Introducing Penis Plugs To The Wife!

Husbands must learn ways Introducing Penis Plugs to their wife.  This can be a great addition to the bedroom.

Couples who prioritize understanding each other’s needs and putting in effort have a higher chance of maintaining a successful relationship. Many women require more than just physical attraction to feel sexually satisfied.

For husbands who want to help their wives explore their sexuality and enhance their experiences in the bedroom.

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Incorporating sex toys can be a helpful option.

I always was intrigued by the sensations or urethral play so wearing a penis plug was my way of achieving this.  It is an extreme fetish and I have always looked at it as penis jewelry or an adornment.

Penis plugs can be used by adventurous couples, who want to enjoy more stimulation and sensations during urethral play. It is a slightly taboo area and will excite and invigorate, taking one to the edge of the sexual comfort zone.

Introducing Penis Plugs

Penis plugs are a great option for couples seeking a unique sexual experience. Trying it for the first time is sure to provide an exciting thrill that they haven’t experienced before. Women can also enjoy the experience and feel sexual pleasure with the help of urethral sounding.

Insertions can be used as a tool to manipulat the male P-Spot or increase the pleasure your spouse has as well.

the men can also manipulate their prostate and achieve orgasm using the prostate stimulation sounds.  There are a variety of ways these urethral devices can be used to increase sexual pleasure with your spouse.  Part of the exhilarating journey of couples sex is venturing into the realm of sex toys.

Unfortunately, many women miss out on the full experience due to a lack of willingness to explore or knowledge of how to do so. Thankfully, sex toys offer a solution to this dilemma by providing women with the necessary aid to enhance their pleasure.

Q. Did you know penis plugs can be used by men and women?

A. They can both be inserted into the uretha for sexual play.

I explained to my wife how much i wanted to experiment with penis plugs. We both sat down in front of the computer to find out how penis plugs actually work.  She saw how excited I became with the idea and participated in the journey.

It was not long before we were ready to purchase my first penis plug. But know my purchase included a urethral sound – as she wanted to try the experience too.

A Penis Plug Will Bo Right Inside The Urethra

The penis plugs, will go right inside the urethra and works by clamping it down at the end, in order to secure it. It also works as a jewelry and can be used during the sexual intercourse. It will help to hold back an orgasm for men and thereby intensifying the result a great deal.


Introducing Penis Plugs
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We collaborated to identify various types of penis plugs available. These cock plugs come in different designs, including those with glans rings. The purpose of the glans ring is to prevent the fitting from going too far inside the penis, while also allowing for easy and safe removal.

Textured penis plugs are also available, which can enhance sensitivity and pleasure. In summary, penis plugs can increase responsiveness and sensitivity, as well as strengthen and harden the penis. This leadsto more intense orgasms for both men and women, as my wife and I have personally experienced.

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Do Not Get One That Is Too Thick Or Too Thin When Starting

As someone who was new to using a sexual aid, I wanted to ensure that I selected one that wasn’t too large to begin with. I opted for a smooth one and gradually explored other varieties as I became more experienced and comfortable with using them.

Before purchasing a Urethral plug, it is essential to consider its design carefully. Ensure that the plug’s design is suitable for the man’s body to ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Insertion should be ease and the tip should be thick, smooth to avoid any irritation to the urethra’s walls.

The plug should fit well and be of an appropriate size to remain in place..

Before Inserting a Plug Ensure That –

  • Your hands are clean
  • The Sex toy Has been thoroughly cleaned and is sterile
  • Use plenty of lubricant
  • Do not force the plug in your urethra – it should gently glide in
  • Insert the plug when the cock is flaccid
  • Once inserted move till you find the most comfortable position
  • When starting get a cum thru plug, or remove the solid plug before ejaculation
  • Slowly, slowly – safety first.

My wife has found amazing ways to stimulate me, it has made me love her more.  I put my trust in her with my most prized possession, and thus far it is without regret.

Cock plugs are now used in many BDSM role playing games.  Recently we have been exploring the world of male chastity devcies.  It really turns me on thinking that my wife can be my keyholder.


What Are The #Trending Penis Plugs?

Any man if asked would say that he wants to satisfy his lover. This is the reason why most men search for new techniques and tricks to improve their sexual performance.

Among the several techniques and devices released, sex toys have been a favorite for men. If you are a man looking to try new innovative ways and increase your sexual performance why not try the new trend, called Penis plug.

This is a newly in vobue toy that will help you increase your sexual performance,.  It will also assist with achieving more intense and longer lasting orgasms.

Trending Penis Plugs
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What Are The Designs and Shapes Penis Plugs Come In?

Surprisingly there are many designs and shapes that you can find. This makes it possible to find your ideal penis plug.

But let’s begin with the definition of this toy.

A penis plug is a toy made of stainless steel, usually having a straight shape. It is inserted in the urethra for increased stimulation and longer lasting sexual play. Though you can find several things to insert in your urethra, it is advised that you would use only stainless steel toys.  This is because other materials like glass or plastics would be easier to break, and cause injury.

The most common penis plug are the Urethral Sounds.

It usually comes in a straight style but also a more curved design.  The sound will enlarge the size of your urethra.

Another common type of urethral insert is the good old penis plugs. The Prince’s wand is a great choice. These require a piercing that you need to have on the underside of your penis. The princess plug is inserted into the urethra, and a threaded pin is inserted through the piercing and screwed on the plug.

Several plugs of this type may have a ball at the top that can be unscrewed in case of ejaculation or getting rid of other fluids. Other penis plugs don’t have a piercing and they vary in designs.

Is Wearing a Penis Plug Painful?

By thinking of a penis plug you might think that this is very painful. On the contrary though. This little device will enlarge your urethra, while increasing your sexual gratification and improving your performance on sex. All without pain if used correctly.

Your orgasms will be more intense. Each cock is different, so each penis plug follows the same concept. Each penis plug is different and can be offered in different sizes, diameters and lengths. Choose penis plugs that have balls of ridges. Some require that you have a penis piercing, others are held in place by a glans ring.

When you start out the simplest style will be best for you.

Urethral sound

Penis plugs have come a long way since their inception, and the latest models now feature a built-in vibrator that can enhance sexual pleasure during extended foreplay and intercourse. If you’re yet to try one, now’s the time to give it a shot. Despite their unconventional appearance, penis plugs are a popular and pleasurable addition to any man’s toy collection, having been used for many years.

The most prevalent kind of penis plug is manufactured using stainless steel, also known as surgical steel. Penis plugs come in various forms, with the Pa Seem and the thru hole being the most typical. These devices can have either an uneven or smooth shaft and are available in a variety of designs. When purchasing a penis plug, it is essential to choose the appropriate length and diameter for your needs.

How Do I Choose The Right Sized Penis Plug?

Choosing a larger size can lead to discomfort, while selecting a smaller size can result in it falling off. Therefore, it is recommended to measure your urethra diameter to purchase a plug that fits correctly.

Purchase penis plugs that are easy to clean. Opting for a pricier, superior quality penis plug can lead to a more hygienic experience. For optimal use, select a water-based lubricant.

Introducing Penis Plugs

Put some lube on the top of your urethra and on the plug and push it slowly through the top of your penis. Gently push it down slowly, and let gravity pull it inside. When it gets in, start stroking slowly and gently. Lay back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Many men are using penis plugs for several years, but lately the plugs have become a standard in any sex shop.

Penis plugs are available in various sizes and diameters, starting from 2 inches in width and 5 inches in length. Opt for a top-quality plug if you are a first-time user. Avoid using homemade plugs as they may lead to urethra infection or injury.

There are several penis plugs that can be used in masturbation and can be worn while ejaculating. These are the open ended ones and they let cum and other fluids pass through the plug. The other option is getting a closed ended plug that will need to be removed before going to the toilet or ejaculating.





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