Using Penis Plugs Safely!

Penis Plug Safety

Surfing the Net For Urethral Inserts

Browsing through internet sites for urethral plugs you will come across a multitude of styles, lengths and diameters and it can be quite daunting trying choose one – especially if you are a newbie.  Is it best to get a solid plug or a  hollow one that will allow you to pee thru it or cum whilst wearing it.  Perhaps the desired result is the exact opposite and you want a cum stopper plug that will impede the ability to ejaculate.  Each man is going to desire a different sensation and there is a insert that will help in achieving it.


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Penis Plug Info

A tiny scratch or metal shard could have devastating effects when inserted into the urethra.  Start at the tip which is the first portion that will be inserted and work your way fully along the whole insertable shaft.  Take your time and do this each time you use them, it really is important.

When used correctly these providers of urethral sensations can give you great joy and sexual satisfaction but when used incorrectly can also provide extreme pain and suffering.  I know which one I choose so before using any Penis Plug, you should take time and read through some penis plug resource and information sites. This is very important especially because you will understand what should and shouldn’t be done. You should take this seriously especially if it is the first time you are using the device.

When you read these guides a lot of it will be common sense but trust me, you want to make sure that there is nothing you have missed out on about how to use them, how to care for them and what you may expect to experience.   The last thing you want is make a dramatic trip to the Emergency Room instead of experiencing the fabled ‘inside out’ cumming experience.

Cumming Inside Out Penis Plug Experience

So you have read up on how to use the plug and what to expect.  Next thing on the agenda is to sterilize it.  As it is going into the Urethra the plug must be completely free of any germs or bacteria and the best way to do this is place it in a pot of boiling water for 3-5 minutes.  This will ensure that your plug will come out squeaky clean.  Allow it to cool down and before use add some antibacterial personal lubricant.

If you do not happen to have a pot of boiling water available antibacterial sex toy wipes should do the trick or a liquid sterilizer like Methylated Spirit will suffice.  DO NOT use bleach or other cleanser that will cause you paid or discomfort.  Remember the urethra will absorb liquids and, seriously, you don’t want bleach going into your system.

After sterilization of your plug penis, it is recommended that the plug is wiped with alcohol swabs. Note that alcohol swabs alone might not guarantee the highest level of sterilization. You should not only pay attention to the plug, but also the penis. Using water and an anti-bacterial soap, wash your penis and hands. For extra caution, you may want to use gloves just to safeguard yourself. Don’t be in a rush, take your time and be cautious because it is very important.

To protect your organ from any injuries, use a sterile lubricant to smooth the walls so that the plug penis can slide in smoothly. While the lubricant helps in ensuring that the plug slides into place with ease and comfort, there a sterile formula ensures that you are guarded from any germs during this process. Be warned that non sterile lubricants should never be used, neither should you use saliva. It is just a matter of caution and ensuring that you don’t mess up your moment of joy by picking up an infection.

Finally, after use the penis plug, take time to sterilize the plug before storage. Keep it in a locked cabinet, free from children access. Resist the temptation of using the plug without having to sterilize it in future, assuming that they are still safe for use. Finally, don’t ever share a penis plug with anyone unless you are ready to share the infections as well.

So hopefully this has helped you out in your urethral sex toy journey!




What Do Penis Plugs Feel Like?

A Man Using A Penis

Until recently I had never heard about a penis plug. In fact, I kept on asking myself questions such as why, what and where. The thought of putting a piece of stainless surgical steel in my urethra was just something out of question. Ideally, any stuff is supposed to come out of my penis not to go inside. Apparently, after a few weeks of debate from within, I finally gave in. But what is a penis plug? And what does inserting a penis plug feels like?

A penis plug is a piece of stainless steel inserted into urethral opening for stimulation and sexual play. I need to state that although some men have tried experimenting with some house objects they are quite unsafe. You may also find some websites selling plugs made of glass or beads, but there is too much danger in case they break. Always ensure that you only use plugs that are made of stainless steel. These are forms of sexual exploration for both men and women although women are slowly getting into the act, men are the largest group using them. In fact, women usually require smaller shorter plugs.

Penis plugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Urethral sounds, which are slightly curved or straight pieces of steel, are largely used to unblock obstructions from the urethra or increase the size of the urethra. Apart from these, there are also prince’s wands which require piecing of the underside of the penis. This is inserted into the urethra then a threaded pin is put into piecing and connected to the wand. For elimination of fluids, a ball on the wand can be unscrewed. Penis plugs, on the other hand, do not need any piecing and has the largest variety of models. They are solid plugs that are just used for urethral play.

When I wanted to use a penis plug my first thought was that it is painful but this was not the case. The feeling is quite different for every man and is quite difficult to explain. What I felt with Penis Plug Insertion is  like having an orgasm from the inside. Although the top of the penis should easily accommodate a 10mm, as you go down things starts getting narrower. Remember, if it is bigger and you go pushing it down it might hurt since you might tear a bit of your skin. But overall, there is unlikely to be a major problem, just be careful and everything will just be fine.

IPlug Cock Plug BDStyle
Sex Toy: IPlug Cock Plug

Why you should try a penis plug

Although they may look scary, penis plugs are popular for sexual stimulation. Inserting a penis plug helps both couples to reach their highest level of sexual stimulation.

If you are a fan of pleasure chances are you will like penis plug a lot. I actually found it super sensitive, tantalizing the nerve endings on the inside of the shaft especially, those that sit in the sides of my penis. When I combined this with masturbation, it created a powerful orgasm that lasted a longer time than the one I created with my hands alone.

Penis Plugs  can be used during Couple play. Penis Plugs is not just necessarily just you and your hand, but you can also include it if you are having a foreplay with your partner. As the penis plug touched the sensitive walls of my shaft and squeezed those sensitive nerve endings even the gentlest of touches could have me reaching the climax. It makes you harden up; these plugs are not only for orgasm, but they can also make you harden up within a short time. More so, after using it kept me harder for a longer time. Not only was as hard as rock but I also went longer since it restricted ejaculation

When using it for the first time always clean the plug and use good water based lubricant. After that, relax because if you tighten up you will never get inserted. Currently, many men are using them for sexual gratification and pleasure. Before using them, it is very important that you understand what they do and how they work. Penis plugs come in different sizes. It is good if you choose one that is right for you.

Before using it, check how well crafted the product is. To allow safe urethral plays these plugs have to be carefully designed. Penis plugs typically have pointed tips, curves or textures which are suited for the man’s anatomy to allow for a safe play. If it allows for a smooth painless insertion then they have been designed well. Ensure that the insertion end of the plug is smooth and safe for insertion. It should also be made in such a way that it allows a good fit to keep it in place. This is one of the reasons why a plug should be carefully designed.

To prevent it from going far, some plugs use a ball or a disk while others have special handles. Keeping the plug in place for a long time might prove to be a headache due to the urethral muscles trying to push it out, but with practice and careful insertion, you will definitely get it in. to get a good grip inside your urethra, it is important that you choose a plug with a narrow shoulder. You can also use various types of gland rings to keep it in shape. However, since these glands are complex they are not recommended for first-time users

To get the best experience with the plugs, you should ensure safety. Use clean sanitized toys and take your time. Do not forget to clean both your hands and toys before you try inserting a plug. You will also need a nice hygienic and sterile lubricant  like Superslyde or Surgilube as you begin the process of insertion. Besides, your penis should be soft and erect before you can slowly begin to insert the plug. During insertion, try to be as much relaxed as possible because if you try pushing it your urethral muscles will push the plug out or work against it

You should feel no pain while inserting a penis plug. The idea is to remember all the safety measures and if you do feel pain this is your body telling you to stop. Also, make sure that the plug you have chosen suits you.


My First Penis Plug

penis plug joy

I had heard of a penis plug from both my friends as we talked on matters sex. Curiosity grew inside me and I always wanted to know what it was and how useful it can be to me. As usual everyone when it comes to matters of sex and what you know and can do is usually a champion even if they are just novice. I could not just ask my friends because it’s quite shameful on the other hand I could not just keep it all okay and forever remain ignorant what a penis plug was or what my first penis plug would be.

My desire to know more about this incredible tool led me to search about it on the net. It got a bit difficult to just get it on the net. Luckily though, I was fortunate enough to come across .The site provided me with top quality information about a penis plug. provides information just that helps differentiate facts from fiction. When it comes to matters sex and everything about it people do not always tell the truth. There is this habit of exaggeration and I was interested in just the facts.

BehindKink Waving Penis Plug

The first thing that I learnt about a penis plug is that its initial use was to remove obstruction from the urethra by doctors. There has been great variance in its use since then; today it has become more popular for sexual l purposes rather than medical purpose.  It just sounded insane that I could actually insert something deep into my penis just to have pleasure. This stainless steel is one of the safest things that you can just insert to you penis and get extra pleasure like  never before. Many other objects that can be inserted are known to cause health risk and injuries that may be severe.

I found that a penis plug is a toy that is cam be embedded into urethra to accomplish sexual excitement. A penis attachment can make the penis more delicate and responsive, it can make erections more grounded and it can likewise escalate climax. Another motivation to utilize a penis fitting is to emulate the look of a Prince Albert puncturing without being penetrated no doubt. There are a wide range of penis plugs. In its fundamental shape, a penis fitting is a smooth, metal attachment made to be embedded into urethra. Different outlines are made to elevate the excitement and to keep the module place, so you can discover finished penis fittings or penis plugs with a glans ring. The ring keeps the module put securely and it likewise builds delight by making the penis harder and more touchy to touch. Some penis rings are strong while others have a focal opening so pee and sperm can be passed uninhibitedly.

From reading articles, I learnt that the penis plug has minimal or no pain and that the pleasure that it gives is maximum. I always imagined that a penis plug is just of one type but this site was just generous enough and I just got to realize that there are other many types of penis plug in the market. What I realized is that I can be able to choose the type of penis plug that I want depending on the material, width and design that i want. When it came to using the plug I got to realize that I need sufficient lubricant and a string grip. When it’s inserted deep it goes ahead and energizes the male G-spot within the frenulum. The pleasure that one experience is just nothing you have felt before.

Evan a novice like me is able to get to know how to safely use a penis plug. Some of the tips given are that you need to have maximum privacy the first time you’re using the plug also in the list is tips on the best stores where you can buy the correct penis plug so that you can use  something that is from a sure source.  The site gives a credible site for the professionals and amateurs who need to use the plugs and sufficient information is available in this penis plugs site. It will help you like it did me choose my first penis plug.

Introducing Penis Plugs To The Wife!

Mature Couple

Husbands must learn to find ways to please their wife especially in the bedroom.  A relationship has better chances of surviving, if couples are aware of the needs of their partners, and will strive to give their best in order to make it happen. Not a lot of women are easily enticed in the bedroom, most of the time; they will look for more reasons to increase their sexual appetite. If husbands want their wives to be more appreciative and creative in the bedroom, then the use of sex toys is a must and wearing penis plugs was my choice. Wearing penis plugs is one good way to impress and make your partner happy with your sexual life.  This sexual toy is used for extreme fetish and urethral play as well as penis adornment. This can be used by adventurous couples, who want to enjoy more stimulation and sensations to their urethral play. It is a slightly taboo area and will excite and invigorate taking one to the edge of sexual comfort zone.

Penis plugs are perfect for couples, who want to have a unique sexual experience; the first penis plug experience is guaranteed to provide couples a thrill that they never felt before.  Women also can participate and are guaranteed to feel sexual enjoyment with the help of the urethral sounding, the men can also manipulate their prostate and achieve orgasm using the prostate stimulation sounds.  There are a variety of ways these urethral devices can be used to increase sexual pleasure with your spouse.  Exploring them is part of the exciting journey. Couples sex is meant to be enjoyed; a lot of women fail to enjoy the experience, because they are not willing to explore or they simply don’t know how. This is where sex toys come in, women can gain a lot of help from sex toys that they can play with like the penis plugs on their men or sound on themselves.

First I explained to my wife how much i wanted to experiment with penis plugs and find out how penis plugs work.  She saw how excited I became with the idea and participated in the journey to acquire penis plug facts and in so doing she also became more interested in other urethral play.

The penis plugs, will go right inside the urethra and it works by clamping it at the end in order to secure it. It also works as a jewelry and can be used during the sexual intercourse. It will help to hold back the orgasm in the man and thereby intensifying the result a great deal. Most plugs have thin and long tube metal, it may have a clamp and hoop, and has a wider end, and they also have graduating tubes.  Finding out these things made it easier wearing penis plugs for the first time.  The cock plugs, also come in different designs, some are longer, while some have ridges around their shaft, while some of the basic ones are smoother.  They can work wonders, in increasing the arousal of the individual, and some work as dual function because they have a hole where the sperms and urine can flow, so that they can act as jewelry.  My wife just loves the fact that i get so turned on wearing them.

Using Penis Plugs


Together we worked out what other types of penis plugs there were. There are a number of designs for the penis plugs, there are some who have glans ring. The glans ring serves to safeguard the fitting does not go all the way in ‘where the sun don’t sparkle’, while also allowing one to expel it from the penis effortlessly and safely. There are textured penis plugs that are able to make the penis extra sensitive to touch, and harder therefore heightening the pleasure. The penis plugs, in short make you more responsive, and sensitive. It will also make the penis harder and stronger and can lead to more intense orgasms for men and women as it does for my wife and I.

First though we made sure that all the Urethral plugs designs should be considered before getting one, the design of the plugs must be appropriate with the man’s body in order to make sure that the experience will be safe.  The insertion dip must be thick and smooth, and must be easy to insert in order to avoid irritating the walls of the urethra. It also must fit well; there must be an approximate size, so that it will stay in place. As a beginners who wanted to use this sexual aid, I needed to make sure that I chose one that was not too big to start with.  A smooth one, and then as I got more experienced began to try other varieties once I knew and was comfortable in  how to use them.

Before inserting the plugs, make sure that both hands and the toy is clean, apply a lubricant on the penis head, and then slowly push it in the urethra, but make sure to allow the wall of the urethra to open up naturally.  The next step is to insert when the penis is not yet erect, and then relax and lie on your back, in order to get much needed gravity. Explore the most comfortable way to use it, take it for a test drive and make sure to enjoy the sensation with your  partner. If the plugs are solid, and I recommend starting with a solid one first make sure to take them out prior to the ejaculation phase, in order to prevent any chances of retrograde ejaculation.

All in all wearing penis plugs has certainly enhanced sex with my wife and she loves to join in too.  Recently she has discovered that slowly inserting and removing the plug in my urethra will make me cum and she loves doing it.  Watching my face contort from exquisite pleasure to even kinkier pain. For urethral play you can use a penis plug, sound or catheter. The urethral stimulation implies that devices or equipment are inserted into the urethra and bladder. The utilization of sounds and penis plugs, wands is frequently connected with the BDSM scene. This is about control and mastery. In any case with a penis plug for instance you can likewise engage in sexual relations. For the subs out there the thought of having no control on the bladder and urethra is a tremendous mental journey. A lot of people the thought of urethral sex and play is disturbing and thought to be risky and dangerous. Experience demonstrates that although those thoughts differ if you use urethral toys correctly they are safe and will give an abundance of sexual joy. Here we are offering a few penis plug safety tips..

There is a growing wave of people who have become aware of and pleasured themselves or their lovers with butt plugs, yet what about cock plugs?  Every week it seems there is an increase in people that are using penis plugs and they are becoming more popular. While the more dashing aficionados have found energy through arousing excitement from embedding objects into their urethra (into the gap in the tip of the penis for men), there is developing interest among individuals who have found out about this practice through the Internet.

As with most sex toys used for joy, inquiries of well being lie less in the cock plug itself, but in the ways you use it and the ways you deal with it. Clearly, a penis plug is not a toy you just hammer in like a plastic stopper in a bottle. In the event that you try to use it that way it won’t be much different than if you shoved a corkscrew in it and imagine the damage that would cause. Yet when embedded tenderly by somebody who enjoys having his urethra teased and its boundaries extended, or actually when put even up to the bladder if done correctly it will not cause injury, discomfort yet will give a great deal of pleasure.





Beginner’s Guide To The Urethral Wand

male shocked by laptop

Being a beginner using a Urethral Wand can be a rewarding experience if you practice it properly. Imagine how you would feel if you would stimulate both the outside and the inside of your penis at the same time. Hundreds of men are enjoying this unique stimulation each day. This guide will introduce you to the use of Urethral wands and when you finish reading you would be in place to go out there and get your own.

Uretheral Wand
Have fun with Urethera Wands

Urethral play is the use of a sex toy inserted into the urethra that will in turn widen the urethra. The penis is super-delicate to touch, the urethra is additionally pressed with exceedingly responsive nerve endings which feel stunning when fortified.  Some urethral toys are outlined particularly for extended sensations, while others are sufficiently long to achieve something else untouchable erogenous zones, for example, the prostate. Urethral wands come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Some are additional long for inside prostate and bladder incitement, while others strengthen excitement with vibrations or even electrical incitement. Heaps of men report they’ve possessed the capacity to experience without hands, direct-contact prostate climaxes through urethral infiltration.  It’s imperative to do your exploration and pick the right size test for your experience level. Utilizing a toy which is excessively thin or unbending could pierce the urethral divider, while a toy which is too thick could over-stretch your urethra and cause tearing. Perused more about picking the ideal test underneath.

There are many different options of urethral wands in the adult market today. Each one of them is unique because of their material, size and shape. Choose a urethral wand with a rounded, tapered tip. Do not use any old homemade object or one that is an extreme size with a complicated style. A basic urethral wand would be small with a rounded and tapered tip. This type of urethral wands helps you prepare your urethra for that kind stretch while you slide it through your meatus and into your urethra.It is a good idea to start off with a urethral wand with a ring or a tapered end so it doesn’t slip in you. As far as material goes, choose stainless steel as it is the safest material.  There are also other urethral wands that are more advanced and complicated but leave them for the more experienced users.

When you buy your urethral wand, first off, sterilize it in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. Then wipe it down with some alcohol. Ensure your penis is clean, and wash your hands with warm water and anti bacterial soap.

Always use a sterile lubricant because it will let you slide the urethral sound easily and comfortably into place, while it keeps you sterilized. When using the urethral wand it is very important that you always insert it very slowly. Do not use saliva or force your urethral wand down your penis. By following the above tips and being careful and slow at the beginning, your first experience with a urethral wand should pass smoothly. I advise you to use plenty of lubricant and be relaxed at all times. If you find yourself uncomfortable, take a breather and relax.

Apply some lubricant at the tip of your penis when it is soft and some lubricant on the wand. While your penis is soft, hold the wand at the entrance and slowly slip the wand in. Don’t push it and let gravity suck the urethral wand into your urethra. Once the urethral wand is inserted, it will usually rotate slightly. Don’t be afraid, the sensation should be comfortable. Relax and experiment with light gentle strokes on your penis. Many men also enjoy slowly sliding the urethral wand in and out of their penis. They find the sensation unique as it enhances their sexual experience.

When your about to orgasm or ejaculate remove your urethral wand slowly. To maintain a sterile urethral wand make sure you clean the wand with soapy water before storing it away for future use. Sometime’s you might feel that it is okay to go faster or you may find yourself wanting to do thing’s in a rush, but it is important to take care of your body admist the whole masturbation experience as the penis has many nerve endings that can be injured very easily.


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