Kenneth Endorses A Friendly Paraplegic Adult Shop

My name is Kenneth, I am 38 years old and want to write this letter of endorsement to a friendly Paraplegic Adult Shop.   I am a paraplegice and lost movement and feeling more than a decade ago, when my spinal cord had significant damage done to it as a result of a motor-cycle accident.

It was the most traumatic event of my life that I still deal with daily both emotionally and physically.  It has left me mobility impaired and wheelchair bound.

My Life Changed

To say that it changed my life is an understatement.  Many things that previously I had taken for granted, were now extremely difficult, if not impossible to achieve. The most life-changing factor was independence and mobility.

Before the accident I was a young man that was actively social and sexually living independently,  in an apartment in the city. The apartment was rented and shared with a friend of mine.

After the accident, my parents, may god bless them, modified the house they lived in at Windsor to be paraplegic ‘friendly’ with ramps, L Brackets, Grab Bars and more. However, nothing could have prepared them or me for how much this was going to impact on our day to day living.

Things Were Easier In Hospital

At hospital things were much easier as everyone was trained and the place catered for the mobility impaired. In any event, I am getting off track from the purpose of this letter, but wished to validate who I am and how I came to be here.

My thoughts and desires are the same as any other ‘able bodied’ man.  However I just do not have the capacity to do the same physical things. Approaching, or just reaching my middle age, I still desire the touch of a woman.

Although since the accident this has been something that has been very few and far between. One of the things I loved doing before the accident was shopping for sextoys, as I liked to watch my partners playing with toys, then joining in once they had cum in front of me.

After the accident I thought my sex-life was a chapter of my book that had closed on me. I found little support or information out there of what or how to have a sex life with my impairment.  I became an internet junkie – researching and learning what I could on the internet. It opened up a whole new horizon and outlook, and organizations like Touching Base provided valuable support.

I researched how I could actually ‘have sex’ again

Ecploring methods like penile implants and more, but the thought of surgery on my young-fellow, after so many months in hospital just did not appeal to me. Then I learned about sex toys for the disabled and penis pumps, or vacuum devices, and ordered one on-line, together with an adjustable cock ring. Having read that it was possible for me to cause an erection via a penis pump ,and then maintain that erection by using the cock ring to restrict the flow of blood back down the shaft.

After a number of practices I found that I could get it to work.

NOTE: As I have no feeling in my penis and other para’s and quad’ may be in the same boat, it is important that you do not over-pump your penis as you can cause damage.  Also do not to restrict it for more than say ten or fifteen minutes at a time as again you can do yourself some damage.

Anyway just the knowledge that I could now get and maintain an erection was a revelation to me and lifted my spirits immensely. Having desired sexual intimacy for so long I hired a Taxi to a brothel at Chatswood, that was referred to me that both had wheelchair access and catered for the impaired.

Having not experienced this for so many years it put me on top of the world – although I did not tell my parents about it as I was fearful they would object. For the past eight months, each month I visit Chastwood and must say it is something I look very much forward to and enjoy. But now back to the main purpose of this letter.

An Adult Shop In Sydney

For months I have been looking for an adult shop in Sydney that caters for access to mobility impaired people like myself.   I wanted to experience my fantasy to see a woman playing with herself with various sex toys.

Mentally this is a real turn on for me and I wished to incorporate it with my monthly Chatswood visit. I also wanted to get a better penis pump than the one I had,  But to my dismay all the adult shops I called were on the first floor and did not provide wheelchair access.

I began researching this on the net as when purchasing something so intimate I wanted to look and feel it. To get advice from someone that knows about the product so that I could make the right choices but there was nothing out there until finally I googled and found out about Adult Lifestyle Centre, Kogarah that is advertised as a mobility impaired accessible adult store.

Paraplegic Adult Shop
Adult Lifestyle Centre

A Trip To Kogarah

This weekend just gone I took the trip (just on an hour) to go to 12 Production Avenue, Kogarah to see what was up at that shop. I got there and sure enough there was a ramp from the road to gutter, no curbs or bumps to overcome. I entered the shop and was amazed at its size – I asked Belinda there and she said over 450 square meters of retail space.

All the aisles were wide enough for easy wheelchair access and maneuverability. The first display with all the vibrators on it was the right height for people in wheelchairs to touch and feel and operate.

It was, as claimed a wheelchair friendly establishment. Brandon, the other salesman there was friendly and knowledgable.  He let me know if there was anything that was out of my reach to ask him and he would bring it down for me to view.

I stayed in that shop for over an hour and probably would have stayed more – having picked up the goodies that I wanted. I told Brandon I would write a letter indicating how great I felt the shopping experience was.  That there was an adult retailer in Sydney that considered mobility impaired people as real customers, rather than a liability. As promised I am going to email some of my other ‘gics’ that I know are looking for an establishment like this.

So thumbs up to The Adult Lifestyle Centre in Kogarah for catering for mobility impaired. May doing so bring you all the success in the world, and you have a loyal customer in Kenneth here.


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