6 Reasons Why We Support Gays!

I have written this article being a straight man at the request of the administrators of this site.  They want me to write some articles sharing my views so here is my first. I am a straight man but have spent time with straight, gay, lesbian and gay haters.  Been to gay bars, straight bars, picnics and as far as I am concerned each to their own but I have come to my own conclusions why we should support Gay People and their community.   Maybe my views are wrong and I am open enough for criticism and comment and in fact would really appreciate the feedback and get others views.


Adoption For Gay Parents


These are my top 10 reasons why and how we support gays:

  1. Gay couples in a relationship do not make children: The adoption process is already difficult as it is, it is already very hard for straight couple’s to adopt within Australia with processes that can take up to a whole year. Since gay men are unable to reproduce, gay couples generally adopt either from parents who are unable to support their children or children from other impoverished countries from all around the world.  Generally they treat their children well to like any other parent, guardianship or family. Most children who have grown up with adults who have had gay parents are well educated, grounded and accepting of all different types of people.  Surely the Government should be giving pensions and grants to these generous people for doing this but no, most gay couples actually spend their hard earned dollars to adopt and bring up their children without a handout.  In my view, they are doing our community, the children and the Government a service and saving other people hard earned cash to pay more taxes. The government should consented to underwrite and campaign states for equivalent appropriation rights for same-sex couples. If there were more gay couples in relationships, partnerships and marriages across the world it would help reduce the ever increasing burden on our resources, economies and create stronger, happier, accepting communities.
  2. Human life is short:  Sadly, human life has a time limit on this gorgeous planet. We have 70 year to maybe 90 years before our bodies turn to dust and become another atom in the universe.  Most of us work like dogs till we are 60 just to save enough money, to live a fulfilling retirement on a pension, if we are lucky.  In my view, we should enjoy the time we have on this planet and as long as we are not hurting others along the way, do so in any manner that gives us the most joy and fulfillment.  Years ago we hear the horror stories of gay men in the closet, living their life as a lie, not only damaging their own self and well-being but that of their partner, family and friends. Some gay men ended up marrying woman to be support by their community and get job promotions.  No wonder so many them had so many difficult problems in the early 20th century
  3. Most gay men have taste: Let’s face it if it was not for gay men metro-sexuality would never have got off the ground.  The best hairdressers, clothes designers, photographers, dancers, actors and so on are all gay.  Where in the hell would we be without them?
  4. There are sex parties that cater to their needs: There is a different type of gay party for everyone like underwear parties and bath houses.
  5. From a very selfish point of view being a hetro-male, I wish there were more gays: As that way I would have more chance to get lucky when I go out.  It seems that my luck always increases when I go out with any of my gay friends as the women just seem attracted to them like moths to a flame.Stand in opposition to Bullying: Harassing is no chuckling matter, and we’re not simply discussing hurt emotions here. Harassing impacts school work, associations with family and companions, and in particular, a gay individual’s association with themselves. Stop the tormenting by talking up for your gay companions.
  6. Sign a petition, watch gay television shows and compose the Church: A solitary mark or email may appear to be unessential, yet joined by millions change happens.And by watching shows that have reflect the LGBT community and demonstrates americans gay life on TV may likewise help improve people’s understandings towards the LGBT community.


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