Sex Furniture in Relationships – Increasing Sexual Pleasure

With development in technology it’s only natural that Sex Furniture in Relationships increases sexual pleasure. All aspects of your sex life will be better.

Integration of advanced technologies by manufacturers globally, the development of innovative sex toys and other sex items is the natural progression of technological advancement.  Lets look at the evolution of sex toys through history. 

Sex Furniture Increases Sexual Pleasure

Some of these products may come across as unconventional and unusual. We cknowledge that humans are inherently sensual and deeply passionate beings. People have always been on the lookout for fresh ways to enhance their fantasies and improve their sex lives.

Enhance and add excitement to your sexual encounters.  The demand for sex products and services has increased significantly meaning that is no longer considered a taboo.  This sex furniture is helpful in increasing sexual pleasure.

Sex Furniture in Relationships
Sex Furniture

Importance of Building up Your Relationship

Every relationship gets stuck in a routine sometimes.  When it does you have to do something to keep it on the right path. Without being a bit inventive, your love life may suffer. Spice up you bed adventures with new ideas and creativity – listen to Her Fetish.

Perhaps add Bondage Kits to your BDSM Play.

Couples like to use sex toys and other items while makeing love.  So they may help get a profound experience with pleasure. The adult sex toy industry and the use of its products increase every year.

There are plenty of unusual options for people with more selective tastes and desires. If you’re eager to work on your love life, you shouldn’t miss out on some of the incredible things like sex furniture.

Variations of Sex Furniture in Relationships

Furniture for making love is not a new thing, but it’s becoming a hype. At first glance, as seen on Best Sex Furniture. The pieces look like any ordinary modern furniture. Look closer, all those curves and backrests have their purposes.

This equipment lets you to achieve new experiences. It helps you get out of your comfort zone and enjoy sex on a whole new level and undoubtedly help you and your partner get the most out of your current relationship.

Some of these things have existed for a long time.  But they weren’t in mass production like they are today. Unique beds designed for BDSM are one of the examples. They have existed for many years, but you couldn’t find them at your local furniture store.

Lovemaking Equipment at Disposal

By popular demand, people can find various sex furniture pieces available in sex shops these days. Online sales are available for those who still think of making love as a taboo.

Sex Furniture in relationships
BUY BDSM Products

There are many other incredible furniture options like benches, sofa, or chairs. You can buy ready-made furniture that can find a permanent place in your house.  Or you can opt for inflatable models, which are easy to move.

Accessories, like pillows of all shapes and extra support (ramps, swings), are optionsl. Support cushions are handy when you have to find the best angle during intercourse. They will make performing more intense and demanding poses easier, without getting hurt or tired.

What Do You Need To Know About Sex Furniture? 

Sex furniture items are considered to be an incredibly useful and a powerful tool.  They help people find their inner selves, connecting on a whole new level.

Some people don’t approve of the use of these products.  They believe that these things dont help them, and try to keep the sex lives of others in check. Those who experiment will eagerly use this equipment to help them break conventional boundaries in their love lives.

Reignite the spark in your relationship or marriage.  Explore these sexual tips and identify the steps you need to take. Before deciding whether these suggestions are suitable for you and your partner, conduct comprehensive research and consider all available options.

Introducing these devices into your romantic life necessitates a lengthy conversation and mutual agreement between both partners.

Furniture can be used for various purposes.  The ones labeled as ‘sex’ are designed to enhance not only your home decor but also your intimate experiences. These items can provide a unique setting for you and your partner to enjoy more your intimate time together.

Sex Furniture is an Investment in Your Relationship

Did you know that three out of four Americans have dildos but few invest in Sex Furniture?  Having a sex toy on your bedside table isn’t that uncommon, but what about your end table BEING sex toy?

Sex Furniture

Another growing trend that most people don’t consider or talk about. Probably because they think sex furniture has to be an oversized bondage table, complete with shackles and restraints.

Wrong! (Although those can be a lot of fun too!)

A lot of today’s modern sex furniture actually doubles as regular accent pieces like couches, benches, or ottomans. Another fact most people don’t realize is that you can also purchase sex pillows, ramps, and other smaller items that you can easily tuck away and out of sight. 

What’s The Purpose Of Sex Furniture?

 Is it reserved for just the kinkiest, most sexually adventurous couples? What are the benefits of using these unconventional pieces, and where do you start when shopping? Grab your eye for design and desire and let’s get started!

Sex Furniture Increases Sexual Pleasure
Fetish Furniture

The Benefits of Sex Furniture

Sex furniture, also known as intimate or erotic furniture. It helps couples fulfill specific fantasies, hold more difficult sex positions for longer (and more comfortable), and enhance the overall sexual experience.

Some people lack the flexibility, strength, or endurance to hold certain sex positions for long periods of time.Sex furniture can make this easier. If your partner has a certain fantasy they’ve been dying to try, a little support can help make their naughtiest desires a reality. 

The best part about sex furniture is that most of it resembling everyday decor. You can fill that space in the corner of your bedroom while also filling up your partner!

Speaking of, sex furniture also helps you achieve deeper penetration, more intense orgasms, and have a more intimate experience. You and your partner can achieve levels of pleasure you weren’t able to in the past. 

Types of Sex Furniture from Mild to Wild

Not all sex furniture is created equal. Intimate pieces range in style, size, and price. Whether you’re looking for something small and discreet or something to really elevate your sex game (and your bodies), there are countless options to choose from.

Here’s a quick guide on some basic pieces and other, more advanced selections.


If you’re simply looking for a little leverage, a sex pillow or wedge is the perfect option. This is also a good erotic item for beginners. Pillows, wedges, and ramps help tilt your body in the perfect position for deeper penetration, oral sex, and G-spot play.

You can wedge these pillows under your hips, butt, or wherever else they fit comfortably to give your partner the right angle for your pleasure. It also prevents either of you from getting tired or getting a cramp during a hot and steamy sex session. 

Shower Handle

Did someone say shower sex? Countless couples take their fun into the shower, and why not? It’s slippery, sexy, and wet! But sometimes, achieving the right position while standing under a cascade of running water can be, well, tricky! That’s where a shower handle and grip comes in handy.

The ironic part is, some people invest in these little gadgets simply to help them safely enter and exit the shower. But it’s way more fun to use a shower handle to achieve and hold the perfect sex position. This handle grips to the shower walls and gives you something sturdy to hold onto while your partner is driving it home.

Sex Swings

Sex swings are a classic piece of sex equipment featured in countless movies and TV series. Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re only for acrobats and gymnasts. In fact,  the best sex swings are pretty versatile and user-friendly for even those new to the world of sex furniture.

Sex swings are commonly hung from the door, bed, or ceiling to help you elevate your partner and your pleasure. Sex swings offer easy access and the ability to achieve weightless positions with minimal effort. 

Sex Chair

Now we’re getting into the actual pieces of furniture that double as sex toys and home decor. Sex chairs give you the perfect place to prop up your partner for pleasure. Many are equipped with specially designed curves and handles for added support and sturdiness.

Designed to appear like contemporary furniture, these chairs are guaranteed to become the center of attention at your next cocktail party. Some chairs even have footrests and handles, putting complete control in the hands of the rider. Unique designs are geared toward oral sex, missionary, and even doggy style.

Most sex furniture pieces are also made of easy to clean materials so you won’t have to explain any mysterious stains to dinner guests. 

Sex Couch/Bench

If a chair is just not big enough to fulfill all of your naughty fantasies, invest in a chair, bench, or chaise lounge. These are probably the most popular pieces of sex furniture thanks to their gorgeous design, versatility, and size.

Many sex couches are large enough for both partners to mount but are designed like a sleek piece of contemporary furniture. Curved with your pleasure in mind, these erotic furniture items help your body bend at just the right angle for deep penetration.

Experimenting with G-spot or P-spot stimulation? With a few adjustments, you can achieve the perfect position for exploring these hidden erogenous zones. The best part is, many of these couches and chaises are beautifully designed and made of quality materials that will last you for years to come (pun intended). 

Coffee Table

There’s something naughty and erotic about the thought of your guests sifting through magazines or enjoying a cocktail at a coffee table that doubles as a sex slave cage.

Are you and your partner into kinky BDSM play? Designed to look like an artistic coffee table complete with bars, this sex furniture item is the perfect prop for those who practice the dominant-submissive relationship.

By day, this table is perfect for doing work or eating lunch. By night, it’s your sex slave’s new home for both torture and pleasure. 


Similar to a coffee table, sex stools are smaller pieces of erotic furniture that serve multiple purposes. Designed with two stretchy strips of fabric in the center, sex stools give you added leverage and bounce in the riding position.

Straddling your partner for an extended period can quickly turn from a pleasurable experience to an unanticipated exercise session. Sex stools take the pressure off your legs and glutes by offering added support. They also put a spring in your step (or should we say, ride?). With an opening between the two straps, your partner’s member will easily slip through and into you.

These stools are also perfect for anyone suffering from an injury or pregnant women who need help to prop their bodies up for long periods of time. 


From bondage crosses to dungeon furniture, sex tables are not for the faint of heart. These items can’t really be left in your living room unless your friends are all as kinky and adventurous as you.

Most people keep their sex tables tucked away for private use. Dungeon furniture ranges from stationary tables with handcuffs and restraints built-in to an adjustable table complete with holes for your nipples, genitals, and mouth. Strap your partner in face-up or face-down for hours of torture and fun!

Some tables collapse for easy storage under your bed or in your closet, but all allow you to display your partner’s irresistible body in the perfect position for teasing and pleasing.

Sex Furniture Deepens Your Connection… and Penetration

Whether you’re simply looking to spice things up, deepen your connection with your partner, or fulfill your wildest fantasies, sex furniture can help you get there.

Ranging in styles and designs that take you from wild to mild, these erotic items are just one more addition to your collection of sex toys and goodies!

The biggest issue you’ll face is upgrading your goodie drawer to a goodie closet. 

sexy woman wiht gun in desert
woman with gun

A Sex Machine Gun With A Kick!!

An exciting contraption arrived at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres the other day and I just had to review it. It’s a sex machine!Not the James Brown type…but a real machine that you can have sex with!

I did actually know such things existed because I watched a cool documentary about the company who have been instrumental in making a whole genre of films dedicated just to sex machines.  Sex Machines they used were far more industrial, but the idea is the same.

The machine I am going to look at is called “The Machine Gun”. A sex machine, also known as a fucking machine, is basically a more sophisticated version of a vibrator. It literally has sex with you.

You don’t have to do a thing except turn it on. ….I’m talking about the switch, … don’t worry, you don’t have to go down on it for 3 hours.

A World of Sex Machines

It is  a power tool in much the same way as a saw or drill are.

I am wincing even typing that) in fact there are such things in the world of Sex Machines: ‘drilldos” that rotate, and ‘fucksaws” that have a sawing action, which is, I guess what  ‘The Sex Machine Gun does.’

You can add your own attachments to the Sex Machine Gun thruster depending on what you want. There is as masturbator attachment for guys and any kind of dildo for any other gender.  I researched to see if I could find people’s personal accounts of having used one.

This proved more difficult than I anticipated. The Sex Machine Gun is certainly a conversation starter in the store though, that’s for sure.  I can easily see how it would feel and be as a girl but I would love to speak to a guy who had used

Machine Gun with the silicone masturbater cup that ours has come with, to find out if it really works. In theory, it’s so much better than any of the automated masturbator machines I have come across so far.

Pink Sex Machine Medchanical Dildo
Sex Toy: Sex Machine Gun

History of the Sex Machine

I just wanted to say a little about the history of the sex machine for those that don’t know, as I found it all very interesting. The vibrator apparently came about as an invention for curing the mythical disease of “hysteria ” which was prevalent in Victorian women.

Doctors would cure husband-less wives of ‘Hysteria” by masturbating them to orgasm. It calmed them down apparently (the women, not the Doctors!)  But their poor hands got tired so quickly, what with all the vigorous rubbing required and there was a desperate need for what became the first sex machine.

They were even sold as health devices in department store catalogues at the turn of the 20th Century. Sorry but  I just had to include this terrifying model of one of the earliest medical sex machines. Its powered by steam and it was built in 1867. ‘Yikes’! is all I have to say about that.

Mind you some BDSM aficionados will be wishing they could get their hands on one just like it.

Sex Machine Gun is far less intimidating and very easy to use.

You simply connect the controller dial to the power pack and adapter plug, then push whatever attachment you want onto the sex machine until it clicks into place.

You are now ready to adjust the machine to the angle you require. It goes to 90% which means you can have sex with it standing up. The machine is not heavy so obviously, stability is something important to look at.

There are four suction cups, to allow you to secure the machine to the floor. I had it on a glass counter and almost needed a knife to prize it off. You couldn’t use it on a carpet though, I should imagine it would scoot across the room because once it starts thrusting it really goes hard.

It has a handheld controller on a lead which has an incremental speed dial. (that’s for thrust intensity, not dialling your mum).

Cons of Sex Machine Gun

A couple of things I wasn’t too keen on the Sex Machine Gun was the adaptor as it comes in doesn’t stay in the socket and the lead for the controller is a bit short.

It’s perfect for solo use, but for use with a partner, I would prefer there was more length for the person in control to sit back and watch. I imagine this is purchased a lot by people into BDSM so that might be an issue.

I totally get why people are so into Sex Machine Gun, there is something space age and fantastical about the whole idea. Its like cybersex and the stuff of futuristic comic books.

It’ would also be great for people who just have an unsatisfied high sex drive, or if you are elderly or disabled. I even read that sex therapist prescribe them for sex addiction too.

Mark my words, there will be more and more sophisticated versions of these, even now there is such a thing as “Teledildonics” which combine the use of various sex machines and a web interface that’s used remotely by a partner. I’m telling you.

It’s the future…you read it here first.

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