The Pheromone Experiment!

The Pheromone Experiment!  Bottle of sex, magic attraction spray. There is a lot of names for pheromone infused scented sprays.

Also, a lot of myths. As of today, I’m going to be wearing one for 14 days, just to see the effects and put this whole myth to rest. After all what harm could to do to seem more attractive for the next 14 days.

Everyone wants to feel more attractive and if this stuff works as, it says. I’m going to be a stud!

So, the good foundation for research is facts.

So, I have done my back ground checks on what hormones do and what kind are effective.  The difference between a hormone and a pheromone is that hormones are inside the brain and affect us internally, while a pheromone is something external.

When its detected by the pheromone glad, it affects us internally. as it turns out there are 2 types of pheromones. Plant based and synthic human. The plant based is no different from essential oils, like lavender oil when we smell it.

Even if we don’t like the smell, it triggers a response in our body’s.

For the human based it does the same thing but it’s a bit more effective. Humans are naturally more attracted to other humans.

As it turns out wearing this won’t turn me into a sex god. But constant use will make my body to admit more sexually attractive pheromones.

The Pheromone Experiment

Kinda a way of telling everyone “i am here, I am ready to mate” without words. It potently will help me relax and inspire, confidence and rase
myself esteem.  Only time will tell.

I had a look at some of the ones we had in stock.  The hardest part was choosing.  Clearly, I’m going for the more effective one. I set to work on looking at the ingredients.

I’m no chemist so I picked the biggest word on the ingredients list and I looked up what it is and where it’s from.

The only one I could find out information for is LURE you & me.

Chose this as it has a synthetic pheromone,  androsterone (an inactive male sex hormone produced by metabolism of testosterone).  This is found in humans, truffles and pigs.

pheromone experiment
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Sounds funny but I found out pigs and humans have a lot in common (in a chemical sense).

To have a successful experiment we need 3 things: control (the constant in the experiment), variable (the things we change to see the results).  And an independent variable (the thing we measure).

My control is the spray and how many days I’ll be wearing it.  Varriables are the places I go and my independent variable will be my interactions with people.

To get the best results out of this I’ll be living out my day-to-day life.  Going to the shops, going to work and going out 1 night a week.

With all that out the way let’s begin!

pheromone experiment
Woman Smelling Pink Roses

My Self Trial Results

Day 1 and Day 2

I found some people to be a bit friendlier, as in small talk at the super market or bus stop became more common.  Found myself feeling a bit more confident. I found I was feeling more attractive in genral.  Still the same people where easier to talk to.

Day 3 and Day 4

I found favors easier to ask of others. Everyone seemed to be more agreeable around me and listen to what I said a bit more.

I can’t really see any more improvement from day 3 as I feel like this has peaked for how other are affected, as for myself.  Just felt like it was easier to talk to other and like I wanted to meet people.

Day 5 and Day 6

I found myself actually wanting to meet someone. Thinking about how to achieve that.  People were their normal friendly selves.  No one I noticed was all that flirty just all friendly and easy to talk to.

I found my confidence was really high and I felt like I could talk to anyone about anything.  Found a few people were side eyeing me but nothing more than that

Day 7 and Day 8

Since day 3 I have been having constant dreams about meeting people.  I didn’t think it was related but these are reoccurring.  For someone who doesn’t dream often, it’s strange.  Also seem to be compelled to talk to others.

I think this spray is affecting my own mental state then others, not really the point of wearing it.  It’s like its back firing.  I find myself talking to others more. It’s strange for my personality.

So, I did some more looking into it.

The spray does not make you more attractive to others.  Science has not found that pheromone in humans.  Instead, it activates the social part of our brain and helps us to relax.

I can see how this can help us meet someone. Even after learning this, I’m going to continue my experiment.

Day 9 and Day 10

Knowing that it doesn’t actually make me more attractive didn’t affect my confidence at all.  I really felt like I could talk to anyone and I even went out of my way to talk to people I normally wouldn’t

I’m honestly getting sick of smell but I love how confident I feel and I even been sleeping a little better.  Didn’t really go much this day so there wasn’t anything to report

Day 11 and Day 12

After wearing this around the family I live with I noticed that my dad has become a lot chattier, mum too.  I can see how this can help you talk to someone you spend time around but never really talk to.

Headed out to the local club with my friends, after spraying it on them I noticed that even our mate who doesn’t talk often was talking to lots of people.

He was talking to love of people and even met a nice girl who he exchanged numbers with him. It was a nice change of pace for him

Day 13 and Day 14

After spending sometime around the local lake someone started to talk to me and we talked for hours.  Ended in exchanging numbers and plans to meet again

These 2 weeks flew by fast and I actually feel a lot better talking to people.  I find with my new found confidence it’s easier to make people laugh.  Feel little happier and just enjoy social settings more than I did before.


The spray didn’t turn me into some kind of super hunk.  I didn’t become more attractive.  Neither did it increase others interests in me.  It did however make me feel more confident.

They do say confidence makes you more attractive.

So, if you’re the kind of person that struggles to talk someone, you’re interested in this is definitely for you. Using it will not make you the sexiest person in the room but will make you feel that way.

It’s up to you how you use it. I really believe others to try it from themselves. After all only way we grow is to try something new!

pheromone experiment
Covertly Kiss Pheromone

Covertly Kiss Each And Every Time!

Liquid Covertly Kiss the aphrodisiac and sex pheromone perfume contains the patented ingredient Ceromones (Mongolia). This will through the penetration of the nasal mucosa function of the female’s VNO pear nasal which leads to:

Female “sexual excitement for no apparent reason!”

Pheromones natural build up for humans, the spray just helps people naturally use them when you need it the most.

U.S. Covertly Kiss spray aphrodisiac incense, perfume and the United States Donbill Sensation Company describe this pheromone formula may lead to better gender relations with the attractant perfume but also fill your sex life full of romance, as amazing.

Several related tests of the use of Covertly Kiss aphrodisiac incense spray for men in the United States showed results that Sexual attraction to women increased by nearly 20 times

Active women use this product.

With its magical feeling that their own sex will be better.  So when intercourse eventually occurs with men more they will be more confident, so that their sexuality may fully bloom!

U.S. Covertly Kiss with the patented ingredient aphrodisiac incense spray Pheromones (Buddha bare Mongolia) has now seen the successful development of Europe-wide sensations.

Replacing Foluo Meng after another type of smell that is a truly effective agent to help in attraction of the opposite and same sex.

It is more convenient to use

Not only a men’s spray but also use as a women’s one to.  It is an affordable to buy and sales continue to rise gradually replacing Foluo Meng!

pheromone experiment
Covertly Kiss Pheromones

Covertly Kiss Manufacturers recommend using the product by the following methods

  1. Both male and female’s can use the pheromone spray.  You can spray it in the air or on objects in the room before any sexual activity begins.  The pheromone spray will help to enhance the mood and increase personal desires between lovers.
  2. There is a female version of the product named “Covertly Kiss For Ladies”. When a woman sprays the female product on herself she is giving her self-confidence and also making her feel excited.
  3. Using the Covertly Kiss for men pheromone spray for a women who indulges in female masturbation will turn her on and allow her to climax more quickly and fully.  It will heighten her sexual urge to want to orgasm.
  4. Spray Covertly Kiss on a man prior to going out will cause the aphrodisiac qualities to attract females by scent.
  5. You can use the pheromone spray in public places, or in meetings to allow others to feel more relaxed and attracted to you.  If they feel comfortable around you, you can build up a quality rapport between two people to form a stronger work bond.

General information about using Covertly Kiss For Ladies

Use about 15 minutes before you would like the pheromone effect to take place so that the scent is not overpowering.

Suggested places to spray are on your bed sheets, as a room odouriser, even on your palms, armpits, neck and chest. The atmosphere will feel sensual and manly due to the perfumes spicey deep tones.

There are no problems with over dosage and generally 2-3 sprays will reach your desired effect.

Patented ingredient pheromones which is also known as Buddha bare Mongolia.

The first scent which you will be able to smell is the bergamot, black tea sugar cane sub and Georgia Peng.

As soon as your spray it these are the scent’s that will hit you first. They will mellow with the alchohol that keeps the perfume on your body for a long period of time.

Scents which you will be able to smell alongside all scents include green incense, black wood, mint leaves, cloves and cardamom creating a spicey mix.

Over time as the perfume blends with your natural body chemicals creating it’s own interesting smell.  The scent will become deeper with scents of cedar, rock orchid, sandalwood and tobacco romantically filling your body for that manly feel.

You should always store at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

If you have to much sun you can store it in the box it came in, and place it in a drawer.  Shelf life is about 5 years.

That is the information on Covertly Kiss the aphrodisiac perfume.  Be sure to use Covertly Kiss to build sexual confidence for women.

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