Adultsmart Kogarah Experience – You Will Keep Coming Back

An Adultsmart Kogarah Customer Review:  Let me set the scene about my Adultsmart Kogarah Experience.  It’s a late night, you and your partner are feeling like a bit of kinky sex but you’re craving to try something different, something new. You talk to your partner about doing something naughty in a spot of the house that has yet to be “christened”.

Maybe you talk about wearing something that might get the juices flowing or even trying some toy play. You think about for it for a second and you realise that nothing in your immediate vicinity is going to do the job that you know could be done if you had that something special.

Discuss it for a moment and you remember that just down the road is a store that has all you’re wants and needs in the one place.

You jump in your car and take a little trip.

Turn into a dark and quiet street, secluded from the judgey eyes of those boring old regular people who just enjoy missionary for 10 seconds until the top busts a nut and it’s all over for another 2 weeks.

You park, step out of the car, and take a breath as you prepare yourself for what’s to come. You take your first steps in as you here a sound to notify the shopkeep of your arrival, as you walk through the doorway your taken aback. The room hits you with shelf after shelf, product after product, everything your every fantasy could ever possibly desire, right there for you to see.

You hear a voice that says “Hey, how’s it going, is there anything I can help you with?” In this rich, beautiful South African accent.

You turn your head and there he is, my boy Eon.

A beautiful, sophisticated man with the looks of a chiselled god, the knowledge of a scholar who’s studied every sex book you can imagine. The wisdom of a man who’s lived for centuries and will tell you it was HIM who told Adam and Eve they should embrace their beautiful, naked bodies as they frolic through the Garden.

A true enthusiast of the natural form.

As he talks, his voice washes away all the fear and worry you felt when stepping through those doors. You immediately feel safe, with no judgement upon you and you know that you’re home once more.

You say back to him “nah mate, just looking” as you and your partner take your first steps into a world you may never leave.

adultsmart kogarah experience

Adultsmart Kogarah Experience

You don’t know where to begin, do you go left, do you go right, do you head straight for the glass box with a life sized naked sex doll in it (I did), options are limitless!

To your right; silicone moulds, lubes of all types, butt plugs, butt plugs with tails, silicone boobies, silicone pussies (of every nation and pornstar you can think of!) On the left; dildos, vibrators, dongs and the wild shit, Bluetooth enabled vibrators, multi-stage vibrators, “rabbits” (dongs with little bits that vibrate on your clitoris), mini vibrators.

And then back of the store… let me tell you about the back of the store.

Monster dildos, shapes and sizes you could never imagine in your wildest dreams, whips of every type, chains, sounding equipment, cock cages, handcuffs, pussy and cock moulding kits, swings, masks, gags.

Ropes, costumes of all types and sizes, MORE DONGS, sex games, PARTY SEX GAMES the list just keeps going. By the time you’ve decided you’ve got everything you want for the night you realise 3 hours have passed.

Between the amazing conversations you’ve had with the staff to seeing the incredible array of items, you’re ready to go home and absolutely destroy your lover!

This store isn’t just for those seeking a wild night with their partner or themselves.  It’s for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of sex and sexual freedom and it’s for those seeking help with intimacy and find new ways to spice up their sex life.

Don’t ever feel like you can’t shop at an adult store.

Because it’s places like these that can never be replaced by online shopping. It’s places like these that show you what’s really important and that’s you and your own body, mind and soul, which I know you will find something here to satisfy all.

Good luck and Safe Sex✌🏻

Short answer:
Yeah it’s sick. 10/10

adultsmart kogarah experience
sleepy hollow myth

Halloween at Adultsmart Kogarah

Halloween is steadily approaching and Adultsmart is getting prepared for the spooky celebration!  Consultants at Adultsmart have a wicked sense of humour and this year we are breaking out our Halloween decorating skills to make everything a little bit more interesting.

We are decorating because we have a Halloween decorating competition in our Adultsmart stores.  One store will win a secret prize at the end of the October month.

  • The best decorated store.
  • Best dressed staff member on shift for the week of Halloween.
  • The best Halloween makeup.

When you walk into our Kogarah Adultsmart store you will be screaming

The best bit, is that you can shop for something which will make you scream Oh! over and over again.  Displays from Adultsmart Kogarah are really amazing!

I have personally never seen any Halloween decorations done to this level before. My absolute favourite display which resembles the Land of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the East when she got crushed by Dorothy’s house.

But rather than being crushed by a house she is crushed by our classic fancy sex toy stand.  Classic fancy sex toy stand where you can test our favourite bullets, vibrators, rabbits and vibrating butt plug. I bet standing near it testing out our most popular product’s might make you laugh.

Aren’t those heels and stockings sexy?

adultsmart kogarah experience
Wicked Witch

Surgical Steel Operating Table

Next display at Adultsmart is on top the classic fancy sex toy stand. It is a woman on a surgical table. Sadly her fate lies beneath the bloodied table cloth and the thrown away gloves by an unknown person.

Placed next to her head are the body safe surgical steel sex toys that appear to have been used in her very messy BDSM fate. Or maybe the Wicked Witch of the West got angry and wanted revenge. She killed the very sweet and innocent Dorothy!

Whatever happened, I don’t think her doctor was medically certified at all, they did a really bad job.

adultsmart kogarah experience
witch on table

Witch of the West Collection

Mind you, in the entrance of Adultsmart is the Witch of the West tiny broom. She flies on the tiny broom. A broom’s witch technology has really improved in the 21st century, everything’s become smaller with computer integrated technology.

You can see she stored her dildo machine and fetish set nearby for easy access and to impress any visitor’s that may pop by.  Wicked Witch of the West had been looking at the with advanced potion and poison book collection.

She prepared an “In Loving Memory” tombstone for someone. The jar of eyeballs are stored in the same container as a spider’s cobweb collection for the witches recipe. I guess someone wanted to use their eyeballs to stay put as the cobweb’s are quite sticky.

I hate to tell her, but there may be a big spider near by.

adultsmart kogarah experience
Jar of Eyes with Spider Web

Creepy Clowns

With the theme that is happening around the world at the moment where clowns are creepily standing in groups in public places. We have a clown mask. Most people have a clown phobia so there is nothing to worry about. Stay optimistic, he or she looks friendly maybe they just want to be your friend. The clown is carrying a very pretty lantern that glows orange.

Maybe he just wants to guide your way through the store?

adultsmart kogarah experience
Clown News Epidemic

Head of Stephen: Number One Customer Service

Voted number one for his exceptional customer service skills this week is the head of Stephen pickled in vinegar juices to last forever and ever. He is a very lovely Adultsmart employee.  We needed to make a trophy of him in honour of his hard work and dedication.

He didn’t realise his fate the day he ventured into the depths of Adultsmart but he does look fresh and with glowing skin.

adultsmart kogarah experience
Jar Jead with Sparkling Orange Pumpkin

Next Stop the Cross

No one knows why its there but it is the entrance to the bondage and BDSM products. He looks just as friendly as the clown. He is really saying “Welcome!” Next stop is the ghosts of Christmas past, present and yet to come. Your to early guys, come back during Christmas.

Come into our stores and see what is happening as your all invited to come in and celebrate Halloween with us. If you would like to come in and take photo’s of only the displays you are more than welcome to!

Let us know what you think!!! We would love to know more than anything!

Newly Improved Adultsmart Kogarah

A world famous adult sex toy retail stores named Adultsmart has revamped their Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah.  It is now a warehouse size with over 350 square meters of sex toy space for the ultimate adult shopping experience available.

Owners have just spent $100,000 on a design revamp that could not have came at a better time.  The managers said that the upgrades could not come at a better time and fits in with their aim of having the best sex toy and adult product shopping experience in Sydney.

Adultsmart has been operating from that location for just 12 months after acquiring the business from Adult World Australia.

A lot has changed in those twelve months.

The manager says,

Our aim is to make Adultsmart Kogarah is the flagship of our retail chain in New South Wales that welcomes all adult shoppers in a clean and friendly environment. We have expanded the retail floor by just on 100 square meters and have had beautiful new floating timber floors installed, we have had this new area designed specifically for the ladies which will contain only lingerie and accessories. The other 300 square meters of adult shopping experience has been re-carpeted giving the shop a bright and lively appeal.

adultsmart kogarah experience
Buy Now | L’amourose Sex Toys

Luxury Glass Displays Showing Bestselling Sex Toys

Other renovations have been carried out in the store include freshly painted interior, new slat-wall and luxury glass displays showing our bestselling sex toys in store.

Glass displays show off our best sex toy brands like Lelo, We Vibe, Fun Factory and L’amourose.  Renovations will continue with the exterior of the building scheduled to be painted in March.  A rear ‘conference room’ that will be used by sex therapists and counselors for seminars in all things adult.  Like strengthening pelvic walls after childbirth, educating those recovering from prostate surgery on how to maintain an erection without the need for surgery or sex positive support and education.

Adultsmart is Renowned

The manager says,

‘Oh Zone is renowned for being a place that is accepting to all. Adultsmart Kogarah is designed to allow access to the mobility impaired and we are active in promoting the store to be a sex positive location that caters for those with special needs.’

There is Something for Everybody

At Adultsmart Kogarah there is disability access that requires absolutely no effort to get into the store. With a huge range of sex toy products there is something for everybody. Adultsmart centres pride ourselves by offering a suitable environment that will help everybody.

Our store is often referred to as the best adult shop in Sydney and the reviews received on social networking and trade sites are all five star. Customer service representatives at the store are knowledgeable but will allow customers their own space if assistance is not required.

If you aren’t sure what you are after simply inform the consultant of your needs.  They will do their best to find a product which will fulfill your needs. Our consultants are regularly learning about the products they sell to provide you a better shopping experience. Adultsmart best customer service is our pride and joy.

We also use customer feedback to let people know what has worked best for other people to.

At all our stores we have sex toy tester’s that we can turn on to show you the product’s we would recommend or are the most bought within the store. If you need help accessing a product ask a consultant and we will get it for you.

Our products range from bullets, vibrators, rabbits, fleshlights, strokers, prostate massagers, bdsm, lingerie, party novelties and much more.

If you live in Sydney and are disabled or mobility impaired please contact or visit Adultsmart Kogarah to see how we can assist you with your sexual needs. Otherwise all are welcome to visit this innovative and unique adult store in Australia.

We offer a friendly open environment that helps out the best we can. Be sure to check out our stores all over New South Wales.

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