Sex Toy Materials vs Lube

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Going into buying sex toys can be scary enough if you’ve never gone into a sex shop (it shouldn’t be, all workers at the best adult shops in Sydney are amazing, helpful, open minded, and just want you to have good orgasms), and then when faced with all the choices of lubes it can be overwhelming, not knowing what’s safe with what is another hurdle, so here are the common materials and what they can be used with, with the added bonus of how they should be stored and cleaned!

You would be amazed what are the most popular sex toys in Australia!

Silicone – smooth, no real smell or taste, some with a silky finish. Medical grade silicone is body-safe and is 100% hypoallergenic with no latex or phthalate.
Lubes: safe with water-based, oil-based, and hybrid lubes. (Extremely high quality is safe with silicone lube, Colours triple density dongs are safe.)
Cleaning: 100% silicone can be boiled, others should be washed with a toy cleaner!

Glass – most are made from the same glass as Pyrex, they are heat resistant and shatterproof. They are smooth and sturdy and perfect for temperature play. Glass is incredibly skin safe but be sure to check for cracks and fractures before each used!
Lube: Glass is safe with all lubes.
Cleaning: Can be washed with toy cleaner and water, or even thrown in the dishwasher, or boiled.

Plastic – most commonly made with ABS (the same material as LEGO), used for it’s cheap production value, these toys may be blended with latex. These are hard with no distinct smell or taste. Generally a skin safe material but could be blended with phthalates and latex, which are common allergens and harmful to skin.
Lubes: safe to use with all lube types
Cleaning: can be cleaned with sex toy cleaner, anti-bacterial soap and water, or through boiling.

PVC – man made plastic, can be hard or more flexible, has an intense plastic smell and more often than not contains phthalates and latex so isn’t the most body-safe option in the world.
Lubes: this material should be used with water-based lubes only, as oil and silicone can melt the material.
Cleaning: rigid PVC is non-porous and very easy to clean, flexible PVC can be porous so may be harder to clean. Store these toys away from other materials and preferably in their own casing to avoid chemical reactions and damage to toys.

TPE – the material used to create Real Feel, Cyberskin, Softskin, or Ultraskin. Frequently used for male masturbators. Realistically fleshlike, warms to the touch, incredibly flexible, due to it’s softness it isn’t a great option for vibrators as it can weaken vibrations. Can tend to have a rubbery smell and taste. TPE is non-toxic but is porous so it’s prone to bacterial growth, and can be mixed with product softeners which can be allergens.
Lubes: use water-based only with this material.
Cleaning: as this is a porous material it can be hard to clean, best to use just water and a toy cleaner.
This should be kept away from other toys in storage to be on the safe side. Any discolouration can be a sign of growing mould in the pores of the material, so throw it away. These toys should be replaced every 5 months.

Metal – usually made from medical grade stainless steel, they can occasionally be mixed with other metals (such as nickel WHICH SOME PEOPLE ARE ALLERGIC TO), so be sure to check this. These toys are rigid and smooth but perfect for temperature play, higher densities are good for weighted and pressure play.
Lubes: all lubes are safe to be used with metal! 😊
Cleaning: this is a non-porous material which makes cleaning a breeze, toy cleaner, soap, dishwasher, or boiling all work.

Wood – if made correctly these toys are beautifully smooth with a non-toxic resin coating to prevent splinters. The weight and look will depend on what kind of wood was used to create the toy. If made correctly these toys are super body safe and environmentally friendly. Some manufacturers use scrap wood which is great for conserving rainforests.
Lubes: wood is safe with all lubes, due to it’s smooth finish you only need a small amount.
Cleaning: best washed with just water to prolong life, be sure to check for any damage before and after each use.

Rubber – one of the cheapest materials, will be flexible with a very strong rubber smell and chemical taste. To ensure body safety it is strongly recommended to use a condom with rubber toys as they often contain phthalates which can be harmful to the skin. (They have produced body safe rubber recently but it is not widespread).
Lubes: best used with just water-based, however if using a condom with rubber silicone is okay to be used.
Cleaning: best washed with soap and water and stored away from other materials, just to avoid chemical reaction with other toys.


My personal favourite lube is the Wicked Hybrid as it’s super vagina friendly and can be used with most toy materials out there, it has the benefits of the longevity and silkiness of a silicone lube, but the easy cleanup of a water-based!

Welcome to The Oh Zone!

Adult Shop

I’ve been working at Oh! Zone for 6 months now, and wanted to share some of the fantastic interactions with customers I’ve had during this period. Obviously, while these are all true, no names or descriptions are given, as discretion is key. I would love to be able to read reviews from our customers online, but most are too shy to do so, as many sites are not very anonymous.


A lot of the time, especially for new customers, whether they are young or old, they are a little hesitant or uneasy when they first come in, not really knowing what to expect. While my job title is essentially all about sales, that is probably the smallest part of my job. First and foremost, I want to make sure every single person that walks through our door feels comfortable.


The simplest way our team does this is to make sure the place is nice and clean, smells great and is well lit. And then we welcome everyone with genuine smiles and an open mind. Some people just want to be left alone, which is understandable and respected. But others enjoy a great mini tour of the store, demystifying the 15,000+ products around the place (neatly arranged into about 15 different sections).


After comfort, the most important part of this job is listening. Listening to the needs of the customer, whether they are a single lady who may need to replace her much beloved toy, a couple looking at starting to play with a strap on, or how to start off in the world of fetish.


Of the last instance, I had a young man in a few months ago looking at getting some handcuffs, as his new girlfriend was a submissive. As he hadn’t ever explored being a dominant, he was pretty nervous sharing this story with me. And as we stood there in front of the wall of leather wrist and ankle cuffs, I said I had nothing for sale here that would help him.


‘I can see you are unsure about walking down this road,’ I began. ‘But if she is already an experienced submissive, you can’t hesitate if you are to be her dom(inant). While it may be new waters for you, you just have to fake it until you make it, as they say. You need to completely own this new role, to give her what she really wants. And since you’re standing here today, I assume you also want to give this to her.’


Immediately his posture rightened, and his words were no longer stuttered or quiet. He thanked me for my honesty, and having taken the words on board, he left with some great gear to get them started. Sure, it was a lot bigger sale than the cheap cuffs he was after, but it was offering a non-biased suggestion that was taken on board that really sticks in my mind.


On her first visit, one of my new regulars asked me about one of her fetish outfits. She was all about living her kink well and truly on her sleeve, but she wasn’t sure if she would be able to legally wear her Demoniq Mistress Dorothea dress in public. The wet-look black dress (which is hot as hell) has long sleeves and runs down nearly to the ankles at the front. Where it could cross the line, however, is at the back where everything is completely exposed, except for some horizontal strips and a g-string that comes with it. I told her I didn’t know but would look into it.


She was pretty stoked when she came back recently and I had an answer for her, regardless of the answer. It had taken about an hour of googling one night when I got home from work to find anything even close to figuring it out. (comment below if you’d wear this out and about or would you find it inappropriate?)


One of my favourite stories was when three young ladies came into the store, so two of them could help the third find a toy and hopefully, have her first orgasm. After a little chat, we decided on an external toy and I left them to decide on which one. They soon came up to the counter, and she had decided on a Nu Sensuelle Bunnii, a groovy little rechargeable external toy with two little ears at the end.


‘So what am I meant to do with it?’ she sheepishly asked. I turned to her friends, but neither wanted to add anything or answer. So I grabbed a Penthouse Cyberskin Stroker, which has a pretty good anatomically correct vagina visible through a clear plastic window and brought it back to the counter. Still with my gloves on (from testing the toy), I held the toy and showed her on the Cyberskin where the bunnii ears should be. I also said, being her first time using a toy, that she may still like to set the mood, candles, incense, music, the works.


Needless to say, as a forty year old cis male, educating someone about how to use a clit toy was not something I ever saw myself doing. Surprisingly for a first time visitor, she was not overly shy, and thankful for the advise.


I’ve met some great people here who love to come back in for a chat and to see what the latest gear in store is. Talking with the other staff, it seems like we all have a lot of our own regulars, people that come in just on our shifts. Maybe it’s because our customers tend to come into the shop the same time each week, or maybe they like that familiar face and having someone that knows what they like, and can suggest appropriate new additions.


At the end of the day, it is a very rewarding job. In terms of customer interactions, as well as the multitude of challenges constantly faced with unique problems you need to solve, even if you don’t understand it yet. Times like that, thankfully the customer is happy to wait patiently while I look up the best options for them, like the best lube for a trans woman to use with her dilators. Even to those who aren’t customers as such, as we don’t sell anything to help add volume to the amount of ejaculate, it is all learning, and helping.



I Work In An Adult Lifestyle Center!

How I love being part of a Team that really care about the clients that come through our doors!   We are not just retail shop assistants and our clients are not just customers.  We are about offering an informative service, we care we listen and take into account the needs of everyone that walks into our safe and clean environment.

People that come into our stores who are nervous and worried about how to ask intimate and personal questions. That’s completely understandable, we pride ourselves on making sure you are comfortable at all times so sometimes we start with how your day has been, or talk about the weather until you are comfortable enough to open up to us about whatever it is you need.

I’ve had customers so distressed because they can’t orgasm and that’s why we are here to discuss the issues to help find the right product for you to help achieve your sexual goals.  At the Adult Lifestyle Centers always listen and take into account what you have tried and suggest what may work for you.

Our regular clients often will return and give feedback on that particular product that worked or massage oils or candles that helped them relax and worked.  This feedback is invaluable as then we know what is the right path perhaps for you.

We also get clients that come in that have had or have Prostate issues and need assistance to help them achieve an erection, this is a really important facet of our work to us that we can help find the right Pumps, cock rings etc.  We work with Urologists and Medical Centers in the Penrith region who often send us their patients to us as they know we will look after them, have compassionate caring attitudes and our stores offer a safe sex environment. Taking time to listen and look is what we love to do.  Personally, I pride myself on making sure every purchase will help them – not just trying to make a buck.

I love being a part of the Adult lifestyle centre as helping make people smile again and feel comfortable in their own skin is very rewarding.  It’s great to see couples that come in to spice their relationships up and they always seem to ask where do we start,?  So asking what they like or whether it’s internal or external  Is really important.   Some couples are nervous at first but again we are about making them comfortable so I always start with products that don’t intimidate them and of course we talk about a wide variety of things.  My client and I build up a repour and over time they feel free to ask me anything.    Some of my clients pop in to say ‘hello!’ and let me know how things are going.  Most of our clients become ‘repeat customers’.

Often girls from the Adult entertainment clubs around the area and it’s great because we have a chat about their next performance and what outfits are best for them.  We get to meet so many people from different industries and walks of life. Building a rapport with working girls and guys is wonderful and they appreciate the honesty when buying and trying on outfits whatever else they need.

If there is something we cannot find for a customer in our store I will try my hardest to find it, through our other stores and warehouse or suppliers.  That is the beauty of having the other stores and warehouse because if we haven’t got it here we will contact the other teams and ask if they do.  Even if there is a product we don’t have enough information on we have other teams we can contact and they’re always happy to help with more information.  We will put our heads and knowledge together, it’s truly an amazing experience and awesome team to be a part of.  All the teams help each other and share information to help keep us all on the ball and up to date.

I’ve met carer’s from disability support centres as their clients still have needs so again helping them find what is needed for their clients is really important to us.  So as you can see working in Oh zone adult lifestyle centres Is more than just a job to me, I take great pride in making sure we have a clean and tidy store at all times and our environment is safe ,fun ,and comfortable for everyone.  I never see what I do is a job or just a retail position , I love what I do, so it’s easy to be compassionate and friendly and helpful.  To guide people to whatever their sexual needs may be.

Life at Oh zone is always Interesting and Fun but most of all you go home feeling you have made a difference in people’s lives.


Newly Improved Oh Zone Kogarah

Best Adult Shops

New South Wales, Australia world famous adult sex toy retail stores named “Oh Zone” have just been revamped their Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah. It is now warehouse size with over 350 square meters of sex toy space for the ultimate adult shopping experience available. The owners have just spent $100,000 on a design revamp that could not have came at a better time. Managers Belinda and Stephen said that the upgrades could not come at a better time and fits in with their aim of having the best sex toy and adult product shopping experience in Sydney. Oh Zone Kogarah has been operating from that location for just 12 months after acquiring the business from Adult World Australia. A lot has changed in those twelve months. Belinda says:

Our aim is to make Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah is the flagship of our retail chain in New South Wales that welcomes all adult shoppers in a clean and friendly environment. We have expanded the retail floor by just on 100 square meters and have had beautiful new floating timber floors installed, we have had this new area designed specifically for the ladies which will contain only lingerie and accessories. The other 300 square meters of adult shopping experience has been re-carpeted giving the shop a bright and lively appeal.

Womens Vibrator
Buy Now | L’amourose Sex Toys

Other renovations have been carried out in the store include freshly painted interior, new slat-wall and luxury glass displays showing our bestselling sex toys in store. The glass displays show off our best sex toy brands like Lelo, We Vibe, Fun Factory and L’amourose. Renovations will continue with the exterior of the building scheduled to be painted in March and a rear ‘conference room’ that will be used by sex therapists and counselors for seminars in all things adult, like strengthening pelvic walls after childbirth, educating those recovering from prostate surgery on how to maintain an erection without the need for surgery or sex positive support and education. Stephen says:

‘Oh Zone is renowned for being a place that is accepting to all. Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah is designed to allow access to the mobility impaired and we are active in promoting the store to be a sex positive location that caters for those with special needs.’ Stephen is active with the local gay and lesbian community and promotes and educates on issues relating to equal sexual and human rights for the disabled.

At the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah there is disability access that requires absolutely no effort to get into the store. With a huge range of sex toy products there is something for everybody. Oh Zone centres pride ourselves by offering a suitable environment that will help everybody.

The store is often referred to as the best adult shop in Sydney and the reviews received on social networking and trade sites are all five star. The customer service representatives at the store are knowledgeable but will allow customers their own space if assistance is not required. If you aren’t sure what you are after simply inform the consultant of your needs and they will do their best to find a product which will fulfill your needs. Our consultants are regularly learning about the products they sell to provide you a better shopping experience. We also use customer feedback to let people know what has worked best for other people to. At all our stores we have sex toy tester’s that we can turn on to show you the product’s we would recommend or are the most bought within the store. If you need help accessing a product ask a consultant and we will get it for you. Our products range from bullets, vibrators, rabbits, fleshlights, strokers, prostate massagers, bdsm, lingerie, party novelties and much more.

If you live in Sydney and are disabled or mobility impaired please contact or visit Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah to see how we can assist you with your sexual needs. Otherwise all are welcome to visit this innovative and unique adult store in Australia. We offer a friendly open environment that helps out the best we can. Be sure to check out our stores all over New South Wales.