Get Your Rocks Off With RO-JIRA!

Want to get your rocks off?  Look no further than the Rocks Off RO-JIRA. Like the vast majority of the Rocks Off products, the Rocks Off RO-JIRA arrives in a brilliant colored box with a clear window. But there is a colored card covering the window on the inside so you cannot see the product inside.

I am assuming this is for retail purposes. The box has a lift up cardboard ‘page’ that gives you easy access to the sex toy. It is contained in a molded protective sleeve to ensure your toy does not get damaged in transit.

RO-JIRA is a sexy looking silicone sex toy

That comes in a puce color and is fully waterproof sex toy and rechargeable.  A vibrator should always be lubricated during play and it is recommended that this be a water-based one.

To charge it there is a jack in port at the base that is powered by a USB cable.  When charging a red light will display and when fully charged a green light will.  There are 10 vibration modes and to turn it on you have to hold the + button down for 3 seconds.  Then simply press the button to scroll through the different functions and vibrations.

get your rocks off

Get Your Rocks Off With RO-JIRA

This adult toy is perfect for vaginal or clitoral stimulation. But due to it’s shape I would not recommend using it for anything anal. As the base is slimmer than the tip and you would not want it slipping in.

You can also use it as a massager on other parts of the body.  For men it would be perfect to stimulate the testicles or perineum. Even penis during foreplay allowing you to build up his orgasm more.  I liked it on my nipples and breasts.

get your rocks off
Popular Sex Toys for Couples in 2023


This vibrator is strong and I am  not joking about this. 

Not quite the Hitachi vs smart wand but certainly up there with the strongest I have experienced in the market.  It was so powerful I never took it up to its strongest vibration and it was ample to make me cum easily.

For those that like their stimulation strong you will really enjoy this one.  When I first opened it I did not expect that and in this instance you do not judge to book by its cover.

I found it best for external stimulation. For me it is not really big enough as an insertable.  Perfect for self care masturbation or as a couples sex toy.

You will like it undoubtedly and I give it a 7 out of 10.

Roxy Rabbit Will Get Your Rocks-Off!

The Roxy Rabbit is an incredible, inventive endeavor into the universe of Rocks-Off. It has charmed me above many other recognized adult toy brands.

A beautiful waterproof toy that is perfect for pushing and consummately fits my body perfectly.  It likewise has a pleasant mixed bag of vibrations that are light to mid-level, and would be incredible for most clients.

While the Roxy Rabbit vibrator isn’t my number one toy of choice it certainly is up there and will not disappoint with its solid, rumbling vibrations. There are some extraordinary, creative things about it that make it the ideal fit for a few sex toy users and a fun experience for all.

Especially for people struggling with life and recurring depressive disorders, sex can be a useful way to help combat mental illness. Comes  in both pink and purple

Roxy Rabbit is both special and cute in appearance.

Not just does it accompany a pleasant, silk pack for storing. But it’s so idiosyncratic and beautiful to admire. Despite the fact that I was concerned the heart-formed base would be stout, it’s definitely not.  Its base serves as the ideal handle, fitting two fingers. So that your or your lovers thumb is allowed to press the controls as an afterthought.

It is the ideal fit, as well as the shape is charming and eccentric. In spite of the fact that some may even now locate the base too big for solo play, I thought that it was anything but difficult to handle.  Perfect for pushing, and ideal for couples play.

Bend tickles my g-spot, and the clitoral rabbit is adaptable and an incredible fit for my body. Clitoral rabbit has two adaptable ears for supporting incitement, and a pointed eye for pin-point stimulation.

Rabbit Sex Toy get your rocks off
Jessica Rabbit

Silicone Sex toys are my top choice

Rocks-Off Roxy Rabbit does not disillusion with regards to the smooth material.  It feels extraordinary. Is anything but difficult to clean with warm water and cleanser or your most loved sex toy cleaner. Particularly as the toy is waterproof.

In spite of the fact that the size was a lot thicker than I anticipated that or would usually choose in a toy.  Smoothness of the pole made it a great deal more sensible, particularly once I broke out the lube.

This toy is waterproof, so it’s ideal for shower play. On the other hand, since it’s anything but difficult to curve off the base and the toy utilizes four batteries, I would not feel good submerging it total. Make sure it’s closed before utilizing it as a part of water play.

Roxy Rabbit contains three vibrating motors

One for the clit stimulator and two in the shaft. Because of the way that there are two vibrators inside the shaft, it’s not as flexible as I would like.

Just the base is bendy.  Tip is bended, yet not exactly sufficiently bulbous to truly hit my G-Spot the way I need it to.  Despite the fact that the thicker bigness felt marvelous once I got to be acclimated to it.  I without a doubt sought after more adaptability when it came to G-spot incitement.

Clit stimulator, then again, is extremely adaptable with two long ears to knead the sides of your clitoris.  And a thick, adjusted tip that is ideal for pretty much any body shape.  It does not feel too overwhelming or thick.

get your rocks off
Rocks Off Roxy Rabbit


  • Heart-molded base say “C” and “G” – for clitoral and G-spot incitement.
  • With the “C” catch influencing the littler ear and the “G” one controlling the pole.
  • By squeezing the buttons, you can switch in the middle of modes.
  • Squeezing and holding for a bit, that area of engines can be killed.
  • In spite of the fact that the controls are exceptionally easy to use because they’re clear as crystal..
  • You need to truly squeeze down on them for the capacities to change

Clitoris Massage

  1. Steady low vibration.
  2. Steady middle vibration.
  3. Steady high vibration.
  4. Pulse.
  5. Faster pulse.
  6. Strong pulse followed by shorter, lighter pulses.
  7. Quick pulses in threes.

G-Spot Massage

  1. Steady low vibration.
  2. Steady middle vibration.
  3. Steady high vibration.
  4. Alternating pulses between motors.
  5. Fast alternating pulses between motors.
  6. Alternating pulses between motors and then both at the same time.
  7. Same as #6, except faster.
get your rocks off
Women and Vibrators

A huge number of massaging mixes accessible on this sex toy are extraordinary.

On that same note, I was trusting that the three engines would be a great deal all the more intense.  In spite of the fact that the vibrations would be ideal for most beginners.  I don’t think the force delivers for the more experienced clients. Particularly if you lean toward profound, thundering vibrations.

In the event that you appreciate light, buzzy vibes with somewhat of a change-up now and again is an extraordinary toy.  If you’re a force ruler who likes vibes that thunder you to your center, you’ll need to look somewhere else!

I’m glad to add this charming toy to my sex toy box

But it’s not my undisputed top choice.  Certainly makes it well-disposed for playing with your lover.  Idea was extraordinary – the handle was so easy to use and the controls were the most plain as day in any multi-capacity toy I’ve ever had.

They were ideal for making the perfect mix of clitoral and G-spot/between vaginal incitement.  Attentive clamor level, extraordinary outline, and included Rocks-Off inventory without a doubt left me intrigued about what different toys this brand brings to the table!

In case you’re looking for a beautiful, fun toy to attempt alone or in couples sex play it is worth it to look at the Roxy Rabbit.

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