Opening Doors: The Importance of Wheelchair Accessibility In Adult Shops

Wheelchair Accessibility In Adult Shops creates an inclusive environment for all customers, including those with disabilities. In the adult retail industry, this means taking steps to ensure that wheelchair users have access to all areas of the store, including fitting rooms, product displays, and checkout counters.

By making a retail shop more wheelchair accessible it improves customer satisfaction, increase sales, and fosters a more inclusive society.

Understanding the Needs of Wheelchair Users

Consider the physical limitations and challenges that wheelchair users face when shopping. Wheelchair users may have difficulty maneuvering through narrow aisles, accessing high shelves, or reaching clothing racks that are too low or too high. They may also have difficulty accessing fitting rooms, restrooms, and checkout counters that are too high or too small.

To truly understand the needs of wheelchair users, we talk to them directly. We reach out to local disability advocacy groups or organizations to get feedback on how to make your store more accessible.

Sex Toys For The Impaired

Handicapped people use sex toys for the same reasons as any other person: for erotic delight, sensual mixture, sexual experimentation, enhanced sex and the rundown goes on. Mobility impaired people use them to help with sexual challenges of physical, mental or erectile dysfunction.

There is more to disability and sex and most Adult Shops do not cater for this. Sex is a difficult subject for anybody, and not always how it is portrayed in movies or on TV.

Sexual Health And Education For Intellectually Disabled

People with intellectual disability can no longer be excluded from sexual health and information.  It needs to allow –

  • Teaching individuals that people with disabilities can have sex lives and sexual relationships
  • Cover issues that may be associated with their particular disability that is delivered in an age appropriate manner.
  • Teaches and explains social rules which include differences between public and private behaviours.
  • Delivery and taught in a way that works with an individuals level of understanding.
  • Providing a safe and inclusive environment for them to shop for their adult sexual needs.

Benefits of Making Wheelchair Accessibility In Adult Shops?

Making our retail shop more accessible for wheelchair users  has had a variety of benefits.

  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Creates trust thereby, customer loyalty
  • Ensures our store is set up correctly
  • Allows customers to easily navigate through the store
  • Attracts new customers by word or mouth and social sharing
  • Brings in a customer base that may never have visited the store

We comply with legal requirements that businesses provide “full and equal access” to people with disabilities.

But it is simply the right thing to do.

By embracing accessibility,show that your business values diversity and is committed to creating a more inclusive society.

How To Design A Retail Shop for Wheelchair Accessibility?

Consider every aspect of the store, from the entrance to the fitting rooms. Here are some tips for creating a more accessible store:

  • Ensure that your entrance is wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through easily. Install automatic doors or provide door openers for customers who may have difficulty opening heavy doors.
  • Ensure that all aisles are wide enough for a wheelchair to pass through, with a minimum width of 36 inches. Remove any obstacles, such as displays or merchandise, that may block the path of a wheelchair.
  • Ensure that all counters and checkout areas are at a height that is accessible for wheelchair users. This may require installing lower counters or providing height-adjustable counters.
  • Ensure that all fitting rooms are large enough for a wheelchair to maneuver in, with a minimum width of 60 inches. Install grab bars and other assistive devices to help wheelchair users transfer to and from the fitting room.
  • Ensure that all restrooms are wheelchair accessible, with wide doors, grab bars, and accessible sinks and toilets.

How To Merchandise Accessible for Wheelchair Users?

Here are some tips how we made our merchandise more accessible for wheelchair users:

  • Ensure that all merchandise is displayed at a height that is accessible for wheelchair users. This may require installing lower shelves or providing height-adjustable displays.
  • Ensure that all merchandise is within reach of a wheelchair user. Avoid placing merchandise on high shelves or in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Provide clothing racks that are spaced far enough apart for a wheelchair to maneuver between them. Consider installing rolling racks that can be moved aside to create more space.
  • Provide assistive devices to help wheelchair users reach merchandise that may be out of reach, such as reachers or grabbers.

Training Your Staff to Provide Excellent Customer Service to Wheelchair Users

. Here are some tips we used for training our staff:

  • Educate your staff on the needs and challenges of wheelchair users. Provide resources and training materials that teach your staff how to interact with and assist wheelchair users.
  • Train your staff on how operate assistive devices, such as elevators or automatic doors.
  • Teach your staff how to communicate effectively with wheelchair users. Encourage them to ask if the customer needs assistance and to be respectful and patient when interacting with them.
  • Consider hiring staff members with disabilities, including wheelchair users. This can help create a more inclusive work environment and provide valuable insights into the needs of disabled customers.

Marketing Your Retail Shop as Wheelchair Accessible

We market our adult retail shop as wheelchair accessible. Here are some tips for marketing your store:

  • Include information about your store’s accessibility on your website, social media channels, and marketing materials.
  • Use signage and other visual cues to indicate wheelchair accessible areas of your store.
  • Consider partnering with local disability advocacy groups or organizations to promote your store as a welcoming and accessible shopping destination.
  • Encourage customer feedback and provide a way for customers to report any accessibility issues they may encounter.

Come visit us at the Adult Lifestyle Centre – 12 Production Ave, Kogarah – the all inclusive sex shop.

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