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An important aspect of everyday living is our health. We see it plastered everywhere. How to lose weight, which new fad diet to adhere to in the new year, the best water to drink, gym routines to follow and new and improved ways to pay attention and take care of our own mental health.


But sexual health is important too.


And yet it is rarely given as much of the limelight.


Sex and sexual health still often holds a stigma around it. It’s dirty. It’s taboo. It’s provocative or of loose morals. But here is the reality; sex is natural. And most people will partake, experiment and enjoy it as part of their everyday lives.


Which is one of the reasons awareness of sexual health is so important.


So today, let’s talk about Vulvas and Vaginas. How do we keep the Vulva and the Vagina healthy?


Here are my 5 tips for a Healthy Vulva and Vagina


Keep the Ph Balanced


The human body is a fiercely fascinating factory of infinite wisdom and workings. The Vulva and Vagina would you believe is basically self cleaning. It also is home to a host of good bacteria that are PH sensitive. Those bacteria keep your vagina and vulva thriving. This is where you want and need to stay away from scented soaps or bath products, even some of the vaginal marketed products. All you need to clean your vulva is warm water. Anything more than that can wash away the good bacteria that is keeping your vulva safe from nasties outside of your body and leave you open to infection. A very mild soap that is PH neutral, paraben free is safe to use especially after sweat intense activities and sex.

Also-douching-stop! It is not safe to douche your vagina. Again, the bacteria in your vagina is very sensitive and when you douche your vaginal canal you expel all of that bacteria leaving your precious vagina unguarded.


When using Lube try and use water based lubricants that are ph neutral, have no parabens or preservatives. Pjur has an outstanding range tailored for women that are just perfect for the vulva and vaginal climate.


WHich brings us to flavoured lubricants and sweet treats. We have all read stories or fantasised about the stories involving caramel or whipped cream at one point or another. Perhaps that is just me. Let me let you in on another secret. Sugar is not so great for the vagina or vulva conditions either. It can lead to bacterial infections, or worse, thrush. And nobody has time or patience for that. When selecting sweet treats for playing always select flavoured lubricants that contain high grade artificial sweetener such as sensuva in them. This will ensure that nothing bad will grow down there. Wicked and Jo Lubricants are some of our favourites!


Let them breathe.


Another important point to be made is that vulvas and vaginas need airflow. Restricting oxygen and airflow stifles the bacteria that we have and you guessed it, they die. We secrete sweat and the conditions down there become not very habitable. This is why leading experts often suggest wearing cotton rich underpants which promote air flow to your nether region, and why even if they aren’t cotton underpants they will often have a little cotton strip sewn into it.


The next best thing, other than cotton panties, is being naked. Scientific studies have long proved the benefits for sleeping naked for the body but did you know that it is also very beneficial for your vagina and vulva? Allowing the air to flow to your nether region, helps to regulate temperature, assisting in keeping you cooler as you drift off and stay asleep. The airflow also allows for the prevention of the buildup of bacteria and fungi which prevent infection and balances your PH. The term beauty sleep, is not as far fetched and made up as you may have imagined either. Sleep is when our bodies naturally heal and our cells cycle and repair themselves. The same is said for the vulva and vagina. Without the added piece of underwear stretched tightly against them gives them the unencumbered ability to heal in peace.


Use Safe Materials


Like ensuring your lubricants are utilising high quality artificial sweeteners over real caramel; making sure other materials you place inside your vagina is also very important. WHen selected toys and condoms pay attention to what they are made of before purchasing and before putting them inside your body.


When using vibrators, dongs and toys, try to use non porous, body safe or medical grade materials such as Silicone, stainless steel, surgical steel, glass or approved TPE or TPR. lower grade materials that are not body safe have the potential to break down and off into the body and infect the delicate environment that we have. This not only includes the solid materials but can also include the colour or dyes used in the manufacturing. Check in with our friendly staff to see about the right toys that are safest for your body when visiting our stores.


Know your Bits


Most of us use the word vulva and vagina interchangeable. Infact, most often we label a woman’s nether region her vagina. So first, a quick anatomy lesson.


The Vagina is the canal inside that extends up to the cervix. About 2-2.5cms inside is the G spot. Another 2 cms, when extended and aroused, is the fornix which is a cul de sac shaped pressure plate surrounding the cervix. The Anterior Fornix is better known as the A spot. The Cervix is the ridge shielded within your vagina. To see the cervix, often a speculum is needed and it is suggested that a professional inspect and examine the cervix.


The Vulva is the exposed section on the outside of the vagina. At the top is the Pubic mound (mons pubis) which may or may not have pubic hair. Below that is the clitoral head that protects that head of the clitoris. Further down is the urethral opening. The entrance to the Vagina is located underneath this. These are protected by the Inner Lips (labia minora) and Outer lips (labia majora)



Don’t be afraid to sit down, if you’re feeling adventurous try using a mirror and see if you can find each of the corresponding parts. Feel each part slowly. They should feel for the most part, smooth to the touch. There may be the odd small bump from a hair follicle, pimple or ingrown hair. But make sure to note any bumps and bring them to the attention of a doctor on your next visit.  Maybe you want to get a designer vagina?


Testing and Vaccinating


Keeping healthy means regular check ups with your doctor or gynecologist. If you are sexually active, the best thing you can do for your vagina and vulva is to get tested regularly. The frequency of how often you get tested for such things as STIs depend on how many sexual partners that you have, how often you have sex, whether you are fluid bonded, what methods of contraception you use and when you were last tested.


Many people often don’t like to get tested frequently because of the stigma or the judgment surrounding getting tested frequently. I am here to tell you that if you are made to feel uncomfortable by a physician, leave, seek a second opinion. You are doing the right and responsible thing by being tested. You are in the right. There are many Doctors Surgeries that are pro-sexual testing that will screen you without judgement. Reach out to us if you are having difficulty finding some in the Sydney Area.


In 2017 a new system was introduced that replaced the pap smear screening procedures for vagina’s to test for potential cervical cancer. The Cervical Screening Test or CST searches for the presence of HPV and can even detect the very early stages of cells before they have turned cancerous. This medical Advancement allows for testing to occur every 5 years instead of every 2 years.


From 2007 a HPV vaccination has been available to young women and men usually between 12 and 13 at school to help prevent HPV and cervical cancer. Other vaccinations such as HepA and HepB are also vital in keeping up to date for your safety and your sexual partners.


Vaginas and Vulvas are much like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same and each one is different and unique for their own reasons.  It is a great idea to know your own, know your partners for as much pleasure as health. As I finish I thought I would leave you with a quick word of wisdom on diets and taste. There has long been rumours on things to eat to make a pussy taste better, pineapple, cranberry and other fads. The vulva is only ever going to taste like it is meant to taste, a Vulva. They are not created to taste like flowers or candy or chocolates.


That being said, a good and healthy diet can assist in maintaining a better tasting “dessert”. Some sample experiments have been shown that diets rich in fried, high sodium and processed foods will give off a not so nice taste. Whereas diets that are rich in vitamins, fibre, well hydrated and well balanced will make for a much tastier meal (this goes for semen as well.) As a general rule of thumb, if your diet makes your pee or your bowels smell, it’s probably not doing your cum any favours either. Graphic yes. Helpful-very.


At your Service,



OhZone Adult Shops Sales Assistant, Educator and Vulva Owner

Oh Zone Penrith

penrith oh zone

Hi, I came into Ohzone Penrith the other day and wanted to write a review as the service I received and the product range was an absolute delight. I have been to the store once but that was many, many years ago now and it has changed vastly.

I was sent to the store by my wife, as she was too embarrassed to come in, I tried my hardest to get her to come but unfortunately it was a no go. She didn’t have an exact idea of what she wanted but we have quite a few toys so I knew the style that she enjoys. It’s always hard to buy for someone else but due to the incredibly helpful staff it was an absolute breeze for me. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted and as I hadn’t been in the store before the woman gave me a tour of the sections and all the products they had.

I explained to the staff the types of toys and styles that my wife enjoys and the woman was able to pick out quite a few toys that she thought would be a good fit, we both put gloves on and had a fiddle around with all the toys and I’m glad I did as we’ve previously only purchased our toys online and some of them weren’t as powerful as we were expecting, so to be able to feel the vibrations in my hand whilstan extremely knowledgeable staff member talked me through all the different functions and different ways to use the toys as well as the different types of lubes that would help enhance pleasure was very helpful and I knew I would be able to bring home a toy that was perfect for my wife due to all the help I received.

The store itself is very clean and tidy, all of the products are organised in sections and it is very easy to find anything you’re after (especially when you’re given the store tour), there is such a wide range of products the only problem was trying to choose what I wanted. I parked out the front along high street but that was pure luck as someone was pulling out just as I was driving to go to the stores rear parking.

I quickly found out Zippay and Afterpay were available in the store which made me want to purchase a toy for myself as well, again the woman was extremely helpful and showed me all sorts of male toys. I was most interested in the strokers as I had never really had one before, I brought a few up to the front counter to see which one was best in her opinion. We went through the ones I brought up however she also showed me a vibrating stroker that was up behind the counter and walked me through the functions and motors and after holding it for myself I was sold as it was an incredible product and I was so happy that I had her help otherwise I wouldn’t of known and just got one I thought looked nice but wasn’t of the same calibre.

All in all my experience was wonderful and I’ll definitely be back for more and my wife will be forced to come with me next time so she can have the same experience as I did and see for herself that there is no need to be embarrassed as the staff are extremely professional and very helpful.


This is a customer review received by the Oh Zone Store.  We are happy to publish it as many of their consultants write articles for this blog.

A Sex Doll Saved My Relationship!

I know exactly what you’re thinking. How could sex dolls possibly save a relationship? If anything, they’re harmful to relationships, right? Before you pass your judgment and write these off, just give me a few minutes to show to you that sex dolls can actually improve or even save a stagnating relationship.


This will teach you about what sex dolls can add to your relationship, how they have changed throughout the years and fun things that couples can do with these dolls. By the end of this, you might want to get your own to surprise your spouse.


Sex Dolls Past and Present

Many people think the only type of sex dolls available are those ugly inflatable ones that had a terrible face and a few holes. The other view that many people have is that only unattractive men living in basements use these dolls. Both are very wrong.


Sex dolls have advanced wildly since these old inflatable versions. While the inflatable ones are still around, the most popular ones are silicone and TPE models. I urge you to look at any of these dolls and tell me they’re not beautiful. These materials feel almost like skin and have allowed manufacturers to create very realistic dolls.


Not only do they look and feel real to the hand, but many people report that it’s nearly identical to being with a real person. Some models are even having AI installed to make them move realistically or to react to your movement or pressure.


Due to this, men and women of all sorts own and use these dolls. They are significantly more expensive than the inflatable models of old, but they are so worth the price. Singles and couples have been using these type of sex dolls for years because they fulfill so many fantasies.


Overall Benefits

Sex dolls have benefits, and I don’t just mean how well they work in bed. They help you fulfill some very wild fantasies, which I will touch on later, but let’s talk about the many people who commonly use and own sex dolls.


Widows and widowers have been faced a hard blow by life. They still have sexual needs but aren’t ready to emotionally move on from their partner. They cannot invest themselves into a person, but they want an outlet for their feelings and needs. A sex doll is perfect. They look and feel like people, which gives widows and widowers healthy reassurance, while also giving them a safe space to release their urges. The dolls act as a stepping stone to help them cope and move on.


Homosexuals who are worried about coming out of the closet but still want to be with someone they find attractive will find that sex dolls provide them discretion and the confidence to have sex with who they want. It will give the person a space to express themselves without worrying about what others think of them.


Singles who want sex but aren’t ready to commit, or those who are worried that their looks may turn others away, can also receive some comfort from these sex dolls. Since they are so realistic, these people will get to enjoy their lives without feeling like they are missing out.


That leads us to couples. One of the many problems that couples face is that they get bored. You can try different positions, toys or new fetishes, but things will get boring if you don’t change anything. Sex dolls change that. It gives both of you a chance to have a threesome without any emotional investment. You can also both talk about what you want from the doll. How should it look? What types of features and body parts should it have? This is exciting, and both of you will be able to enjoy that excitement for years after finally getting the doll.

Erotic Doll


I’m talking about fantasies in two different ways here. I’ll first cover what you can do with the doll. What have you always wanted your partner to do? Many people love oral sex, but their partner may not be willing to do this, or they don’t do it very often. You can also experience rough fantasies, role play with costumes and accessories and so much more.


Sex dolls are basically adult toys, and their use is limited only by your imagination. Using the sex doll as a couple makes this even better as one partner can control the doll or use it to really add to the fantasy. No matter what you imagine, the doll can really add to it and many couples find that they become more expressive and creative with their sexuality.


The other aspect of fantasy that I want to cover is how the sex doll looks. I’m sure you love your partner very much and that’s not being called into question here, but everyone has an ideal body type that they drool over. Maybe you like certain parts really big or very small, or maybe you’ve always lusted over a certain celebrity.


No matter what your picture of the ideal human body is, sex dolls can be made to fit your fantasy. Many are made with common fantasies in mind. Aside from bodies that are almost impossible to find in real life, you can also experience fantasies that truly are impossible.


There are sex dolls made to look like elves with pointy ears and petite bodies, anime dolls with those iconic large eyes, furry sex dolls that are animal-like with human facial features and so much more. There are even custom dolls that allow you to take the reins of how the doll looks.


When it comes to couples, you might be surprised to know that shemale sex dolls are often the most popular. Coming packed with an anatomy to satisfy both partners, no one will feel left out. Some sex dolls are already made with this type of anatomy while others can easily be converted to have both parts.


What makes sex dolls so unique and interesting is that they can look however you want, and they add so much to your relationship. They can do whatever you want, no matter how crazy or weird the situation or fantasy.

Love Doll


I know a lot of people have misconceptions about sex dolls and it’s easy to see why. Many people still picture unattractive basement dwellers using ugly and vaguely human inflatable dolls in a desperate bid to satisfy their needs. The reality is that silicone and TPE sex dolls are truly beautiful and can be made to satisfy all your fantasies. Whether you’re looking for a shemale sex doll or anything else, these can help spice up your relationship and prevent either partner from feeling bored.


Talking about sex and admitting that you are bored can be difficult. Many people will go their whole lives without openly talking about these issues, but that’s unhealthy and it won’t help your relationship. Sex dolls have evolved dramatically throughout the years to the point where they are highly realistic and even therapeutic. Give them a try and you’ll see just how much good they can do for your relationship.

Meet The Newest Member To The Adultsmart Blogging Team – MORGAN!

Mogan Blogger

I had a considerably privileged childhood growing up, a loving family, incredible opportunities and a perfect education. I was your typical A grade student all through school, I excelled in everything I did and was a perfectionist. I was passionate and diligent with everything I did, whether it was writing, art, music or sport I achieved in every aspect of life.

I started young, crawling was clearly something I just didn’t have time for as a baby and decided to start walking at 7 months with some shock to my parent’s as I was their first child. Life had some hurdles for me though and I was quite a sick child, I had my first operation at the age of two but during my hospital visits I enjoyed wheelchair racing around the ward.  Throughout my younger years I was involved in athletics, state swimming, soccer, netball, tae kwon do, karate, Oz tag, keyboard, and always loved art. I would spend hours reading books, drawing, painting anything creative.

Morgan Blog
Blogger Morgan

During school I was passionate about studying vet science, but due to my fear of cracking bones I decided that a life in medicine wasn’t for me. I then changed direction and followed my passion for design; I completed my studies in interior design, and product design.

Trauma has defined and shaped my life, I am far from normal when it comes to injuries, I mean most kids break a bone, I tend to surprise doctors with my medical adventures, but seriously

who wants to be “normal” or “average” anyway!

During the beginning of year 11 (2008) I was assaulted, that tore me apart and considerably changed my view on life and relationships. I went through major depression Post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and a condition where I had little to no facial expressions. I entered into a very abusive relationship after that both emotionally and physically, but I survived! Every event in my life has changed me and made me stronger, I have never given up! 2017 has been another wild year with my partner of four and a half years and I having a miscarriage at 13 weeks in January.

I have always kept my emotions and feelings to myself until a few years back when it was doing more harm then good, I chose to express my feelings and hurt with artwork on my body. I am now the proud owner of many large tattoo pieces, and much to my families horror I keep adding more! Every single tattoo on my body means something and shows my journey through life, I don’t regret any of them! I am open minded, kind, caring and I don’t take life too seriously anymore, as laughter is the best medicine!

Female Tattoos
Morgans Tattoos

It’s the small things in life that create the best memories and you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice you have.

With a tough year I decided to change my life, I quit my previous job took a month off work to sort my head out and I ended up coming in for a job interview at Oh Zone!

I have never been “open” about my sexual life

but it’s not all about that here, its much, much more! Every rule has its exception and I found Oh Zone to be that exception, its not just an “adult shop” it’s a safe place, a place to boost confidence, a place to express yourself in any which way, a place that’s is always willing to listen and help and a place to take a journey.

Thanks for reading!

Morgan xSave


The Importance of Adult Shops

Safe Zone Image

In this day and age there are a lot of things that adult shops can offer to a wide range of customers whether that strictly be a LGBTQI safe zone.  We also cater to many other people and i’ll tackle some issues that we actually help with and the benefit and good that we actually impact onto our culture which a lot of us overlook.  I think about this often. First and foremost I’ll tackle the males and what impacts and drastic changes we can make in their lives.

Men with erectile dysfunction can often be embarrassed by their completely normal medical condition, we offer a wide range of toys to help them with this from penis extenders, strap ons and even tablets which will help make them feel more confident and better equipped without the worry in the back of their head that their partner is not satisfied with what they can offer. And personally I know just from owning multiple fleshlights that times when I would get depressed or lonely these toys can offer a pleasing orgasm and makes yo feel a lot better than going out and wrecking yourself on alcohol or any other thing like that, sometimes all people need is a quick orgasm or the feeling of closeness or to act out a fantasy and things can change your perspective.

I find it astonishing how many couples come into the shop looking to spice up their sex life, they leave with couple toys such as some light BDSM gear and maybe a we vibe and the amount of joy on their face when they come back in and say things like “They helped so much that we’re going to do more stuff like that, show me ALL your  products” which i can tell has brought them closer to their partners or even relationships on the rocks, a little mix up and spice in their relationship life and suddenly you can be back to your honeymoon stage.


Adult Shop
Banner: The Important of Adult Shops


I have a regular who comes and sees me and she had a double masectomy and does not feel “sexy” or self confident anymore and after showing her countless items we came to a conclusion of what she wanted and what her husband liked, and i remember her big grin when she left the shop and i really value things like that, sex shops are seen as taboo or meant to be a place where creeps hang out but i can assure everyone that’s not the case, alot of the interactions i have with the customers is pleasant and they’re more than happy to open up and tell me what the situation they’re dealing with is and i’m more than happy to recommend products that will help them on an individual basis.

Around 75% of women can’t actually achieve orgasm through penetrative sex, so even as a couples toy the body wand is fantastic, i’ve been in situations with ex gf’s and they weren’t able to achieve an orgasm and that really affected my head i was thinking “Am i not good enough?, am i not attractive” and i took it personally when i really shouldn’t have but it’s understandable why it would make you feel unwanted.

But the fact that we offer such a range of products from toys to movies to costumes, i think we are really doing a good job, and being able to push people in the right direction for their fetishes or anything like that is great, especially when it comes to taboo things when guys are scared of trying anything penetrative on themselves because they will feel less “manly”, i try to break down that stereotype and be up front and say things like ” It’s alot more common than you think, we’re not here to judge, honestly it feels great it’s a prostate it’s meant to be touched for sexual pleasure” and more often than not i will see them again and they’ll end up buying a similar toy.

Bit of a rant but i honestly think we make an improvement in every customers life in a positive way.  So get your wallet out and start shopping now.

About The Author:  Nick is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres