The Lovense Domi 2

So ever since I’ve heard of the brand Lovense, I’ve wanted to try it.  When I found out it’d be coming into the store, I almost lost my mind and the second the order dropped in store I bought the Lovense Domi 2.  No questions asked.

Lovense has thought of anything and everything when it comes to online sex work, virtual sex and the toys to come with it.  An ability to let others play, the ability to connect other toys.  But my favourite part, the ability to make money and play games with your fans on adult cam sites.

Lovense has a Wide Range of Sex Toys

Now Lovense has a wide range of sex toys to choose from.

  • Lush, which is an internal wearable vibrator (yes, the one in all the pornos).  This comes as the Lush original an the Lush 2.
  • Hush; a vibrating buttplug that comes in 2 sizes a 1.5” and a 1.75”.
  • Edge which is perfectly shaped for males to get prostate stimulation along with a good vibration on the perineum (taint, gooch, all that goodness).
  • Ambi which is a cute little pink bullet, but with the added benefit of a little handle to hold onto and two sides that give different stimulations.  A small side that gives incredible pin point vibrations and a arger side that has its power more spread out.
  • Osci 2 which is a beautiful g-spot toy that, rather than vibrating like most, actually oscillates. Fancy word for moving back and forth.  It gives you a whole new level of pinpointed g-spot stimulation.
  • Max 2, a male masturbator.
  • Nora, a rabbit style vibrator.  Great for solo play.  But the best part is they are completely interactive with each other from anyway in the world, making long distance relationships a hell of a lot easier.

Lovense Domi 2

I got this Domi 2 because I’m a wand girl through and through. There’s not much that does me better than a wand will and I will die on that hill.

What won me over with this bad boy was a few things.  But childishly enough it was the ability to customise the led that shows you what power level you’re at.

This automatically comes set on multicoloured but you have the option of hat, red, pink, yellow, green, turquoise etc.  But my all time favourite colour is green. It’s plastered throughout my car, so the second I realised this was an option I basically threw my money at it.

Back to the actual tech things that people care about.

This wand can be hooked up to your phone (as can any of Lovense’s products). You can control the speed, the patterns, create your own, and invite partners to play.

Built in text messaging system helps to build the mood as you can message (bit of dirty talk anyone?), photos, and voice memos.   This is an awesome build up to anything you’ll be doing later.  You can also voice call and video call through the app as well, making long distance sex (or camming) a lot easier!

Lovense Domi 2
Best Couples Sex Toy – Lovense Domi 2

Lovense Domi 2 Can be Used on it’s Own

With built in speed settings and patterns, a WHOPPING 370 minute max run time, and absolutely no vibrations felt in the handle. It is by far my favourite product I have bought in a long time.

Even being on the lowest setting it’s one of the stronger wands I’ve felt in this size. Head of the wand in slightly bendable so you can make it work for you no matter what.

Lovense App

The app boasts some of the best connectivity I’ve seen in an app controlled toy, with absolutely no issues I’ve come across.

You are able to completely customise your experience. Creating your own patterns, hooking it up to music, making it so it vibrates in time to whatever comes through the microphone. It’s brilliant the things you can do with this one.  They have thought of almost everything with this range.

Lovense Inclusivity

Not only does Lovense boast amazing inclusivity with the instructions reading “he/she/they” when discussing those who use it (yes that made my heart melt when I read it).

But they are also really going above and beyond for online sex workers.

They have a separate app that will help you with all your camming needs, including vibrations set off by tips, a little tip based Keno game.  And many more exciting features that blow most other app controlled toys out of the water.

They’ve created a 3rd app for computers that make it so that you can set vibration patterns for videos you make.  That way anyone who has a Lovense toy can feel included in the video.

I had high expectations

Going into buying this toy and using the app for the first time and they have absolutely blown me away.

I’m so excited to continue to use their products and explore their camming options once I get a few more exciting toys. Let’s be honest, I say the Domi 2 is for work, but it’s mostly for me!

The advice I will leave you with is this.  Even if you think you don’t need Lovense in your life; YOU DO!

lovense domi 2 and lush 3
Lovense Lush 3 Review By Elliana

The Lovense Lush 3 Vibrator

Lovense Lush vibrator eggs are a popular choice for those that want to play around with new and exciting situations. Latest model adapts the shape for a more figure-hugging design to direct different patterns and pulses straight to your G-spot.

It promises to be a great toy for couples looking for satisfaction across state lines, and it definitely delivers.

The Lush 3 Premium Egg Lets Couples Explore Long Distance.

This little egg really knows how to go the distance in more ways than one. For a start, there is the long range on the controls that take remote use to another level.

Couples that are in long-distance relationships can feel more physically connected with one partner using the app to control the device within the other. The app works with many Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows and Mac, and offers different intensity levels and patterns. This can spice things up on a Zoom call when your lover is out of town on business.

Of course, you don’t have to be in different cities to enjoy this Lush 3 vibrator as a couple.

There is also the opportunity for some naughty foreplay out in public. The close-range connectivity means that you can comfortably wear this while out on a date.

Perhaps a little extra course while you wait for dessert. The low noise of around 40db means that even the highest settings should go unnoticed. Whether or not you make any noise is a different matter.

You Can Get Just As Much Fun From The Lush 3 On Your Own.

Don’t worry that this little toy is just for couples. You can easily have fun with this device if you are home alone and bored, or if you are single and spicing up your solo sex life. One feature that stands out is the Music mode, which syncs the vibrations with a Spotify playlist. You can even set it to go off with your morning alarm – although this may be counterproductive.

Another benefit of this design is that it is PX7 waterproof, making it completely submersible. This is perfect for a little hands-free stimulation in the shower or another way to make bath time more fun. You can control the vibrator direction from the button on the tail so you don’t have to worry about having your phone next to the tub.

Lovense domi 2 and lush

Design Of The Lovense Lush 3 Vibrator Is Hard To Beat.

This control button is one of many convenient features on this new and improved Lush 3. The shape is more ergonomic to hug the body for better orgasms. It also has a soft silicone texture that feels great on the skin. The addition of the long 5hr battery life, clever charging system, and easy clean design makes it even more practical.

It is hard not to fall for this egg with all these tricks and charms. So, if you are in a relationship that deals with a lot of time apart, this Lovense Lush 3 toy can bring you a little closer.

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