Improve Sex Life With Novelties

Do you want to make your sex life a little bit naughty or more risque? Do you want to rekindle that spark and get those tingles down your spine anticipating a great night in?  Well there are many ways to do that, some more hardcore than others but you can really improve your sex life with adult novelties and games!  They will allow you to bring the fun back into the bedroom and get excited at the possibilities they may bring.  Trying new things or doing dares will allow you to get out of your shell and enjoy sensual pleasures in a more fun and non confrontational way. Allowing you to experience the joys of sex as they way they should be!

Adult Novelties can encompass a whole range of products and they can be as simple as a tickler or as intricate as a board game with rules.  Added to your otherwise mundane life they will add a spark where you will experience hot and naught sex during your erotic evening. For the more adventurous why not add some sex toys that the winner will choose after the game.  Long gone are the days when these things were frowned upon!  Now couples all over the worlds are learning how to incorporate sex aids into their relationships.  It is not that hard, in fact it is really fun and will allow each of you to get to know each other more intimately.  You will be able to express to your partner what you desire and what you do not.

There are so many adult games out there that are going to encompass a loving relationship.  Some are spin-offs of traditional games with an adult twist, others are unique.  Things like truth or dare, sex dice where the figure you roll is what you do, sex coupons, kissing games, fucking games and even award winning games like Monogamy or Fifty Shades of Play.  Why not get one and play with your partner?  There is nothing to loose and a whole lot of sexual fun to gain.

Caveman Lovers
Caveman Foreplay


Sex has been an important part in human life since the early caveman but we have gone a hell of a way since the art of foreplay was knocking the woman you want over the head and dragging her into your cave. Now, we are living in 21st century things have progressed with sex not being an exception. Couples are looking for more in a relationship than missionary position and they want to incorporate fun, sex aids and sex toys to increase sensations and enjoyment.   Imagine the novelty of bringing home a new vibrator to the wife!  Or a vibrating cock ring for hubby!  Immediately your partner is going to know that they are desired and that will increase their desire for you.  It will get you hot and tingly and make you want to experience them and the added joys these aids will bring.

For the man that always seems to come before his wife does.  How much confidence will it give him knowing he has a back up (or foreplay) plan that will ensure that his wife will be totally sexually satisfied with their tryst?  He could add a male delay cream or spray that will allow him to last longer too!  You can see the endless amount of possibilities here, can’t you?  A good sexual relationship will make for a good healthy and happy partnership – one that will encompass the full satisfaction of both parties.

So you are now just starting to explore the closest boundaries of what Adult Games and Novelties can do!  Well lets talk about this for a moment – you do not have to buy a whole plethora of sex toys and adult games.  Once you have started use the largest asset that we as humans value.  Your mind!  Now that you have started lets get personal and talk dirty during sex – this is a real turn on for a lot of women – if talking dirty doesn’t do it then how-about words of affirmation?  These are surely going to have your partner so turned on – it will be amazing.

Now lets take it another step!  Lets incorporate some role playing.  It does not have to cost you a cent and the role playing can be dress-up, or it can occupational, or it can be the two of you acting like teens again.  It is up to you.  These things will make your relationship so much fun.  Why not try exploring some light bondage, or act as a dominant and sub.  Bondage games require complete trust of your partner and most in such a relationship have a strong and mutual respect for each other and a bond that will not be broken.

For those that have relationship that has gone stagnant and the joy is no longer there Adult Novelties and sex toys may be a solution.  Did you know that sex counselors, marriage therapists and even doctors will advise the addition of such sex aids to improve and rekindle love?  It is true.  Sexual Health and Lifestyle is so intrinsically important a role in a persons life that to live without can actually be harmful both physically and mentally.  Why wouldn’t you want to take the opportunity to have the feelings you had for your partner when you first started dating?


Bondage BDSM Red

How do you arouse your partner during your sexual acts, has much importance in getting a pleasurable, intense and very satisfied orgasm. The methods of arousal vary from people to people whether they are men or women of any age-group. Erogenous zones are responsible for stimulation in men and women which may differ. So, it’s an important thing for people to identify their partner’s most sensitive organs by which they can be stimulated conveniently. In earlier days, most people used to believe in traditional sexual acts that were basically missionary and doggie positions. Those are the most basic and routine methods for couples to enjoy their intimacy.

Sex tools like  male masturbator, female vibrator, chastity restraints, dildos, clit & nipple ticklers, G-Spot massagers, cock rings, lingerie have become very popular to spice things up. Here are some of the most popular adult novelties sold at adultsmart online adult store:

  • Accessories – neon satin love mask in different colors
  • Cards and Dice – hens night spinner game, naughty lover’s dice, glow in dark sex dice, glow foreplay dice
  • Dress ups – or funny costumes – pecker slippers, boobie slippers, furry cuffs, dickhead headband, pecker earrings, lover’s fantasy kit, for lovers set blindfold, pecker eye mask, glow in dark dickie necklace, sexy nurses garter, bigger baby dress ups, piggies ties, sheep ties, hens night ties
  • Funny stuff – diamond cuffs, orgasm key chain, pecker toss, sexy ice maker, pecker candles, sex timer, pecker exerciser, pecker party lights, pecker serving tray, boobie eye mask, flasher boxers
  • Games – contains different card and board games with sexual themes
  • Daring jokes – wake-up vibe, novelty testicles, nipple clamps, lipstick vibrator, bathroom sponge vibrator, boobie novelty cushion, pecker veil, boobie bank, dickie water gun, boobie and pecker party whistles, magnetic breast pens, perfect head drink bottles, 3D boobie mouse, pecker fruit picks and many others more
  • Dance pole

There are plenty of other items that can excite and satisfy either a man or a woman, and they come in various models,sizes, colors, material and shapes.  There is such a vast array of products that you could spend years searching without seeing them all.  Did you know that globally there was 29Billion USD spent on sex toys last year.  So you have the ideas now, you have an action plan, go out today and use adult novelties to make your sexual lifestyle a better place to be in!



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  1. If only it was that easy to spice up your love life. But hey, makes for interesting reading anyways.

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