Cuckolding Rules – For Beginners

Want to Learn about some basic Cuckolding Rules

Well, Cuckolding in relationship sets boundaries in concrete as to who is the dominant person in a relationship and whose needs require fulfilling before anything else.

A Cuckolding Relationship

Although each cuckolding relationship is different and boundaries and parameters may differ between relationships there are some basic rules of cuckolding that should be followed to ensure that the relationship remains a true cuckold one.

Cuckolding Rules – The Basics


Apart from if the mistress required servicing from outside the relationship people that do not understand the cuckolding lifestyle should not be made aware of the relationship. Discretion should be maintained so that the cuckolded male can still perform adequately in business and social events.

Cuckold May Not Object

The mistress or cuckoldress should be able to determine whom services her without input or objection buy her cuckold. The cuckold should not only accept mistress choices but aid her to fulfill her sexual needs.

Mistress Will Determine Particpation

The mistress will determine whether her cuckold will participate or not in any sexual events.   The mistress will require to cuckold to wear a male chastity device from time to time.

Cuckold Will Remain Faithful

The cuckold male will remain faithful at all times to the cuckoldress. He will not masturbate or in any other way have sexual gratification without the express permission of his mistress.   If allowed to participate in mistresses external sexual encounters he will not be allowed to orgasm except with her.

Cuckold Will Cherish and Obey

The cuckold male will obey, cherish and perform all tasks required by the mistress regardless how menial, degrading, depraved or uncomfortable they are. This will include being pegged or being bound in chains or male chastity devices.

Cuckold Will Take On Any Role The Mistress Demands

When the mistress has external parties come into the relationship the cuckold will take the role of being a sissy male or man-servant whilst any bull be present. He will accept that the mistresses boyfriend is the dominant male and will refer to him as master.

The Cuckold Will Service The Bull

The cuckold male will, if required by Mistress, be required to sexually service the bull.

Cuckold Consents To Corporal Punishment If He Disobeys

If the cuckold male at any times rejects, complains or rebels of anything required by his mistress he will allow himself to be whipped, spanked, branded and in any other way punished until he becomes a completely submissive cuckolded male.

The Mistress Makes The Rules

All rules and requirements in the relationship are made by the mistress and can be set down or changed at mistresses’ whim with no right of refusal. The cuckold is there to serve the cuckoldress.

The Cuckold Should Enter A Biding Contract

In the event that the cuckold relationship is just beginning the cuckolded male should enter a binding and non-revocable Male Slavery and Male Chastity Contract outlining requirements.


Cuckolding Rules
Quote: Keep Calm and Cuckold Him


Male Slavery and Male Chastity Contract

The male sexual slavery and chastity contract should be written down professionally in a document and include :


  • What each party is expected to offer

The term:

  • The term is how long the male slaver or chastity contract will last for. Normally the contract will go for 6 months to a year and the duration of the contract must be adhered to by bother parties.

Male Chastity Contract:

  • The amount of time the male chastity devices are allowed to be used for and the minimum times the cuckold will be allowed to genuinely reach orgasm, cum or reach sexual fulfillment. The average standard of sexual fulfillment is once every 30 days.


  • The hygiene requirements when a male is in chastity must outline any matters of when they can physically clean themselves. The hygiene must also outline any fetish practices which may be performed by or to the cuckold. For example the mistresses may request the cuckold to drink pee or lick her dirty uncleaned feet after wearing her shoes for a week.


  • Maximum duration cuckold can be kept in chastity by keyhole and exceptions to rules e.g. medical emergency.

Sexual Release:

  • The manner in which sexual release is allowed by the cuckold. So if certain events or matters happen the cuckold is allowed to break out of the contract or if they are allowed to relieve themselves.


  • An outline of the type of clothing must be worn by the cuckold. For example, the mistress might request the cuckold to dress in nappies or look like a sissy male.

General Understanding and Conditions:

  • Clarification of any other issues.


  • Extra Duties carried out that will allow points toward a reward that has not been set out in the agreement.


  • Specific punishments for breach of the contract.

A Sadistic Chastity Device You Can Sleep In!

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Does giving somebody control arouse you?




Then I highly recommend you get down to your closest Adult Lifestyle Centre and add the Master Series Sado Chamber Silicone Male Chastity Device by XR Brands to your bag of goodies! ?

Mens chastity device set

Purpose of a chastity device

The application of a chastity device is an indication of the control/dominance of the key holder over the wearer’s sexual activities. By wearing a chastity belt or cage the submissive/slave accepts the surrender of control over their sexual desires to the other partner.  They may grant permission to the wearer to engage in sexual activity by unlocking the chastity device.

The dominant may decide when, where, how often, and even if, the submissive is allowed their sexual release. The key holder is generally considered to be the dominant one in such a situation. Literally, they are holding the keys to not only the cage but also to the sexual release.

The Wearer of the Chastity Cage is the Slave or Sub

The wearer of the belt or cage is known as the sub/slave in a BDSM relationship. This is a part of the wider practice of tease and denial. Some people claim it increases submissiveness in their men,

It has often been reported that when worn, the chastity belt frequently reminds the slave of the sexual frustration they could experience. Reports and studies indicate that when men are not focusing on sexual pleasure and release, that they are more intuitive and attentive to their partners.

Most belt or cage designs cannot prevent wearers from physically touching their genitals but they do usually prevent masturbation. Although devices may hold the penis firm, they can be loose and, even though sex is impossible, it is possible for manual stimulation even to orgasm however often resulting in a ruined orgasm.

Sado Chamber Male Chastity Device

The most effective masturbation prevention requires design features that incorporate piercings or a completely enclosed chastity device. I’ve chosen to look at the Sado Chamber Male Chastity Device which is made of silicone.

After doing some research, I had decided that for me, silicone is a great starting choice for a chastity device because it is pliable in comparison to a steel cage, and it is easy to wear and comfortable.

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The Master Series Sado Chamber Silicone Male Chastity Device set includes:

  • 1 silicone cage/tube
  • 3 graduated size silicone back rings
  • 2 plastic cinch straps
  • 5 individually numbered plastic seal locks
  • 1 padlock with 2 keys

The ring measurements are:

  • 2” diameter (52mm)
  • 1.75” diameter (47mm)
  • 1.5” diameter (41mm)

How to apply the device

Please ensure you set up your device correctly, a poorly set up chastity device could result in a serious injury.

At first look whilst the product was still in the box my thoughts were it was going to be an easy application with the device.  Once I took everything out of the box there were heaps of parts and I was a little confused on how to set it up.  All you need is; your shaft tube – ring – cinch strap with white clip – and padlock/numbered plastic lock.

Step 1

Apply a small amount of water based lubricant onto yourself or to the device whichever is preferred to create easy application. The product is made completely with silicone so I recommend a trim/shave to help lower the risk of pinching whilst using the device. Grab the ring with your preferred measurement around your genital area then take out the small white clip for the lock to seal onto.

Step 2

Grab 1 of the 2 cinch straps and push the white clip through one of the end holes. Thread the cinch strap through 1 of the top slots of the chastity tube.  Wrap around the back ring whilst heading through the remaining 2 slots. After you have reached the full way around back to the other side attach the cinch strap to the white clip again.

Step 3

Get out the padlock or numbered plastic locks and lock it up! ?

What I really think of the Master Series Sado Chamber Silicone Male Chastity Device by XR Brands

The Sado Chamber would have to be one of the most comfortable chastity devises I have worn. I have been able to sleep whilst wearing it with no metal spikes or pieces pinching me. It’s great for comfort whilst knowing you are still securely locked up.

With great sized ventilation holes it is perfect for cleaning without removal. This chamber is designed perfectly with a soft and silky silicone for movement and comfort.

It is made in favour of the slave/sub with no pins or sharp edges for any unwanted pinching.



2 Replies to “Cuckolding Rules – For Beginners”

  1. This is very interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. My take on Cuckolding is a complex and multifaceted lifestyle choice that is not to be taken lightly. While it might not be your typical topic to discuss, it’s important to have a clear understanding if you’re interested in it. Here are the basic rules that should be followed in a cuckolding relationship:

    1. Communication: The first and foremost rule of cuckolding is open and honest communication between all parties involved. This includes discussions about boundaries, expectations, fears, and desires. For example, a couple might agree that the cuckold’s partner can explore physical intimacy with others, but emotional connections outside the relationship are off-limits.

    2. Consent: All parties involved should be in unanimous agreement about the dynamics of the relationship. It’s not cuckolding if one partner is forced or coerced into it. Each party needs to fully understand and agree to the arrangement, and consent can be withdrawn at any time.

    3. Respect: All parties involved should respect each other’s boundaries and feelings. This respect should extend not only to the individual’s physical boundaries but also their emotional and psychological boundaries. The cuckold’s partner and the third party should both respect the cuckold’s role in the relationship and not diminish or make light of it.

    4. Safety: Safe sex should be a non-negotiable rule in cuckolding relationships. Protection should be used to prevent sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

    5. Discretion: This lifestyle choice might not be accepted or understood by everyone, so discretion is important. It’s crucial to respect each other’s privacy and keep the details of your relationship private unless all parties have agreed otherwise.

    6. Emotional Care: Cuckolding can potentially bring up a lot of intense emotions, including jealousy, insecurity, and anxiety. The emotional wellbeing of all parties should be a priority. This might involve regular check-ins, reassurance, or even seeking professional advice if these feelings become overwhelming.

  2. Hello,

    i read your notice about cuckolding. Since a long time i am total cuckold and also a sissy baby. I am under complete control and i have to obey the rules of my new parents.
    For example it is not allowed to say or write that she is my wife – only mommy is allowed. The same is for her new black husband – only daddy is allowed. Or my parents – also in public. It is also not allowed for me, to say or write that are my kids – sons or my daughter. HE is now they daddy.
    The bedroom is also not allowed – i have a seperate room – former guest room, now baby room.
    All adult things from me are given away or in trash.
    I own only baby things or things for very little girls.
    And i became only used things from black family – of course only used baby things – when a baby from family is going to a toddler.

    I had to grow my hair longer, and have to wear baby or toddler girls hair styles.
    I wear only little girls clothings like short dresses or skirts, baby suits, Ballerinas. I am diapered around the clock – i am official a baby and all treat me as baby – and i am anti potty trained in the first year of my sissy baby life – very early i was a bedwetter – a little time later i start to wet myself at day. After my food is changed into baby food, first infant formula and infant formula 1 – from baby bottle of course. My teeth were removed years ago so that it is only possible to drink from baby bottles. But I don’t tolerate milk that well and that’s why I have diarrhea – and I made everything in my Pamperss.
    Diapers are also for older people and thats why mommy and also me call it Pampers.
    Mommy and daddy living like a married couple and as a married couple they have bareback intercourse.
    I was at first pussy free but that was not the right solotion and so I am chemically castrated. No sex drive or erection. And genitals shrink too.

    If you like to ask me something, feel free to write me

    Little Benita

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