Sex Toys For Men!

The belief that sex toys for men are an oddity and only women use them, is simply not the case. There are a variety of sex toys available for men that can stimulate both the penis and the prostate.

Despite this fact, only 44% of heterosexual men use sex toys compared to 64% of gay or other males. This may be due to the stigma surrounding male sex toys. One’s personal pleasure does not define sexuality.

Adding a sex toy to one’s masturbation routine is perfectly normal and can enhance the experience. While using one’s hand can suffice, sex toys are like power tools that can make the experience more enjoyable and even help with lasting longer. Men deserve pleasure too –

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What Are The Advantages of Men Using Sex Toys

Prior to discussing the various types of toys available, lets emphasize the significance of hygiene and lube. This holds especially true for men since the appropriate type of lube can significantly enhance the experience.

The male organ lacks its self-lubricating system, relying on spit is unhygienic. Instead, a thick water-based lube is recommended for men as it lasts longer. Equally important is cleaning the toy properly to prevent it from deteriorating or getting moldy. Use body-safe soap or sex toy cleaner to avoid any skin irritation and prolong the life of the toy.

Dry the sex toy with a clean cloth. Use paper towels to dry their toys; however, this method can prove to be problematic. It often leaves tiny pieces of paper scattered throughout the toy. Removing these bits can be a hassle and may require extra cleaning to remove them from surfaces as well.

When drying adult toys, it is recommended to use a cloth or towel and allow the item to air dry to prevent moisture from accumulating. This will preserve the quality of the toy. Applying fresh non perfumed talcum powder before storing it away will help too.

These steps can help maintain the toy’s softness and prolong its lifespan.

Sex Toys For Men
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Now we got past the most important part of owning a toy. Let’s talk about the different types. 

Sex Toys For Men

Pocket pussies:

Choose one with a silicone steel and that the tightness can be adjusted.

Penis Sleeves:

Opened ended tubes of silicone come with ribs and bumps to add extra stimulation for more fun. They are worn over the penis and great for couples sex play.

Couples Sex Toys
Sex Toys For Couples


Fleshlight is a brand of artificial vagina, oral, or anal sex toy. It is a masturbatory aid, which is used by inserting the penis into its opening.

Male vibrators:

These come in all shapes and sizes. They can target the tip or even the whole of the penis with powerful vibrations. Some even come hands free. So, no effort at all! Some even stimulate the balls instead of the penis.

Male sex machines:

Also known as fucking machines. They have a rod that moves back and forth, doing all the work for you! Others have auto beads in them that swirl around your penis as you move back and forth! Usually come with a dildo or vagina attachment that is fitted to the end of the rod.

Prostate toys:

Prostate massagers are an anal sex toy designed to stimulate the prostate gland. They can come in vibrating or non vibrating.

CCock Ring Male Sex Toy
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Cock Rings;

A ring that is worn around the base of the penis is called a cock ring. Its main function is to limit the blood flow from the erect penis. This can result in a more robust erection or an erection that lasts longer.

Although adult toys can provide additional excitement and pleasurable experiences during intimacy, there are various techniques to enhance the fun even more. To add some extra entertainment to your sex life, here are four suggestions.

These 4tips can increase the stimulation and enjoyment during intimate moments.

Try different positions:

If you want to experiment with your body, you can try changing your position. You can try standing, kneeling, or even lifting your hips off the ground. You should mix things up to find out what suits you best, as you may be surprised by the results.

Play with grip and speed:

When using a masturbator or sex toy vary the stimulation or vibration settings. Don’t get boring with your sex toys – use them to bring your desires to reality.

Try edging:

Edging is a way to experience explosive orgasms and also train yourself to last longer at sex. Each time you are about to cum – stop – when you are ready to proceed, bring yourself just short of cumming each time.  You will become a sexual athlete.

Add a partner:

Sex toys are always more fun when shared.  Grab your partner and explore each other sexually.

Vary your intimate experiences and keep things exciting to learn and grow in your preferences. Don’t be afraid to explore and mix things up.

Can Sex Toys Help Men Improve Their Performance?

Most people know that Sex Toys Help Men. There’s an odd perception out there that sex toys are somehow products manufactured and marketed for women specifically.

These people are totally unaware of an entire dynamic world of mens sex toys. They are also unaware of the potential that these toys have to help men enhance their bedroom performance.

So, if you ever thought that

“real men don’t need sex toys,”

then it turns out you’re just missing out! And This is Why –

Solve Problems like Premature Ejaculation

It’s no secret that men are often judged by how long they can

“keep going”

in the bedroom. Some find it hard to say what’s worse: ejaculating before any action begins, or ejaculating so soon into the “dance”.  Your sexual partner may not even be given sufficient time to get into the whole thing.

Some male sex toys designed to work as masturbation stamina training tools. such as the so-called “fleshlight”. It can help men to train themselves up to last longer and longer.

By working at their own pace, and in private, men can work on this “going off half-cocked” problem.  Importantly, in a way that avoids embarrassment and starts to build confidence. The biggest part of sex is the physical act, after all,  with the right training and practice, one can build up proper stamina. This can make the entire experience much more enjoyable for everyone.

Products To Assist With Erectile Dysfunction

Now, some men may get around their erectile dysfunction (ED) problems by popping a certain blue pill before sex. But there are plenty of people who don’t want to take medication in order to perform. There are potential side effects to worry about.

Not to mention the somewhat embarrassing experience it can be to acquire said pills.

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Sex toys can offer a simple medication-free alternative. Cock rings, for instance, can be placed around the penis to reduce the flow of blood once an erection has been established. It help guys stay hard for longer.

These devices weren’t just invented for men with ED, though. If you don’t suffer from that, you can enhance your existing potency with the same device and find even more enjoyment.

Male Sex Toys Used for Self-Satisfaction

Not all sex toys have to be used during intercourse with another partner. Others can be used for masturbation, which brings benefits of all kinds to men and their sex lives. Using some masturbation tools can help with premature ejaculation, but there’s more good that can come from it.

For example, masturbation with sex toys can make the process easier and cleaner. Yet still deliver the reductions in stress and tension.

Sex Toys Help Men can your relationship with a partner.

When a relationship is in its early days, the sexual tension can really make things awkward. Especially if you’re trying to build something real and lasting  and not just have a one-night stand. Masturbation sex toys for men can help ease the tension, keeping a nice balance as you work on a great sex life with your new partner.

Sex Toys Help Men Be More Sexually Self-Aware

Adult Toys can open pleasure centres that some men didn’t even know existed. The prostate when stimulated can provide a source of immense pleasure for men.  Many are either ignorant or hesitant to try.

TheseToys can make prostate stimulation easier and more enjoyable,  heightening the male sexual experience.

Men who are more in tune with their own bodies are much more likely to perform better for their partner, too.

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