Pee-Thru Chastity Cage Review! Locked Up In Perfection

A chastity cage review of the Locked-in Pee Thru Male Chastity Cage.  It has been designed with creativity to perfect what is an all rounder chastity device.

Compared to other chastity cages the quality is outstanding and is more efficient than what you’d expect from a sex toy product.  It is an exceptionally restrictive chastity device.  You need to be careful on the size that you choose for your penises.

When you wear it and become erect, it may cause some pain.  It is important to measure your penis and the dimensions of these sex toy to make sure you are compatible with it.

Important: Locked In Pee Chastity Cage Review

  • Length: 50mm.
  • Width: internal of 25-38mm, external of 30-34mm.
  • Lock ring: 38 mm 41mm 44 mm 47mm 50mm.
  • Plug insertable length: 75mm.
  • Width of Plug : 8mm.

When you use this sex toy, it will tightly enclose and encompass my small penis. You know you will be locked up and completely reserved in chastity.

Once I’m locked up nice and tight in the Locked-in Pee Thru Male Chastity Cage, my key holder becomes in total control of my chastity.

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She can become my cuckoldress and mistress.

When my cuckoldress tell me that I am able to take it off to masturbate or efficiently clean myself I feel great surge of relief.  Followed by a huge need to relieve my sexual desires.

A urethral tube can be safely inserted so that you can pee without taking of the device.

This chastity device has also done away with a butt strap.  Having no butt strap makes it extremely easy for me to take a leak without having to go through problems of taking the device off.

The fact that you can go to the bathroom whenever you want also helps in keeping this device on for long periods of time.

Features of the Locked-in Pee Thru Chastity Cage

Made from stainless steel.

This device not only serves its purpose flawlessly but also has a high level of aesthetical values that makes it attractive on me.

It looks amazing, shiny, beautiful, and fully functional that has been created for long term wear.  You can also easily wear it under clothes without other people noticing.

Steel makes cleaning this device extra easy for me.

When it comes to the use of male chastity, high levels of hygiene and cleanliness is is crucial to avoid possible infections.  That is why this device has been designed to make cleaning extra easy for you.

Stainless steel also maximises the level of comfort that you have with this chastity cage on.  With stainless steel, the effects of rusting has been fully eliminated and you don’t have to worry.

For further information, read a guide on tips for cleaning a chastity device.

Easy to Use

You can easily wear it in your shower and will still dry off so easily and quickly.  It will dry off at the same time as the rest of your body.  You can also gently pat around it, to dry it off.

This is because this piece has a design that exposes it well to the air, and all the steel bars are welded together.  You will probably love the smoothness of this male chastity device.  Be sure that it won’t cut or scratch you in any way.

If you are finding this chastity device uncomfortable, you can apply a little lubricant under your ball sack to make long term wearing a little easier for you.

A Perfect All Rounder

This Locked-In Pee Thru Chastity Cage is a perfect all rounder sex toy.

  • A great find for anyone looking to wear a chastity device over a long term period.
  • With this chastity device you are able to pee through it without taking it off.  It is highly comfortable and you can hygienically have a shower without taking it off.
  • Surgical steel does not rust.  You are able to measure the size of the chastity device compared to your penis before you think about purchasing it.

I’ve always loved this device and I know you will love it too.

Chastity Cage Review
Surgical Steel Cock Cage

My Experiences With Chastity & Cock Cages

Today I’m just going to talk about male and female chastity devices.  They have been around for CENTURIES.

Originally made so females were devout to their faith.  Or to make sure ones wife was faithful when they went away for a war or mission during the Renaissance period.

They were rarely made for males (if ever back then).  But in this day and age they have come BOOMING back into the BDSM scene which is like what most people say.

“Even if it’s not cool anymore it’ll come back around” just like when bell bottom jeans came back around for a brief 3 months ha ha.

Today’s Chastity Devices

Are generally made of a steel or hardened plastic type material.  Most are used 99 percent for males and rarely for females.  Except for some countries where rape is a serious daily event, which is abhorrent.

And even in some Asian countries so masseuses can’t engage in prostitution. I feel as though that is a tad sexist towards females but I’m not delving onto that subject.

chastity cage review

Cock Cages

These “cock cages” are generally worn for short to long period of times.  Some have extra attachments such as urethral tunnels so one can urinate through it.

It’s main use now a days is orgasm denial or being a submissive to whoever holds the key.

I wore one for two days as a test to see how they worked.  Let me tell you from first hand experience my partner has never tried harder to arouse me.  It killed me slowly, so these cages do work.

I wouldn’t use them long term because it’s like a dog with a muzzle.

chastity cage review
Surgical Steel Cock Cage

How does it Work?

By putting the balls through a ring followed by the penis.  Which in turn the ring sits around all the jiggly bits.  Then a cage goes over the head and shaft all the way down to the ring where it clips in.

And is padlocked together to make it nearly impossible to take off without the key.  The testicles sit down between the ring and the cage that covers the shaft so you comfortably get blood flow.

But when you get an erection the cage suppresses the beast and the pain is like no other.

You cannot orgasm or get off.

The slightest bit of arousal and I was forced to think of chairs or any other object that isn’t sexual.

I recommend if you do buy this definitely have a long discussion with your partner to select the proper cage for yourself.  And the terms and conditions that go with wearing it.

Also if you’re planning on wearing it long or even short term. Ground rules are important.

Please get one that you can urinate through!

I cannot stress that enough.

Some are made with a bar across the front which makes urination impossible and I can only assume these are made for very very short term wear.  It’s uncomfortable putting it on.

Once on it is easy to get used to.  Just don’t sleep on your stomach.

These cages are common in cuckold videos/lifestyles where the man shows complete submissiveness for the woman or “hot wife where infidelity gets the husband off.   I’m sure we all know what a cuckold is.

I’ll Give it a Go

As with any other fetish based item we stock, if I sell a few I’ll talk to the customers.  And eventually purchase it and try it myself to see if it is my cup of tea.

I recommend doing this with most if not all products we stock because it can unlock doors you didn’t know were there for yourself.

Female chastity belts are rare these days and so are full front covering male chastity belts.

If you are quite a large fellow I’d suggest getting one made for your exact measurements which is not hard to do.  There are a lot of companies that work only in this industry and the industry is somewhat booming.

My own experience with it was it was good to get it off.

But I understand why people wear them.  I spent two days with my partner laughing at me and dressing provocatively and there was no way I could get it off.

As I mentioned its like a muzzled dog ha ha. Definitely try it out though it was a lot more fun than I expected,.


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