How To Please A Woman. Which is Better G-Spot or Clit?

Discover the tried and tested ways to please a woman.  A comprehensive guide to the G-spot and Clit.  Let us tell you what women really want from their partners!

Ways to Please a Woman 

Clitoral Stimulation or G-Spot massaging, which is the more stimulating for a woman?  Both enable a woman to achieve orgasm but both with entirely different feelings.

There are two main ways that a lady will climax through erotic stimulations; here I will explain in more detail each one, how to stimulate them and what is generally considered the most pleasing.

Each area has its own unique feelings and sensations and require individual attentions to reach orgasm.

They both have the ability to achieve that golden grail it is certainly worthwhile to reference this information as a quick and easy guide to satisfying a woman.  No medical degree required –


please a woman
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What is the Clitoris? 

The clitoris is the most regularly used erogenous zone in the female body.  In fact it is the only organ in the female body that is devoted solely for that purpose.

It is packed with nerve endings – more than 9000 in that little zone – that are sensitive to touch, temperature and even breath.

Realistically the clitoris is the female version of a man’s penis.  This can give the same pleasures when manipulated correctly as many women experience multiple orgasms.

Where is it found?

It is situated on the outside of and just above the female’s vaginal opening and protrudes outwards from there.

When a woman becomes physically aroused the clitoris will actually swell and get larger.  Upon happening this actual area mass of the clitoris allows for even more sensations.

Manipulation and stimulation of the clitoris can take shape in many forms both naturally and artificially.

It must be remembered just like the male penis the female clitoris comes in all shapes and sizes.  Generally, the most sensitive part if what is termed as the hood.

How do I Please a Woman with her Clitoris?

There are so many ways!

  • Having normal sex

The penis will stimulate the clitoris especially when in the missionary position.

  • Manual stimulation by using a finger.

It is important to start slowly and softly

  • Cunnilingus

This will also give added sensation of warmth and wetness from saliva as well as stimulation from breath

  • Sex toys like ticklers or clit stimulators

  • Many women also like ‘riding’ objects that can be stationary or moving.

Some equestrian ladies have admitted to achieving orgasm whilst riding a horse.

  • Other aids

Clitoral stimulation include topical creams, lubricants, shower heads and more..

So as you can see the clitoris is a wonderful piece of anatomy of the female body.

When in the right hands it can create the mood for explosive and enjoyable sex.

What is the G-Spot? 

The G-Spot also known as the Grafenberg Spot are a bundle of nerve endings about the size of an Australia 20 cent coin or just larger than an American dime.

You will find it just inside the front wall of the vagina, halfway between the vaginal opening and the cervix.  When stimulated it feels almost rough as the nerve endings expand and blood flows through it more rapidly.

Because ofwhere it is, stimulation can only be done by one person (or sex toys) at a time.

Ways to Please a Woman by stimulating her G-Spot

  • Use a position that will make your penis rub against her G-Spot.

Doggie style is probably the most popular position but there are many others.  It can be fun exploring these positions and finding the one that excites the most.  Look at the Kama Sutra or 101 Sexual Positions.

  • Finger play prior to or during sex

By stroking the G-Spot is a sure fired way to get your partner to orgasm and enjoy sex more.  Generally when doing finger play it is better to keep your finger in a hooked position.

Move your hand up and down rather than using the finger in a tickling motion.

  • Visit an  top ten adult shops sell sex toys 24/7 online specifically for the purpose of exciting the G-Spot.

G-Spot ticklers and vibrators are an established part of the adult toy catalogues.

Trial and error will make you an expert at finding the G-Spot but once you do your partner will thank you and sex will never be the same.

Want to Please a Woman – Time to Go For It ! 

Alright, so now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to hit the road and enjoy the ride, my friend!

But hey, let’s be real, every trip has its hiccups and unexpected turns. So just be prepared for some possible detours and make sure to customize your plans for your travel buddy.

You’ll be all set to impress your lady with your insider knowledge of these two epic destinations.

Put your lady in the MOOD

Sometimes it is beneficial to incorporate external influences that will relax and put your partner in the mood.

Chill music, special lubricants, aromas and more can make orgasm come easier and the whole atmosphere change and become erotic.

How to Please a Woman – Which is Better G-Spot or Clit? 

It is generally accepted that orgasm can be reached quicker by clitoral stimulation as opposed to G-Spot excitement.

BUT is is also known that more women will have an orgasm through G-Spot play.

Not all women can achieve orgasm but even if they don’t reach a climax it does not mean they are not enjoying sex.

9 out of 10 women state that they will orgasm through G-Spot excitement only.  Only 6 out of 10 women surveyed say they can achieve orgasm just by clitoral play.

What is a G-spot Orgasm like? 

Women that achieve G-Spot orgasms report that the orgasm is much deeper and descriptively say it is a ‘full body orgasm’.

Although it takes longer to achieve it gives more satisfaction and is longer lasting.   A more fulfilling and complete sexual release.

What is a Clitoral Orgasm Like? 

Women that can achieve clitoral orgasms report that climax will be achieved quickly and the release also quicker making it shorter in duration.

Most women that achieve clitoral orgasm will also be able to have multiple orgasms through clit-play.

In effect both have their strengths and unique qualities but to give your partner ultimate orgasms why not experiment and play with both.

Your partner and you will be rewarded with more enjoyable and fulfilling sex life.

Incorporating sex toys and other products will allow each of you to explore and conquer your deepest desires.

Please a woman
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My G-Spot Pulsates With Stronic Fun!

You find me lucky enough to be the first person in Australia to receive the new Stronic G by Fun Factory.

I can’t even explain how happy I was about that.

Fun Factory is my favourite brand to buy and sell!  I have a few of their double motored vibrators, dildos, their share vibe and their denim harness .

There have been no regrets with any  Fun Factory purchases I have made.  I have been extremely happy with all of their products.  Their Stronic Drei is my favourite g-spot sex toy.  So I already knew this toy was going to be amazing and I was not wrong.

In fact, it is now my new favourite.

Stronic G by Fun Factory

The shape of it is absolutely perfect.  If you are one of the many women who has never had a g-spot orgasm then I definitely recommend this toy to you.

But if you need clitoral stimulation at the same time, then just leave the toy do the thrusting, while you use a powerful clit toy at the same time.

Who are Fun Factory?

Fun Factory are a German sex toy manufacturing company that specialises in high-quality silicone adult toys.  They have won multiple design awards for a few of their products, which get better and better every time they bring out a new toy.

They also have a great range of colours and shapes to choose from with different insertable lengths.

please a woman
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How to Please a Woman – Buy a Stronic G!

Firstly, this toy is not a vibrator it is a thruster.

So instead of feeling buzzy or rumbly vibrations whilst moving your toy around the Stronic G moves back and forth.  This pushes up against your g-spot with it’s perfectly shaped curve at the tip.

Facts About the Stronic G

  • Different Modes and Settings of Thrusting motions

There are 3 modes with 3 different settings.  The modes are called constant, algorithmic and dynamic.

I definitely recommend giving them all a go to figure out which ones work the best for you!

  • Safety Lock Just in case!

If you go travelling with it or just want to preserve that battery life you have the option of doing that.

To lock you hold down the fun and – buttons at the same time till they start flashing.  Then to unlock I press the fun and + buttons at the same time.

  • Made of High Quality Silicone

It feels super smooth and amazing!

  • Use Water Based Lubricants

Make sure to not use any silicone lubricants with it.  This will start to destroy the material and it won’t feel so super smooth anymore.

Any water based lubricant will work perfectly fine with it,

  • Completely Submersible

Just like all of Fun Factory’s other products the Stronic G is completely submersible.  I can use it in the bath and shower for some extra fun and there is less stress when it comes to cleaning the toy.

  • Charging Cord

This works like a magnet at the end of the toy instead of having a hole for a plugin cord.  I feel a lot more confident when I’m putting it under water and not stressing about water getting in.  You can purchase replacements also.

Are there any downsides?

  • The only downside which is also a plus side is that it takes about 16 hours to completely charge up.
  • But as I said there is a plus side and that is that it lasts about the same amount of time in play. 
  • This means you rarely ever have to charge it and if you’re a lazy person like me then that really is just a plus side.

Can I Use Other Sex Toys with It?

As well as using a clit toy, you could also use butt plugs, bondage products or really anything you want with it to spice it up a bit.

The more you experiment with it, the more you’ll fall in love with this toy!

With clitoral sex toys, I recommend either using a Zumio or the Womanizer because they are two really damn amazing products.  When you put two fantastic products together you will have a mind-blowing experience.

You have 2 years manufacturing warranty which I highly doubt you will have to use because they are such a good quality toy.   I have never personally had any problems with any of my products so I do not think you will either.

With the Stronic G, you have three colour choices of pink, purple and pool blue to choose from.

You can thank me later ? This is an absolutely amazing Fun Factory sex toy!

As always, be safe and have fun ❤

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