The Ultimate Guide to Sensual Domination

If you’re like most people with a profile on a BDSM dating site, you probably find domination both intimidating and exciting, but when you really think about it, domination doesn’t have to be scary at all. It can be pain-free and pleasurable in more ways than you can possibly imagine if you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to experimenting in the bedroom. If whips and chains don’t do it for you, there is still one form of domination that you can practice to give your man an orgasm to remember without leaving your comfort zone, and that is sensual domination.

Sensual Domination Uncovered

Sensual domination focuses on pleasure and sensation rather than pain and punishment, and you can practice it if you’re interested in introducing some BDSM into your sex life or to break up a more hardcore session with your partner. Although sensual domination is a form of power exchange, it focuses on all the senses for full-blown arousal that ends in toe-curling orgasms.

Keep the Props Simple

In sensual domination, you take charge over your partner by using blindfolds, light bondage gear, ice cubes, fur, lingerie, and costumes. You can use an actual blindfold or you can roll up a t-shirt and put it over your partner’s eyes so he has no idea which part of his body you’re about to touch next. Rolled-up t-shirts can also be used to tie him up to the bedpost or you can invest in fur-lined cuffs to make the scene just a touch more sensual. Put an ice cube in your mouth and rub it against his skin, especially focusing on his nipples and genitals as the most receptive areas. Use fur to create a super soft sensation, and stimulate your man visually by dressing up in the sexiest lingerie or costumes that you can find.

Plan your scene in advance, and have all the items handy. If you plan to use cuffs, have an extra set of keys at hand just to be safe. Speaking of safety, you and your partner should have a safe word in case one of you gets uncomfortable. Using traffic lights or green, yellow, and red to mean ‘go’, ‘caution’, and ‘stop’ is a good idea, even if you don’t think you’ll be stepping into the danger zone where a safe word is required. It’s better to have one and not use it than to need one but not have it.

Pleasing Your Partner Senseless

Essentially, your role as the dominant partner is to use sensual domination and give pleasure to your submissive. You need to figure out what your partner wants and provide that, and you’ll actually discover how powerful and arousing it is to hold someone’s pleasure in your hands. Sensual domination is far more romantic than other forms of BDSM, and it can strengthen the bond between two people. Like other BDSM activities, sensual domination requires you to communicate your desires openly and focus on your partner’s needs, which can lead to a more fulfilling relationship altogether.

If sensual domination alone turns out to be too vanilla for you, you can pair pain and pleasure, and see how your partner reacts. As your partner is nearing an orgasm you can bite or pinch him to up the ante as he’ll have a much higher tolerance to pain. Also, keep in mind you should do some aftercare to remain grounded and check up on your partner to make sure you didn’t misinterpret some of his signals. He may not look physically or emotionally tired but a gentle hug or merely asking him what he thought is a good idea.

Switching Your Roles

When it comes to kink, some people like to stick to their role and always be either on the dominant side of things or on the submissive. Others don’t mind switching their roles and sometimes letting their partners dominate them while at other times they take full control over the situation. Such people are called switches and they know the perks of either side of the sensual domination coin. Switching up your roles can be incredibly exciting if you let your partner surprise you with what he’s come up or if you sneak up on him with a scene you’ve spent weeks planning.

Sensual domination can be a mind-blowing activity if you want to impress your new crush, get into dominance and submission with your long-term partner by using something less intense than full-blown BDSM, or it can be used as a striking power exchange between two people looking to have some fun. Whatever your personal reasons to try it, if you do it right chances are you’ll get your partner addicted to you sexually, plus you’ll never go back to having regular sex again!

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