A-Z Beginner’s Guide For Electrifying Electro Sex

You have probably heard of the buzz that surrounds electro sex. Well, if you have been thinking of exploring the kinky side of electro sex, and have no idea on where to start, our electro sex guide lays all the essentials that you need to know. This guide has all the answers to those important questions you have regarding electro sex and will keep you safe as you embark on your new and exciting adventure.

Whether you are looking to boost your sex life or intensify your BDSM fun, electro sex is a sure way to get sparks flying once you get started.

What is Electro Sex?

Electro sex is the process of stimulating your genitals for sexual pleasure. Just as the name suggests, electro sex uses electrical sex toys that trigger electrical impulses, which in turn cause a sensual or painful sensation. These sensations are responsible for an electrifying sexual experience which may lead to an orgasm.

How Electro Sex Works!

70% of the human body comprises of water. And as we know from the basics of physics, water is a good electrical conductor. When electrical stimulants are placed on an erogenous zones, the “water” in your body transmits these electrical impulses leading to mild to teasing to breathtakingly thrilling sensations.

How to do Electro Sex and How it Feels

Electro sex employs electro sex toys, which delivers varying electrical pulses ranging from a mild tickle to a definite tingle.  On the lowest level, the electro sex toy delivers a barely noticeable tingle on the body, which is akin to a feather brushed lightly over the body, which as you can imagine, delivers a sensual and erotic feeling. This feeling is not only a tantalizing component of sexual foreplay between couples but can be enjoyed during sex too. On the higher side, the impulse interacts with the muscles below the skin, this type of stimulation is usually favored by those who prefer dominant or submissive sex play.

Safety Aspect of Electro Sex

It’s essential that you practice safe sex when using an electro sex toy. If you want your heart to be skipping beats for the right reasons, here are some safety basics you need to know:

  • Avoid this sexual stimulation if you are pregnant, epileptic, or suffering from a heart disease
  • Always keep electrode placements below the waist to avoid interfering with the heart
  • Steer away from using your toys around water
  • Do not use the electrodes if you have metal pins, plates or screws in your body

The A-Z Electro Sex Dictionary

Enough with the basics and safety procedures, let us look at some of the common terms that you are likely to come across when selecting the right electro sex toy kit.

HFO (Hands Free Orgasm)

Just as the term suggests, HFO is an orgasm that is achieved without the need of touching your genitals. Contrary to masturbation, HFO is a type of orgasm that is achieved without the need of stimulating your genitals using your hands.

Power Box

The power box is the brain or rather the epicenter of an electro sex toy. It controls the whole unit, including the patterns, speed, and power level. The power box can be powered either by batteries or by a direct connection to a power outlet.

Electro sex toy Controller
Image: Electric Shock Sex Controller

Lead Wire

The lead wire acts as the link between the power box and the electrodes. It connects to the power box with a jack plug like those found in earphones. In addition to connecting the power box and electrode, it also transmits electrical pulses from the power box to the electrodes.


The electrode is the section that gets into contact with the body to generate electrical sensations. Electrodes are available in a plethora of styles including insertables, sticky pads, contact electrodes, and clamps. Aside from classifying the electrodes according to their style, they can also be classified depending on their connection to the body and the lead wire. When classified using the latter, electrodes are manifested in four ways, which include:

Mono-polar/Uni-polar Electrode

This type of electrode has a single connection or rather one connection port. Therefore, if you are to use this type of electrode, you will need two electrodes connected to the lead wire and in contact with the body. The two electrodes will allow a complete electrical circuit, allowing electrical impulses to flow from one electrode to the other.

Bi-polar Electrode

The bi-polar electrodes are self-sustained electrodes since they have two connection ports that complete the circuit. However, to feel a sensation, both electrodes must be in contact with the body and connected to the same lead wire.

Tri-polar electrode

If you`re looking for versatility and an added oomph to your sexual play, the tri-polar electrode is the perfect unit. The triple connection on this unit, allows the current to leap from one position to the other, allowing a person experience stimulation in different areas of their erotic regions.

Quadri-polar Electrode

This type of electrode has four connection points and doubles up as a bi-polar electrode. With this connection type, you can either connect all the four posts in the circuit or use a single bi-polar channel.


For power boxes with multiple output channels, a tri-phase cable is used to create a 3-dimensional experience. With a tri-phase, you can connect a bi-polar electrode to a single mono-polar electrode to allow current to pass on all three regions.

Electro sex toy tri-phase cable
Image: Tri-phase Cable


The channel of the power box refers to the entry point of the lead wire into the power box. Depending on the number of sockets, a power box can be single-channel, dual-channel or multi-channel.


Output refers to the ability to control an individual channel. For instance, a dual output means that each channel on the power box can be used and controlled independently, allowing you to use two different controls on a single person.

Completing the Circuit

Completing the circuit means giving the circuit a path to follow. For instance, a complete bi-polar circuit means that both electrodes must be in contact with the skin, allowing current to move from one electrode to the other through the skin which creates a complete circuit.


For the improved conductivity of electrodes, a water-based lubricant is used. The electrogel not only improves conductivity but also provides a heightened sensation during stimulation.

Violet Wands

An electro sex toy used on the anterior of the body, it creates a sexual sensation, not by contact but rather an electrical current jumping a gap between the skin and the electrode.

Electro sex toy Violet Wand
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Electro sex is both fun and rewarding and can be a super addition to add to your sexual repertoire if you know how to handle your tools. We hope that the above guide has helped you in understanding the essentials of electro sex.

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