The Business of Sex Toys In Australia!

It’s the things we whisper about to our closest friends or make jokes about at parties.  Yes, you got it sex toys.  The big black dildo joke, or the one about your boss who could only have a relationship with a sex doll.  But the fact of the matter is sex toys in some form or another are just about in every adults home.  But who would have thought about sex toys Australia?

Well guess what, the Ozzies down under are getting into the swing of things and producing a number of top selling intimate objects for adult with a variety of genres.  These include hand-held thrusting machine from Mia Maxx, artisan hand-made silicone dildos from Downunder Toys, all natural aphrodisiacs and sex oils from Wildfire and much more.  It seems those sexed up Aussies just cannot get enough of products that are going to ignite their bedrooms.

Mia Maxx believe it or not is the creation of Bruno Rossi a successful hairdresser who somehow, whilst holding a hair dryer envisioned a sex toy that could be similarly held.  Over many years of exhaustive trial and error he finally came up with the first version of Mia Maxx a hand-held thrusting sex machine.  As opposed to many machines of the past this was portable, easily held but had the robust power of the big toys.

From hairdresser to sex toy entrepreneur this Australian businessman has plans for Version 2 to be created featuring a quieter, yet as powerful tool for sexual pleasure.

Downunder Toys started in Melbourne with JD Ryan’s vision 20 years ago.  She had visited and purchased adult toys from various vendors in her local city and was to put simply, nonplussed with the quality and feel.  Realistic dildos did not feel at all real and many of the products available in the 1990’s were questionable as to safety and materials used.  Leaving a secure government position she took a redundancy pay out and opened a boutique for ladies that only wanted body safe objects to use as sex aid.

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Sex Toys Australia

She began engineering and creating a variety of ergonomic, body safe silicone sex toys that her ‘testers’ were more than willing to give feedback on.  Eventually she began to ‘mass produce’ these toys – manufactured in Melbourne Australia where complete control over the production from mould to finished product ensuring quality control from go to whoa.

Wildfire Essential Oils was founded by Leeanne Ivory who is a natural medicines’ specialist who wished to use her knowledge to create products that would bring passion to relationships.  The aphrodisiacs and essential oils help bring people closer together and enjoy their journey through love and life.  These oils proved so popular that interest was sparked overseas and they are now available in many overseas Countries.  All her products are Australian made using local ingredients.

There are over 1000 sex shops in Australia plus a multitude of Australian Adult Stores online so there is no question that sex sells in Australasia.  People are prepared to spend money on their sex lives as it simply is pleasure and fun.  One shop owner stated, ‘This is the only business I know of where the husband will take his wife and encourage her to spend more.’

There are many manufacturers producing adult products and some online stores boast over 10,000 unique products.  From these three successful adult industry business people it can be seen that there may be many more product lines that are produced from our Australian friends.

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