else, audio porn can help you let your guard down and unleash the sexual being inside!

Two Sexy Toys for Women – Rose Queen And Big Dildo

sexy toys for women

In the process of female masturbation, if you use sexy toys for women, you will get a lot of fun. Women’s sexual pleasure mainly comes from the clitoris and vagina. There are many sex toys on the market that stimulate these two sensitive parts. I would like to recommend two practical female masturbation toys to you. They are Rose Queen and a 10-inch dildo.


Rose Queen is An Upgraded Version of Rose Vibrator

 Take the Rose As the Prototype, a Design Toy Belonging to the Rose Series

The rose is a symbol of love. In ancient Greek mythology, the rose is a combination of love and beauty. It is not only the incarnation of the god of beauty but also the blood of the god of love. In the world, roses are the universal language used to express love. Rose queen is the most beautiful and practical rose vibrator in the rose series. Both the appearance and the cost-effective use are considered from the perspective of female users.

The Rose Queen‘s design concept based on roses is a female sex toy that meets the spiritual needs of women. Its appearance, color, and use function are highly compatible with women. As we all know, women are the messenger of love flowers, their genes contain this flower-loving nature. Therefore, they will be very happy to receive flowers from their boyfriend, lovers, relatives, and friends at various festivals. Although men are not born to love flowers, they also know that sending flowers can please girlfriends and wives well. Rose queen means the elegance of love. This is an upgraded version of ceremonial elegance for true love. Therefore, it is also a great gift for men to women.

Double Orgasm Stimulation

Rose Queen’s flower buds stimulate the clitoris, separate the labia slightly, enclose the clitoris with the suction head, experience a stronger thrill than real oral sex. And the vibratory rod of the flower handle stimulates the vagina, it’s double stimulation.

This means that Rose Toy Pro can be used not only for foreplay flirtation and stimulating libido but also for women to enjoy vaginal G-points and P-point orgasms. The vibrating rod is hard at both ends and soft in the middle. The middle part can be bent and folded. It can be put into the vagina while sucking the clitoris with the petal mouth to reach the climax of the double sensitive zone.

100% Waterproof Performance

 Many women like to enjoy sexual pleasure in the water, and the comfort in the water is more likely to stimulate women’s sexual desire and orgasm. Surprisingly, Rose Queen is made of silicone material which is 100% waterproof, so women can put it directly in the bathtub when they take a bath and heat the temperature of the sex toy to stimulate their clitoris.

The warm temperature will make your clitoris more sensitive, of course, you can still use it when you take a shower, you can directly hold it in your hand and use it under the showerhead.

10-inch-dildo is the Basic Standard of a Big Dildo

Rose Queen is a relatively elegant female masturbation toy. It can be easily carried. Even if you take it out and put it in a public place, no one will associate it with a sex toy. The big dildo is the most primitive sex toy that stimulates the vagina. Some women like this kind of sex toy that realistically imitates the male penis, especially the large size of the big dildo will stimulate women’s most primitive desire for the penis.

So what is the concept of a 10-inch dildo? Dildo usually has 6.5 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and over 10 inches. Generally speaking, a dildo over 10 inches is a big dildo, including 10 inches. If you want a stronger sense of sexual satisfaction, it is better to choose a big dildo. I recommend Sohimi’s 10.6″ Huge Liquid Silicone Dildo which can catch a woman’s pleasure well and fuller.

Basically, for women, the insertable size of this 10.6inches is about 8.26inches and the width is 1.96inches, which can bring women a very refreshing sense of filling. It feels like your first bite of a juicy cheese and beef burger, and its satisfying happiness fills your whole senses. When a woman uses it to masturbate, she feels the pleasure and comfort of it gradually entering the vagina. The real visible vascular folds on the dildo are like a real penis swimming in your vagina, leading you to enter the climax of sexual desire faster.

Sexy Toys for Women

Rose Queen and big dildo are different types of female masturbation toys. Rose Queen has a more clitoral stimulation function than a big dildo, and it is more elegant and beautiful. It is very suitable for women who like to masturbate and have a sense of ritual, while the size of the big dildo is larger. It is easier to meet the female vagina’s demand for penis and stimulate A-sport.

Are You Looking For The Best Porn Magazine In The UK?

Finding the best porn magazine is no longer easy. However, London Prive is about to change all of that. When you are looking for the ultimate adult experience in the United Kingdom, Prive is the one source that you can rely on just like a reliable playboy magazine.

What Is Prive All About?

Let’s be honest. Finding the perfect adult companion is not always straightforward. It is not only about companionship, it is about what you can do when you spend time with your adult companion as well.

As we know, London is a bit of porn niche.” The UK capital is one of the best places in the world to visit when you would like to enjoy a couple of hours of adult fun. What to stay longer? No problem, London is perfect for adult fun.

London is packed with exciting clubs where you can take your companion for a night out. London Prive was set up to give you more information about the clubs and other places that you can visit in London. Not only that, the team behind the best porn magazine in the UK, would also like to help to guide you in the direction when it comes to choosing adult companions in London.

London Is The Home Of Many Sweet Secrets

No matter where you stay in London, there is a sweet secret waiting for you. The UK capital is divided up into boroughs, and you can rest assure that almost every borough has a delightful and high quality surprise in store for you.

It does not matter if you enjoy the company of exciting Oriental ladies or Sweet English Roses, London Prive can help to point you in the right direction.

What To Do On A Night Out In London

If you are a London resident or regular visitor to London, you will know that London is the European city that never sleeps.

Not only will you always find a party going on or a club international open somewhere, there is so much more to discover. What if you don’t fancy going to a club? In that case. there are many other delights waiting for you.

Maybe you would like to enjoy some good food in the company of a sexy companion? London is the dream venue to visit for those of us who like to enjoy fine food.

Best of all, most of London’s best restaurants are situated in London’s top hotels. The Savoy Hotel is home to The Savoy Grill which is owned and operated by famous British footballer Gordon Ramsay.

If Mr. Ramsey can’t tickle your taste buds with his delicious grilled steaks, why not head over to the Brown’s Hotel. Located in Mayfair, the hotel’s best known restaurant The Drawing Room serves up delicious food and is said to stock the best wines in London. When it comes to London restaurants, The Drawing Room is perhaps more discreet than others. It is the perfect place to book a table when you want to enjoy dessert afterwards with your new sexy friend.

Other Experiences In London

Of course, London does not only offer amazing dining out experiences. When you are in the mood for shopping, London is still the best place in Europe to visit. If you are staying in Brown’s Hotel, you are only a stone’s throw away from the best shops in London. The Mayfair district is packed with shops that you and your adult London companion will love.

You can shop for hours and then go back to the luscious surroundings of Brown’s Hotel and watch your favorite adult video or adult magazines.

Why Do So Visitors Stay In 5 Star Hotels in London?

Not only do 5 star hotels in London offer some of the best in-house services and adult entertainment in the world. One of the top reason many gents choose a 5 star hotel in London, is down to the discretion of the staff.

Unfortunately, in other parts of the world, hotel staff often end up gossiping about their guests and what porn sites they may visit. That does not happen in London. When you stay in a top hotel in London, you can rely on the fact that the staff is going to be discreet. What happens in your 5-star hotel in London will stay there.

Another reason is that room service is second to none. When you are not in the mood for tackling another busy day on the streets of London, you can just keep the door shut and order room service browsing through online magazines looking for the best magazine features. Whatever you need or want, the loyal staff at London’s top hotels will “acquire” for you.

Is London A Good Place For An Adult Party?

Do you enjoy adult parties? Although adult parties have become popular in many parts of Europe, there is something special about adult parties in London often reported with local media group.

According to London Prive, parties are more sophisticated and have a flare about them that you will not find anywhere else in Europe. So, if you have come to London to play and have fun, why not check out the best adult parties in London.

As per the best porn magazine in the world, adult parties in London cater for all tastes. You will be hard pressed to find the same exciting services anywhere else in Europe.

London’s adult parties offer many exciting play rooms where you and your partner can enjoy yourself for hours together with other like-minded individuals.

Many business travellers think it is a perfectly good reason to stay a few extra days in London. At the end of the day, it is nice to be able to relax in the company of a beautiful companion.

When Is The Best Time To Travel To London?

Some would say the summer, however, as London is always buzzing, any time is really a good time to travel to London.

Whenever you visit London, you are bound to find something exciting to do. It does not matter if it is indoors or outdoors. London is packed with excitement and many exciting ladies would love to keep you company.

Don’t just take our word for it. Book a room in one of London’s best hotels for yourself and your companion. Before you know it, you will see and experience a totally new side to London that you will never have come across before. Having a good time in London has never been easier.

Breastfeeding Your Husband, Boyfriend, or Partner

Breast Milk

Thinking about breastfeeding your partner? Here you will find out everything you need to know!

hen thinking about breastfeeding, we have an image of a mother feeding her baby.  Mother’s milk is the best and healthiest food for little ones. It is rich in all the necessary nutrients baby needs to thrive, and it keeps the baby healthy and protected.  We all know this, right? But what is the situation with breastfeeding adult men?

“Breastfeeding…Come again, now?!” Yes, it is shocking, but we assure you that you heard it right! The question is about breastfeeding your husband, partner, or boyfriend.  You might think it is super bizarre and some kind of crazy idea of postmodernism! But, the truth is that historical traces of this practice take us back to ancient Rome, where it was seen as something amazing.

Interestingly, people often search for information online, although no one wants to talk openly about it.  Is it because breastfeeding your husband is wrong? Well, the topic brings some shame to some people, but it is necessary to know that there isn’t anything wrong with this practice. Some of our readers expressed interest to know more about it, so we researched to figure out more about the effect of breastfeeding your husband. It turned out that the experience of being intimate with your partner in this way brings satisfaction to both of you. Thus, it can also make your relationship stronger. But let’s see where this desire comes from and the advantages of breastfeeding your husband, etc.

Why Does Your Partner want to Drink Breast Milk?

So, before we go on, it is necessary to say that not all men want to try it. Some are not even curious about it. However, in some parts of the world, the idea so popular that there are bars for it. One of these places is in Japan. Now, why are some men attracted to breast milk? Well, generally, men are attracted to women’s breasts when they are filled with milk. Then, there is a thing that they are curious about the taste or the breastfeeding process.  Are there some health benefits of breastfeeding your husband that they want to enjoy? Yes, breast milk might improve their immune system and provide them with some nutrients.  Other than that, they may feel excited by the sight of lactating breasts or the concept of breastfeeding.  Finally, many men feel, sort of, neglected during the first year of a baby’s life because breastfeeding is something that the only mother shares with a child. Having the opportunity to suck on breasts can change that and provide them with the sensation that they are also participating in the process. Sometimes, it can be about breastfeeding your husband to sleep.

What If You Have the Desire to Breastfeed Your Partner?


The fact is that some women also have the desire to breastfeed their partners. Reasons for that can vary, but in general, we can say that some women like the feeling when the partner is sucking their nipples regardless of the presence of breast milk. Some want it because they are curious to know how breastfeeding your husband after baby feels like. Others feel that it can be a good way to figure out how to make your husband understand breastfeeding.   There are some other practical reasons too. Babies, for example, sometimes eat more from one breast.  That is perfectly fine, but it can make your breasts uneven, and your husband can help in this situation. Apart from that, they can prevent milk ducts from plugging because they suck stronger than babies.  In case your breasts are engorged, letting your partner or husband suck the milk will help alleviate the symptoms.

Main Concerns

Even when you know that it is perfectly normal for you or your partner to want it, you can still have some concerns about breastfeeding your husband. For example, many women are asking is it safe for my husband to drink my breast milk?! There is no doubt about it – it is perfectly safe to breastfeed your partner, boyfriend, or husband. Then, some wonder is it healthy to breastfeed your husband? Indeed, it is not unhealthy. We already mentioned several ways it can be beneficial for you and him.  Besides that, the fact that your partner is sucking your breasts will stimulate lactation. Hence you will have more milk for the baby too.

When You Shouldn’t Do It

If both of you have a desire to do it, then, by all means, go for it. But, if the idea makes you uncomfortable or you tried and realized that it is not pleasant for you,  no one can force you to breastfeed your husband. Also, if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort at any point, you shouldn’t do it. Apart from that, if any of you are HIV positive or either of you has any kind of infection it is advised to avoid breastfeeding them.  Overstimulation should be avoided if your pregnancy is considered as high risk or you miscarried before.

Final Word

As you could see, there are various reasons for breastfeeding your husband. Maybe it is something either one of you is simply curious about it, or it makes you more excited, etc. Whatever is the reason, it is essential to know that you are not alone in this desire. And as long as it is comfortable for both of you, it is perfectly fine! Have you ever had this idea? Have you tried it?


Author’s Bio: Rachel Hudson is a journalist and a blogger living in California and writing articles for different websites since 2015. She has a degree in medicine; hence she is covering everything related to health, wellness, etc., including motherhood and breastfeeding.