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New South Wales, Australia world famous adult sex toy retail stores named “Oh Zone” have just been revamped their Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah. It is now warehouse size with over 350 square meters of sex toy space for the ultimate adult shopping experience available. The owners have just spent $100,000 on a design revamp that could not have came at a better time. Managers Belinda and Stephen said that the upgrades could not come at a better time and fits in with their aim of having the best sex toy and adult product shopping experience in Sydney. Oh Zone Kogarah has been operating from that location for just 12 months after acquiring the business from Adult World Australia. A lot has changed in those twelve months. Belinda says:

Our aim is to make Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah is the flagship of our retail chain in New South Wales that welcomes all adult shoppers in a clean and friendly environment. We have expanded the retail floor by just on 100 square meters and have had beautiful new floating timber floors installed, we have had this new area designed specifically for the ladies which will contain only lingerie and accessories. The other 300 square meters of adult shopping experience has been re-carpeted giving the shop a bright and lively appeal.

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Other renovations have been carried out in the store include freshly painted interior, new slat-wall and luxury glass displays showing our bestselling sex toys in store. The glass displays show off our best sex toy brands like Lelo, We Vibe, Fun Factory and L’amourose. Renovations will continue with the exterior of the building scheduled to be painted in March and a rear ‘conference room’ that will be used by sex therapists and counselors for seminars in all things adult, like strengthening pelvic walls after childbirth, educating those recovering from prostate surgery on how to maintain an erection without the need for surgery or sex positive support and education. Stephen says:

‘Oh Zone is renowned for being a place that is accepting to all. Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah is designed to allow access to the mobility impaired and we are active in promoting the store to be a sex positive location that caters for those with special needs.’ Stephen is active with the local gay and lesbian community and promotes and educates on issues relating to equal sexual and human rights for the disabled.

At the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah there is disability access that requires absolutely no effort to get into the store. With a huge range of sex toy products there is something for everybody. Oh Zone centres pride ourselves by offering a suitable environment that will help everybody.

The store is often referred to as the best adult shop in Sydney and the reviews received on social networking and trade sites are all five star. The customer service representatives at the store are knowledgeable but will allow customers their own space if assistance is not required. If you aren’t sure what you are after simply inform the consultant of your needs and they will do their best to find a product which will fulfill your needs. Our consultants are regularly learning about the products they sell to provide you a better shopping experience. We also use customer feedback to let people know what has worked best for other people to. At all our stores we have sex toy tester’s that we can turn on to show you the product’s we would recommend or are the most bought within the store. If you need help accessing a product ask a consultant and we will get it for you. Our products range from bullets, vibrators, rabbits, fleshlights, strokers, prostate massagers, bdsm, lingerie, party novelties and much more.

If you live in Sydney and are disabled or mobility impaired please contact or visit Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre Kogarah to see how we can assist you with your sexual needs. Otherwise all are welcome to visit this innovative and unique adult store in Australia. We offer a friendly open environment that helps out the best we can. Be sure to check out our stores all over New South Wales.



11 Things You Will Find In An Adult Store!

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There are countless reasons why people need help in their sexual lifestyles.  This help can come in many forms but one of the easiest ways to increase sexual enjoyment is with the aid of sex toys.   At the end of the day we all use some sort of technique to help increase our pleasure whether it be when masturbating or with a partner.  Whether it’s using our mind for fantasy or our hands to massage our secret sexual erogenous zones that will stimulate our thousands of nerve ending to facilitate the best orgasms only we know how to achieve. In this world, there have been millions upon millions of people who have experienced the problems int their relationships, many spurning from lack or interest or dissatisfaction in their sex life and requirements.

Sex is good!  And a healthy sexual lifestyle will relieve stress, make one feel comfortable and closer with their lover and satiate those carnal cravings that all of us have.  Not being able to orgasm will increase tensions both physically and mentally.  You need to release your sexual energies to alleviate feelings of depression and melancholy, to feel good about oneself, release your bodies pent up energies.  This can be achieved by masturbation, sexual relations with your partner or both of these with the aid of sex toys.

Adult toys and sex aids can be found at the best adult shops whether they be of the brick and mortar variety of an adult shop online.  The use of these devices will encourage you to orgasm, to challenge the boundaries of your sexuality, to experience new things, and to enjoy life more.   Sex toys have been made to enhance your sexual lifestyle and not to replace the people you love. There are various different types of sex toys that are available in adult stores. Let us take a look at some of the bestselling sex toys in the adult market –

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Sex toy types include:

Vibrators are the most common types of sex toys that are available in the adult market. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes and designs depending on the needs of the user. These sex toys are being used every day to help with clitoris and g-spot stimulation in women and it is widely preferred because most women will reach climax through stimulation of the clitoris.

  • G-Spot Vibrators stimulate the G –spot for females. They are curved at one end.
  • Rabbit vibrator used to stimulate the clitoris and for vaginal penetration. The bunny ears move frequently giving pleasure to the clitoris while the vibrator inserts, rotates and pounds the vagina.
  • Bullet vibrators
  • Clitoris Ticklers
  • Ben Wa Balls:

The Balls are inserted inside the vagina and can be kept for extended time for getting strong orgasms. Kegel exercisers are also available in the market for the vagina in order to exercise the vaginal walls. The above toys come under the category of general penetrative toys.

  • Dildos:

These are sex toys that are designed to look like a penis. Most people use them for vaginal insertion while there are those that use them for anal insertion too. Today’s dildos are produced in such a way to make them look exactly like an actual penis with veins, ridges, bumps and several other different features. There are those that have double ends and they are usually used by two people simultaneously. These are perfect for people in relationships. There are also those that are vibrating which give them the opportunity to do the work of the vibrators and the dildo at the same time. This is considered to be very convenient and effective especially by those that want to experience extra stimulation and unique orgasm.

  • Cock Rings/Penis rings:

Penis rings are sex toys that are meant for men. They are also commonly known as cock rings or constriction rings. They are usually made of rubber and they are meant to stretch the penis to a certain level. They are often used for maintaining the erection longer and for treating premature ejaculation. They are however not meant to be worn for long periods and more specifically not more than 30 minutes, since they may cause negative side effects.

Penis pumps are other types of sex toys that can be found in the adult market and are meant to help in the maintenance of an erection for a longer time. This sex toy is usually made of a cylinder in which you put your penis in and pump up for an increased size, or better erection.

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  • Cyberskin Sex Toys are made from flesh like feeling materials. Such materials are like latex rubber. It is less expensive to silicon but some people can be allergic to latex. Cyberskin is also a thermal plastic kind of a thing which is used in these sextoys. The most important flesh like material is the silicon. It resembles human flesh very much .They are abundantly used in flesh lights to insert the penis inside it. Nowadays people want real sex  like experience to enjoy the maximum masturbation pleasure.

Anal Sex Toys

  • Short dildos with a stopping base are known as butt plugs. These should never be shared.
  • Anal beads are there which are like balls with strings. The balls are inserted or pushed inside the anus for pleasure.
  • Prostrate massagers, massage and vibrate against the prostrate the human being for good health and pleasure.
  • Butt plugs are one type of toy which are like dildos but they are shorter than dildos. They are inserted inside the butt of humans for pleasure. One category of toys are vibrators. They literally vibrate.
  • Glass Sex Toys:

Made from medical grade borosilicate glass. Glass sex toys are extremely hard and are made to withstand very high temperature and even physical shock. Some glass sex toys vibrate.

BDSM Sex Toys:

  • Handcuffs, blind folds, mini whip and leather chokes.
  • Electro-stimulation
  • Nipple clamps or suction devices of rubber or glass are used. Nipple toys are used to apply pressure on the nipples of both males and females. Suction devices are used to wrap around the nipples .They use suction of heat or gas to create a certain kind of pleasure.
  • Chastity Restraints
  • Couples Kits and Restraints:

Couples kits and restraints are sex toys created to keep both partners interested in improving their sexual life. These sex toys offer a new level of intimacy between the partners. You can find several couples kits for purchase. Most of the couples kits include a dual action vibrator for the woman, a textured sleeve for the man, water based lubrication and a vibrating pleasure ring for both the woman and man. Couples kits is one of the most complete sex toy gift sets sold on the Internet.

  • Bondage Restraints:

Restraints are also considered sex toys and are one of the most intimate sex toys in the adult market. Few years ago, restraints were considered as a gear used only by serious bondage fanatics. Times have changed, however and as a result, experienced couples and not, are now using these restraints to fulfill their most erotic desires and dark fantasies. Unleashing the true passion hidden deep inside of your mind is only doable with the correct gear.

  • Enhancing Cream:

The enhancing cream is one of the newest sex toys available in the adult market and it has gained a lot of popularity in these recent years. These enhancing creams are made in a way that they are meant for rubbing in the genital areas to enhance stimulation. They are meant for short sensations in the area of application and they are available in various different brands manufactured by different ingredients.

  • Sex Toy Cleaner:

It is not very costly. This should be used to keep your sex toy clean and safe. It will prevent the spread of germs and bacteria and keep your toy last longer.