Congrats Jenna Rose – Penthouse Pet Of The Year!

After many months of having wanted the most realistic pussy that feels like real skin, I came across the Penthouse Jenna Rose Stroker.  Believe it or not, it feels just like a real pussy.  It really does feel like real life skin.

Given that I am one of those sexual beings that likes to explore my sexuality and I always like to keep myself satisfied in many different ways.

I love to indulge in some self-love which always keeps me sexually satisfied.  It makes me feel happier and less stressed out about things in general.  This means that I am not a stranger to world of sex toys and I find myself using them on a weekly basis.

Deluxe Jenna Rose stroker
Deluxe Jenna Rose

Penthouse Pet Jenna Rose Stroker

Talk of an advanced and certainly more pleasurable sex toy, the Penthouse Jenna Rose Stroker is exactly what I needed.

Not only did it enhance my sexual experience but it is also ideal for having a little fun experimenting in the bedroom either alone or with a partner.

It is modeled directly from my favourite Penthouse women named Jenna Rose.

Feels like the real thing

I enjoy the texture as it has a tight grip, so when I am masturbating it feels like she is sucking all the cum slowly from my erect shaft.  It feels like I am stretching her vagina, slowly making it wide as she expands to suit my penis.

This feeling is exactly what I love most about this sex toy.

Both the outer and inner tightness allow me better self control.  Helps me slow down my masturbation rhythm not to mention that it just feels right.

That reminds me of the downstairs penis size measurement debate which we recently had in the bar.  With this sex toy everything is possible regardless of your penis size, however that’s a story for another day.

jenna rose stroker
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Explosive Results

After having said that, one cannot fail to notice the explosive results thanks to its detailed design.  Sometimes when men look at the design they really don’t think much of it.

But the truth isn’t in how it looks, it’s in how it feels when your masturbating.

It feels just like a real woman.  But it feels even better.  It feels extraordinary natural and its texture is unbelievably orgasmic.

I was really excited to use this sex toy

It just felt similar to that type of pleasure that all the music, books and movies have been describing to you.  That day I came to appreciate what a realistic sensation felt like.

So basically, it stimulated the right point but can’t say which since there was so much pleasure making it difficult to know whether it is on the shaft or the gland.

A Combination of Stimulation

The reason why I can’t say which part it really stimulates is because of the combination of the textured inner tunnel and the 6 function vibrating bullet. It means that it brings a truly epic experience like never before.

Bullet vibrations will help your cum build up in your balls and the controlled orgasm will be on of the most extreme orgasms that you will ever feel.

This is why I find it so hard to equate Penthouse Jenna Rose Stroker to some of the mens sleeves  I have used before.  True to the phrase that good sex is like aged wine. It gets better with time.

Other Awesome Features

  • Easy it is to clean as a result of the removable open ended and waterproof sleeves.
  • Built in hook that makes it possible to hang it to dry.
  • Phthalate free therefore no need to worry about my body safety.  This is another reason to spend more time experiencing the realistic sensations which does not come with any toy.
jenna rose stroker and masturbators
Embracing a Big Red Heart

When I First Met Heidi Baron Hands On Pussy

I’ve been working in Adult Lifestyle Centres for 2 and a half years now, and what a phenomenal experience it has been.

People always say “What a great job you have, imagine all the things you learn about sex toys” and I simply reply “I enjoy the people I meet rather than the sex toys I sell”.

Sex is an international activity

It is a requirement for life.  Sex is needed to keep the human race going. But when I started working here I promised I would never ever sleep with a customer.

This is due to the level of integrity I hold for myself.  And also the belief that I am here to do a job that I should not mix my personal life with.

So far 2 and half years, I have not had intercourse or any intimate encounters with any of my customers.  There has been lots of propositions from all ages.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” “Can I give you my number/my friend’s number?”, “You’re cute”.

I am a straight male and I have even been propositioned and complimented by gay men, offering to turn me gay.

But still I keep my firm belief that I will stay strong and uphold my integrity. Let’s be real, that went out the window when I met Heidi Baron Hands On Pussy. 

What an Absolute Fox!

She was a trailblazer for my sexual desire in the workplace.  If I could re-name her it would defiantly be changed to “Can’t Resist”.

I was at work one day and I was just stricken with I don’t know what.  But whatever it was it made my heart race and pump blood to some awkward areas if you catch my drift.

Didn’t notice Heidi Baron Hands On Pussy come in until I caught her eye sitting there on the floor.

I was Gobsmacked

In my mind I was at war.  For one side it was integrity and on the other side it was “You live once.  Just make love to her already”.

It continued to wage war for a solid 5 hours and it was closing into the end of my shift.  I had a few customers walk straight past her and pay her no attention.

Some women walked past in discuss looking at her like she was a joke or a novelty.

Fortunately for my demons, they won the war.

I walked over and just grabbed her, and took her with me when I closed up.  Not saying anything just living life spontaneously.  I got home and showered while she waited patiently or me on my bed, undressed.

Sitting in the shower I slowly pumped myself up, “You are a sex God”, “Show her that you invented sex, they don’t call you the panty dropper for no reason”.  I walked into my bedroom and there she was, waiting, no clothes on.

jenna rose stroker masturbator
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We skipped the foreplay

I grabbed the lube straight away and made sweet love to her for a solid 3 minutes.  The thing I loved about her the most was she was so understanding of me.  She didn’t judge me what so ever for my performance in the bedroom.

She accepted me for me.

6 months later….

Heidi Baron Hands On Pussy was one of the best masturbators I’ve ever had.

She was understanding

The perfect size and she was accepting for my ability to cum very quickly.  She made me feel comfortable and my gosh she felt so good inside.  Her CyberSkin pussy was amazing.

A love tunnel ribbed which she provided me with an amazing sensation.  It felt like my penis had found the magic closet that led to Narnia.

She had a fantastic hand grip

Making it so easy for me to hold on to her firmly while I pounded.  But the best thing was is that she loved it in different places like the dining room table, the kitchen table, the lounge room coffee table and my bathroom vanity.

She was freaky and cheeky and was just the right recipe for me. Her waterproof body allowed me to take her in the bath with me.

We shared a few intimate moments surrounded by candles and intimate lovemaking songs.

When I would get home from work, she would come in the shower with me.  And just let me unleash all my sexual frustration while I would pin her against the wall and pleasure her.

Heidi Baron, I definitely love you especially knowing that you are my Pet Pussy.

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