Eva II By Dame: Making Waves in the World of Pleasure

The EVA II is a unique hands-free couple’s vibrator. What makes EVA II stand out against other couples toys is the shape of the toy as well as how you position it.

The shape, in my opinion, is very similar to that of a beetle.  A robust figure with two small “wings” coming out from either side.

What sets this vibrator apart from other couples toys is how it sits.

Most couples toys will have a U shape which will sit on the inside of the vagina providing stimulation to the G-Spot while the other side sits against the clitoris.

The “Eva II” isn’t inserted.

Small flexible wings tuck under the labia which holds the toy in place with the body sitting against the clitoris providing a constant vibration stimulation.

You can also use “Eva II” as a hands-free vibrator for solo masturbation!!

Unboxing EVA II

Upon unboxing the Eva II you will be greeted with either a lovely and sleek Pink (Quartz) or Green (Fir) box depending on which of the two beautiful colours you have selected.

Once you slide off the lid, the little Pink or Green “beetle” will be sitting next to the charging case.   Underneath these items is the instruction booklet, USB charging cord and a little discreet silk bag for you to keep your new friend in.

How to use EVA II

One of my favourite aspects of the “Eva II” is how easy it is to use!!

Whether with a partner or by yourself, place the “Eva II” by gently pulling the labia majora over the wings one lip at a time.  Adjust the placement of the toy according to what feels most comfortable for you.

Everyone is different as are their bodies, so keep that in mind when fitting the “Eva II”.

You can also place the “Eva II” in different positions such as upside down, higher or lower or even sit the toy in the labia minora if this feels more comfortable for you!

Once set in place you’re ready to go!!

  • Press the small button on the top end of the toy to turn on.
  • Press again to cycle through the different vibration settings.
  • Three different vibration speeds to choose from.
  • Each time you press the little button the vibrations will intensify.
  • Hold the button down in order to turn your toy off.
EVA II sex toy

Charging Eva II

The “Eva 11” comes with a discreet charging case.

When the toy is on low battery the light will flash red to give you a heads up that it will need to be charged shortly.  Plug the USB charging cable into the back of the charging case.

Simply place the “Eva II” wings down into the charging case and your toy will begin to charge.

While charging, the “Eva II” will blink green and will stop blinking and stay green once the toy is fully charged.  Once charging you can pop the charging cases’ lid on and go about your day without a worry!

“Eva II” lasts for 5 hours straight on the lowest vibration setting and 1 hour on the highest vibration setting.

Travel Mode

Another cool feature of the “Eva II” is that it has a “travel mode” setting. This prevents the toy from turning on and vibrating away in any bag or draw you might have placed it in.

To activate this feature hold the button for 10 seconds.  The “Eva II” will blink once for each second and then turn off.

To turn this function off simply place your toy in the charging base.

Features of Eva II 

  • Medical Grade Silicone (phthalate free)
  • Water Proof (shower or bath)
  • Hands-Free
  • Partner Use Optional
  • Travel Mode
  • 3 Speeds
  • Whisper quiet
  • Charging Case.


  • Do NOT overextend wings on “Eva II”
  • Clean regularly with Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner
  • DON’T submerge charging case/base
  • Do NOT leave in extreme heat or cold

All in all, the “Eva II” is a great couple’s toy as well as a solo play toy.

I’m very glad I was given the opportunity to test it out.  The strong vibrations as well as the hands-free aspect make this toy a staple for any partner or solo play!!

Good Luck and Enjoy!!

eva II sex toy
Extase Adore Massager

Adore Will Leave You In Extase!

Today I am reviewing the Extase Adore using the We Vibe Tango as a comparison as it is a cult favorite.

We Vibe Tango

The packaging design is amazing!  It is quite minimalistic featuring a small blurb on the outside describing the contents of box.

On the box it has a picture of the sex toy displaying their branding. The box is petite.  Perfect if you would like to buy it as a present, so it will look great for gift wrapping in any festive season!

It comes in matte pink, purple or metallic red.  On other side of the box you will find a drawer with the information booklet, charging items with a beautiful velvet pouch that is grey!

This is literally the perfect first timers gift as it gives off an air of luxury with all its minimal packaging and velvet bag for storing your brand new sex toy.

What Are the Main Features of the We Vibe Tango

  • It features a semi curved body and it is wider at the bottom coming to smaller tip.
  • Due to the semi curved body it will fit snugly over some women’s pubic bones.
  • A wider bottom makes for an easier grip over a straight bullet.  It has two buttons on the wider part of the body which do seem redundant as you hold either down to turn on or off.
  • Speeds and pulses are on rotation.
  • Features a travel lock
  • Buttons are easy to press when on the body.
  • Includes the USB cord and wall mount which is great if you want to charge it on the way home from the store
  • Rechargeable is a big plus on any toy.
EVA II sex toys for the clit

Extase Adore

The Extase Adore can be used for couples sex or solo masturbation.

  • Couples.  Extra stimulation during sexual intercourse when it is placed on different sexual zones on the body.
  • Women.  Can be used for clitoral stimulation and massaged on the nipples.
  • Men. Can be used for frenulum and perineum stimulation.

Advantages of the Extase Adore

  • 7 function controls
  • Aesthetically looks good
  • Strong motor that functions reasonably quietly
  • It only takes 2 hours of charging time with an output of 6 days worth of play!
  • Comes in three different colours including a matte and a metallic.
  • It is made from ABS plastic which means its non-porous and body safe.
  • Easy to wash because it has a non porous body means that no bacteria can get stuck in any pores.
  • Will last longer than others if looked after properly.

Disadvantages of the Extase Adore

  • It is not waterproof
  • Does not have warranty
  • The velvet pouch it comes in, interests me more than the sex toy.  Its a really sweet bag.

Final Opinion About Extase Adore and We Vibe Tango

I am neither here nor there about the Extase Adore.  And I find that it is highly possible to buy another sex toy that is waterproof that also has warranty in case anything happens to the sex toy.

We Vibe Tango rumbling vibrating is often too strong for people so the Extase Adore is a good work between.  It’s a decent vibrator with a tapered body with a tip that pronounce its buzzing vibrations.

The vibrator’s body doesn’t vibrate all over unlike the Tango meaning easier to grip and less hand cramps, so you can use it for longer periods of time!

Of course the above are just general suggestions.  The size and nature of this sex toy means it can have many uses and the longer you use a sex toy for you’ll find inventive ways for it to work better.

It is a small rechargeable vibrator only a touch bigger than the super popular We Vibe Tango.  That is just my honest opinion in regards to the Extase Adore.

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