Future of Sex Robots – Exploring Robotics and Human Pleasure

Sex robots – what do they have to offer? Dive into the world of cutting-edge robots designed for human pleasure and intimacy.  Experience the future today with advanced sex robot technology.

“We tend to think about issues such as virtual reality and robotic sex within the context of current norms.  But if we think back to the social norms about sex that existed just 100 years ago, it is obvious that they have changed rapidly and radically. 

Virtual reality becomes more realistic and immersive and is able to mimic and even improve on the experience of sex with a human partner.  It is conceivable that some will choose this in preference to sex with a less than perfect human being.

People may also begin to fall in love with their virtual reality partners. Love and sex with robots are inevitable,” said Dr Helen Driscoll

Sex Robots – The Future of Sex? 

In the future will we be having sex with robots.  Think about it for a minute, this could be the answer to so many of societies many day problems.

No more issues about slave sex victims, no more moral judgements on sex workers, safe sex practices guaranteed and no STD’s being transmitted.

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And best of all for either sex using them, they never say no!!

Sex toys like this have existed for a while in countries such as Japan, where the idea of simulated sex toys is actually quite popular.

Japanese culture is intriguing because of the social pressure that they are under and the expected productivity levels of workers.

As such, it is difficult for many people to maintain relationships and they have simply turned to artificial sex and comfort. Indeed, there are many kinds of sexual related places in Japan.

Also non sexually related in the form of a ‘Cuddle Bar‘ where you pay for ‘intimacy’ and simply a cuddle.  It’s surprisingly therapeutic and beneficial for the mental health of everyone involved.


sex robots
Humanoid Robot

Robotic Sex 

This could be a solution to the ever increasing problem of human trafficking and if the problem is gone then the resources into trying to prevent them are no longer required.

It will save enforcement agencies millions if not billions of dollars.

Resources and medicines to help prevent and to treat sexually transmitted diseases will decrease allowing increased spending into research and development for cures of other diseases.

So long as more people are having sex with the robots. The downside to that will be that the population birth rate will decrease.

Love with Your Sex Robot

For the kinky out there it will allow them to play out their fantasies harmlessly where no actual human is hurt or abused.

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Multiple partners could be had and not come with the emotional and relationship turmoils as there will be no jealousy or accusations of cheating by your robotic partner of choice.

You will be able to fully customise the skin tone, the hair type by interchanging wigs, do their own makeup, choose the type of clothes that the sex doll will wear.

Fantasize about going on dates with them, change the colour of their eyes, get mechanical updates and upgrades.

Some men will simply fall in love with their sexbot.  Thereby fulfilling all sorts of personally sexual fantasies you might not be able to get in real life!

Some say that sex robots are inevitable and sex dolls are no created so lifelike both in looks and feeling it is difficult if not seeing it in persona which is the real deal.

Some of these dolls command a $10,000 price tag but are man-made and sculptured to your design and requirements.  Previous constraints and restraints are all gone.

What is the future in sex robots? 

Who knows but it is an interesting thought.  Will people become less involved in socialising with other individuals and will real relationships crumble?

Sex robots might develop real type’s of emotion with real personality.  Do they have the ability to have a soul or have a mechanical heart that reflects a real heart?

Will people fall in love with their sex robots and develop real relationships with them?

There are a million questions to ask.  But if you take all that out of the equation, sex robots will help millions of people fulfill their sexual needs at the click of a button.

People will be happier and their self-esteem will improve.

When you think of it we already have sex toy robots. Think about the massive range of vibrators available and prostate massagers.

You can even buy sex toy chairs and machine’s in store, sex robots are just the next step up.

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Robosexual revolution? Sexbots projected to dominate mainstream sex within 25 years

The Age of Robosexuals

Set the agenda, push the button, no compliments before or hugs after sex. How convenient, don’t you think?

The digisexual and robosexual community is growing in numbers.  Possibilities of technological and mechanical intimacy, which is increasingly replacing the human one, is becoming more and more sophisticated. 

Professor David Cheok, for example, argues that sex with humans will be as special as the concert experience in the future.

We already listen to music vicariously thanks to technology. It will be the same with sexbots.

Robots are increasingly a daily part of life.

They make work easier, they save time… and they have sex. There’s no doubt that their development has progressed tremendously.

Today, there are even companies that specialize in robot fetishes, as well as sex therapy, which has even already had the first tangible positive results in improving the condition of frustrated individuals.

The Most Prominent Sex Robot 

And it wasn’t so long ago, after all, that Harmony was introduced to the world.

The epitome of absolute perfection, a robotic beauty that caresses you, understands you and even rejects you when it assesses that you don’t have enough appetite.

It’s the most important robotic sexlady in history, costing a staggering $30 billion to create.

And while every technological advancement should celebrate success, the champagne remains closed on sexbots for now. In fact, sociologists are afraid to celebrate, and quite rightly so.

Prefer A Sex Robot?

According to Dr. Trudy Barber, a pioneer in the impact of technology on sexual intercourse, our increasing immersion in technology means that one day there will come a time when sexbots will dominate the mainstream of sex.  Even within 25 years, according to forecasts. 

And just as modern technology and social networking have contributed to the alienation of friends.  In terms of intimacy there will be changes in the field of intense experiences between couples.

Robots will enter our daily lives and quite possibly take command of our bedroom rituals.

Sex robots are already available in versions for both sexes.

Their purchase price starts at £7,000 and rises naturally according to the skill of the contraption.

What’s more, you can also determine their form. This is also why a certain man from Hong Kong can actually have sex with a Scarlett Johannson knockoff on a daily basis. 

However, there is still a rather large question mark hanging in the ether. Aside from the fact that we will become more like robots than robots will become like us, according to Barber, there are other social threats. 

Just consider what video games can do and how powerful they can be as a stimulus in simulating reality.

We don’t need to remind you what positions we can take under the influence of new robotic technologies towards our counterparts…

And it’s not just attitudes towards a partner that can shuffle the cards. There are concerns among some researchers that robotic sex can be addictive.


For example, because a sexbot is hard to turn down, you have access to it more or less 24/7, and who else do you need “to live”?

A Robotic Brothel

In the erotic brothels of the future, robots will walk around indistinguishable from living people.

They will be endowed with artificial intelligence and the ability to satisfy any client’s every wish and desire. Without the risk of contracting venereal or other diseases.

Erotic businesses featuring realistic sex dolls only started popping up around the world a few years ago. The first cities that opened the door to the revolution in erotic services were Barcelona, Vienna or Dortmund, Germany. 

Dortmund is considered to be the very first. Its “enlightened” owner Evelyn Schwartz originally bought sex dolls because she wanted to save money and reduce stress levels.

The prostitutes were often absent from work and had behavioural problems. Her problems with hiring realistic silicone beauties went away, and business has been up ever since. 

A similar scenario has since been repeated in major cities around the world. In 2019, the first erotic business with realistic dolls opened in Prague, connecting sex dolls with the world of virtual reality.

AI for all Robots

Artificial intelligence has undergone a huge development in all modern technologies in recent years.

In the field of sex robots, it is worth mentioning the most advanced robot at the moment.  Sofia, who travels the world, gives interviews to journalists and has even gained citizenship in Saudi Arabia. 

Sofia is excellent at recognizing and imitating human emotions, and has mastered the art of casual conversation. She can show emotion, express compassion and has black humour in her software.

The Last Steps to the Goal

Prices of state-of-the-art sexbots endowed with artificial intelligence is still in the price range of a very luxurious car for the average consumer.  It will still be a few years before they are encountered in private homes. 

Sex dolls however already are on offer with great realism including options such as vaginal lubrication and body heating.  Also human temperature and sound systems that make dolls respond by moaning when touching them in intimate places.

Robotic heads have also become far more affordable.

And by connecting to virtual reality, you are one step closer to unlimited, unusual and exciting experiences in the world of sex.


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