Medical Play Fetishism

The definition of a sexual fetish is the need for an object, body part or material to achieve an elevated state of sexual arousal. Realistically anything can be turned into a fetish; it just depends on a person’s desires and preferences. I’ll be going over one in particular and a few instruments used to achieve heightened sexual arousal, the Medical Play Fetishism.

Medical Play Fetishism is that compulsive desire to explore one another in various ways. Most people grow up feeling scared or ashamed to explore their fetish, it’s not until we grow older and find out that they are not alone and there are hundreds and thousands of others that share a similar interest or fetish. With the Medical Play Fetishism there various medical instruments designed for a certain use then over time eventually became sexualised or used to stimulate and create a heightened sexual experience. These tools range from forceps, gags to percussion hammers and sounding rods. Now, I could spend all day going over every single Medical Play Fetishism but instead I choose 3 sex toys that I found most interesting and curious to investigate.

The first Medical Play Fetishism sex toy out of the trio that I’m going to talk about is the wartenberg wheel. A pinwheel looking device, the wartenberg wheel is a very popular bdsm toy that’s original purpose was to test nerve reactions as it systematically rolled up the skin but it didn’t take long for someone to use this instrument for sexual arousal and stimulation. Looks scary I know but it does what it does best and that create sensation that most people haven’t ever felt before. Depending on how you use the wartenberg wheel depends on the experience and sensation you will have. When used quickly, it can create a ticket sensation and when used slow and hard it can create a more knife-like sensation. Use a blindfold, heat up the toy with warm water or cool down in the freezer, there are many different simple ways you can create new and unique experiences with just this toy and if you combo it with a “violet wand body contact electrode” for entirely new experience all together.


Wartenberg PinWheels Surgical Steel
Sex Toy: Wartenberg PinWheels

Next on our list is urethral sounds, when I first knew what these were for I was like “hell no, stuff that ” but that was my own naïvety and with some research I found that they have many uses for both medical and sexual purposes. Urethral sounds or sounding rods are used  to go up the male or female urethra, medically they are for measuring and or gradually enlarging the urethra. In BDSM medical scene they can be a source of exceptional sensual stimulation. The rods are curved due to urethra naturally have a slight curve as well. Urethral play is defiantly not something you should engage in without experience or if you don’t understand all the necessary precautions otherwise, your fun can result in infection, injury, or other traumatic problems…… Besides that the pleasure that can be achieved by these toys is incomparable and should not be overlooked.

Last but not least on our list is another enormously popular Medical Play Fetishism device for both males and females in the medical BDSM scene is the speculum. The actual medical application is examination of the rectum or the vagina. Usually, it is made of steel in a duckbill shape with two “jaws” which open with a screw-type mechanism, thus, stretching the opening to give a clear view down the center into the vagina or rectum. There are also plastic disposable variations of speculum. Objects such as swabs can be inserted through the opening into the orifice. It also allows for pouring cool or warm water into the opening, just don’t use ice or water that isn’t too hot.

Using instruments for Medical Play Fetishism comes with its own set of precautions and ways to ensure safe medical play, knowing how to look after and clean your tools will keep them in safe and playable condition. The first recommendation would be to go through an autoclave cycle, this is a medical device designed to sterilise medical/dental/tattoo/piercing equipment. Another alternative would to boil the instruments for a minimum of 15 minutes but for just a everyday clean a simple soapy water solution is also acceptable. When using medical toys you also need to use the right lube, surgilube which is a sterile lube used for surgical equipment is my best recommendation.


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