This Slim Classic Buttplug Went Up My Butt!

Looking for a sex toy that’s both simple and effective? You might want to check out a buttplug.

Stick it where the sun don’t shine and watch your eyes light up!!

This toy is a timeless choice that’s been popular among both beginners and experienced users for years now.  Overall, a classic butt plug is a great option if you’re looking for a reliable, no-frills addition to your toy collection.

Why Should I Try Using a Buttplug? 

The anus has a relatively high concentration of nerve endings and is an erogenous zone.  Correct insertion of sex toys or real sex make anal intercourse a most pleasurable act which when done correctly will create stronger orgasms than vaginal sex.

So If you want to tickle that spot which has the most amazing nerve endings read on about The Doc Johsnon Butt Plug Classic Smooth Slim. 

buttplug, butt plug
BUY NOW – Butt Plugs

Why is the Doc Johnson Buttplug Classic Smooth Slim best for starting out?

Perfect for those starting out on their new sexual adventure. It has a slim tear-drop shape and its size is 5.5”.  The tapered design offers comfortable insertion.

A wide base holds the toy securely so that there can be no mishaps of it fully going up your love canal.  It is made of PVC, TPR, non-phthalate body safe material including doc’s antibacterial patented sil-a-gel formula.

Considered perfect for people who want to try experimenting with anal play for the first time.

Using a butt plug is a very simple and affordable way to increase your sexual stimulation.

adult smart beginners butt plug

What is a Buttplug?

Well you see, it plugs your butt.  It’s all in the name.

For folks, there are many different types of sized, shaped and weighted butt plugs to choose from.

If you are a beginner we recommend using just a basic butt plug to see how you go.

When you insert a butt plug it should be for a male with the aim on stimulating the prostate gland however ladies and men appreciate anal simulations.

  • They are for the most part pleasurable and give an empowering feeling.
  • It sits against the nerve endings inside your anus or touching your prostate.
  • A butt plug is a very simple sex toy which can add a great deal of fun and sexual experiences to your bedroom .
  • Butt plugs must always have a flared base so that you can use them safely and efficiently.

Why use a Buttplug?

A lot of people really appreciate sitting in seats whilst wearing butt plugs.  No one knows you are using a butt plug.  It will stimulate your prostate, which feels great.

You will experience waves of pleasure whilst sitting down amongst friends, or in a restaurant with no-one the wiser – except foryou.

You can use butt plugs during foreplay or during sex,  Many women say that having the anus filled with the vagina is being penetrated is a real turn on.  One could fantasize that there are two lovers inside – one in the vagina and one in the anus.

It goes without saying that you will orgasm quicker and more intensely when incorporating some butt play in your sexual relations.

Others use anal sex toys as they have an anal fantasy but their partners do not wish to participate in anal sex.

There are certain individuals who have one in while they go out.  It is something a touch exciting that no-one else will even contemplate is happening.

There is nothing as risque and thriling as using a sex toy in public that only you and your partner know about.  Even more so in broad daylight.  You know what wonderfully wicked sensations you are experiencing whilst watching everybody else go through their mundane daily tasks.

This is broadening your adult lifestyle in a fun and enjoyable way.

Sex is of the utmost importance for people whether they are men or women.

Along with the time, people’s lifestyle has been changed. So, sex is not an exception. These days people want to use new and innovative adult toys letting go of sex in traditional ways that had been the norm for many in the past.

Sex toys have an important role for peoples health and sexuality.

There are large collections of adult toys available in the market in terms of various colors, designs, styles, shapes and sizes.

You can customize your choices to get the exact toy for you and if you are contemplating anal play then the Classic Smooth Butt Plug from Doc Johnson is a great choice.

Being one of the prominent adult stores online, Adultsmart has varieties of sex toys for men and women. These adult toys are offered at some of the marketed prices with fast and discreet shipping offered worldwide.

Adultsmart only sell branded and quality products that have gone through stringent safety testing and government compliance.  Shop now at the best adult shop online.

buttplug, butt plug
mens golfing bum

Whats Up Your BUTT!

Most couples soon realizing the importance of using sex toys to ensure that their sex life doesn’t become boring.  Today, both gay and straight couples are finding anal sex to be more pleasurable. 

If you are not well experienced with using anal beads, anal probes and butt plugs alongside other anal adult toys, it is worthwhile that you start with a basic device.

A Regular Buttplug

One that is perfect for beginners is cone shaped with a flanged bottom to stop it going all the way up the butt.  The addition of anal toys is an exciting way to increase bedroom satisfaction and fun as you are experimenting with some of the most pleasurable sensations of the body.

We recommend starting off with smaller sized butt plugs and working your way to bigger sized butt plugs.

Only use butt plugs that you feel your body is comfortable with.

buttplug, butt plug
butt see through shorts

How does a Buttplug feel for a Woman?

For women, a butt plug places more weight on the back vaginal divider, expanding the level of sensation encountered.   This could be from a dildo, vibrator or her lovers penis.

Butt play can be used during foreplay too, whilst giving oral sex or even in solo masturbation play.  There are so many nerve ending around the anus that when one achieves a anal climax it is quite intense.

What about a Buttplug for a Man?

Many men in a relationship enjoy P-Spot orgasms so will have their wives peg them.  Whether you are a man or a woman when done correctly anal sex is very satisfying.

Men use butt plugs as the area of the prostate is wired to feel amazing against the thousands of nerve endings stimulated at the anal entrance and inside during butt play.

Where can I find the P-Spot?

  • The prostate is an unfathomably delicate organ that feels particularly provocative when stroked.
  • It’s situated a few inches up on the foremost (front) mass of the inside of the butt.
  • You may have seen wind of prostate draining from movies like American Pie.  A man can encounter a climax and/or discharge just from having his prostate massaged.
  • These climaxes are said to feel more intense than orgasming through the penis.  Yowza!

A prostate toy ensures you’re hitting only the right spot.

Additional prostate stimulation makes everything thereafter feel all the more sexual.

It’s not just about the prostate.

Just as the pelvic floor muscles start to contract amid climax with a woman, the butt muscles contract around the P-Spot massager and make the fits feel tighter and harder.

Orgasmic experiences around a butt plug feel more exceptional than without.

Why do Couples use Anal Plugs?

  • Generally, couples use anal plugs to have penetrative sex via the anus.
  • A plug can be shaped like a penis and aims at sensationalizing the anus and giving it a full feeling.
  • The basic anal plug has a diameter of about 3 inches and bears the shape of a typical incandescent bulb.

Glass Buttplugs

I know that the word glass is a little intimidating but it shouldn’t be. Glass sex toys are made using a special material and not the same as the one used in making kitchen or furniture items.

The main reason why the material used in making these sex toys is to ensure that users experience an ultra smooth feeling on the skin when using the sex toy.

Affordably available in any reputable adult online store, the anal glass plug is a hypoallergenic, friction less and non porous.

Sensations can also be varied

By first heating the sex toy and you can as well chill the toy to experience the cold and warm feeling when you come into contact with it.

Provided you clean your anal glass plug thoroughly after using it, it should last a lifetime which makes it a worthwhile investment to your collection of sex toys.

buttplug, butt plug
Ace of Spades

Feel Nu And Sensuelle With Homme Ace!

Nu Sensuelle by Novel Creations is a brand that was started back in 2009 by Barry Brinberg and his wife Thao.

They moved from Canada down to Australia to start up an Adult Toy brand that ended up on the shelves in stores all around the world by 2010.

After only being on the US market for 3 months they proved that their products were as great as they looked by winning the XBIZ ‘Powered’ product of the year for the Sensuelle Impulse.

Nu has a great range of products for everybody, from cockrings, butt plugs, clitoral vibes, g-spot vibes and more.

To me it has always been that go to brand if someone can’t quite afford the luxury brands eg. Lelo, Fun Factory, We-Vibe, Coco De Mer etc.  But still want an upgrade from their battery operated toys.

As soon as I’ve placed a Nu product in a customer’s hands to feel the motors they are usually blown away by how strong they are and go for it straight away.

I also have a few products of theirs myself and I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed.

What the Brand Has to Offer

  • All Nu Sensuelle products are under $100 – AFORDABLE!
  • Rechargeable – No more stealing batteries from the tv remote!
  • Strong motors with multiple speeds and patterns to chose from
  • 100% waterproof/submersible
  • Made with high-grade silicone and Phthalate free
  • Storage bags are always included
  • All products come with a 1-year warranty

Just a Little Story to Start Off

Now, before I tell you about the two new and fantastic products Aimii and Ace let me just have a quick unhappy rant.  They are the exact same product in two different types of packaging and colors for both men and woman.

I’m not blaming the brand because honestly, it is smart marketing for our unfortunate close-minded society.  It is 2018 god damn it!

A company should not have to go through the efforts of creating two boxes because someone is unhappy with it not saying “for men or for a woman.”

Here are two different examples of what I mean by this.

I had a customer come into the store for nipple clamps one day and I showed him a few options, one being a box with a male torso on it.

He then turned to me and said, “No, I want nipple clamps for women.” SERIOUSLY??????

Another example has happened multiple times over the 2 years I have worked here.

2 men come into the store to purchase a dildo as a funny gift.  They feel the need to inform me before walking over to the dildo wall that they are in fact not gay or a couple.  I’ve never had this happen when 2 women have come in looking for a vibrator.

It is pretty clear that I am a lesbian so they are either trying to make a sly homophobic comment.  Or they honestly feel like they are going to be judged which I would never do.

Perhaps they are trying to make themselves feel better because they have huge male egos.  And think “I can’t have something in my butt because that would be gay.”

Can not tell you how many times I have heard this comment.

The sad thing is even if they had just put on the one package “G-spot and/or Prostate Massager” some men and woman still probably wouldn’t be happy with it…

I could go on and on forever about this but I won’t. Rant over.

buttplug, butt plug, g spot massager, sex toys
P-Spot Massager

Aimii and Ace

Nu have recently started to bring out products that are flexible and let me just say they are doing an amazing job at it.

The difference though with these 2 compared to the rest is that instead of just having one motor, they have two.  Not buzzy but super rumbly and powerful! Both have 5 speeds and 10 patterns to choose from.

Thin and long with a nice solid curve at the end to hit either the g-spot or prostate.

Everyone who speaks to me about toys knows that I am a massive fan of high-grade silicone.

Not only for the body safe aspects but because they are really nice to touch!

Because these products are made of silicone you must not use any silicone lubricant with them unless you want to destroy the material.

Also, if you are purchasing the product to share with a partner make sure to grab some trusty toy cleaner.  I recommend wet stuff because it is anti bacterial and anti fungal.

Fun Fact – if a male massages his prostate he is decreasing his chances of having prostate cancer.

Ace only comes in the color black and Aimii comes in both pink and purple.  Both are completely submersible into the water for all of you who like a little fun in the bath or shower.

If you are to come into our Adult Lifestyle stores make sure to ask one of our friendly staff members to show you the tester of these amazing products.

You can have a feel of how impressive these products actually are!

Be safe and enjoy ❤


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