How I Met My Boyfriend

inquisitive couple

It was a crisp September morning, I’d come into work hoping to make a few sex lives better, help a people achieve the orgasms of their dreams… Not expecting to meet the man of mine.

So I had a younger couple come in, sweet and friendly, they wandered for a bit before timidly accepting defeat and asking me for assistance (it’s always the way, they always come to us in the end). The girlfriend was definitely more outgoing just confidently stating that they wanted to try pegging but had no idea where to start as beginners, much like first times for most things.

I took them for a wander through the store, while advising they were living my dream, after all Peg All Men 2020 has been my motto all year (haven’t been successful but we’ll talk about my failures another time.)

I asked the standard questions, what textures do we like, hard or soft, have we tried any buttstuff before, looking back the poor guy was probably getting a bit of a brain overload with all of my questions. He wanted a realistic feel, he wanted something not too big, we wanted a bit of flexibility.

With all questions asked I showed him our ranges, the King Cocks, the Colours, the Maias, each one bringing it’s own qualities to the table. King Cock had realist dicks down to a science (veins and all), not to mention options.

Brown dicks? You got it.

Black dicks? You got it.

Beige dicks? You got it.

Balls? No balls? You bet.

Clear dicks that would produce a lovely holographic look when held to light? Absolutely.

They weren’t it.


Colours had a nice size and colour range but it wasn’t quite was he was after either.


And Maia, they were almost there but the experience wasn’t exactly the realism that he wanted, this guy was after a penis but without the men… Aren’t we all ?


We had just gotten the RealRock Silicone Dildos in… I’d heard some about these before but hadn’t gotten the opportunity to look at them properly or feel a tester so I suggested we take one out of the packet and feel it with gloves on (don’t be silly, wrap your willy).

We get to the counter, pop on our safety gear and I’ll be honest… It was love at first handful, he was thick, details in all the right places, we had gotten the 6” for the young man because as I said you can always insert less of a bigger dick, but you can’t insert more of a smaller one.

The RealRock dong is thermoreactive, if you microwave for 30 seconds or throw it into hot water it will soften up, giving more flexibility and a real deal kinda feel (good rhyming, I know).

On the other hand if you pop this bad boy in the freezer he will get absolutely (real) rock hard, which is an entirely different experience again.

The ability to switch up how you play with this one was mind blowing to all parties, we were stunned it was like buying multiple dildos at once.

And like Goldilocks, this one was just right. This man had found *The One*, and he was on his merry way.


But I was left in a state of shock, what had just happened, there’s no way I had just met the love of my life… It wasn’t possible, I wouldn’t believe it.

I spent weeks in denial, I had bought the Maia Kyle not long ago… He was the one for me… I couldn’t be unfaithful this early on, it was only fresh.

Sleepless nights, all I could think about was the feeling of the dildo, like a playdough that had been left out just a little too long, the flexibility, the idea that you could just pick the firmness depending on the day, I wished longingly to have him be mine. But it wasn’t meant to be… It couldn’t be.


But alas, I had to go into work every day and see him, hanging across the other side of the store, taunting me with his versatility, his size range, “I could be whatever you want, whenever you want” I could hear him calling to me. It was torture, having to turn him down day after day, when all I wanted was to be with him.

Having to watch customer after customer cop a feel and take one home, having to list all the reasons he was a catch, having to feel him with them… I couldn’t do it anymore.


  • Finally, I cave, “I’ve gotta do it, I can’t keep denying our connection and a shot at real love” I thought to myself. I have the talk with my Kyle, “You’ve been great, I’ve loved the few weeks we’ve spent together… But I need to explore my options. It’s not you, it’s me”. Obviously, it’s a dildo so it was a very short one sided conversation, I don’t know if it was amicable, but it doesn’t matter, I was about to take the plunge.


It’s been a few months now, my RealRock and I are going steady. I found out we’re more compatible than I’ve ever been with anything else (man or silicone). He makes me happy, he keeps my needs met, I don’t think I’ll let him go anytime soon.

I still keep Kyle as my side piece, every now and then I like to dip back into the simplicity of him. But that’s a secret (again, they’re dildos, how would they know).


I think I owe it all to the couple who wanted to try pegging, they’ve given me this happiness and I’m very thankful.

6 Couples Sex Toys Which Will Transform Your Love Life

toy sex

So the time has come where you have decided to step things up in the bedroom, whether it is to heighten your own personal pleasures or you and your partner want to explore your sexual connection through trying out some new things. Many couples find themselves at a point where the idea of introducing sex toys and accessories is somewhat intimidating however; we have put a sensual list of sex toys together to help you feel more comfortable and get excited for the surge of intriguing pleasures that come with adding a little spice into your love life.

Evolving in the bedroom is an exciting commitment which can boost your own understanding of how you would like to receive or experience pleasure as well as opening up an adventurous side to your relationship. So let’s get saucy with this list of six couples toys which will transform your love life and bedroom into a boudoir of heightened arousal and sensual connection.



The stimulating sensation of a vibrator and introducing it into the bedroom can certainly spice up your sexual experiences; whether you are focusing on yourself or bringing it into your relationship. It is recommended to start small when introducing sex toys into your boudoir therefore opting for a sleek and sensual bullet vibrator or perhaps even a vibrating cock ring for your male partner; you are bound to experience heightened external and even internal climaxes. The vibrator is designed to stimulate the clitoris and with so many various types on the market, from the design to the materials they are made from; it is best to do some research and see what you and your partner feel comfortable with and what types of vibrators will intrigue you both the most. Remember, this is all in the name of experimenting and exploring one another so there is no need to shy away from what could potentially bring you both closer in pleasure.



For those who enjoy oral sex but tend to have limited experiences in the bedroom due to a partner not being quite comfortable with the idea or perhaps not entirely experienced enough to pleasure you down under; then looking into the oral sex stimulators and simulators is an exciting new avenue to embark on in the bedroom. With almost any sex toy imaginable on the market, it is no wonder that now you can find a toy that helps simulate the experience of oral sex whilst keeping within the boundaries of your partner. Although the real deal will always be the best deal, especially as it is all about connecting and exploring your partner and their sexual desires, there is no harm in finding alternatives that work for you both. Oral sex is always better with a partner but at least going down under can be a pleasurable solo experience too.



So you and your partner have booked a weekend getaway and of course, you booked the lodge with a private hot tub. There is something so sensual about getting sexy in water, whether in a swimming pool or Jacuzzi but if you have already been there you will know that sometimes the water can actually limit the experience and how it feels. Adding silicone into saucy mix will not only keep you wet where it counts most but it will certainly keep you and your partner going for longer. As silicone lube is hypoallergenic, using it will provide a silky smooth application, perfectly suited for those who tend to be a bit more sensitive at the naughty bits.



So you might have heard the term bondage or perhaps BDSM, which for beginners, can be somewhat intimidating. This is why we recommend starting out with a light tough and a little restrain. Grab yourself and your partner a funky or sexy leather pair of hand cuffs and experiment with tying one another up. Most handcuffs are adjustable, so you can pick and choose how tight you may want it or feel comfortable with. This is a great way to push one another boundaries, tease and tantalize your way to a climax whilst strengthening your bond, so to speak.



Up until this point, some of you might have already tried out one of the sex toys we have recommended or perhaps you are not quite there in the relationship to introduce vibrators and cock rings. Why not try out a little interior decorating with a twist in the bedroom by bringing in a sexy chair or couch. If you are not quite sure how to go about choosing the right chair or perhaps you are interested in finding out a bit more of the various types and how they can be used to spice up your love life, then see these reviews for some of the top rated chairs and couches. You can use them to encourage different sex positions, experience other forms of climaxes as you maneuver your body around and on some sensual furniture.


For the couples who have reached ultimate comfort levels with one another or who are keen to push their boundaries to the backdoor; getting up close and personal with anal sex is a great way to take your love life and sexual relationship to the next level. There are a variety of anal sex toys available for personal desire or for couples who want to add a bit of vibrating thrill to their anal pleasures. From beginner or entry level prostate massaging vibrators to the more advanced anal plugs or beads. Find out what works for your comfort level and of course, what feels good because at the end of the day; exploring can only lead to new discoveries.


Some of the above mentioned sex toys can seem a bit out of your comfort zone or perhaps you are intrigued but you are not sure how to get your partner on board. Why not start with a little research, just like reading this article, and get yourself excited first. See what tickles your fancy, consider what yours and your partners’ comfort levels are and engage in an open discussion about how you both are ready to take your love life and transform it into the fantasy you’ve both desired.

Self Care – Masturbation


Self care is often brought up in the world today. Are we taking care of ourselves? Eating properly? Sleeping? Meditating, being mindful, stressing less.

Would it surprise you to hear that Masturbating is another important aspect of our self care! There are many benefits to masturbating that I intend to outline below.

Masturbating and sex releases a range of neuro chemicals into our brains and our bodies, making us happier.

Dopamine is a chemical that is released to give a “feel good” boost.  Dopamine is also great for blood flow, digestion, executive functioning, heart and kidney function, memory and focus, mood and emotions, motor control, pain processing, pancreatic function and insulin regulation, pleasure and reward seeking behavior, sleep, stress response
Endorphins– endorphins are a chemical released that assists with stress relief and combating pain.
Prolactin is a chemical that allows us to feel satisfaction.
Oxytocin-  this amazing chemical helps balance out cortisol which is a stress hormone.
Serotonin – This wonderful chemical also plays a part in leaving you happy, calm and helps to regulate mood.
Essentially, by boosting your orgasms and neurochemicals as an effect of masturbation- you boost your mood. That is some very important self care.

Due to the effect that the neuro-chemicals have on us it is no wonder that masturbating and experiencing an orgasm help to reduce stress and frustration. Even without orgasm, drawing attention to your body during masturbation can be known to push any external stressors in your mind out so that you can simply focus on the sensations of your pleasure.
Masturbation can also help with focus. The chemicals released can help create a calm and focused state of being and has been known to improve productivity in real life.Struggling to sleep? Masturbating is a  form of exercise, utilizing muscles, focus and brain power. After an orgasm the parasympathetic nerves begin to relax and calms the body, assisting in restlessness and sleep and some studies have shown that it can improve sleep quality as well.During masturbation our blood pumps fasting, traveling the body and heating us up. Increase in blood flow has been shown to have many benefits for the body and also for our immunity. This doesn’t mean that Masturbating can kick the common cold in the butt, but ongoing masturbation can help positively promote good immune health. Increased blood flow is good for your heart health and taking steps to keeping your heart healthy. good blood flow has also been shown to have an affect on our skin, the more blood pumping, the better the benefits for our skin health.For CIS men; masturbation assists in many ways. Regular masturbation has been shown to have a positive effect on the prostate and in some cases, decrease the likelihood of prostate cancer. Masturbating and orgasm flushes out the internal tubing, keeping the tubes cleaner and in better working order. Masturbating has also shown to assist in building harder erections over time and also prolonging orgasm. To prolong orgasms, experiment with “edging” a technique where you bring yourself close to orgasm before slowing down, or backing off, before edging again. Over time, this edging effect will build the ability to last longer.For Cis women masturbation can assist with preventing urinary tract infections and cervical infections. Because of the wonderful endorphins that are released as well as the overall effect orgasm have on the pelvic floor, masturbation can assist with both preventing and helping reduce period pain and cramping.For everyone, masturbation is great exercise for your pelvic floor.  This is helpful for all kinds of things, it means that your anatomy will keep shape, be stronger and age better as you grow.The last but certainly not least benefit is knowing your own body. Knowing your own pleasure, your turn ons and what you don’t like. This can be used alone or with a partner but it helps you to be more aware of your own body, and really isn’t that what self care is all about?

(Note: Cis refers to people who at birth are categorized as male or female in relation to their anatomy)

Couples Sex Toys

Having worked in an Adult store for some time now, we get asked numerous “interesting questions” on a daily basis. One of the most frequent questions wold possibly be what is out there for couples?

Well let me tell you the possibilities are endless, with a huge range of toys that include the use or remotes, WiFi, downloading an AP to VR. We-vibe has a full range of toys that make use of a remote and the AP, these toys allow the couple to share in the pleasure from anywhere in the world, from vibrators (the Rave and Nova), to smaller couples toys like the sync and chorus (these toys can actually be used during sex as well). The we-Vibe range also include but plugs for both sexes and a wide range of small vibes for use on the clitoris.
Other brands like NU Sensuelle and Frederic’s of Hollywood also make internal eggs as well as panty vibes that can be controlled remotely. The NU range of toys have a great strong vibrating and as apposed to most other brands out there , most of their toys are completely submersible, and this makes for great couples play in the shower or bath.
Some other options are the more expensive but very much worth it Kiiroo range of couples toys. The most populat would be the couples set that includes a g-spot vibrator for her and a masturbator or stroker for him, these toys can be paired using Bluetooth or by downloading the AP, this way the toys are able to control each other (again from anywhere in the world).
Don’t forget about the Fleshlight stroker, this seemingly singles only toy has a great spot in the bedroom for couples, it is great for use during foreplay or even if you guys were thinking about a threesome (but the other party is not really up for it as yet).
To be honest with you, I cant think of a toy or a range of toys that are not suitable for couples play, from the entry level to the more extreme (like sex machines), there is a place for all toys in the couples bedroom.
All toys mentioned above are available online at or in store at all 3 OH Zone sites in Kogarah, Caringbah or Penrith.

Eva II By Dame – Sex Toy Review!

couples sex toys

The “EVA II” is a unique hands-free couple’s vibrator. What makes “EVA II” stand out against other couples toys, is the shape of the toy as well as how you position it. The shape, in my opinion, is very similar to that of a beetle, a robust figure with two small “wings” coming out from either side. As mentioned what sets this vibrator apart from other couples toys is how it sits, most couples toys will have a U shape which will sit on the inside of the vagina providing stimulation to the G-Spot while the other side sits against the clitoris. The “Eva II” however isn’t inserted, the small flexible wings tuck under the labia which holds the toy in place with the body sitting against the clitoris providing a constant vibration stimulation. One can also use “Eva II” as a hands-free vibrator for solo masturbation!!




Upon unboxing the “Eva II” you will be greeted with either a lovely and sleek Pink (Quartz) or Green (Fir) box depending on which of the two beautiful colours you have selected. Once you slide off the lid, the little Pink or Green “beetle” will be sitting next to the charging case, underneath these items is the instruction booklet, USB charging cord and a little discreet silk bag for you to keep your new friend in.



One of my favourite aspects of the “Eva II” is how easy it is to use!! Whether with a partner or by yourself, place the “Eva II” by gently pulling the labia majora over the wings one lip at a time. Adjust the placement of the toy according to what feels most comfortable for you, everyone is different as are their bodies, so keep that in mind when fitting the “Eva II”. You can also place the “Eva II” in different positions such as upside down, higher or lower or even sit the toy in the labia minora if this feels more comfortable for you! Once set in place you’re ready to go!! Press the small button on the top end of the toy to turn on, press again to cycle through the different vibration settings. The “Eva II” has three different vibration speeds to choose from, each time you press the little button the vibrations will intensify. Hold the button down in order to turn your toy off.



The “Eva 11” comes with a discreet charging case. When the toy is on low battery the light will flash red to give you a heads up that it will need to be charged shortly. Plug the USB charging cable into the back of the charging case, simply place the “Eva II” wings down into the charging case and your toy will begin to charge. While charging, the “Eva II” will blink green and will stop blinking and stay green once the toy is fully charged. Once charging you can pop the charging cases’ lid on and go about your day without a worry! “Eva II” lasts for 5 hours straight on the lowest vibration setting and 1 hour on the highest vibration setting.



Another cool feature of the “Eva II” is that it has a “travel mode” setting. This prevents the toy from turning on and vibrating away in any bag or draw you might have placed it in. To activate this feature hold the button for 10 seconds, the “Eva II” will blink once for each second and then turn off. To turn this function off simply place your toy in the charging base.



Medical Grade Silicone (phthalate free), Water Proof (shower or bath), Hands-Free, Partner Use Optional, Travel Mode, 3 Speeds, Whisper quiet, Charging Case.


  • Do NOT overextend wings on “Eva II”
  • Clean regularly with Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner
  • Do NOT submerge charging case/base
  • Do NOT leave in extreme heat or cold


All in all, the “Eve II” is a great couple’s toy as well as a solo play toy. I’m very glad I was given the opportunity to test it out, the strong vibrations as well as the hands-free aspect make this toy a staple for any partner or solo play!!

Good Luck and Enjoy!!


Eva II by Dame is available through the Lifestyle Center Adult Shops.  Visit the nearest one near you!

Award Winning Long Distance Love Sessions

Couple kissing

Last week I learned a lot about the award-winning company from Amsterdam, Kiiroo. Kiiroo partnered with Fleshlight to create the inner sleeve of the Onyx and secured a worldwide distribution deal. I was told by a friend about these toys existence 2 years ago so had a basic idea of what they did but after asking a few questions and having everything shown to me by one of the brand’s representatives, I am now in love and have a few of their toys on my wish list.

Whether you are single, in a relationship or even in a long distance relationship these toys will work for you. To get the full experience with your product you’ll have to download the 2 free apps to your phone called FeelConnect and FeelVR. For Android owners, you will find the app in your play store and for Apple, it will in the app store. Once you have downloaded both of these apps the fun begins!

Kiiroo Products For Solo Players

The first thing you’ll need to do is purchase yourself a Kiiroo product.

Kiiroo Products For Men

Kiiroo Onyx2
Image: Onyx2

For men, you have the Onyx2 which is also compatible with the Fleshlight Launch and VR headset. The Launch is an automatic stroker for hands-free fun which can perform up to 180 strokes per minute and the VR headset is for the virtual reality porn you can download through the FeelVR app. Once you have purchased any Kiiroo toy you must let it charge before you can start using it, with the Onyx2 the initial first charge is 4-6 hours and every time after that is 2-3. Plug your charging cord into your toy and the other end into a wall dock. The light should go from blue to red and then once fully charged you should see a solid green light. While your toy is charging I would suggest downloading your apps and registering your product for the 1 year warranty. After all of that is complete, you now have an account and your toy is fully charged you can now start to play around with your new toy.

The Onyx2 has 10 contracting inner rings that can perform up to 140 strokes per minute, your toy has a touch-sensitive control panel for increasing and decreasing the speeds. Surprisingly, it is super light and quiet considering how much technology actually goes into to the toy. The sleeve is made out of body safe materials which are soft and easy to clean. Pull the sleeve out and spray down with your Fleshlight toy cleaner, leave the cleaner on for a few minutes then wash down with some warm water and once it has completely dried place some Fleshlight powder all over the inside of the insert and leave it there till you use it again. Be very careful with cleaning, the toy is not 100% waterproof.

Kiiroo Products For Women

For women, you have Pearl2 the G-spot vibrator, Fuse the rabbit vibrator and Esca the egg style vibrator to choose from. All 3 toys are made out of body safe silicone. You’ll have to charge these toys for about 2-3 hours before you can get started so again I’d recommend downloading your apps and registering your products for warranties during this time. Each one has a single control button, hold down for 4 seconds to start the toy up, the first setting will be a blue light which means you can connect your toy with the app or another Kiiroo product. Press the button again and you will start getting into your vibration speeds and patterns. Again, some of these products are not 100% waterproof so be careful when cleaning but the Pearl2 is completely waterproof so you can easily and effortless clean the vibrator. For G-spot stimulation the Pearl2 would be best for you. If you’re one of the many women in the world who needs clitoral stimulation the Fuse would best suit you. Esca would also be good for G-spot stimulation but this is a leave in toy, so you could even give it a go with wearing this toy out in public.

Kiiroo Pearl2
Buy Now | Kiirroo sex toys for couples

Connecting These Sex Toys To The FeelVR App

With all of these products if you sync your toy up with the FeelVR app you can experiment with the virtual reality aspect of the toy if you have a VR headset. If you don’t you can still connect with the standard videos, you’ll feel vibrations that are in sync with whatever is happening in the video e.g. If the girl is giving a blow job, every time her head moves down you’ll feel vibrations up and down the multiple sensors in your toy. You can also connect live with your favourite cam girls and porn stars.

NOTE: With silicone toys you cannot use silicone lubricant or you’ll destroy the material.

Couples Play

Now, one of the questions I asked the Kiiroo brands representative was if the toys would also work for gay and lesbian couples. Their products can cater for all couples in the LGBTQIA+ community as they do offer different combinations for couples. This year, Kiiroo is also working with Pride in the USA.

LGBTQIA+ friendly sex toys
Image: Kiiroo LGBTQIA+ friendly
Kiiroo sex toys compatability
Image: Kiiroo for all sexualities

Kiiroo Products For Straight Couples

For straight couples they can either purchase the set which comes with the Onyx2 and the Pearl2 or if the woman would prefer one of the other toy options you’ll have to purchase separately.

Kiiroo Products For Lesbian Couples

Lesbian couples can choose 2 of the female toys, I personally have my eye on the Pearl2 and the Fuse instead of having 2 of the same.

Kiiroo Products For Gay Couples

Gay couples could either purchase 2 of the Onyx2 or 2 of the Pearl2 and place an anal stopper on the end of each toy or mix and match.

Setting Up Kiiroo Products With Their Apps

One of the things I found whilst researching a bit more about these products is that they have a lot of videos on YouTube explaining how to set up and use the toys with their apps. I’ll post a link here to help people connect their toy with their partners, whether they are in the same room or on different sides of the world they’ll have to connect them the same way.

How To Connect Your Device To Your Long Distance Partner’s Device via FeelConnect

So basically once you have connected your toys to each other all you have to do now is start touching the toys to start the fun. They all have touch sensitive zones that starts up the vibrations in your partner’s toy e.g. if the female is running the tip of her Pearl2, her partner will feel vibrations and movement in the tip of his Onyx2. I’d recommend studying your products and learning exactly where the touch sensitive zones are so that you know where you need to be to target certain areas.

I hope this review has helped you understand how amazing these super advanced toys really are!

If you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself here is the link to all of our currently available Kiiroo products… These are some of the craziest high-tech sex toys in the world!

(Fuse will be available soon!)

Author: Elliana is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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