Sexual Turn Offs for Men! – 6 Things To Avoid in the Sack

It all starts when you’re feeling those romantic vibes and things start to heat up.  But then, oops! You accidentally make a sexual mishap. These sexual turn offs could ruin your sexual connection, maybe even affecting your whole week.

This is especially problematic if your partner has a lower sex drive or if you have a limited amount of sexual activity.

To maintain a happy and satisfying relationship, it’s crucial to steer clear of these mishaps and keep your partner believing in your true goddess-like qualities.


sexual turn offs for men
Turn Men Off In Bed

Sexual Turn Offs for Men

1  Crying In Bed

No matter if the sex was earth shaking or he was a dud in bed.  Do not cry!!! Nothing turns a man off more than a woman blubbering onto his chest about insignificant matters that can be dealt with at a later time.

Sure, the dog got run over by the car or you pranged your new Porsche. Cry, but not in bed and certainly not after lovemaking.

Most men will be feeling the afterglow of sex and hoping you are too.  For you to put on the waterworks will have him seriously questioning how good he was in bed and feeling he has left you unsatisfied.

2  Laughing When Your Getting In The Sack

Most men are insecure. It’s a fact! They will feel that their penis is not big enough, they don’t last long enough or they have love handles.

That is why often they will spend hour in the gym trying to perfect that physique or chasing other women.  It is insecurity in themselves and how they perceive they are viewed.

So when he is making the move on you laughing will deflate his ego and offend him. He will not see the funny side of it.  Even if he can take a practical joke.

Focus on the job at hand, flatter and stroke his ego BUT do not laugh.

3  Faking It

Most women believe that they can fake an orgasm and their lover not be able to tell the difference.

This is not always the case especially when you are a pillow biting, banshee screaming faker.  Eventually he is going to notice you looking at your wristwatch or planning your shopping whilst faking it.

The other reason is that if you are a faker he is going to think he is pleasing you all the time.  So is going to make no extra effort to satisfy and get you off.

So if you enter into a long term relationship you are going to suffer in the long-term.  He will not know the ways to please you and you will never be pleased.

4  Talking About Your Day

Nothing turns a guy off more than when in the middle of an extra sensation session you start talking about your day.  Or remember what you forgot on your last grocery session.

Concentrate on the lovemaking on hand and not what you left on your desk at the office.

5  Going Shy

So you have talked about it, even some kinky stuff and waited till the mandatory third date and now it is time to put out.

Nothing turns a guy off more than a woman with a wicked tongue that when it comes down to action becomes a prude.  Strut your stuff girl and deliver on all those dirty promises you spoke about that will have him begging for more and at your call.

6  Blanking or Being a Dud

A man loves a girl that knows what she want and that includes in the bed.

Tell him what you want, take control so that not only does he get what he wants but you do too.  Gone are the days when I only do missionary position will cut it.

Experiment and have fun. You know your body better than he does so lead him so that you both experience ecstasy.

Take note of these sexual turn offs and keep them in mind when engaging in foreplay. It’s the little things that can sometimes turn your partner off in bed.

We all make mistakes occasionally, but if we stay mindful of our actions, we can avoid mishaps altogether.

sexual turn offs
Manta Sex Toy

Manta – A New Men’s Sex Toy!

The Manta is a sex toy designed for men by the amazing German adult toy company, Fun Factory. It offers a completely new experience for male masturbation toys.

While the most popular toy for men is the Fleshlight

It is quite a bulky unit, and still involves the good old stroking method to get it going.  Unless of course you also have the Fleshlight Launch, which while a fantastic toy, is even more bulky.

Fun Factory Manta is a lot smaller

About the size and weight of a woman’s vibrator.  In man-speak, it’s about the length of your most used adjustable spanner.  Weighs less than a can of baked beans.

Most smaller vibrating masturbators are ‘just for the tip’.  An idea that doesn’t really sit well with me as it misses that whole stroking feeling, as well as a lot of shaft.

The Manta however has a divided shape.

Two wings as it were, and looking at it you understand why they named it after a manta ray.  No doubt as well so they could use the word ‘man’ to help understand who the toy is for.

It’s 100% medical grade silicone body has ridges built into it to help store lube in for a smoother experience.  My toy is listed as ‘deep sea blue’, but it is also available in ‘moss-green’.

But I’d say it’s a more manly, darker Tiffany Blue (Timothy Blue?) or perhaps I’ve just not been to the deep sea in a while.

no sexual turn offs for men here
BUY: Mens Sex toys

At first glance

I did think the size of the opening looked a little small.  But there is some give in those wings and while it didn’t completely surround the girth.  It was enough to have a lot of fun with.

With the toy lubed up, I started off with the first setting of the toy.

I’ve heard people describe the sensation of a vibrator as being similar to an electric toothbrush, but if your toothbrush is as strong as this toy, you’d be lucky to have any enamel left.

But I will compare it to an electric toothbrush in the way to use it.

Since it’s vibrating away, there’s no need to stroke at your normal pace, which is a lot friendlier on your arm, especially after arm day at the gym.

The handle on the toy is also a great design.  It has the Fun Factory loop in it so it’s easy to hold in a variety of ways.

The buttons are super simple, with the ‘Fun’ button being the easy on and off, while the ‘+’ and ‘-’ are well located to change the settings without looking at the toy.

It didn’t take long until I upped the power to the maximum

Before making my way through the various vibration patterns.  One of these patterns was amazing, it gave a sensation not too dissimilar to a blow job.  I probably would have stayed on this setting for the remaining time

But the vibrations weren’t quite as strong as on the regular high setting.

The Manta was fun to play around with.

Holding it different ways, using the vibrating wings to caress other body parts; nipples, perineum, balls (even better after coming, so much more sensitive).

I found holding the Manta upright was a great ‘cruise control’ way to hold the toy. But I seemed a lot more receptive when it was on the side my palm is usually on.

I also thought it would be great in a couple scenario

She holds it at the base of the shaft while going down on me.  I think that would be something similar to a deep throat, if not even better. It could also be used externally on her.

So I give the Manta bonus points for its versatility.

The Manta, like its namesake, is also 100% waterproof, and can be taken in the bath or shower.

To be honest, I was a little skeptical but put the toy on run and let it swim around my bath for half an hour, just to see.

I figured given they advertise it as such, and with a two year warranty, I was safe to do so.

And it is!  Once I took it out, the water seemed to quickly bead away from the silicone and it dried out pretty quickly.

Which also makes it super easy to clean up, just with some hot water and toy cleaner.

You may be wondering how a rechargeable toy can be waterproof without water getting into the charging port.

Well as with all of Fun Factory’s current range of toys, they utilise a magnetic charge.

Two small metal bead looking things at the base of the toy, with a bright red charging cable that magnetically connects to this, the other end being a USB connection.

Overall, I’d say I’d give the Manta a 9/10.

My only gripe being the size of the opening for the shaft.  Though it probably suits most, and not being able to amp up the power on that awesome pattern I found.

Manta is available now at all the adult lifestyle sex shops.


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