Electrifying Sex With The ElectraStim Range!

The Electrastim is a UK product with various attachments that deliver electronic pulses to the body. Due to the sheer size of attachments, I have limited the review to two attachments geared towards different genders to highlight the benefit of electrical stimulation to both. Electrical stimulation is a process which sees low level electrical pulses delivered to the body, generally this forces the contraction of the muscles in a similar ‘convulsion’ to orgasm. Firstly, this can be used as a muscle relaxant, the electrical pads (which comes with any flick control unit and can be obtained separately as replacements) can be placed at various points on the body and deliver pulses to the body. This muscle relaxant can be a great technique to begin foreplay, or it can be used in conjunction with restraint systems or even with massage oils, candles and therapeutic sexual play. The other end of the spectrum would see electrical pulses sent directly to the genitals to either simulate orgasm muscle contractions, or promote blood flow. Electrical pulses can increase blood flow which can help with erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia (the inability to orgasm) or increase sensitivity. I.E, increased blood flow activates the nerve endings.

Electrastim Control Unit

The ElectraStim comes in two version, the flick and the flick duo – both of which are USB rechargeable. The flick control unit has a single output which powers a single attachment. Whilst the Flick Duo has two output ports, which can either be used to power two separate attachments for partnered use, or two separate attachments to complete a circuit. It is important to note that the electrastim attachments are either Uni-polar, or Bi-polar. Uni polar attachments such as Urethral probes and the single pinwheel MUST be used with a second product to complete an electrical positive and negative circuit.  Urethral can be used with cock rings, scrotal rings etc. Uni polar means that there is only one type of current going through the toy and by itself will not provide any electrical stimulation. Bi Polar attachments (everything else) Can be used with the flick single as they will have two metal plates delivering a positive and negative current. Further, two bi-polar products can be used to deliver electrical stimulation between partners, or a single person. Unlike the Neon Wand the electrastim unit provides electrical pulses to below the surface of the skin, it is therefore important that the person on the receiving end be fit and healthy and using a pacemaker.

Scrotal Band and Cock Ring

The Electrastim Scrotal Band and Cock Rings, work by improving blood flow to the penis. This is great for post operative patients that have just had prostate surgery or prostate cancer, or even those with poor blood circulation that struggle with erections. It can even help guys ‘shoot’ further as the muscle contractions mimic the same contractions that occur during orgasm!However, the electrastim, with its range of settings and strength, can also be used to induce pain to the penis and is particularly useful during BDSM sessions, BDSM training, Master/Mistress and slave etc. For example a strong electrical pulse can be used during ‘ training’ to indicate that the submissive has done something wrong – very similar to a dogs barking collar, or fence collar. Electrical pulse stimulation combined with an extremely strong vibrator such as the Body Wand, NU double action bullet rings can be used in conjunction with each other to deliver a wide variety of different sensations and feelings.

Scrotal Band
Scrotal Band

Electrastim Radial Contact Dildo

The electrastim radial is a BI polar attachment (note the two wires) which is primarily geared for vaginal play. The Electrastim Dildo delivers electrical pulses directly to the vaginal muscles and can not only be used as kegal excercises, but also for improving blood flow, stimulation and to mimic the contractions of orgasms. Whilst uncommon, it is possible to induce orgasm through the contraction of the muscles alone. Combined with restraints in a ‘forced orgasm scenario’ this could open up some new and interesting play within the BDSM play scene. Used in conjunction with a body wand strapped to the thigh, or a powerful clitoral bullet on the clitoris, this can deliver powerful forced orgasms with double the amount of contractions!

ElectraStim Radial Contact Dildo Electro Sex
Sex Toy: ElectraStim Radial Contact Dildo

Conductive Gel

It is important that conductive gel be sold with any electrical stimulation product. The gel helps in making an electrical connection and acting as a conductor between the toy and your skin as well as dissipating the electrical charge to a wider area to prevent burns and minor skin damage.


Regardless of whether your into the BDSM scene, or just after an electrical stimulation toy to bring something new into the bedroom the electrastim product covers all your bases. From therapeutical benefits, to deliverance of pain as well as all the pleasurable sensations in between, the electrastim product and range of attachments have you covered. Whilst some electrical units can cost thousands for the power unit alone, this provides a far cheaper and portable alternative. I highly recommend the Electrastim range for beginner play as well as advanced play as it is both versatile, fun and can be used in a variety of scenarios.



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