Self Care: Masturbation is Good for You!

When you think about self care masturbation wouldn’t jump to mind. Would it surprise you to hear that masturbating is another important aspect of our self care?

Self care is often brought up in the world today. Are we taking care of ourselves? Eating properly? Sleeping? Meditating, being mindful, stressing less. 

Benefits of Self Care Masturbation

Masturbating and sex releases a range of neuro chemicals into our brains and our bodies, making us happier.


This is a chemical that is released to give a “feel good” boost.  Dopamine is also great for blood flow, digestion, executive functioning, heart and kidney function, memory and focus.

Also good for emotions, motor control, pain processing, pancreatic function and insulin regulation, pleasure and reward seeking behavior, sleep, stress response.


These are a chemical released that assists with stress relief and combating pain.


This is a chemial that allows us to feel satisfaction.


This amazing chemical helps balance out cortisol which is a stress hormone


This wonderful chemical also plays a part in leaving you happy, calm and helps to regulate mood.

self care masturbation
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Boost Your Mood

Essentially, by boosting your orgasms and neurochemicals as an effect of masturbation- you boost your mood. That is some very important self care.

Due to the effect that the neuro-chemicals have on us it is no wonder that masturbating and experiencing an orgasm help to reduce stress and frustration.

Even without orgasm, drawing attention to your body during masturbation can be known to push any external stressors in your mind out so that you can simply focus on the sensations of your pleasure.

Masturbation can also help with focus

The chemicals released can help create a calm and focused state of being and has been known to improve productivity in real life.

Struggling to sleep?

Masturbating is a  form of exercise, utilizing muscles, focus and brain power.

After an orgasm the parasympathetic nerves begin to relax and calms the body, assisting in restlessness and sleep.  Some studies have shown that it can improve sleep quality as well.

Helps with Immunity Response

During masturbation our blood pumps fasting, traveling the body and heating us up.  Increase in blood flow has been shown to have many benefits for the body and also for our immunity.

This doesn’t mean that Masturbating can kick the common cold in the butt.  But ongoing masturbation can help positively promote good immune health.

Increased blood flow is good for your heart health

Taking steps to keeping your heart healthy.  Good blood flow has also been shown to have an affect on our skin.  The more blood pumping, the better the benefits for our skin health.

For CIS men masturbation assists in many ways.

Regular masturbation has been shown to have a positive effect on the prostate and in some cases, decrease the likelihood of prostate cancer.

Masturbating and orgasm flushes out the internal tubing, keeping the tubes cleaner and in better working order.   It has also shown to assist in building harder erections over time and also prolonging orgasm.

To prolong orgasms, experiment with “edging” a technique where you bring yourself close to orgasm before slowing down, or backing off, before edging again.

Over time, this edging effect will build the ability to last longer.

For Cis women

Masturbation can assist with preventing urinary tract infections and cervical infections.

Because of the wonderful endorphins that are released as well as the overall effect orgasm have on the pelvic floor, masturbation can assist with both preventing and helping reduce period pain and cramping.

For everyone, masturbation is great exercise for your pelvic floor.

This is helpful for all kinds of things.  It means that your anatomy will keep shape, be stronger and age better as you grow.

Last But Not Least

Knowing your own body and knowing your own pleasure, your turn ons and what you don’t like.  This can be used alone or with a partner.  But it helps you to be more aware of your own body

Really isn’t that what self care is all about?

(Note: Cis refers to people who at birth are categorized as male or female in relation to their anatomy)

Couples Sex Toys

Having worked in an Adult store for some time now, we get asked numerous “interesting questions” on a daily basis.  One of the most frequent questions wold possibly be what is out there for couples?

Possibilities are endless

With a huge range of toys that include the use or remotes, WiFi, downloading an AP to VR.

We-vibe has a full range of toys that make use of a remote and the AP.  These toys allow the couple to share in the pleasure from anywhere in the world.  From vibrators (the Rave and Nova), to smaller couples toys like the sync and chorus (these toys can actually be used during sex as well).

The we-Vibe range also include but plugs for both sexes and a wide range of small vibes for use on the clitoris.

Other brands like NU Sensuelle and Frederic’s of Hollywood also make internal eggs as well as panty vibes that can be controlled remotely.

NU range of toys

These have a great strong vibrating. As apposed to most other brands out there most of their toys are completely submersible.  This makes for great couples play in the shower or bath.

Some other options are the more expensive

But very much worth it.  Kiiroo range of couples toys.  The most popular would be the couples set that includes a g-spot vibrator for her and a masturbator or stroker for him.

These toys can be paired using Bluetooth or by downloading the AP.  This way the toys are able to control each other (again from anywhere in the world).

Don’t forget about the Fleshlight stroker.

This seemingly singles only toy has a great spot in the bedroom for couples.  It is great for use during foreplay or even if you guys were thinking about a threesome (but the other party is not really up for it as yet).

To be honest with you, I can’t think of a toy or a range of toys that are not suitable for couples play.  From the entry level to the more extreme (like sex machines), there is a place for all toys in the couples bedroom.

All toys mentioned above are available online at Adultsmart or in store.

self care masturbation
Ejaculating Man

Stroke Your Way To Happiness

Do you want to experience more in your solo sex sessions? Are you a man searching for a change to your regular stroking experiences?

Male strokers and masturbators can give a  far superior than-normal feel, with compositions that empower and tease the nerve endings in the penis better than a hand ever could.

Men like to look for sex toys designed for males like strokers and set aside a few minutes each day for enhanced solo sex play.  They’re anything but difficult to use and simple to clean giving out-of-this-world excitement.

Most are affordable too and if you calculate how many times you will use them divided by their cost are well worth the limited investment.

Feeling Hesitant about purchasing one? 

Having reservations because it takes you out of your comfort zone or perhaps you are worried what your partner will thing about it?  There is no need as almost every man has used or owns a masturbator of some sort. 

They are also used as tools to extend the time you are having sex increasing your sexual stamina and delaying ejaculation.

Some partners may have reservations about you purchasing an anatomical replica of a vagina, anus or mouth.  But there are many masturbators and strokers out there that come in a cup or other innate object.

Using a Stroker

It will help you develop your erotic performance and take you to a lovemaking peak – whether you are with someone or not.

Each stroker you purchase is unique some having tighter openings, with peaks, ridges, nodules and chambers inside.  These textured tunnels will help maximize the sensations that your penis will feel and invigorate it to heights of joy.

Some strokers are also double ended so that you can two styles of masturbation in the one unit giving totally diverse experiences.

Use Plenty Of Water Based Lube

It is important to used plenty of water-based lubricant in this style of sex toy as it will enhance the experience and make for a more realistic session.   Also it will ensure that there is no friction that would make your penis uncomfortable and even hurt.

It is essential to use water-based as most strokers and many masturbators are made with cyber-skin or similar and the material will perish if silicone or oil is used.

Starting Out with Your Stroker

When you and your stroker are lubed up, you can put your cock inside the entrance. 

Begin by opening up to entry and around the head of your penis.  Appreciating the impressions and guaranteeing everything is smooth and lubey.  At that point, get prepared to enter the male stroker with zest.  

When you start, the entry door to the stroker may seem like a tight fit. But the stroker will grow to and take your cock regardless of its size.  Hold the base of your penis and the stroker solidly and ease into the stroker.

Once you are inside

Now is the time to work out how you want to work it.  Begin by holding the outside of the stroker and tenderly stroking it all over your full length.  Be mindful so as not to go to far over and over again, so you don’t slide right out.

As you get to understand what you can do with the stroker you can be more lively with your penis fun.  Have a go at turning the stroker as you move it.

Kneading the head of the penis, twisting it with back and forth motions of the wrist.  Don’t simply just stroke it up and down like a crank as this, whilst pleasurable, won’t fully explore the sensations of the ribbing inside.

If your stroker has an opening on the flip side

And the greater part of them do, you can use your finger to mostly or completely cover the gap to expand suction inside the stroker.  It can take a couple of tries to effectively ace the craft of changing suction.

And keeping a hold on your stroker while stroking, yet as with all things practice makes perfect.

self care masturbation
stroking for couples

You will develop stamina

The first occasion when you use your stroker, you’ll most likely come rapidly.  But slowly developing your sexual stamina is all piece of the stroker’s motivation.

Couples have been using vibrators into their love-making sessions  for a considerable length of time.  So why not add a stroker to your foreplay, they’re awesome.

Choose a transparent sleeve so you both get a close perspective of this sexy activity.

A Stroker is an Awesome Feature

Using a stroker is awesome as a feature of foreplay with your lover, escalating your pleasure before sex.

But on the other hand they’re incredible for shared masturbation.  Or now and again when you need to be close together but don’t want to go down the road of full sex.

In the event that your lover gets tired while giving you a hand job, a stroker will help them along the way and you’ll adore your stroker much more when your partner is working it for you.

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