Safely Sounding!

We care about you and what you to feel at mind when buying our products and what you can expect when you use them. We also respect what you’re into so I’ve created this how to sound safely guide! This is merely a guide put together from information we’ve sourced from online sources. Please keep in mind that we are not medical doctors, always seek medical advice prior to sounding.

What is sounding you may ask?

Well, I am really glad you did! Sounding is the use of smooth rods, made metal or silicone. The rods are then pushed into the urethra for the purpose of pleasure, this is a pretty advance sexual kink play and falls under the medical play umbrella. This can be both men and women, but in my experience has been more common among the male clientele at Ohzone! Vagina sounding uses different equipment as vaginas are obviously shaped differently and have smaller urethras!  For the purpose of this article, I’ll be looking at sounding for men this time. I know this sounds (see what I did there) excruciatingly painful but done right it can be lots of fun for the recipient.  Some sounders calling the feeling intense and pleasurable, particularly as it hits their prostate.

However, sounding can be dangerous if you’re not careful. The urethra walls are very thin and can be easily damaged – this can lead to internal scarring. I don’t need to spell this out for you; this can cause ongoing medical issues so I am warning you…


Okay, the first thing you’ll need to do is buy a sounding set, you can find single sounding bars or sounding sets in your local Oh zone! I would recommend buying the set, you’ll save money in the long run by buying the set and they will last you practically forever. At this point your we are going to recommend that you also purchase surgical lube. Surgical lube is best for sound as it’s sterile, water lube is also suitable for sounding. We advise, like for most toys, against using silicone lube. Also, your saliva isn’t lube… it’s an awful idea, don’t even consider it.

Bear in mind that cleanliness matters and you have an increased chance of getting an infection from the germs from the outside world getting into your penis. Make sure you clean your bars with toy cleaner beforehand, just to be sure. Perhaps you should also have a shower before you start sounding. Please ensure you clean your sounding bars after use as well as before.  Cleanliness is next to godliness, right?

Now that you’re all clean, your toys are clean, you have a sounding set and sterile or water based lube it’s time to pick a bar. As a beginner you may be tempted to use the smallest bar, don’t. Smaller thin toys can slip in easy but can also cut you as they are difficult to control and cause damage to your urethra. This doesn’t mean you should use the biggest bar either, for obvious reasons. Your bladder is located inside this region of the body you can cause serious damage to your bladder if you are not careful. According to a quick google search you should be aiming for a bar that is a similar size to that of your urethra, with lube the bar should feel snug inside your penis. Beginners should aim to go slow, control the bar, acknowledge the feeling and do not push past the bend in your sounding bar. Keep the bend or the curve in your sounding bar facing your face.

Particularly for beginners it is suggested that you steer away from dual sexual activities during your sounding session. That means no sex with your sounding bar in, no butt plugs, no masturbators, NOTHING. Your focus should be on sounding and sounding only.

Overall, sounding can be an intense rush, but it has risks and only after a bit of research you should start sounding. Make sure you have all the information at hand, including what to do if something goes wrong. Like I said earlier, we are not medical staff and I would recommend speaking to your local doctor about it before commencing sounding. If you’re comfortable I would also suggest having your: wife, girlfriend, fuck buddy, friend (pending on how close you are) in the room with you, particularly on your first sounding session. This is one of those occasions where liquid courage definitely will not help you, avoid alcohol as it will thin your blood and if you do have a bleed it will be much worse.

Unsafe penis play

So, I hope I haven’t frightened you away, done correctly I am sure everyone will love sounding. Be safe and look after one another!

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