Eva By Dame – Sorry For Leaving Such A Negative Review But I Have To Be Honest!

Hands Free Clitoral Vibrator

Last week I was lucky enough to receive Eva by Dame to review and honestly I’m glad it was given to me because I wouldn’t want to spend the amount it’s priced at on such an average product. I’ve also had my eye on the new Fin because I thought the concept of it sounded awesome but now I know I’ll just be super disappointed by it as it’s pretty much the same as Eva just with a finger strap rather than little wings to tuck into your vagina.

Dame products (two products) is a company run by two girls named Alex and Janet.

They started a campaign on indiegogo for the Eva vibrator to start up their business a few years ago to see how many women would actually want their products which was only Eva at the time. They had also started a campaign on Kickstarter for the Fin vibrator. If I was one of the people who donated I’d be severely unimpressed with what my money went to and on top of that the price I’d have to pay for the product after it was made. I’d be a lot happier if some of the money made was then donated to some kind of woman based charity that could actually make some sort of an important difference to this world but they haven’t and most probably won’t. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for what they’re about but they definitely could have put a lot more thought into the business plan and the designs of their products.

For a company with toys for woman and made by woman I’m so so so disappointed.

Soz not soz Dame 2 products.

Eva by Dame Clit Sex Toy Image
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Eva is designed to be a hands-free clitoral vibrator and I’m sure it would work for some but not every vagina is shaped the same so I don’t understand how it’s supposed to fit every woman. I love the idea but realistically I just don’t see how it could work.  It is made out of medical grade silicone and comes in two colours lavender and aqua. Make sure to not use any silicone based lubricants other than Super Slyde with Eva unless you want to watch her skin be eaten away by your lubricant.

The most disappointing part of this vibrator for me is the weak vibrations


it has to offer as there are only 3 speeds and no patterns. If you’re a female who is super sensitive and you can only handle weak vibrations then this product is definitely the perfect toy for you but for someone like me who owns a lot of clitoral toys including a very powerful wand, this toy does absolutely nothing for me, it’s more like a tickle and giggle. It is rechargeable and only takes an hour to completely charge though so at least you’ll never have to worry about batteries.

Eva is supposed to tuck under the labia so it does give you enough room to wear it whilst having sex, I’m not quite sure how it would hold in whilst being in certain positions but I’m guessing if you have the perfect shaped vagina for it, it might stay in place.

If it did fit me properly and it had stronger vibrations this review would be a lot different because I think it would honestly be an awesome product for even the lesbian couples out there who like to scissor and want to add some vibrations into the mix, they’d both be feeling the same vibes and still feel super connected to each other.

As most people who read my reviews know I like my toys to have the words 100% waterproof or fully submergible on the box and this toy yet again disappoints me because it says it is only water resistant, I don’t understand how a product can look so fancy but have little to nothing to offer! Like common for that price it should at least be waterproof ladies!!!

I’m sorry for such a negative and short review but I’m not going to lie,

I honestly expected a lot more from this product and it doesn’t really give me much to write about as it’s such a simple toy. Opinions are like buttholes though, everyone has one so just because I wasn’t a fan of this toy doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t going to be either. If you want a good beginner rechargeable toy to upgrade to so you can throw away your old battery operated toy then this is definitely the right way to go about it but if you’re like me who has plenty of strong clitoral vibes already you’d be better off spending your money on a good body wand or even a We-Vibe Sync.

I have high hopes that this company can come up with some more awesome ideas in the future because they do have the right idea they just need to put a little more thought into it I think.


Author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres



Doris Is Demoniq In Lingerie

Demoniq Dark Desire BAnner Image

I’m Not A Cheap Shitty Piece of Lingerie!

I was lucky enough to receive the amazingly, sexy Doris 3 piece set by Demoniq. These wonderful little pieces came in store a fair few months ago and honestly I’ve had my eyes on most of them since they got here. Now when I say I’ve had my eyes on them I actually mean I’ve had my eyes on them picturing my girlfriend dressed in them.  The packaging really was what caught my eye though, I must admit I have a weakness for blondes, blue eyes and tattoos and she literally has all three  The model is beautiful and you can already tell by just looking at her wearing it that it screams “I’M NOT A CHEAP SHITTY PIECE OF LINGERIE!”

Demoniq Doris Lingerie Set
Image: Demoniq Doris

So last week I made a bet with my girlfriend, if I won I could dress her in a suit and take her to a gay event to show her off in it and if she won I had to pick a piece of lingerie from Oh Zone and parade around the bedroom in it for her.

Well, guess who won the bet….

Anyone who has met me knows I’m a masculine looking female, I dress in men’s clothes, I wear male underwear and I wear sports bras that make my boobs look as non-existent as possible so you can only imagine how I felt about wearing a set like this, not only was I wearing something I’ve never worn before but I was completely exposed and went way beyond my comfort zone.

Surprisingly my girlfriend loved it, well I mean I know she loves me in anything or nothing so it wasn’t too much of a surprise but she made me actually love myself in it which was what surprised me. Doris was super comfortable! I really loved the way the polyester felt against my skin and it doesn’t feel or look like cheap material like most mesh outfits usually do, I loved the way my boobs looked in it, the garter belt sat nicely on my hips, my butt looked pretty damn amazing and it was relatively stretchy so it felt like all three pieces fit me well, I’m really self-conscious about my weight so it definitely helped with that and I am forever grateful because that is a massive struggle for me.

Demoniq Doris Lingerie Set
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The one thing me and my girlfriend were both a little bit disappointed about though is that on the packaging it shows the model wearing tights but there were no tights included, I mean I guess it was OK for me but I did end up picking a size I knew my girlfriend would fit into as well so this just means I’ll have to purchase a pair of tights from Oh Zone and that shouldn’t be too hard as we have quite a big range of tights to choose from. It’s just a pet hate of mine when companies show something on a package and it’s not what is in the box. But other than that one issue I had with this product, I’m very happy with Doris being in my life and I intend on eventually purchasing the rest of the Demoniq range in the future.

You can purchase this sexy three piece set from Adultsmart or you can find Doris in any of our Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres.

Author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Demoniq Dark Desire Collection

The Demoniq Doris lingerie set is from the Dark Desire range which is made in Lodz, Poland. The Dark Desire range looks into the world of the darker side of eroticism. The designs delve in topics which are often taboo in nature. The collection is inspired by sex literature including Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Marquis de Sade, Guido Crepax and the Christian Grey trilogy by E.L. James. It is also influenced by Japanese bondage art Kinbaku.

The Dark Desire range will fulfil the sexual desires of lovers of BDSM, kink and fetish without compromise. Wearing these gives people the ability to dip their toes into a new erotic world, it will give you the courage to experiment which will tantalise and ignite the passion within the bedroom. You will find this collection is made specifically in black to accentuate the female figure by highlighting the body’s natural curves.








Sharing is Caring with Strap Ons

I’m pretty damn embarrassed to admit to this but today is the day I finally do. So here it goes, my name is Elliana and I can’t hold in a share dildo for the life of me. Yes I know I’m a shocking excuse for a lesbian and I need to purchase some kegel balls ASAP.

I’ve been sleeping with someone for the past few months and lately she’s been asking me to bring out the Fun Factory Sharevibe I’ve had just sitting in my toy drawer for months, she’s been wanting to feel more connected to me and noticed I’ve never even glanced at it when she’s asked me to surprise her with a new toy to use. Honestly, I just hate the way it feels when I’m the dom and being the one having to hold it in, usually I have to wear my Fun Factory Harness with it because my body basically just rejects it every time I slip it in. For a woman with good pelvic floor muscles, the vagina should feel like it’s giving the toy a hug, but see mine doesn’t want anything to do with it, it just pushes it as far away as possible. So every time we’ve tried to have sex with it I’ve had to stop and push it back in about 10 times and it is the most frustrating thing to happen when you’re in the moment, also super embarrassing! We end up giving up every time and I just swap it with a standard dildo. BORING!

So now to the point of my article today. What other options do girls like me have when we can’t hold a share toy in but still want to have some sort of stimulation whilst using a standard strap on?

Sex Toy: We-Vibe Sync
  1. We-Vibe Sync 

The reason I’ve specified the newest We-Bibe couples toy is because of the adjustments they’ve added into the Sync, all of the older versions don’t have the option of being able to push both sides together and have it stay that way once you’ve inserted it, just like share toys you have to be able to hold the toy in yourself and so the Sync is perfect because it does that job for you no matter what position you get in. The bonus of the We-Vibe Sync is obviously that you get both g-spot and clitoral stimulation, that your partner can be in control of the toy and also this depends on the position that you’re in but sometimes you can get the clitoral side of the toy to push up against the bottom of your dildo so that your partner can get a feel of the vibrations you’re experiencing. See our We-Vibe Sync Review.


Sex Toy: L’Amourose Rosa Rouge Massager
  1. L’amourose Rosa 

Another fantastic toy that will stimulate both your g-spot and clitoris or could be used for anal stimulation is the L’amourose Rosa. Because the toy is longer and curved at the top it is much easier to keep in, the curve pretty much holds it in for you and because it has a flat surface it makes it really easy to move around once inserted. So if you’re a woman who knows it takes a little more length and strong direct vibrations to make your g-spot really sing then I’d definitely recommend using this toy over the We-vibe. See our L’amourose Rosa Review.


Photo: B-Vibe Range


  1. B-Vibe 

More of a backdoor kind of gal? B-Vibe has a fantastic range of vibrating butt plugs to choose from whether you’re a beginner or a pro. The reason I’ve chosen this brand is because you have a wireless remote just like you do with the We-vibe, so again your partner can be in control of what vibrations you’ll be feeling so you’ll still feel connected.

Ever had all 3 spots stimulated at the same time? If you haven’t I definitely recommend giving it a go and you can make that happen by combining this toy with the We-Vibe then hand both remotes to your partner and prepare for the fun to begin! See our B-Vibe Review.

Sex Toy: Nu Sensuelle Pleasure Panty
  1. NU Sensuelle Pleasure Panties 

Maybe you don’t like the share strap ons because you just don’t like insertable toys? Well that’s not a problem because Oh Zone has something for everybody. The Nu Sensuelle pleasure panties are a fantastic and affordable strong and rechargeable bullet set with a remote (also rechargeable). All you have to do is throw those undies on underneath your straps and place your bullet in the under pocket to get the fun started. If you are a person who enjoys butt play as well you could mix this product with the B-Vibe for double stimulation. See our NU Sensuelle Pleasure Panties Review .

I own 3 out of the 4 products I’ve recommended today and enjoyed using all of them with my strap on, so I hope your experience is as great as mine was and you and your partner have some new shared fun

About the author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres