Just A Perfect Fit!

Buck Angels

Today I will be reviewing the award-winning trans products BUCK-OFF and KISS-X by Perfect Fit and Buck Angel.

Last year Perfect Fit and Buck Angel won the XBIZ specialty product/line of the year award and the outstanding innovation award for their product BUCK-OFF. This year they won the XBIZ LGBT pleasure products company of the year. The Perfect Fit brand has been making products and winning awards since back in 2011. As soon as Perfect Fit figured out that the transmen community had sexual wellness needs that weren’t being addressed by manufacturers they got into contact with one of the most well known and respected transgender icons, Buck Angel. They instantly collaborated to create the Buck Angel Line in 2016. The Buck Angel line so far only consists of 5 products. The buck-off, kiss-x, buck-off/kiss-x attachment, fun boy 6.5′ and fun boy 4.5′ but I’m sure we will see more in the future.

So the reason I wanted to review this product is mostly that I watched an interview with Buck Angel and the CEO of Perfect Fit, Steve Callow. In this interview, they talk about the Buck Angel line and whilst explaining these two products Buck Angel claims that the KISS-X can be used without even actually being on testosterone. I have plenty of male friends who would respect a product like this if it was to actually work, so I got curious and wanted to see if what he said was true and took one for the team and purchased one for myself to put to the test.

Before I get into the review I do want to point out my one negative opinion first so that I can get it over and done with. Now, I’m sure I am talking on the behalf of most of my transmale friends but please explain to me and everyone else why you would go to all this effort to make such a fantastic product for all the right reasons and then shit all over it by putting the words “clitoral stimulator” on the packaging of the KISS-X??? Firstly, you had “FTM stroker” on the packaging of the BUCK-OFF?? You guys have released a second product to cater to the guys that have smaller growth or have just started testosterone and honestly you’ve just made it look like you’re not respecting their bits! I have never met a male who appreciates their parts being referred to as a clitoris… So why would you do it!!!? Gender/body dysphoria is a real thing and I’m sure Buck Angel would relate to that so I’m not quite sure why they thought it was appropriate wording.

Please change the packaging of the KISS-X.

Rant over.

Sex Toy Review
Perfect Fit


The BUCK-OFF and KISS-X are FTM strokers made of Silaskin (a proprietary blend of TPR and silicone). Just like any standard masturbation sleeve, the inside has a different texture to its smooth exterior. There are ridges all through the inside for extra stimulation because let’s be honest, if it was smooth it’d be boring.

Now like I said in my rant above, the KISS-X was designed for guys who have smaller growth or are only fresh on T so obviously it is the smaller product and has a smaller hole to allow for better suction. The BUCK-OFF which is the original product has the bigger hole for the dudes who are pumping or that obviously just naturally have bigger growth.


I must say this was a different experience! I’ve only used it once so far and it was pretty damn cool but I do have ideas on how to make it a lot better, that I definitely will share with you at the end.

Buck Angel was not lying when he said people who aren’t on testosterone can use it. If you identify as a female like myself, are interested in having a masculine experience and want to feel like you are jerking off, then this is the toy you want to try. The first few attempts might not be great but once you’ve figured out where to place it so that it’s suctioned on right, then it starts to actually feel quite nice. KISS-X is probably the perfect name for it because when you’re doing it correctly it literally sounds like it’s kissing you.

I recommend placing your fingers in the middle of the toy, just under the tip and moving them up and down in a jerking off motion whilst squeezing the tip at the same time.

^^ just in case I’m not making sense.

These products were purposely designed to look like the top of a penis for the most masculine, visual experience possible.


Like I said though, there is an attachment that they have available as well. The attachment makes this toy vibrate! I will be purchasing Perfect Fit one for myself because I love vibrations and I think for me it could make it a lot better. My other recommendations on making it better are.

  • LUBE! (water-based only)
  • Arousal oil
  • Pumping just before use
  • For different textures, you could purchase a Tenga Egg and stick it inside either product.

Consent, Respect and Oversharing!


I know it’s an exciting time coming into an adult shop and finally being able to open up and talk about the thing we all love to do but don’t want to talk about…. Sex. I understand that I may overshare a little but it’s my job to overshare so that you know exactly what it is you’re spending your hard earn money on. Now, when I say overshare I don’t mean you telling me the things that you are into, because I asked you these questions, therefore, I am consenting to hear whatever the answer may be.

What I’m talking about are the situations like where you’ve asked for my opinion on what butt plug you should get your wife and as I’m showing you, you think it’s time to tell me all the stories about your wife’s past and how well you make her orgasm now….*coughs awkwardly*

  1. Do you think your wife would be happy that you’re sharing these stories with me?
  2. Did I ask for this story?
  3. Even if you were telling me stories about your own sexual past, did you ask me if I was ok with listening to them first?

The funny thing is if you had asked if I was ok with listening to a story, I most probably would have been intrigued and ask you to go on but instead you have thrown me off and made me feel super uncomfortable.

Just going to leave this definition here because it seems like a lot of people forget it.

  1. 1.
    permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.

It isn’t even just consent, it’s common decency.
Just because I work in an adult shop doesn’t mean I want to listen to the ins and outs of your sex life. I get paid just like any normal retail worker…. NOT A SEX WORKER OR THERAPIST! No, I am not here to make you feel better about the things you choose to do in the bedroom and I definitely don’t want to know how many times you made your fuck buddy cum last night…..


I absolutely love being able to have conversations with customers that are comfortable enough to open up about what they are into so that I am able to help choose the best products for them. In return, if I can relate with what they need and if I have used a product in that department I will open up and recommend a toy that I personally own and have enjoyed. 

Now, with these customers, I have asked a series of questions that I have consented to listen to the answer to and before I tell them any of my recommendations I will ask if I can do so beforehand.

These are my favorite kinds of customer interactions! I could spend hours going on about my beloved toy collection and recommending toys to the groups of customers that come in looking for a good quality toy and that are consenting for me to do so.

What I am not comfortable with is the same male customer coming into the store constantly, conveniently asking for all my recommendations on great female toys. Him asking if I have ever used them myself and what my experience was like so that he can pick a toy for his mysterious wife that has never ever come into the store with him and him constantly never purchasing anything!! Do you think I don’t see what you are doing? I am not here for a free boner sir and you are just taking advantage of my kindness! I also don’t appreciate 70-year-old men asking me to put their new cock plugs in for them while I am down here on my knees trying to reach and grab what you have chosen from the back of the damn cabinet…. SERIOUSLY???? I’d rather just lay and on the floor and die slowly now but instead, I will laugh uncomfortably, stay silent until you leave the store and pray that I’ll never have to be the one to serve you again. This situation happened to me when I was only weeks into working in an adult shop, if that happened to me now I’d tell him his gross, disrespectful and needs an attitude change before he walks into the store again. I’ve grown some serious balls over the past few years from dealing with these creeps and I am not afraid anymore to tell you if I think you’re acting like a disrespectful pig. I want you to know that you can’t just walk into somebody else’s space and do whatever you want for your own personal enjoyment, that’s not how life works and I refuse to allow you to walk out thinking otherwise.

We have a lot of customers that appreciate and thank me and the other staff members. They tell us how much they appreciate having someone serving them that makes them feel comfortable, rather than your stereotypical adult shops with a creepy person staring at you from behind the counter. I’ve even had plenty of crappy experiences in dodgy adult shops myself. So, instead of taking advantage of the kind people willing to open up and help you, maybe appreciate and respect them like you would expect for yourself if you were in their shoes.

Take Me On A Wild Ride!

Scary Ride

Today I will be reviewing one of my favourite vibrating dildos that I absolutely love selling in the Oh Zone stores, the Wild Ride by Adam & Eve. I do not own one myself just yet but it definitely will be my next purchase. I must admit a year ago I wasn’t the biggest fan of Adam & Eve toys but this year it seems as if they have stepped up their game. Their products are much more powerful and in my opinion a lot better deigned than they used to be.

Adam & Eve is one of the largest and oldest adult toy seller in the world. Founded in 1971 and now it is 2018 and they not only have stores all over the globe but they also have their own range of adult products. After a bit of extra researching about the company, I came across this bit of information on their website and I think it is something that deserves recognition before talking about this great toy because what the company gives back is important and amazing.

“Giving back to the community is an important part of Adam & Eve’s culture. Employees hold fundraisers throughout the year to support causes from breast cancer research to local animal shelters. And Adam & Eve matches every dollar they raise, while also making significant stand-alone contributions to other charities. One of the largest beneficiaries is DKT International. DKT provides condoms and birth control to millions of men and women in Africa, Asia and Latin America to eliminate the spread of STDs and promote family planning.”

Wild Ride Sex Toy

Wild Ride 

The Adam & Eve Wild Ride is one of the most powerful vibrating dildos I’ve seen in our stores. Usually the vibrating dildos take a AA battery and only offers speed with a dial at the base of the toy and that’s where you can mainly feel most of the vibrations rather than the whole toy vibrating evenly. Wild Ride is rechargeable with a powerful buzzy motor, I usually prefer rumbly motors but because it is really powerful it makes up for it. You have 3 constant speeds and 5 different patterns to choose from, but what makes the wild ride unique to the rest is the power boost setting that it offers. Power boost basically takes the all the power it possibly can from the motor and gives it all to you for 10 seconds, the power boost setting has it’s own button that you can press between any setting. The power button will take you through the 3 speeds and then into the settings and the lightning button above is the power boost button.

Wild Ride is made of a soft high grade silicone so make sure to only use water based lubricants with this one. It will not feel realistic but it does have the realistic look to it, the only downside (to me) is that it only comes in a hot pink so it definitely doesn’t look super realistic. I was surprised by how flexible and squishy the toy is though considering the motor is inside the middle of it, I think this is great because I have had solid dildos in the past and they tend to become quite uncomfortable after only a short amount of time. Being flexible means the dildo will move with the body which makes it a whole lot more pleasurable.  Wild Ride is 7.5″ long with 7″ being insertable and 1.74″ wide.

It has a suction base for solo play and is harness compatible for couples play. Make sure to clean your toy in between sharing if you are using it for couples play. When using it for solo play, you need to have a flat surface for it to suction properly. The suction base is quite impressive compared to others that I have seen in the past.


To charge your Wild Ride, Adam & Eve have supplied the charging cord that you will pierce into the small hole near the base of the toy. It is marked DC underneath the circled section to help you find the spot. Make sure to plug the other end into a wall adaptor rather than a computer for proper charging. The toy will show you a light flashing when charging and will go to a still when complete. Wild Ride takes 2 hours to completely charge and offers up to 90 minutes of play.


The Wild Ride is 100% waterproof for all your shower and bath time fun! It is fully submersible so no need to stress about using it in the bath. Waterproof also means for easy cleaning. Spray your toy down with some trusty toy cleaner, let it sit for a few minutes and wash off with some warm water.

WARNING: Because this product has a motor inside of it you can NOT use boiling water to sanitize.


Adam & Eve offers a 5 year manufacturing warranty.


How To Make A Lesbian MOAN!!

Firstly, a quick shout out to Stephen for all the blog ideas! I’ve been trying to come up with something new to write about other than my usual toy reviews.

I know it is every straight man’s dream to be taught how to make a girl orgasm by a lesbian. Seriously though, if this post gets your penis in a twist and you feel less like a man after reading this then honestly you should know I don’t really care and you should probably grow up.

So, my friends get your notepads ready because I am about to give you all the tips and tricks on how to make your queen orgasm without a penis. I know for some men this might come as a shock to you as I have heard a lot of you think that the only way is to stick it in and go… Well, that definitely is not the case.

Before I start though I just need to quickly clarify that I’m not going to sit here and tell you a list of all the stuff I personally like because we all get off to different things. What I will do though is tell you all the things you definitely shouldn’t do…


^^^ Just in case you forgot what a vagina looks like.

Pussy Anatomy
Anatomy Of Vagina

Oral Sex

I understand when people watch porn to teach themselves how to give a good blowjob or handjob. Obviously, a lot of men watch porn and get off to the facial expressions the person’s making while they’re giving head and whatever it is that they’re doing with their hands or mouth. But honestly, it doesn’t matter if I am watching straight or lesbian porn, I usually skip past the scene where the girl is receiving oral because it makes me cringe! Usually, you can see what the persons tongue is doing and the facial expressions that they’re pulling while they’re doing it and most of the time it looks horrible.

^^^ perfect example!

If someone did that to me down there I would probably just laugh. I also know some tv shows and magazines tell you to do the alphabet… DON’T! Unless you really want to look like a clueless twat.

The build-up is key. Tease your girl and take it slow, show her that you’re there because you want to be and that you’re prepared to be there all night if she wants you to be. No one should feel rushed and under pressure when they’re most vulnerable.. Unless it’s a quickly before work or something like that. If you make her feel pressured then you’re most likely not going to have her relaxed enough to orgasm. Plus, when you build up an orgasm it makes it a much stronger and enjoyable one at the end.

Female Orgasms
G-Spot Manipulation


As you can see in the image above the G-spot is located at the top of the vaginal wall and it only takes about half a finger length to find it. Once you have inserted your fingers, do the come here motion to push up against the G-spot. The G-spot will feel like a rough bit of skin whereas the rest of the area feels quite smooth so this should make it a lot easier for you to find it.

On that note, I never want hear someone complaining about dick sizes ever again. It’s not about the size, it is about how it is used. I usually ask the woman who complain that their partners of 20+ years haven’t made them orgasm, if they’ve ever made themselves orgasm and the answer is usually no. I’m sorry but if you don’t even know how to please yourself, then how do expect someone else to?

My favorite part about the beginning of any of my relationships has been the first few months of learning each other’s bodies and teaching each other how we like to be pleased. Listen and observe how your sexual partner is reacting to the different things that you are doing, try and remember the things you did that she liked and damn it if she tells you to go harder, faster or to continue doing that exact thing you’re doing, don’t think it’s a great idea to change it up or stop!!

The learning/teaching stage might be a little awkward at first, but at least you’ll have a laugh together and honestly, this ends up helping you in the long run when it comes to feeling completely comfortable with each other. This will help quiet down that little voice inside your head that likes to scream all your deepest, most painful insecurities at you while you’re trying to cum!

Extra tips

  • Labia stimulation
  • Urethral stimulation
  • Arch her back for easier access to the G-spot
  • G-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time (the G-spot and clitoris are connected)
  • Use toys during foreplay to add to the fun
  • Make her wet before penetration
  • Don’t bite unless she asks!

One last tip…

A blessing in disguise that most people don’t take advantage of… LUBE! 


Get Rid Of Those BAD Vibes!

lesbian sex toys

Over the past 2 and a half years I’ve been working in the Oh Zone stores I have learned a lot about the different types of adult products that are available to us.   I can’t even tell you how many there were that I never even knew existed and how much there still is for me to learn. If you haven’t read any of my reviews before and know nothing about me, I am a 24-year-old lesbian who owns a lot of sex toys and a lot of them being strap-on related products. So, today I am going to be telling you all about my experiences with strap-ons, which ones I recommend and which ones I think shouldn’t even be allowed to be on the market.

Double ender strap on sex toy

We all need to start somewhere I guess and the above image is where it all began for me. My first girlfriend took me to the Gold Coast for my 20th birthday, we decided on the plane that we would go straight to condom kingdom and pick out our first strapon together. I can’t quite remember our thought process and how we ended up with the grossest double ended strapon in the shop but this is what we ended up wasting our money on. I remember us getting to the hotel, opening the box and taking out this jelly looking double-ended penis with stretchy straps.

Within 5 minutes of observing it, the girlfriend made me run across the road to the closest convenience store to purchase some condoms to throw over the top of it because she didn’t trust the material. She already owned a few vibrators and I had 0 experience so I trusted that she knew what she was doing and I let her take control of the night. She then told me to put it on so we could give it a go and here came the next problem of the night…. The damn straps wouldn’t fit me!! In the end, it ended up being super uncomfortable for the both of us, the straps didn’t fit me at all and were flimsy for her so there was no support and the dildos didn’t feel that good for either of us so we gave up.

A few months had passed, we were going to give the ugly purple thing another go but when I pulled it out of the drawer that we had hidden it in I noticed the toy was no longer purple.. it was brown… and straight into the bin, it went.

That was the only toy I had used before working in an adult shop and honestly it made me never want to use one again. If I hadn’t started working here I don’t think I would have tried again. This is the reason I’ll usually warn first-time toy users, if you want to buy a cheap toy because you want to see if you’ll like it first, DON’T because then you will most likely hate it! You are so much better off spending that little bit of extra money on a toy that you are more likely going to enjoy and that you won’t have to replace after a few months. Research! Read reviews and look into brands before deciding on buying a toy instead of buying cheap rubbish that turns into poo after a few months… Trust me!

I personally have a checklist of 5 things that need to be ticked off before I purchase a toy.

  1. High-grade silicone, glass or steel.
  2. 100% Waterproof
  3. Rechargeable
  4. Warranty
  5. Quiet


Strap On Sex Toys For Girls

I will be completely honest though, I personally hate all types of double ended strapons because they have all failed in different ways for me. Within the first few months of working here, I decided to give the Fun Factory strapless strapon a chance. It ticked all the boxes but it still just wasn’t right for me. It was uncomfortable, every time I used it I ended up with a bacterial infection because of the crossing of bacteria between me and my partner and I couldn’t hold it in for the life of me, it would fall out at least 5+ times during play because my pelvic floor wasn’t strong enough.

Now like they say, you need to get through a storm to get to a rainbow.

I now only purchase straps and dildos separately because usually when they come together either the straps suck or the dildo isn’t good quality. When I want me and my partner to both have internal stimulation I will wear my We-Vibe Sync and then I will put my straps and dildo on.

Sex Harnesses For Lesbians

I have owned the Fun Factory sex toy harness for about 2 years now and they have been the straps that get the most use. I bought the rodeo underwear harness because it was everything I wanted and more in a harness (looks wise) but as a harness it was terrible, there is absolutely no dildo support. Now they are just the most expensive pair of underwear I own.

When I wear my Fun Factory straps I also wear a pair of male underwear underneath because that’s what makes me feel comfortable. I totally recommend you do the same if you are into the more masculine harnesses. They are machine washable which makes it easy to keep them clean all the time and they are adjustable around the legs and waist so even if I eat a few too many McNuggets that week they still fit!!

Recommended hardness brands (masculine & feminine) 

  • Fun Factory Harness
  • Liberator Harnesses
  • Calexotics Harnesses
  • Sportsheets Harnesses

Recommended dildo brands 

  • Fun Factory
  • BS Atelier
  • Tantus
  • Evolved

So many customers tell me that they throw away their dildos after breaking up with different partners. Look, I definitely understand it if it’s an emotional thing but if it’s a hygiene thing then please don’t if it was an expensive dildo!

High-grade silicone can be boiled to sanitize.

So just boil away those bad vibes and put your dildos back in their hiding spot! 😃❤ from Elliana